On my way backhome.....

Sometimes we face the worst day of our lives. And you live through that day.... There is always something to think of to console yourself or we may be blessed with some buddy to share it with. We all do face such occassions where we long for the day to end and look out for the NEXT for a fresh start. I remeber when i was a kid say in my late kindergarden, we use to have some silly fights with our friends and the next day i would hardly remebr that . And we would speak to that person , play , have fun, chat, .... like we were always friends.(Totally not rembr the earlier fight. Neither would that person remeber) And at that age we forget all the bad things that happened, and it was always a worry free, "live the present" life. No stupid things to regret, no hurting people to forgive, no troubles to solve, no dispute to settle, no TODO to do, No deadline, no facing the betrayers, no NOTHING.....I wish those days could be relived! This is a spot that i see every day while returning home. And to see such an amazing SHOT is like reliving the best days...So here i share it with you all.......And to see something like this in CHENNAI! It is worthid to post in my blog. Who knows what..............Err..Am not normal ,am I? Am yapping something?????/////####...Well take care.Next week have my internals(test). So will leave now....
Here is something one of my buddy told me and am yet to get convinced although it seems convincing.
" You get disappointed only if you had expectation.{You have expectations from someone you trust.Is that a mistake? Shouldn't you trust your friend, Sister, brother,colleague, .......} So if you are not a strong person , DO NOT EXPECT . And expect the worst if you are a little stronger.That case you are never disappointed, never hurt, never regret......Just take things as it comes."


After a long time, I atlast had a little time for just ME & the TV .:DAnd that day of the week I had been watching Discovery. And watched some interesting shows. One that I felt like mentioning about is TOP 10 COMIC BOOK HEROES. At the first instant I was puzzled to see this show.. "Why on Discovery?" But anyway's better than the previous show on LICE- THE PARASITE. It seems in the ancient period- i am not sure which civilization, The peasants who had no money to pay as tax used to grow a lot of these suckers and collect them in BAGS! Yes, bags! and pay that as TAX. I wonder what the KING used them for. And people with lot of these parasites were considered healthier. EWw... coming back to the comic heroes...Here is the list and see if your favorite hero made it on the top10 list.....
10) 'TINTIN'-Originally developed in BELGIUM. But couldn't make it a HIT in Belgium. Another interesting fact about TINTIN is his hairstyle. Did you know originally his hairstyle wasn't like flying backward, It was this cartoon on one of the episodes where TINTIN and the snowy dog were flying in their car with a great speed. And the cartoonist observed the great look TINTIN had with that trendy hairstyle and decided to have that as his hairstyle ever then. And it became a hit and many people started to spread the style. In that era many people's hairstyle reflected TINTIN's and even now it is the favorite hairstyle of many.I remember, TINTIN was my brother's favorite comic. I remember there were this identical TWINS in the comic. It is now found that the day the cartoonist had introduced the characters, he was influenced by the picture of the TWIN DETECTIVES in the Dailies(Newspaper). The photograph was also shown on this Discovery show. And yes, it looked very much like the Twins created by the cartoonist.
9)WITCH BLADE- Sarah! The HOT GIRL saving the world from evil.
8)AKIRA- the Japanese kid.(A YOUNGBOY)
7)HULK- Yeah! the green man. The reason for the hulk to be portrayed as a green man(originally grey)- Since Hulk was a monster, he couldn't go out to get a fancy costume like any other superheroes. So the maker decided to have him as a Grey man. This grey colour wasn't printed as grey but due to some printing came out as green. It then striked the maker to have him green coloured was better than grey . And so the hulk is GREEN.
6)WONDER WOMAN- gifted with magical items to use to fight Evil. Created by a psychologist. Clay model- Goddess. (Reminded me of goddess DURGA! :P )
5)JUDGE DREDD- " Iam the law" was his punch dialogue. Originally a British work.
4)Superman- An Orphan, adopted by the Kryptons.A big HIT!
3)XMEN- It had developed the tolerance towards different people says the maker.
2)The SPIDER-MAN: This was the work of Stanley. And he did this because he was bored with all these super heroes because they were all icon of perfection. He wanted someone who commits mistakes like any of us, a boy who is shy, who finds it very difficult in making a conversation with his favorite girl in the neighborhood. And most all PETER PARKER was a boy next door. And while thinking of the superpower, the cartoonist observed a spider building its web.And it then striked him, it could be the boy with spider powers . So he thought of these names - Insect Man, Wall throwing man, SPIDER-MAN.And my favorite part in spider-man is when the maker tells us how bad REVENGE could be..... This is when Peter allows the robber to run away and then makes out that it was this robber who had killed his uncle. And Stanley says that it really annoys when people write SPIDER-MAN as SPIDERMAN. Did you get it? No --. Stanley wanted to differentiate Spider-Man with Superman . And so did he put the - in-between spider and man. So he insist that every one writes it that way because that is how it is supposed to be. SPIDER-MAN.Next time you write SPIDER-MAN don't miss the -.
1) BATMAN- Created by BOB CANE. He got this idea from one of learnado's work. People feel that(Including his wife) the Batman's first few issues resembled the same look of BOB himself. Especially the face-cut, Chin, etc., And even his wife admits that may be BOB did it on purpose. And BATMAN was a humanitarian at heart. So was BOB throughout his life- says Mrs.BOB.
SOME INERESTING FACTS:Hulk, XMEN,Spider-Man- All these comics had more than 2 billion copies sold out .73.4% Superhero battles were on Roof top. Wish one of your favorite is on the top list. And I hope I did give some interesting facts (Unknown) about these known super heroes.
And tonight Oprah show was about Bird flu. And I was under the impression that it would clear some of our worst fears about the bird flu and it could give us some hope. But IN the whole show the Dr who was on this talk show, instead of convincing that it would be okay soon kept over doing about this Flu issue. I personally felt that he had only been looking at the DARKER SIDE. . And yes of course the show was concentrated more on how America should prepare to face this. I thought Oprah is not easy to convince with whatever you say. She proved me wrong tonight. More in my next post.


Know where you fall!!!

Yeah This is definitely about falling in love.
Love is not just an entertainment , it is a lot of responsibility.
Donot mistake friendship for love...Because you could lose a good friend and end up with 2 loss.No friend and You also the dignity .
Don't TAG me as an ANTI-LOVE! I respect true love. And I rarely see TRUE LOVE!(Otherthan Mom's love and Dad's love)
It is not a day for just LOVERS........you can wish any1 you love. Wish your mom,dad, paati,thaatha, perandi,NAAI kutty,just any1 you love! And I love you all! Have a memorable & sensible Valentine's day!AND KNOW WHERE YOU FALL! FALLING IN LOVE! Why people say FALL....May be it has some real meaning behind !@# :P



Try this link it was very funny! Try that lnk first and then read the following. And here are few lines that i got in my story and kept laughing!!!!!!

*One Sweet summer day at Tokyo you see the most Cute creature you have ever seen.

*Suddenly, he looks in your direction and starts walking right towards you!!! he says, "I noticed you staring at me from over there. I just had to tell you, that I think you are so Talented , and was wondering if you'd like to go to Thailand with me and Watch cartoon ?" :))
Dogs are not just PETS.
Dogs are greatest companion for man.They are very Best friend too.And somtimes Life savers. I always wanted to have a DOG...
Observe this Pic, They have some calculations............ DO YOU OBSERVE THE PATH FOLLOWED? Do you see the doggie standing there?
The Trauma
Last week I could very well notice the street dogs behave very strange. The last time I found them behave this way was during the earthquake. That time I too had problems in sleeping. Then last week it was rather different. It sure was not dogfight. The dogs barks were like yelling for help or some kind of warning. It definitely was a warning signal, because the dogs' sounds were coming from different sides more like propagation of ripples. And definitely it was not a single dog barking. There were many dogs barking , from different places. And I told all these to my Mom and Sis , also I told them that something was definitely wrong in the neighborhood. And like any other day my Sis started laughing and when i told her that it is not a joke. These dogs had never been so strangely behaving. And only mom listened to my words with a little seriousness. When I told this to Appa, he too did listen. And it went serious day by day. Here is some thing that really made me have a deeper look into this issue.
1)One night, when I went outside to lock the gate , adjacent to the gate there was this dog standing erect and its head held high and it was staring at something at a distance. When I neared the dog, it did not move or even notice me. Which definitely is strange, generally dogs would turn at your side and look or atleast move away when you near them (Am not talking about pet dogs). But this dog was very seriously observing something. Which definitely is strange.
2) The other night I saw this little puppy come running at a very great speed and it stood right at the gate and looked at me and then took off.
3) Some of the local dogs were missing. And I could see new dogs that definitely don't belong here. Stray Dogs too would try to defend their colony or area. And would not let some strange dog enter into that area and it could be because it don't want any competition for its food.
4) The next night there were some new dogs, probably the dogs from the near by locality. May be they sensed that something was happening to the dogs here and some thing bad is happening.
And it was after that the HOUSE BREAKING attempt took place. Then that day while all of us were sitting and talking about this incident. It was then I started to explain,......... I had been telling them all about the strange behavior of the local dogs. And now it is evident that they definitely meant to tell us something. My sister stopped making fun of my interpretations. And whenever I try to tell them something like this, always my sister would say Am imagining too much and also scaring her with my stupid imaginations. I always had this intuitions telling me something, during the tsunami also I told her that something strange was happening, and also during the earthquake I did tell her. But she took it serious only after things happen. And now she is mad at me for the observations of the stray dogs. And the other night after the house break attempt, the dogs once again were very disturbed. And today i could not keep my mouth SHUT. I went up and disturbed appa from his work. And told him to listen to the dogs.......
It happened again. There were these dogs making crying sounds and the barks went on like ripples. Then appa did admit that it was not NORMAL. Then I told appa it is right time to call the police because the inspector told us " If anything strange is happening or someone suspicious is walking around please let us know ! "and it was 11:00pm on the clock . Appa took sometime to think & decide and finally he decide &called the local inspector.(Thanks to the cell phone technology). And guess what, he was in the main road attending to an accident that had just happened and he had just finished the formalities. The Inspector told appa that he would be at the gate in 5 minutes. He also told that he had earlier planned to visit our place that night. ( The other day he took 45 minutes to travel from his station and reach our home.) What do you call that?
And yes he was here in 4 minutes. Then appa explained him everything and then something real strange happened. While we were all standing outside and talking ,there was this dog that came out of the dark running like a cheetah and I pointed it to the officer. He was shocked to see the dog runn so fast at night. The dog came right at us and stood ! It gave us this ,really strange look that spoke a million words and ran back with the same speed into the direction where it had come from. Now it was evident that something is happening. The officer understood and told us' things would be alright and we need not worry.' He also told us to sleep peacefully (Easy for him to say!) and he took leave along with the other police men. That night , I think my sister and mom would have got convinced I WAS NOT IMAGINING! Appa sure was convinced. Now there are no strange barks. And everything seems to be alright. But I find it very difficult to sleep. Last week all the days in college I was very drowsy. And I struggled to stay awake and listen to the lectures. There was this one night where I struggled so much to sleep and often got out of my bed walked into the kitchen, Dinning room, Hall Switching the lights ON/OFF. And whenever I got out and saw the time it was 11,12,12:30,3,3:30,5 and good morning, time to go to the college. I did not mean to stay awake but my inner sense kept me awake. But yesterday I slept the sleep of the whole week. Now I could sleep properly. Things are back to normal.(I guess!)


Okay!For the first time am not going to get to the topic very soon.... i would take you around for a small confusing ride and then get down on the STOP.
Here is what I told one of my friend " I donno why, but for the past few days I could not sleep!Iam so disturbed. I had this very disturbing sleep.This hasn't happened even during my boards or semester exams. I hardly slept for the past 4 nights." And my friends reply was " Dey......You are in love!........" Crazy...Oops i said a long drive, isn't it?...so ....Read this first!

Last week after that day , I had been asking myself the following questions repeatedly...........
"Why did guy think that way?"
"He could have picked some...."
"Why did that happen?"
"Why that way?"
"How could such a thought have ever arouse in his mind?"
" He must have been the stupidest person!"

And if you were thinking as what my friend had been thinking ....................UNGA THALAILA ONGI ORU KUTTU vayungalen plz !!!
All the above lines were the trauma that a SWEET LITTLE GIRL had undergone after the day someone had tried to housebreak!!!!! Yes that house is our house, and that sweet girl is none other than I, Me, and Myself.(Romba overa irukku illa.... Bear with this little devil! )
Even the previous night I had been awake working on my MINI PROJECT model till 2:30 in the night!This guy who probably was thinking he is TOM CRUISE and attempted to thieve should have realised it is MISSION IMPOSSIBLE!! But he did not. That night after great day was over, I snuggled into my bed ......say at 12:30+. And I was too tired , and had this symptoms to catchup COLD. So i took that very sedative syrup and dozed-off . And all i knew then was Appa waking and calling me to come immediately...........The last time I remember appa wake me up like that was when we had this baby snake enter the house on that very foggy morning at 5 or 6'o clock. So I got up thinking it must be this snaky boy or some puppy or someTHING. With the very reluctant look & with the thought of getting back to my dream after sending off the little creature, I got out of the bed and followed appa, while my sissy and mom were still in bed, snoring. WE GENERALLY DO NOT INVOLVE THE LADIES OF THE HOUSE TO HANDLE SUCH " MEANT FOR MAN " SITUATIONS! Am AN EXCEPTIONAL GIRL CHILD!
And by the time I entered the hall my EYEBALLS almost popped out.........What the??!!! The ventilator was removed and thank god the grills were sturdy enough! Appa asked me if i found the difference...It was obvious for me that it is a HOUSE BREAK attempt. For appa would not have got a carpenter to do some carpentry early in the morning .....and obviously it is not my birthday for appa to give me some sweet surprise(Like he has ever.........NOTHING. SKIP IT!). And then appa opened the door and showed me something- ' The stupid fellow had left all the removals as such and had even not stolen the buckets and some other materials (I would suggest good to be stolen) that were lying in the portico. May be someone must have passed by. But the sturdy lock installed at the door had only prevented him break into the house.
Then Appa called up one of his friend who holds a good position in the police department ( If not for Appa or his friend's position - Illati yaarum kanduktu irundhruka maatanga.).The Police officers came and recorder the finger prints and rest(ALOT)........... in my next post. Its getting late and am getting a little shaky ,sitting here alone. Will try to get some sleep. Good bye for now!
NOTE: I have some knives or other such sharp tools hidden in some of the places inside our house. I just don't want to use any of that ! And I wish, I do not.


Today was a big day for us - The students performing for the open house.We exhibited some of our IDEA's as Project or putting it much clear as MODELS. And many of the visitors asked me if they could take this model after am done with exhibiting. And I had to say NO! Because i was too sentimental about it. It was a Hit project being my first try ever on a circuit of my own. It took 2 nights & the night before the project was spent sleepless to do all the MODELS. We were all first put in different labs . All our class mates stayed in one lab with our very sweet class incharge. This sir is very sweet,down to earth,bubbly and what not..he is a mini ARAVINDH SWAMY (Am not flirting ,am just describing one of the sweetest soul.He is just too sweet that sometimes even his colleagues take him for granted .)He was so glad that we had all done very wonderfull realtime application projects other than just some components connected with wires.We our class mates had real fun- pulling our leg, teasing or defining in a traditional collegian lang ( Kalaaikradhu, Kalavarradhu ).
Although we had already been sitting & working in that lab during our lab hours on REGULAR working days, it was totally different today. No attestations, and no rules, no staff checking your experiment, no NOTHING. Then after some real fun time......we got this news that we should all be shuffled up and put in different labs .Initially it kind of made us sad. But then our sir put it this way " Go to different labs ya........See what others are doing too. Make new friends ...explore......!" Then we were all put in different labs. Fortunately in the LAB (allotted for me) there were no Juniors, so there was no need for me to (be)act different from the usual way, what I always am. But, there were also students from other sections whom i have never personally met before. Although the faces were familiar (Corridor walks, Culturals,...) , we had not personally met or conversed. After some shytime...they started the conversation with ' Can u lend me your Scissors, what time can we leave, Do you know how many schools are going to visit, Would you mind taking care of my project by the time I go see my friends.........'
I tell you now-a-days boys have grown SHY than us girls. We spoke out and got ourselves introduced .Then we all had some real CHAT. But there was this very curiously quiet guy whom I tried to pull into our conversation. He kept giving a standard smile, occasionally an Yes!. We all had a very nice chat and there was this very witty guy(A). He kept pulling some one's leg and most of the time his target was B. B too didn't keep mum, he kept teasing A. All with lot of Fun and laughter involved. No one was Offended by the jokes played . While all of us were making this memorable day with laughs,jokes,chat as the COMEDY TRACKS of a movie, we had the main TRACKS - the students visiting and us explaining. All of us were conversing in English because we hardly knew the others knew to speak ANUDHA THAMIZH (Tamil). All of us were sitting near our desk after explaining each of our projects to one another. About half the day went on this way with lot of school children walking around and exploring our TINY INVENTIONS.
For those who made it too technical(TECHI) ...Boo!!... as far as the school children's are concerned THEY MADE NO SENSE. But still they tried to savvy. Then coming to the main issue.. There were also students from some of the local schools. The teachers and children were too simple, and could hardly understand what this FUSS is all about. On first thought I felt that the college authorities have done a good job by inviting the students from the locality (Most were Govt schools). But then on seeing some of the students from our college show off and ignore them, i did not quiet appreciate what the authorities have done. Then there was a bunch of kids from one of the Govt. boys school. We could see that these kids after all those long walks through the corridors hardly understood what many (of others) had spoken. They looked kind of pissed off with our un-understandable talks. So once all these analysis were made from the looks on their faces...
**The following lines have nothing to do with language problems or politics between those. It is my mere concern about our mother tongue, its state.....It could be applicable to all/any the languages -Tamil, Hindhi,Kannada,Telugu,Marathi,Bengali,Oria,.........(have i missed yours? Kindly add it too and read),may be English...Na i dont think english is in a state to be in this list.(No OFFENCE).You could replace tamil/Thamizh/Thamizh-- with your mother tongue and then proceed to think about this.And this event happening in your STATE - Tamilnadu here**
I put this question and saw all the faces GLOW at the same fraction of second. "Thamizh theriyuma??"And the prompt answer in chorus was "O! Nalla Theriyumey..Thamizhlaye sollungaKa. illana onnum puriyaadhu!" And so did the teachers face glow too. And i took pride in explaining the circuit , its operations and applications -all in tamil. And these kids were real smart they started asking some reasonable questions " Y not this?""Y not that?". Then did I understand how hard it would become for the teachers if THAMIZHVAZHIKKALVI is made compulsory . And may be that is the reason why there is still a lot of confusion about this.... I tried my level best in convincing them with my answer. And the teachers were so happy and amused that I could tell an engineering circuit to the kids in Tamil and make them understand. One of the teacher complimented for speaking a very good thamizh , she also mentioned that it was really surprising for her to see an engineering student speak good THAMIL..oops THAMIZH.
After I sat down with our friends for the SIDE TRACK, these guys were all so shocked to know I could speak thamizh. Especially Mr.A, he asked if I was a tamizhponnu (TAMIL girl.). And the counter was "How about you?" And Mr.A said "Yeah! am a tamizhpayyan too." He was not shy or feeling bad to say that. But that there are girls who dont speak thamizh even if they knew to , and made a fuss speaking in TANGLISH. And I asked him why he had to say that in english when he is a tamizhpayyan. And A's answer goes like this " enku kunjam kunjam dhaan thamiZH varum......' And believe it he really did not know to speak a single sentence in proper tamizh. And another andhra friend C spoke "Avan wastu! Avan thamizha enalaye thaanga mudiyala" Now, isn't that thamizh??? !!! Great C! That is it all our rifles turned and faced A. We all started teasing 'A' that he doesnt know to speak properly in his mother tongue...!Blah blah! (LAUGHS!!). After all these jokes , we were into some other topic's discussion. All of a sudden A came up with this strange question someone has ever asked , "Being a tamizhponnu how come you speak good english? ".( I still am not sure if he really meant that!! :P )
Adapavee... what are you asking? Whats wrong with thamizhponnu?? And what does that have to do with ,speaking in a foreign language? We had a very long argument & 'A' finally gaveup! Though he actually complimented me , his former part of the sentence made me go furious. And that too it was from a THAMIZHAN! Too bad!!!!!! Leave all that aside. Then we had some peacefull, memorable conversation...and finally (remember the Quiet guy with a sweet smile and few YES!!) this very shy boy opened his mouth. And I did not leave him.. he had to keep talking something before we all leave, so did he. Atlast!!! He spoke, joked,.... and guess what he even got into this teasing game where A was the joked about not speaking his mother tongue !!!!!!! Why do some boys be very shy even when some one (SOME OF many of US) were very badly trying to make him converse /talk. The whole session was great. We all found it very interesting, did not know we could learn so much from the experience, kids, ourselves, Friends,..............I sure have a very memorable day recorded in/for my college days!!!!!!! And dont forget to speak your mother tongue as and when possible. But don't get into the politics... After all ,there is nothing to feel shy or bad about speaking in mother tongue!!! And that is why the title of previous post. And A (B or C or...any1 I met today)had nothing to do with that, but the other silly people out there whom you meet , I meet ...we all meet in the walks of life!!!
NOTE: I think this must be the longest post i have ever posted. Thank you for your patience. And hope i did not bore you!?