Today.....was an excellent day.
I have painted the picture of one of my favourite disney movie's chrctrs,displayed right here. WAKKOS WISH.Heard of it? its a good movie to watch.and i like these lines PUNCH LINES namma lang'la sonnal.
Today Oprah's show had this "My favourite things........."
Oprah gifted many of the relief workers & volunteer with LOTS of her favourite things. GREAT JOB !I wish there is a oprah here who could make arrangements for the people to GET their relief funds safely and return home ALIVE!
And coming back to me......
Am trying my level best to enjoy every moment (while Staying at home) because have got just a day to go....College is gonna reopen on 21st. I was reading my diaries that i had written from the year when i was in class 7. It is a very wonderful enjoyable thing to do....until the time i picked 'my 1999 year diary'. After that it wasnt very interesting..Change of school,House shift(Leaving our Flat was the most unhappy event of that year...We had all moved with each other like family members.And where do you happen to play with kids of almost all age group.We all used to play together,chat,talk about our school,class,share thoughts......)& Lots of other such turns, narrow ones.
Lets put a pause for that Track...........
Then i watched this movie Dinosaur...And then a little Animal planet shows.
Chat with Family at the dinner time.
Now here......Then Inmy Dream land.
Oh wait........
I just got a call........THE SLEEP CALL.Will attend to that.After all , the last HOLInight.

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That's a great story. Waiting for more. »