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Wishing you all a very HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR! May the year 2005 take away all the sad memories with it and leave behind a little peace and prosperity............ Wish you all that you wish for on this prosperous year!!!!!!!!!


My painting:Indian classical dance...........
It had been a year since the Japanese origin word "TSUNAMI" shook(WASHED OFF) the entire coastal areas(TAMILNADU,NAGAI,KANNIYAKUMARI and also Indonesia,Srilanka,........).Today the very first word I heard (OFCOURSE SECOND TO "Mani ena aachu?...Endhirida kannu ;) ) was The Yacky RJ screaming "GOOD MORNING. Tsnamiyaala badhika pattavanga elarukum engaloda anudhabangal.......And this is ur favourite RJ ..........................".Then the whole show was about this TOPIC. No one forgot to use this word. For every Media had this word heard/seen/read! It is understandable. And ofcourse even today those SAD/HEART BREAKING VIDEOS & PHOTOGRAPHS are like just printed 1's in our MIND& HEART. All of us were quite generous and humane enough to help them. There were infact so many volunteers that many (had no work to be assigned & so) were not assigned any work but just remained as a supportive hand.Now with all the funds raised by the Govt. & private organization some how the survivors have made it. Many of them were one lucky (Rather unlucky to be left alone) person left behind the killer waves. And they could hardly (try to) forget those sad memories.
Today almost all the Satlt Tamil Channels (?Upto my knowledge!) had been repeatedly heating up those DEC 26' 2004 Cassettes ,they kept re-re-re-retelecasting the same video for almost the whole 24. But what is the necessity to keep airing those heartbreaking videos!!!!!!!!! Does it help any? the survivors, u, me................. ?? And the survivors would have probably been crying the whole day.....Seeing those videos. It would infact remind the tsunami survivors of their worst nightmare. Are the private satellite channels trying to showoff that their video collection is better than the other.Instead they could have showed us what the survivors are doing now, how they are adjusting to the new life style, in what condition is the tsunami relief works , rehabilitation .......... Lots of other things to show. They could educate us on the tsunami & other such unexpected catastrophes and their symptoms. It had already been known that before the tsunami is going to hit, the sea would recede few meters. But on the day tsunami hit our coastal parts, this did happen and because of our lack of knowledge in this regard many of the fishermen, regular joggers and others had been looking at this site in astonishment than getting away. For there are other things that the common people are not aware of, the private channels could educate people on various such things.

NOTE:Here is A favorite work of mine that I had completed earlier during my vacations.

Cya' .............


College reopened very well as Scheduled......But there were no afternoon classes. Afternoon classes were suspended for some maintenance works. Not many teachers turned up..We had lot of substitutes handling classes on the first day. Now here, I have something interesting...........There was this staff who hardly noticed any student. He just entered into the classroom , DECLARED that he would be handling that subject...and then He was all stuck with the black board.Hardly did he take notice of the students. He kept talking and wasn't audible at all. Then this guy(Who thinks he is Mr.Smart) of the class who keeps puzzling teachers with his doubts(Some times very silly 1's for which he wud have already known the answer and keep arguing y cant it be THAT!) .This way he thinks he could get his special attention and then would always have the teachers notice him while taking class, on the other hand sometimes bugging all the others sitting with him. I don't complain !. This sir didnot take any notice of him but instead was often looking and talking(teaching) to some other guy whom we all least expected.(Paavam, he missed all fun with his friends that day and had to pretend like a keen listener :)) Romba kastam avanuku!) This made Mr.Smart very mad(Irukkum dhaney........Pazhagi pochu) ........He started interrupting this sir with his doubts and kept saying he wasnt clear(Which is ofcourse true.. none of us hardly heard him and only then is the question of whether we understood or not.NOTE: Am very seriously trying to listen to the lecture..but can hardly take note .My notes were with just some keywords and few preposition,conjunction & verb). Then Mr. Smart could atlast get his attention......... BRAVO!But this sir hardly took notice of the Girls side. Ofcourse some of us were trying to listen while some others took advantage of the situation. There was this wise crack from one of the girls sitting behind me" YAARU PETHA PULLAYO...IPDI THANIYA PESITTU IRUKKU......(AT T LECTR'R)"May be this sir was too shy to or didn't want to see the girls. But after 2 hours of class he did take notice of some of us once in a while, even before you could see he is looking..BAM! he turns back to Mr.Smart.And there was no control over the class after the 1st hr...ofcourse why would they bother when they realize this sir isn't going to bother them having Fun. The problem is even those who are struggling to listen and take NOTE aren't able to. He doesnt seem to bother too. While I Thought if I dont tell this sir Now...he will never bother the presence. My bench mate stopped me and said..plz dont do that. Let it be this way for a little while..things would change. And guess what he is also going to handle one of the LAB sessions for us. He is the INCHARGE.I thought atleast from the LAB incharge we could get some knowledge about the subject. Let's see what is going to happen............. But next week if he is going to make me feel INVISIBLE , am gonna let him know IAM VISIBLE too. :)
Never have I felt INVISIBLE in the class room, but definitely not in the way like Mr.Smart does.
To Senthil natarajan- Dont worry..You dont wanna miss that part of life that you are in now!In future this too would be something u would miss! Like when you grow old with all your grand children pestrng you for chocolates,rides......... and then granne saying NO for all your say! :P Just kidding.Enjoy the present.


Oops......SEEMS LIKE I FORGOT TO UPLOAD :D........Here it is..........Will catch up later......Getting prepared for going back to colej 2mmorow.......Chao!.......


Today.....was an excellent day.
I have painted the picture of one of my favourite disney movie's chrctrs,displayed right here. WAKKOS WISH.Heard of it? its a good movie to watch.and i like these lines PUNCH LINES namma lang'la sonnal.
Today Oprah's show had this "My favourite things........."
Oprah gifted many of the relief workers & volunteer with LOTS of her favourite things. GREAT JOB !I wish there is a oprah here who could make arrangements for the people to GET their relief funds safely and return home ALIVE!
And coming back to me......
Am trying my level best to enjoy every moment (while Staying at home) because have got just a day to go....College is gonna reopen on 21st. I was reading my diaries that i had written from the year when i was in class 7. It is a very wonderful enjoyable thing to do....until the time i picked 'my 1999 year diary'. After that it wasnt very interesting..Change of school,House shift(Leaving our Flat was the most unhappy event of that year...We had all moved with each other like family members.And where do you happen to play with kids of almost all age group.We all used to play together,chat,talk about our school,class,share thoughts......)& Lots of other such turns, narrow ones.
Lets put a pause for that Track...........
Then i watched this movie Dinosaur...And then a little Animal planet shows.
Chat with Family at the dinner time.
Now here......Then Inmy Dream land.
Oh wait........
I just got a call........THE SLEEP CALL.Will attend to that.After all , the last HOLInight.


Looking through my window.

Note:Here is one of my Glass paintings.Looking through my window.Yet another rainy day. Every DEC something unexpected is happening in CHENNAI and some other parts of Tamilnadu . This time it is the Cyclone......Even today we have a depression developed near chennai and coastal Tamilnadu. One of the boring Semester holiday in this Moody climate. Today while I was just looking through my window i saw some very interesting scene. Funny but read through. There was this nicely grown big Cow grazing the fresh grasses, near by that was another little weaker cow grazing. There were some fresh grass in one side and less fresh ones in the other side. These two were so peacefully & quietly grazing. No noise, neither any subtle movements.I was thinking.......Why aren't they hurrying their way to the fresh grasses? Don't they think that they should go to the better place before the other one does?(Like us HUMANS, we call it Competitive world)...Or why din't the stronger ,well grown cow attempt to eat the good fresh grass before the other one did?........... They were just enjoying their part. Neither were they greedy nor dumb. But had it been us humans.....Gosh, I got to this place first , so I happen to be served first. I own this ,step out!This is my site, Why did you enter?Me...My.......I.............BLAH! BLAH! BLAH!I was amazed looking at them sharing and enjoying rather a generous behavior which lack in us HUMANS now!!!! Now there was this Crow that gave me a look like saying " Oh! You so amazed with that? Now see this................" and it set to flight .It flew Right at the face of the cow. The cow the stronger bigger one, it dint bother at all. Not even changed position. Then there was this crow that rested on the Horns of this Cow and looked around as if it was on top of a Monitoring tower. It was so lethargically looking around as if there was no one dare to disturb him. The Cow didn't take any notice of this crow sitting on it. It just did not bother. That too was a very noble reaction. We Humans having given this world to live, Change, Spoil, Make use of, Beautify, Enrich, SHARE(Which most of us have forgotten) hardly realize its & our value.We are gifted with the ability to speak & express our feelings!We walk past people we know & some times don't even give a simple smile...(And say we were busy, Late, in a hurry, Gloomy, etc.Many people forget the usage of the word sorry, thank you, Take care........ Even" I love you "and "I care for you"....... These are simple words that with which we can convey a lot of our feelings.We have opted some other talents like " Yelling, Screaming at people, offend,....."Some times a simple sorry, Takecare , don't worry, It is all right could give a lot of strength to people. Men should realize that we are given one Earth and we also have other harmless creatures to share it with. God haven been partial with us, we must use our Brain and act accordingly so that no one(Including the animals, Birds, other Creatures) will face any harm. We should be responsible and stop polluting (It isn't a word out of reach for us to say "I don't pollute"). Every one of us is polluting in every single day of the calendar. Those who smoke, Burn things, use things that are not Bio degradable, and do other things that may cause pollution do have their significant contribution. Now I don't say we must abruptly stop all that. Nothing can be stopped all of a sudden but gradually. We can cut down the rate, decrease the amount we contribute to pollute, and Stop/ Quit soon. The recent changes in global weather are an outbreak of the mistakes we have been doing for ages. Antarctic ice melting, Floods in various parts, Cyclones, Drought. We all have read in our schooldays about Global Warming, Green House Effect. How many of us or the teachers did really realize and change accordingly? I very well remember the notes saying there would be different extreme weather conditions experienced in various parts of the earth. And that is what is happening now. We just keep doing things that we do to spoil the setup and keep blaming. When it really is late we cannot excuse or blame each other, even if we do so who cares No use! It would be too late. Anything would have an equilibrium state. So does the earth have.We all very well remember the process Vaporization & condensation. Also we remember Newton's law Energy can neither be created nor destroyed. That holds good for any thing......Even air. Let us live & leave back a safer world for the future.
SO LONG.......................................


This Blog is a copy of what i wrote for a magzne few years back.Now i prsent this to YOU Hon'ble Blog reader(s).With this is my recent glass paint..Bye for now. Will come up with an interesting blog tommorow.
“In any community, there cannot be any politics
when there is perfect unity”
Politics begins with controversy, argument, competition or rivalry. If the controversy, argument, competition or rivalry is a genuine one for some kind of improvement or development, it is welcome. We should always keep it in mind that there are unnecessary controversies, there are unnecessary arguments , there are unhealthy competitions and there are ugly rivalries .One way or the other all these elements are working against unity .
Among the students, normally the ideal unity is expected. Students community is an excellent example of social harmony cutting across all boundaries such as religious, linguistic, regional, political, national and communal. This type of unity cannot be found in any other social organization. We should appreciate this phenomenon and develop this to further heights with due care and concern.]The present Scenario of the student community is rather different which causes concern and worries to the teachers & parents. ‘What is it that causes concern & worries?’ Among the students, we find now some kind of discrimination between the new entrance & the seniors. This discrimination gives rise to superiority complex to a few as well as inferiority complex to many . As a result of this sometimes, the false ego of the seniors is hurt and at some other times the genuine self-respect of the new entrance is perturbed . When it crosses a limit , group are formed among students. The unity is disturbed. Each group wants to show that they are superior to others. In order to achieve this they begin to make use of foul plays and illegitimate tactics which ultimately leads to violent politics.Whether they are willing or not willing , the teachers at some point of time have to handle the problems pertaining to students politics in addition to their routine responsibility .How do the Teachers look at the Students politics?
Teachers view:
Of course there are some teachers who are very sympathetic, kind, and considerate with parental care.They try to understand the different dimensions of the problems of the students. They know that youth community cannot be a group of Sadhus. According to them ,the youth should behave like youth . But at the same time they should be aware of their own limits . Youth can enjoy freedom but the freedom will be meaningful only when there is a sense of discipline & responsibility. If there is no sense of discipline and responsibility in a community, then there cannot be any freedom at all .Even the games are bound by rules. The teachers try to make the students understand their limits by using their authority or affection . Such teachers do not hate the students nor they are angry with the students . There are also some other teachers who are furious about the students’ violence. They are not able to tolerate the mischief’s of the ‘tiny devils’.They want to punish the wrong doers then and there.
Most of the teachers are of the opinion that the students politics can be kept under control provided the following aspects are given due attention,
1) Providing a good academic atmosphere
2) Cultivating a good team spirit among the students by introducing the concept of working group, discussion etc.,
3) Cultivating good interpersonal relationship by language and activities
4) Modifying the behaviour by award and punishment
5) Encouraging the students by giving special credits for the personal conduct and culture
6) Giving proper counseling with out hurting the ego of the students
7) Cultivating mutual understanding and tolerance of opposition in the minds of the students
Students community of India is going to be responsible for building the future nation . Teachers are mainly responsible for shaping the students community in the proper way . Teachers can accomplish this task marvelously well provided they are given the authority with out any interference from any side in any manner.
The present day students do not seem to be interested in politics at all . According to them the individual freedom and democracy are not given due importance in any political party. The students community is not prepared to sacrifice the individual freedom and the democracy There may be many other reasons as well. However students are not interested in entering into the real politics. Teachers in general are very happy about this. Most of the teachers are of the opinion that the present day students are brighter, more courageous, more self-confident and more considerate. If suitable opportunities are given to them they can perform better and they can become professional in a shorter period of time – shorter than the time their elders took .According to the teachers, the students politics can be kept under control provided the following aspects are given due attention,1) Providing a good academic atmosphere
2) Cultivating a good team spirit among the students by introducing the concept of working group, discussion etc.,
3) Cultivating good interpersonal relationship by language and activities
4) Modifying the behaviour by award and punishment
5) Encouraging the students by giving special credits for the personal conduct and culture
6) Giving proper counseling with out hurting the ego of the students
7) Cultivating mutual understanding and tolerance of opposition in the minds of the students
On the whole Teachers want their students to hold good positions and to contribute their might to make the country a stronger and richer one.


After a long time am blogging today. My xamz got over around the end of last month. Lot'a things happened by that time. For the first time in our life we had our Exams postponed........For unexpected Cyclones hit Tamilnadu,India. Many of the villages were flooded. Not to forget that few years back there was heavy drought in many parts of Tamilnadu & with this seasons rainfall there will be no sign of drought for atleast another 5 years IF proper arrangements are made for preserving the water ....... Will come to that later. For now ,here is a small piece of my work that i was unto for the past few weeks.Have done about 10 Frames...Am trying my hand on glass painting for the first time, I feel ......I got to improve a lot.Iam only used to drawing in paper, Painting<>,Pencil sketching.......have to really improve on glass painting. This holiday i spent quite some time on playing a strategy game that my brother got me long time back.(Civilization III -I have one thong to say ' Am glad we are all now living in a civilizED world'.It is a great GAME. But Just a GAME.I keep reminding myself about that while playing.) Will Yap more in my next blog..Time to go............