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The Prisoner!

Like any classical story we start ours with a happy family- it was the Christmas Eve. The big piano lying in the corner of the room was illuminated by the dim glowing lamp. And the room was filled with the aroma of the fresh Lilly that was in the vase. A beautiful young lady in her white night suit almost looking like an ANGEL was playing the carol. And then tom came to mom to ask for something. But when he neared the piano – he watched his mom- she was playing the piano with all smiles & glee… for he remember his mom mentioning – “ Christmas was the greatest time ever in my life Tom! That is the time- every year myself and my 4 sister & the 3 brothers used to sing and merry while mom used to be play all our favorite carols. Every time I play these carols – I feel their presence & I relive those lovely childhood days “ So Tom stopped and just watched his mom standing by the side. Well what question he wanted to ask….You shall know that shortly.

A year passed and in some freaky accident TOM had lost his mother. Tom’s dad almost lost himself after the death of his wife. It almost seemed like an excuse for him to escape from his responsibilities as a father. Well he never was a responsible father. And the question Tom wanted to ask mom was “ Will daddy turn up home early at least this Christmas mom? And yes… Tom never wanted to stay home and every year when Christmas neared things just got worse for Tom. He stopped going to school & there weren’t any responsible relative to bother about him- while his dad spent most of his time in his office which was literally shut down. He was growing up- every Christmas was haunting him with the memory of his lost Mother. She was a very wonderful person & losing her was the worst that could happen for tom. One December when Tom was 15 he ran away from the house, while Tom’s father hardly noticed his son missing. Tom became a drop out staying in the streets with no one to bother, no one to speak any sweet words. Tom hardly ate food. He dint take the bad route to earn or live a life.A 15 year old boy in the streets, can things get any worse. One stage tom fell into the bad hands, he started to smuggle. He smuggled goods & started selling drugs for very cheap profit. But Tom never used it- for he was not a kid who was desperate to get addicted to something that could kill his life. Tom did it for those who could not live without it. Yet , so guilty & annoyed with himself. A few number of times Tom did go to prison for suspicion, but every time he escaped- he was found not guilty. Tom was lucky enough.

One day while Tom was walking with the HUGE CASH that he had earned that day the wrong way in a deserted street– where smuggling was the prime activity, Tom heard some one crying in pain & yelling for help. Tom ran around and finally saw a young lady lying on the floor in a pool of blood. Tom looked around- no one was there. And he saw the eyes of the lady- with so much pain, so much of anxiety – she spoke “Please don’t leave me & go. Am very scared- I know am dying. But do notleave me alone while I pass away! It is awful to die this way- I need some one to talk to SHE SAID
Tom said “Ma’m, let me go get some help. I could get you to the hospital. I shall go get some help!
She said “ I know I wont survive this- I could tell you for sure I shall die in another 5 minutes. So please stay with me & listen to me.
Tome went near to her and knelt down took her in his arms & held her hands tight and said “Ma’m I am Tom.Say what you want me to hear.
She spoke “ I am Sara, the daughter of the richest man in this city- The business man who owns that Book shop in the corner of the street. I love my Dad & Mom. I had no complain with my life. But with so much money & a number of rich friends who dint know how to spend the money- I ended up in drugs. I am not an addict. But I did use drugs for the pleasure of using it. Yeah – I know you think what a cheap girl at this age would use drugs- just for the sake of pleasure. My Mom & Dad they just do not have enough time for me. They were always busy with their lives. I do not complain they do not love me- but dint quite well express it. And they are not aware of me using drugs. Am going to tell you something & you are the first person am going to confess this to, and unfortunately the last one too. So if you could pass it on to the right person & only the right person please do so. I have this family friend- his name is Sam. Sam and I were real great buddies from my kinder garden. And every time Sam did something sweet – I always wanted to tell him that I really like him. But for some issue – I always used to pick fights with him. I took too much advantage of his sweetness. Yet never has he yelled back at me nor has he stopped talking to me or take care of me. I never realized what a special person I had right next to me- and yet never realized he was special. What a fool had I been? When ever tom spoke of his worries- I never really cared or even took notice of, but had always used to end it saying “ Ok Sam, you will get over with it.” But yet never really felt what he was going through or tried to comfort him. But Sam was such a gentle man he always tried to manage with a smile.”
By this time, Tom noticed her struggle to breathe. And Tom very well understood it was the time.
She struggled and continued “ Well Tom, I was lucky enough to get you here today & it was very kind of you to stay with me and listen to me. I would like you to tell Sam that i really loved from our high school days & I still love him. I had just been a fool & like my parents- forgot to express my love – the right time – to the right person & the right way. Tell Sam that I love him more than anyone & the day he bought me those Red roses- I wanted to tell him that I love him. But did not for the my EGO dint let me. Will you do it for me Tom, will you tell Sam? Just this…And gently another wonderful soul passed away – right in front of Tom’s eyes.
In another few minutes- when it was 12:00 am - Tom was arrested on the spot by the police officer who came for patrol through that route. Tom wished that the officer had arrived earlier & they could have attempted to save her. But things just got worse when Tom was taken to the station. Tom with the BIG MONEY in rugged clothes – was suspected for getting the money to kill the richest man’s daughter. Tom tried to explain, he tried saying it was the money he got through selling drugs. But the police wouldn’t listen to him- for when he was suspected for the same crime earlier – Tom very well got away with the image he could not have done this. And that time Tom acted really well, that police confirmed it was the money he got for killing Sara. Tom dint have any explanation- that could convince the police. And Tom who hated living- and was waiting to die & hated to commit suicide decided to take this bravely. The case went on & Tom was to be hung dead on 26th December. Tom spent a few days in the jail, until 26th December. He was given a regular visit by one of the NUN’S from a church on humanitarian basis, as the boy dint record anyone as relative. Tom initially said he doesn’t want to see any one. But after his first meet – he changed his mind. The NUN resembled his MOM; she looked so much like the same Angel. So Tom did speak with her & they had been having a real good time chatting for days. They had grown great friends in matter of days. One day the NUN asked tom “ Tom, Are you happy here in the jail? “ And Tom said “ Had never felt better – with people here who love you so much & the times when we all sit together for meal. The chats! The games we all play. And the love & affection we share- knowing we are not going to be there for each other always- it is all special & it is the first time I am experiencing so much of care after my mom’s death.” Then the NUN asked” Tom I do not think you are such a cruel person to murder someone for money sake. Honestly,did you kill Sara? “

Tom said ” Sister!! I want to tell you this & i don't want you to try doing anything about the judgement.I did not kill Sara!” And then he narrated what happened that night. Then he requested that he sees Sam, just once before his execution. And the NUN did ask Tom if she could try convincing them and request for his release. But Tom refused & said” I enjoyed my life here with these wonderful people(The inmates) during this Imprisonment period . And I got all the attention I wanted. I happened to meet you & I did chat so much with you. Sometimes I felt the same way I used to while I was having a great chat with my Mom. And I was not earning for my living the right way. I had indirectly been killing lives slowly- though not directly but through the drugs I sold. And the reason Sara came there that day was because of some one like me – who sells drugs & it so happened she was killed by some rouge that day. And she made my life meaningful by serving the purpose to tell you & the world about things we should value in life and not complain. Through me she has made a point about the fact – Do not postpone loving for it may be too late. And value what you have in your life. And I shall die peacefully now- for it is payback time. I must payback for what I had been doing these days. And the man who killed Sara shall know about this- and his guilt shall not leave him free. I hope all our lives are a good lesson for those to come. I should have been a supportive son when my father broke after my mother’s death. But I was too selfish I could not stay back to comfort him , but run away for my own living & live a life that only started to slowly kill more slowly. What was my purpose of life? Other than help Sara- die with someone comforting her morally.And the worst thing that could happen for someone is to be alone while dying & yet you have so much to tell the loved ones- Things that you forgot or neglected.”

The next day – a meeting with Sam was arranged & Tom spoke to Sam for an hour & Sam came out of the room with tears in his eyes. Tears that said “ I was late too!! ”
December 25th- the night that Tom hated every year after his mothers death. This year it was special- special for of course his last night- his last Christmas- his last day-his last Christmas feast- his last day to smile & thank god for his life. And unlike the previous years- Tom was celebrating with a bunch of lovely people 7 yes of course the NUN. She was there with the pudding & chocolate cake that was specially made for Tom. That’s was the last & happiest day in tom’s life.

Now we all have some lesson learnt from his story. We may be any of the character in this narration & yet we are all human beings with some grudge or complain about our life. But what we all forget to see- is What we actually have! And we forget to live with what we got , but are always fond of complaining about what we do not have. Those who have money – may not have happiness (Like the divorcee - business man). Those who have happiness in their life- may not have the money (The happy family of the cobbler in the corner of the street) . But those who appreciate what they have & realize what they have-that someone else do not have & is longing for, are the one’s who are successful in life. They may not necessarily have a great number as their banks balance yet a huge amount of contended ness in their heart & soul. They are the one’s who has actually LIVED the life GIFTED to them. A GIFT THAT IS RARELY APPRECIATED! While there are those who keep complaining about the expensive pink lipstick they could not buy- there are few others too who are struggling for a piece of bread that their lips had not touched for days! After all , we all have have one life & everysecond we have in our life is live only once.We are all living with people around- so do not be too calculative 7 manipulative with your talk or action. Just be yourself !! And try to put up a smile on someones face atleast, if not all! We shall not foregt that! And try to appreciate what you have, whom you have, the way you live. Sometimes, there may be tjose hwo had forgotten these- now that you are reminded- you shall not commit any of the mistakes for which you shall regret later! I wish you all a merry christmas & a very very happy & colourful new year!! Well is it not too early you may ask... but remember- it is better than late! :) I shall wish you all once again- Cheer up!

This story is a part of a book that shall soon be published.And yes the author shall be - Marutham!