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VANDHADHEY.... RESULTU VANDHADHEY!! Got the most awaited 6th SEM results. This was the most thrilling result we ever got in the history. The papers were not at all easy, some were worse. But i gave my level best. Never gaveup!!! In the college almost every day og this week we were hearing rumours about results" Inaki varudhaam..." This is what we heard EVERY DAY!! So i lost interest in trying every day.I wasn't at home the day we got the results.That evenign i got message from my friend that the results are REALLY OUT! She told me that she could not see the results for she dint have a connection at home. Hm...I spent few of the worst nervous minutes in my life...Worse than waiting for the placement selection list. So far, no history of arrear, and after placement i wasn't ready to change that statement at all! Another friend messaged saying congratulations....that was the best SMS i ever got!!! :D I hadn't told appa about the results tiil then...we were travelling. And then i told the news to appa! He was very very happy!! I asked him about our class results- if they were gud! & what my grades are. BEEP BEEP ...Nine point somthing!! If you're wondering what 9.something...We are given GPA's..Scored out of 10.Many of the friends who got placed have got arrears- their very first arrears!! Thats the worst!! I was happy for my grades, But felt very very sad to hear about the arrears of the majority of the class. That too those who have been placed....THAT IS VERY CRUEL!! We will hope that the revaluation helps them out.

NOTE: And to celebrate the results....

In India, the blogspot was banned after the MUMBAI bomb blast!! So all these days could not access the blogpages and geocities. Now finally ....Am able to access blogspot, but not geocities! And another friend Bala who tried uploading my songs in geocities said he could do it and listen too successfully. Thanks to him for this great idea!! So now as promised to our friends already, Bharathiyaar paadalgal viraivil post panren.
I have tried composing the tune for few poems.And here they are...Ketutttu epdi irukkunu sollunga!! Nalla irundha ok...ilaati konjam Adjust panikonga...Am in the process of Improvization! :P
Disclaimer: Thappa thiruppi thiruppi ketaan sari aydum pola! Last time adhanaal sruthi miss anadha gavanikkala. This time i have tried & improved('nu nenakren) :) Do listen to these songs and let me know how they are!!

Remember we are celebrating the results :P

Listen to me here...

The Widow Bird

The Clock- Childrens poem

The train- Childrens poem

Travel- Childrens poem

Pona murai THAKKALI anupna nanbarhalukku elaam en Manamaarndha Nandri. Varam poora thakkali saadham dhaan!! ;) Jus' kidding


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Past few weeks had been HECTIC! Here I am finally with a new post and a good news too.
At crescent engineering college…
Yeah that was the centre for all of us. First day 4 colleges had our written test at the crescent. Myself and another two friends who had come with me, started walking from the main entrance of the crescent campus. We had a long walk, the weather was cool. Together from there we arrived at the entrance of the Auditorium.
And surprisingly I met many other old friends, middle and high school mates whom I had met some very lo…ng time back, and their appearance had changed completely, for some you had to recognize with the gesture or the mark on their forehead, scar in the chin. And while we met - like a leaf that was gently blown by the breeze, we moved even with out our knowledge and started the conversation with “ Hey Are u not …” And then there were long CHATS!! Yes, chats before the WRITTEN TEST for which, I hardly knew how it would be or the pattern or anything. In a way that was easy for me…. At times When you do something the first time –The very first time it would come out perfect , but the second or third time you would feel it was better the first time.
“ Cha!! First nalla padinen, ipo sothapitaeney…” Or
“ The other day when I made this dish for the first time it came out so yummy…I wonder why it tastes YUKK today !!”
Then after the chat, we had an announcement from the coordinator that students from all the 4 colleges must get inside the hall for the PPT right now (8:30 am). We bid goodbye and of course ‘All the very best ’.
We gather there one by one – Seeing the faces of our friends (Now am talking about my college mates)….Some very confident, some confused, some very frustrated….But believe it I wasn’t frustrated at all the first day. One big reason is that all the others had gone for some “ PLACEMENT TRAINING ” ( The most recent trend to make BIG fast money, of course next to opening a Xerox shop at SRM :)) , Start up a placement training institution.)They were told too much than what is necessary for a fresher to appear for the interview to know.
So we all sat down in the seats waiting for them to give us a talk. It crossed 8:40…Okie…we can still be calm and quiet staring at the EMPTY STAGE.. 8:50….Hm….9:00 …Hey where are those guys?!! Will they ever turn up and let us go write the written exam? Ok..Finally after 9 there was this COOL GUY who dint appear too cool with appearance…But naama looks’ku avlo importance kudukradhillala!(Neglectum panidradhilla ;) ….) Ok , so he started telling us about how the company was established and how they work, their developments, their achievements, BLAH!! BLAH!!….But he presented it so well and it was too appealing, I could not miss listening. He was cool and guess what, he is an alumni of our college!! Sollava venum- naan COOLunapiye nenachaen :P
Then we wrote our test…hahaha. Soooper comedy!! The guy who sat next to me was from Mech Dept of our college. There is a general impression that these guys have Attitude(Problem). Other than my school friends who are now doing Mech engineering, I don’t have any friend from this dept in my college. Our friend was very friendly, and he asked me if I could help him in answering the questions. Namakku sema sirippu vandhruchu….I laughed out and then understood he is asking me seriously . I said “ Am not sure about how am going to write the test. Am neither going to cover my answer sheet. Without getting into trouble and if you wish to risk You can look at my answers.I don’t mind.” He said “That’s cool, I will copy what ever you write in the technical and Verbal section” … :O ADA PAVEE!! We all came out…Our friend said thank you for the help. If if we both get into this company I will make sure I help you at tough time : ))
Then me and three other friends we left to the canteen and crescent canteen nalla irundhahdu..Saapadu..NO COMMENTS!! Namma college food supera irukkum.
We waited in the canteen for about say …..So many hours…Met some old friends there, and made MANY new friends. Konja nerathula tension adhigama aagi THALA VALI aramichuduchu!! So went for a Kutty walk to get some fresh air. Enga paaru DOOM shape indha campus’la…Campus full’a Mosque mare irundhadhu…Nalla irundhuchu!
Appalika.. Then later at around 7 we were asked to assemble at the Auditorium for the announcement of the short listed candidates. The HERD again moved there, this time me and my OTHER buddy occupied the 3rd row from the LAST! Morning 3rd from the first :D ….. Oru Munjaakradha dhaan! ;) Then they read the names of the other 3 colleges and they were asked to leave the hall. Kadasiya nama kaloori…as the list was Toooooooooooooo Lo…..ng!! Amongst my class mates …many were not read. Enn pera as usual KOLAI panni padichaanga!!! Me and the other BUDDY were immensely happy!! But many of our class mates were not selected for the next level. So we left the hall as quick as possible to avoid any embarrassments for others. Appa had been waiting near the gate. As soon as I got inside the car looked at appa’s face…He dint trouble me with the Question “ Ennada aachu?” He gave me a SMILE…And I told him the gud news…We reached home. //( For the past 1 week amma had been asking too many questions regarding the placement and the procedure and all. So that day morning I told amma “ Kelvi kekradhu rumba easy ma…. ;) Badhil solradhu evlo kashtam theriyuma ! SO innum oru 1 vaaram edhum kettu enna nogadichraadheengama. Naney solren edhavadhu nalla seidhina! : ) ) // Amma had all the questions in her eyes…She dint ask me anything, I told her I was selected for the next round. She was too happy.

Then the next day we had Technical round and on clearing this they will give us the HR form ( That was the only way for you know , whether you are eligible to attend the next round ‘the HR round’ or not! ) And while I was waiting for my turn to come guess what ….Our friend – the mech Guy..He came with all smiles and said “ The name they read after you is mine.Am IN!” Enn manasukkula ‘Dey Sambar…Pinna enna…Elaam dippi adichala. Obviously neeyum iruppa dhaney!’ Anaal namma “ Oh..Thats cool!! All the very best.” Apdinu solli Bye’d … Then My turn came for the Technical interview..It was indeed DIFFICULT. He dint leave a single topic in my domain and also he asked me to try writing a program in C. I love C programming, but today I had not prepared for C , my domain is not CSE- but told him clearly that I could only give it a try if he says alright. So did he , and I started writing the program. First time…STRIKED IT!! Then tried again and STRIKED IT. By the time the Gentle man asked if he could see. I said “Not yet done sir. Please wait!” Meanwhile he put some other NON programming questions for which I gave satisfactory answers. Then finally I gave him the coding of program. He smiled and said “WELL DONE! But there is a easy way to do this.” And then seeing my resume he asked about the how was the experience singing a Title song for a TV Show. And also noted that I had performed singing on AIR and some local stations. He then said “You will have a fun time at *BLAH BLAH*!” Then he simply handed me my file.. and I wasn’t leaving (Even if I was going to be rejected, I had planned to ask him what should I work on and improve about my performance - so that i know what i must do/not do).I asked “Yes Sir?” Then he said “Open your file and see... :) ”
Me openings of the files … “ :O HR form !!!” WOW Cool…… I gathered that, this particular panel did not give out many of this form- they preferred to keep it and filter much at this level itself. So I was immensely happy, that I wasn’t rejected. Then I filled it up and left for the HR interview. My HR was a middle aged lady. She looked very professional. She too KILLED my name and said follow me….She asked me all general questions, and some very interesting questions were
“I see you had won District level Matches, and many other sport events.Why have you stopped all your sports activity Now?”
“ How would you manage Stress at work?” and gave her a cool answer for which she really seemed impressed and said “ Impressive !!” Another was “Why do you think BLAHBLAH should Hire you ?” Then another was “What do you expect from our company once you enter?”..Finally she said “ It was very Nice talking to you !”
These were really interesting questions she asked.
Then the final judement at 7’pm. We gathered in the hall. The list was very small today. And HURRAY!! My name was read. And also very few of my class mates. Then our officer asked if we could volunteer to help for the remaining companies, and few of us gave our names. I seriously wanted to volunteer -for 2 reasons , one-many of my class mates had not made it into this First company that came for the placement. So I wanted to be there with them for the remaining, motivate them and make sure they are in good Tempo. Two – Now that my struggle is over, it would be very nice and satisfying to help others .The next 2 days a very small number of us turned up and we helped the others. This day was really special, while I was waiting for the results along with my class mates and other friends I received a call “ You have won a couple ticket for SUPERMAN returns!!” :O Namkkum theatrekum rombaaaaaaaa dhooram. So I said “ Alright! Thanku!”

To be placed in the first campus placement- in the first company- and in the first appearance for a placement is indeed a great feeling. And while I read this in many bloggers tag, I dint realize it. But now I do!! It is a great feeling.

Trying not to be selfish ...took up this responsibility.
I made a lot of friends today, more about that later in my future posts (Made another Mechanical Dept friend).
And many of them whom I hadn’t met in the campus started calling me “Maim” Which was really ANNOYING. I had to tell many of these friends “ Don’t call me Maim … Am also a 3rd yr to 4th year student. Am here to volunteer and help the recruiters. : ) Chill!! ” And one of the MCA guy said “ You were too professional and very helping, motivating all of us who were to enter the room- you are in charge of. You had also been helping in boosting our confidence on how to face the interview, So I thought you have to be from this company.” At MCA guy - “ Students can also be Helping and motivating!!” It was a great day!!! Past three days were awesome!! The Hr from this company asked me if I was planning to do higher studies. I said , not right now! He then asked me “Why din’t you apply then?” HAHAHA “ Sir…Are you aware that the VERY few of us here volunteering and helping you guys today are all already placed in the first company that came to recruit?” He went “Aw!!!! We have missed you guys… You were all awesome today! Wonder how we weren’t given the first day! Any ways, it’s been great having you here helping us. It went on very smooth. Your arrangements and how you helped in organizing were cool- you are too good like our employee. Hope to see you soon. All the best for your future at BLAH BLAH!!” Then we exchanged numbers and left.

Past 3 days, I hardly slept. At night, I couldn’t sleep and when I really wanted to sleep I had to getup and leave to the college. So tonight and tomorrow ( till atleast 8am ) I will SNORE!!!! See you people!! Bye......

NOTE: Although I won free tickets for the most awaited movie – SUPERMAN RETURNS! I did not watch the movie. I spent my whole day at campus helping our placement off icer and other friends…. And it was for good. Quiet a number of the new friends and old friends are now placed in the second company! HAPPY FOR THEM TOO! So yaaru return ana yenna….

Today (9th June- one of my school buddy sent this link ..Soopera irundhuchu. Kanla elaam thanni .... )