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After a long time I have taken up a tag…This one is from Our new friend..” Brute

"Hey brute ! Thanx for the tags..I always love tags!! "

Along with this….Here is another song!! : ) If you are patient ..Hear this!

Image - No ..no i dnt!! :) its just a feast- virtual feast!! Enjoy... Elaarum !!

Esply, KK...Cheer up!! Idhenna jujubee- as promised~~ idho special dosai :D

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Favorite Color: Blue, Green, Hm…B&W :D ofcourse

Favorite Food:Any kind- all kind.. :P But ofcourse LOVE amma’s&Chithi’s recipes

Favorite Month: March :D 123..

*Favorite Songs: (Too many to list- so I go by recent crush ;) …. Arey- with the SONG!!)
Hindi: Recently…”Ey harathi..” (GURU)
Tamil: Vaigasi nilave ..(Unnale unnale)
Telugu: Hmm…. The DOL DOL song (Porikki..:P sorry pokkiri)

English: Ah… TRUST ME! Too many- but now this track that I have uploaded :)

*Favorite Movie: Kandukondaen Kandukondaen, KHNH, Spider man & I am SAM &Kid

*Favorite Sport: Once it was any game with my flat mates..then it was throw ball during high school….shuttle….. Table tennis…..Hm..many many!!!! Recently BINGO & Thirudan police (Final year- yaarum class eduka matengraanga...ponnunga elaam pongal podmnu koopidraanga..but adhu vida idhu better – so fight panni elaarayum velayada vechruven ) :D Its not a sport- DUH!! :P I know.i know..but in class room when there is actual activity while playing the game :P why not call it a sport :P

Favorite Season: Any season – provided you are not denied food & sleep :P
Favorite Day Of the week: Haha…Good josheen!!! SUNDAY :D U know y……

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Vanilla
Favorite Time of Day: hm…Time when people around you are in good mood => U too would obviously be! ( Am not very choosy about this)After all, every today- its just one day!

Current Mood: Cheerful :D

Current Taste: hm..I just had water…what does it taste like?!
Current Clothes: Lungi….Munda baniyan ..with a towel in my head(inside which ajith & surya kudutha peedi kattu…apram vijay’oda vathi petti…apram enga kooda nethu night thanni adicha 3 kosu innum mappula thoonginu iruku…) :P
Current Desktop: Hm… Does it matter?? :D

Current Time: Asuku busuku..naan eppo tag ezhudhuna enna? :P

Current Surroundings: Music!! :) “Kangal paarthaen..kavi anaen…”Kandu pidiunga parpom enna patunu!
Current Thoughts: About studies :P apdinu sonna nambuveengalo?!!hehe About my really sincere answer to the following questions :P

First Best Friend: Amma : )

First Screen Name: ~~~Am not a celebrity! ~~~~ DUH~~
First Pet: :( pappooooooo- right here…in my page- See left column!!Luv u pappooo
First Piercing: Naan mathavangaluku kaadhu kuthinadha solradha..illa enaku china vayasula konala kuthina thaatha pathi solradha??

First Album: ~~~Am not a celebrity! ~~~~ DUH~~
First Movie: ~~~Am not a celebrity! ~~~~ DUH~~

Last Cigarette: Hee hee…the one I smoked or the one I saw?

Last Drink alcoholic: same….?

Non-alcoholic: WATER – I just toldya!!

Last Car Ride: To the college….
Last Movie Seen: :) I really dnt remember…ah..yeah “Maid in Manhattan
Last Phone Call: Edhukkuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu?? :P
Last Book Read: Chicken soup for women’s soul !

Have You Ever Broken the Law: hehe….apram?!! :P

Have You Ever Been Arrested: Hm…adhelaam enga nadakudhu :P !!
Have You Ever Been on TV: Hm…Yes -a few number of times!

Have You Ever Lied: VACHEENGA PARUNGA NETHI ADI!!! Who sets these questions….. meet me soon! :P
Have You Ever Kissed Someone You Didn't Know: Hm…. Yes! But not like GRAB SOME ONE IN THE STREET & KISS (Am not desperate!!) :P …but yeah strangers ..hey hey hey ….ONLY KIDS!!!! :>

Thing You're Wearing: Adhukula poi dress mathitu vara naan enna heroine’a…LUNGI dhaan :P soneney!!
Thing You've Done Today: Edhukkuney!!! I need to have a talk with qn setter!! :P

Thing You Can Hear Right Now: told ya…. GURU song

Thing You Can't Live Without: ME! :D ( This is one place where using me is never a mistake!! ;) is it?? )
Thing You Do When You're Bored: I try to bore the bore!! :D


Place1 , Place 2, place 3 – please do not tell this to any!!:P
Edhukku oi?? Edhukku?? :P Repeat- Qn setter……

Paarda….. Neenga elaam ularina naangalum ularunuma enna?? Hehe…. I say what ever I have to , to whom ever it should be told. SIMPLE! Idhukunu oru question’a???

1. black or white: Depends for what/why – they are chosen!

2. Hot or Cold: Same…. :)

LIVE MY LIFE! :) Live it the way I want it…& leave this place peacefully!

Here is my favourite part :) TAGGING YOUR FRIENDS….

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Because..this tag would be the very first tag they ever take up in their blog venture.

So I take the pleasure in tagging them, for they would also enjoy writing this!

Jagan & GOPPS …You are tagged!! : ) hehaaaaaaa


Hm... Naangalum tag ezhudhuvomla!...

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Call that LOVE!

And am here to sing you a happy song... :D


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The valentine’s day is here….

We need to have a separate discussion for if such a day is necessary at all ( for our Indian culture.)

But no…lets not go there :) atleast for now.

I do wish to make a point here…these days the valentines day has developed more aversion all because of some sick- oops some love sick people’s atrocious behaviour in public.. Am sure my friends who are around here don’t join that club. :) No offence – if any new visitors who may belong to that club!

On this day am planning to send out a special gift- yes the one in pic – a bracelet for my school buddy with whom am still in touch. SMS, Snail mail, e-mail…..We first met during 1996 & ever since we are great friends & value each other! TOUCH WOOD! :) Now love is not just some silly feeling between a chick & a dude! :P

LOVE- a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another passion.

- a feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection, as for a parent, child, or friend.

- a person toward whom love is felt; beloved person; sweetheart.

Speaking of love something that crossed my mind

# Couple walking down the street on a silent night.

HUSBAND: “Last year- I was able to take you for a ride in our car that we just sold to pay our debt. But I was busy doing business. This year they dumped me & when I want to take you for a ride- I have no car! Am sorry that am making you go through all this.

WIFE:( Gripping his hand! ) I really missed those long walks honey!Am happy you are here with me now -to walk! I would hate driving alone. :)


# Brother getting back home really late on a promised day ….

BROTHER : OI…. Do u think I got home late in the night to see ur long faces? !! :P I came back coz’ I promised this day! And its not yet 12…. So am here as promised on this day! Come on – our plan for the day…Lets watch the movie… :)

SISTERZ: :> Hm… :)

(Although they were mad at him….. They did sit and watch the movie. And half way through , seeing their bro sleep like a kid – how can one not smile?! They decided to pause it & watch the next day! All three went to bed that night with that special feeling of being loved!)


#Granee & Mom…

Girl:( Washing the bowl- tells her mom) You know ma, paati loved that APPLE SHAKE!

MOM: What shake?? She hates apple shake….Did she have it??

Mom to Granee: Did u have the apple shake? You never liked it & never had!

Granee: Well, when she has made it with so much love – how can u say no?!

Girl: < ##### U know…..##### > Paaaaaaatiiiiiiiii :(


#After a long day, when the family has gathered for dinner! You had a terrible day & is in no mood even to talk about it. Not to any one….When you think that no one noticed it and after dinner your dad calls you & asks…

DAD :“What went wrong, dear? What happened ….. :) ”

These simple words would have brought down all those worries crashing down to the floor!

KID: <### An amused look with thought running in the head .."How did appa know??" and returns a gentle smile.... then ofcourse..you know talk-it- over ## ### >


#Friends ….after receiving a disastrous answer sheet corrected by a terrible teacher

Friend1: I can’t believe she gave me 30/50…Dumb lady!!

Friend2: Don’t worry!

Friend1: How could she?? Look at this answer…. What more should I write?!

Friend2: Chill dee!! Don’t bother!!

Friend1: (Now eyes are little watery) But this will bring down my internal! CRAP!

Friend2: Oh…come on!! Why pay any shit to her?

Friend1: (Little annoyed..) Yeah…. Like you would have taken my mark with a happy face!

Freind2: YEAH!! Ofcourse!! :D I just flunked! :)

Friend1: (DAMN! ) :O …..Am sorry dee….. Am really sorry….

Friend2: Now we both know she is such a stupid paper corrector…& don not worry- she would not correct the final exam papers! Lets celebrate this!! :P And you mind wiping off that little drop near your eyes…Because it really is insulting that I don’t have any !! :P Cheer up !! Don’t get upset for such sick issues!

Friend1: < #### U know t expression… ####>


# Pals who have not spoken for months because of some silly misunderstanding.

When some one has irritated, annoyed & broken trust, but then realizes the mistake and apologizes…

“No… it is alright. We do commit mistakes! Am glad you have realized it…I don’t mind at all. Lets leave that behind and move on…. Because after all that’s what friends are! Be there for each other no matter what! Am glad you are back “

# 2 people ....

After a very long & terrible argument, one of them saying...

"Let us stop this dear!! Do u think this is of any value at all?..... Let’s forget it....and move on.....And am sorry! May be i should not have... "


How many people would still be in good terms had they realized the value of this statement...how many could have still been friends.....how many would have still been there for each other..... How many forgot this?!

Hm…. So, Love is a great feeling to share with another human being- or even your pet. SO this valentine’s day- tell your loved one….that they mean a lot to you. Make them feel- you value them- so will they & appreciate them for the same.


PS: There is a general complain about the songs I choose. Are they all really that very sad?! No…No..am a happy person!! Elaarum ketungapaaaaaaaaaaa………..AM A VERY HAPPY PERSON!! :) Well…. Here I have tried a song that is new for me though. I have sang in a new style - with a little pep & life added to it…I GUESS!!HEHEHE! Kallai vittu erinjudadheenga…Pudhu try avlo dhaan!

Let your loved one's know...... You care!


A new try in singing- hear the track!

KHNH Heart beat-My rendition --> Click this link to hear my track!!

Now that all my friends have approved the template- i start off with the posting! :)

Hope you like this track. I have made use of the music track that is played as the title track in the movie- Kal ho naa ho! Enna try panirukenu kettu parunga. Hindhi theriyadha- pidikadha nanbrahal elaam thala therika odiradheenga….Ketal puriyum why’nu

Now that all my friends have approved this template- which if they dint’…they know what would have happened!! :P

Ok ….Here is something that could surprise you. I haven’t been in a train- the local train before. I remember once – I have tried it. But this was the first time we actually traveled in a local train –Electric train.

An incident in the electric train!!

We got the tickets & got into the train.Another friend of ours gave us all the instructions & directed us to the compartment. Myself &My Sister we got into the train. First we had seat only for one. So one of us took the seat & then soon we got another. Now both of us are seated opposite facing each other. Then there was a very old lady who came in & the seat adjacent to me was free. Ok ow to make the part exactly the same way how we narrated to amma on getting back home I will put it the exact same way.

Mom:” How was ur train travel?? First time…. How did you both find it to be?”

Both of us: It was great ma!! :)

Sis: Hey- lets tell her what happened…. That boy!!

Me: :P Vendaam dee

Sis: Oh..come on. Whats there – sollu sollu….

Me: Naan sonne illa ma…we got seat late. Apram konja neram kazhichu – 3 of us adjusted & sat. Me,another boy & an old lady. I had my bag on my lap & rested both my hands on it. I was looking out through the window. I suddenly felt a very gentle touch. Yaaro en kai mela avanga kaiya vecha mari irundhadhu…takkunu thirumbi parthen. No one. Then again…yaro en kaya thotta mari irundhadhu..this time edukala..i could still feel. Thriumbi paatha…it was that boy. Naan sari- thookam polanu- took off my hands.

Mom : Idhaan sonen….vendaamnu. Ini eppavum u r not going in train. That’s it. This is your last time..

Both of us : ??? En amma ivlo tension areenga??

Mom: Pinna enavaam!!! U r not going…

Sis: Hey loosu !! We dnt tell amma that it was ladies compartment…She has mistaken that boy for some handsome young boy!!

Both of us: LOL!!! Vizhundhu vizhundhu sirichom…..

Then I continued…

Me:Ammmaa….Amma…. Adhu oru kutti payyan ma. Indha paatiyoda perandi. He was too little & very cute. I wonder why- chumma chumma kaiya pudichuktaan…I dnt mind. I loved that kiddo- :)

Mom: Adhaney parthen…neenga rendum perum-jansi rani achey- summa vitruka mateengaley’nu!! Kutti payana?!! LOL!! And the whole night- 3 of us often started laughing thinking abt this mis communication.


Me & my sis had the special communication to recollect & laugh at. While all this was happening…I told u my sis was sitting opposite to me. She messaged to me from the other mobile… things like these…that couldn’t stop me from laughing.


~ - Me

# Oi… Enna nadakudhu inga…Avan enadi kai potutu irukaan??

~ WHAT!!! :O Ey…he is a KID…Give it a break!!!Doggie :P

# Ey..enna idhu !!! Kai pudichuktaan….?? Konjam kooda mariyadhaye illa….Idhu sariya padala

~ I am trying to have a talk with him…. Parthutu thalaya thriupikraan.Orusmile mattum dhan kudukraan.!!

He seems to be really in love with u…don’t let go off…. Pavam dee!! :P

~ NOW I TOTALLY GOT ANNOYED. Payyana paarthu SOODA oru morai… “Un peru enna??”

PODIYAN-The kid! : (Thiruttu muzhi - Paatiya parka)

Paati : Akka edam kuduthangala…peru sollu da…

Podiyan: Vignesh ka'...elaarum vicky'nu koopduvanga.

ME: (That was adorable a kid!! I couldn't resist a kiss. Gave him a kiss.) Ok..vicky... Akka will get down now. You & paati can then sit comfortably!!OK?

When ever i see a local train- this incident is flashing & will always falsh in my brain!!
Don't forget to hear the Track!! & leav eur feed back :)

PAPPOO - Do treat him if you have found him in my page!! :P Keep looking...if not!!