Doctors go on Strike!!?? What the….!!

Recently there had been lots of commotion for they have finally announced the OBC quota… Do some people ever realize the significance of the word Quota??? Leave all that aside…Am not Communal. And am against the whole idea…
Well I just have few Questions,

1) Are the doctors not life savers?? Some ppl even consider them next to GOD…B’coz they Save lives (Not bothered that they also take the Avatar as YAMA DHARMA too). If they were so irresponsible to go on strike leaving hundreds of Dying patients Unattended. Is this what THE SO CALLED RESPONSIBLE PEOPLE DO?? And the most painful problem one can ever have is Breathing problem . You actually won’t have any pain in particular spot- that can hurt or be explained but you would undergo something terrible, and you won’t dye because of it. You just have to suffer if not given proper medical attention. Just imagine you being tied up to a heavy object and thrown into the sea….It would be worse than that am sure!! In the NDTV report while they were showing the video’s this young girl struggling to breathe- it was the most painful sight ever!! These M_R_N’s know the danger of the disease and they know the pain every patient undergoes, but still for their own issues they would punish these innocent people is it?? L_S_RS!!! What education did they get, that do not even make them realize the CRUELTY they do to the innocent!! Are they the real people to whom we must vest our TRUST, RESPECT and DEVOTION??? Never….These people who are out(even some grown up’s other than Students who are on strike not treating the patientsand who has forgotten their duty….) are the most cruel existence on earth.

They have No right to speak about whatever C quota!! For a person to have or speak about the C/ C quota’s they must all first be Human beings. And for that they must have atleast the BASIC HUMAN(E) qualities- which definitely these G_ _ Fs don’t have , they have no right to speak about the issue!!
And the punch was when this To become a Doc spoke to the media after the LathiCharge! “ They cannot treat us this way and Hurt us just to make us disperse.This is very cruel! “
And I was like “ What the HELL!!! Who speaks about what!! While you knowingly can let someone suffer in pain, let a dying patient cry in pain, leave a girl to suffocate……. What do you speak/know about HURT!!! While you all did something for the police to charge on you(or may be not..) what did those innocent people,rather patients do to Suffer this way and undergo all these???

Is it not a duty of the responsible Doctor to save life??
2)What are the SFI, AISFI…Whatever more…doing now?? Well, are you interested only in those strikes that involve some Fireworks??( for burning down Campus)

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I WISH ... ...
You may have stopped here while you were doing your work, or while u just replied to the most awaited mail, or while you were being told by your boss to do JUST THE WORK, or while in the meeting you just heard that the dead line is too near or while you were pissed off with the day or while you were cursing yourself for you failed to do something you had promised or while you were simply searching for a space in the internet that could eat up your time and quench the thirst of your soul…..Well here I take you for a little jolly good ride. You sit back and enjoy the ride while I drive you through………But please wear this Creative seat belt that do not let you not be creative. Ready to go??

Ok now! I want you to forget all that happened today , yesterday or this week that had really been bugging you. Forget everything and imagine you in your most comfortable place for the little baby is going to fall asleep LITERALLY. Are you asleep? Yes? Ok dear now….You are sleeping with a wonderfull smile on your face.And Zzzzz….you slept really well like a just born baby. Now you get up to see that amma is here standing next to you and waiting for you to rise. Ah….You get up to see you are in the most dreamt room of yours which is totally in your way with your favourite wall poster, wonderful sunlight falling on your face and you blossom to say GOOD MORNING Ma!And KISS amma…ETHANA NAAL ACHU/ ESHTU DHIVASA AAYITHU!! / ETHRA DHIVASA KAZHINJU!! / KITHNI DHIN PHAR!!…/ SORRY IF I am WRONG :D
And amma(Mom) gives you the most wonderfull tea/Cofee/Milk/whatever.. and Psr..WOW! Its been so many days since you tasted such a wonderful drink. Then you get out of your bed and come to the window with your drink ….Look out! What a beautiful sight! A lake and so many Swans …..Right adjacent to it is this really huge tree with the your favourite swing…You go down to the swing to see lots of Butterflies trying to have their morning drink served by your garden flowers….Yellow, Pink, Orange were their colours. You sit in the swing and start swinging….The gentle morning breeze gently brushes you and you feel the freshness in its wonderfull aroma.Eventually amma turn on your favourite music and you swing faster than ever and you feel the breeze being more gentle. Then at some farther distance you see some very familiar face..The face you had been longing to see for a very long time.And yes its that very special person ….To hear her/him {WHATEVER :D } call out your name you jump out of the swing and run to get the most wonderful hug you had ever given someone.

Then amma calls you both for a wonderfull breakfast. You both go inside and have your breakfast chatting. You both go out for the walk that you had not had for a long time. You hold hands like how you used to those days ( Kindergarden days/Childhood days/ Schooldays /College days). You both chat about everything you wanted to talk about. Then to find that bits just the age that has changed and your dear one is still the same 101% You both spend a whole day together and around the evening your friend leaves you and you depart. Then you go for a small walk and you happen to see the very wonderful bunch of kids singing and having a fun time. This very young lady asks you for a little help…To look after the children for few minutes so that she could make a call. And while you are hesitating, the sweet little kid from there come up to you and pulls you there for their company. You go play with them and have real fun and cherish every moment with those LITTLE ANGELS. And then you leave them with the lady and take leave…
And start walking…It is almost the night. And you hear this very sweet voice singing – melancholy . It starts to drizzle and enjoy the rain and walk back home along the lake side, enjoying the ripples in the lake and the very gentle sound of the rain and the smell of wet earth. And there at the door you see Mom , Dad and your loving sibling sitting and waiting for the coffee together…You run there to drink it hot while you are wet and amma is drying your hair , siblings teasing you……….
What a DAY!! I wish I have a day like that , where you see ,smell ,eat ,meet , talk, chat, walk, play the nicest ones. And Live the PERFECT DAY of your life!!! We all wish for a day like that! I wish!….. I came up with this idea the day I had thought so much about bad people I have met in life, bad things that happened, and about FAKERS and totally spoiled my mood - I really was so damn mood out! And whoosh! It was like I had fresh cream!!! Hope you too did…..Enjoy the feast! I wish you, me, we all get a day like that before we leave!!! A day in your life that is just for you and your loved ones. I wish…….

PS: Picture on top- was taken by me MARUTHAM ,while i was enjoying this Vision!!