Isn’t She ‘Gaargioose” ? – STEVE…

PIC: Steve,his wife& his daughter.(He has a son too- little fellow!)

Yeah!! Steve Irwin - The Crocodile hunter. He is no more!! He died few days back on a freaky accident while documenting his latest video

Here is post that I dedicate to the great soul Steve_Irwin and his lovely family!!

If you dint know this great man- here you could learn a little about him. But I guess many would be aware of this guy. The most Famous – Crocodile Hunter!!!
I had seen some of the many documentaries of Steve! He is a great man, determined, hard working, sincere & a successful family man. Although he is famously known as Crocodile hunter- he work also deals with other reptiles and animals. I don’t like Steve for just he creates awareness about the wildlife & nature Conservation. In most of his videos you could observe the co-ordination he has with his co-workers, camera man, Wife, and even the reptile. He is always concerned and is very careful about their safety.

Here are a few things to know about this great man!!
Steve Irwin

My View:

A loving & caring man at work:

I remember the show he was picturing about this most venomous snake, generally the snakes can strike only a few times continuously for it needs more time for the venom to get in stack. But this Snake was a very powerful one it could even go up to a 50+ strikes (Forgive me if am wrong in the exact count – I could be wrong!) He almost took a strike for his camera man was about to take one. But then too, he continued with the show and then went to the hospital for checkup! Now there is where you see a REAL MAN – Sincere to his work & concerned towards people working for/with him.

Humane behavior!
And in another show, himself and another crew member were picturing a snake. At that time, the other man had taken a strike from this naughty snake. He ran up to him and took him on his shoulders and drove to the hospital as fast as he could, for this was a very venomous one. While driving he comforted the other guy and convinced him he was going to be alright but he kept saying – I should have been more careful, I should not have let u join me. You should have stayed with the camera man. This showed his love and humane nature!

A wonderful Husband!
On another show, when he returned home and heard the news of him “going to-be a DAD”, He was so amused. I cannot explain The JOY & Excitement he had. He was such a lovely man. Here you see a loving Husband. Not to forget, his Wife is also a wonderful person. She was always by his side. She had many times asked Steve if she should join him.

A Loving DAD!
When he heard the second time his wife was pregnant, we could see the same “JOY & Excitement he had” when his wife was pregnant for the first time. And on the day of delivery he was with his little girl picturing another documentary. The moment he heard that his wife had delivered his second child. He was too happy and drove to the hospital with his Daughter. On his way to the hospital- he was talking to the little girl and convinced her, she was going to have another new member in the family to share everything with her. And it was a typical POP_DOT talk. A lovely Father!

A loving SON!
And when he was in the premier show of his MOVIE, He was rather emotional, due to the loss of his Mother. In the premier show, he announced it as the dedication to his MOM! He was very emotional too!!

He has done so many great things- through his videos, through his organization, through his shows, …..And he is one real activist for conservation of nature and Wild life! Most of all he is a great Human being – If u keenly observe in his videos every slight move Speaks about him true Humane Nature!!

PS: Why a post for him??
One, he is a wonderful human being. He loves his family, co-workers, his friends, his viewers, and most of all NATURE!! And he fought to save it!! Let the struggle continue… He lost his life while he was out there, picturing a video – which you and cannot go down and see for ourselves. He knew it was a risky profession – but he did a great job.He always wanted a safe greener tomorrow And now it is our responsibility to make sure his dream comes true. Let us save nature- stop polluting, don’t harm Animals, Say no to Leather products, Do simple things that could make a difference. It isn’t easy to be famous and good!! He never changed. The money, the stardom, the fame, the craze, the fans - nothing changed him. This great man was always the same - in his KAAKHI Suit stood up and created an awareness!! He had a great balance between- his family, work, friends, animals… That is not easy!!

May his soul rest in peace....