Pesugiren pesugiren ....


If you were clicking any of the above reason for my absence :D am sorry, you are wrong.

Sorry for not informing & sorry for being very irresponsible.

So for that reason I have a special track uploaded for the friends here. Before I forget- MISSED YOU ALL SO MUCH!!

For all the delay from my side am uploading three songs this time :)

Corrs Heart like wheel- Dialup
Corrs Heart like wheel- BB

Pesugiren Pesugiren-Dialup
Pesugiren Pesugiren-BB

Surprise Try hearing -Dialup
Surprise Try hearing -BB

And yes- finally after hearing many friends recommend - am into flickr .

Here is my flickr page- Click to view my pics.

The feeling that someone remembers you – is the best. Especially when they get mad at you …. You have every right to express your anger. J And thanks a TON :D for those many of you who have taken the pain to express it thro the angry offensive emails :P Kidding… they were real sweet mails. I am very glad I have such wonderful friends around. THANK YOU ALL FOR BEING THERE. And not to forget the new friends who had visited the page Naveen, Sudhakar, MM, Dhil d Desperado and one of them MM & rsubras had returned to read the next post too :) .

Writers block..??? :P NO WAY!

I have the Anti-Writers block . For I have too many things that I wanted to write about.

JULY# about Since this could probably be the longest vacation for us- Me & Sis decided to ask mom to take a break & visit few relatives with my cousin as Dad was busy. So I was in charge, enjoyed Cooking, the household work & did some rearrangements too. I utilized this time to do all those challenging works which mom wud never let me do if she was around. One of which includes soaping the tiles in kitchen and cleaning them (You should have seen them SHINE! ;) ). The kitchen seems to love the makeover: P & so did our family. All these kept me tight. Then mom returned & we were busy with the house shifting formalities

FRIENDSHIPDAY: IT WAS TOO SPECIAL> Yes other than the present friends calling & wishing. There were couple of calls whose voice I could not recognize but they seem to know a lot about me & family. There were few name calling from some girls & then the boys distracted by still listing details about me. At one point I was gonna pull all my hair out of my head & run for I WANTED TO KNOW WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE bullying me with so much of love :) Yes! They did reveal their identity – the boys & girls who had shared the same class room with me. Was lucky enough to get to hear the voice of more than 10 of my 1st standard- YES CLASS 1 friends. We were all out of touch for more than 17 years. But thro t contact with 2 friends – all the rest were able to trace out & they called up & wished. We were all on conference call & I totally enjoyed it. Could tell my friends almost all that had happened that time & I was the one who remembered many events. We all had a loud laugh & most of the friends were surprised to see me remember all of them & infact some of them told- “ You have not changed a bit. I could already see your sunshine smile & that kiddo face. NOT A CHANGE – only have grown sweeter. Am glad you are still the same girl we knew then. “

So were they- entire bunch was terribly sweet & it was like I got back an old treasure. Class 1 friends :D who wouldn’t feel that way!!!

AUG - SEP # First and the foremost…. My brother’s visit. He had come down from USA with his family & having been on vacation for the very first time during his visit it was great this time. After many years the 3 of us- me , bro & my sis we had lotta time to talk–bully-prank-tease-walk-laugh-feel happy-feel sad- ‘what not’ together. Trust me or not- we were chatting all night for the first few weeks of his arrival (One of the night we 3 had oatmeal at mid-night went chatting all the time to see appa wake up at 5 the next day morning and wish us good morning!!) that I caught up a soar throat & it hasn’t bid goodbye to me yet. My throat is so deep in trouble :P

And how can I forget mentioning about the GREAT time me & my MAAPS (maplai- My bro’s kid) had. Oooooooooooo I miss him so very much. There was not a day I woke up seeing someone else’s face but his, there was not a day I missed playing with him-chatting- watching TV(Yes ofcourse we have many things in commonone of which seem to be DISNEY channel) -laughing-eating-walking- and what not!! I can write a whole book about the time we both had- occasionally joined by the grownups :P my bro & Sis. I love him a lot & I miss him a lot. During his last visit I had taught him to show “I LOVE YOU” in sign language. And he seem to remember most of the things we used to do together during his previous visit which was probably a year back. This time he had often been showing the “I love you” to me & I used to do the same.

SOBS*SOBS*… Far across the distance The day he left I was so totally bugged that he was gonna leave. But that night he promised :) that he would get back in the 10th of OCT (Wonder what that little head had thought to say that. I understood that he is gonna miss us the same way we all do from what he had said.) And I was preparing myself NOT TO CRY. I have told this a few times in my blog- I hate CRYING & crying in front of someone is SO NOT WHAT I COULD POSSIBLY SEE MYSELF DO. And the whole evening the rude inner voice was telling me “ No maruthu – Don’t u dare cry!...Never cry!!”

That night myself & Dad went to drop them at the airport & I enjoyed the ride , with my kutty maaps sitting on my lap. Dad & I browsed some of the books in the Higginbothams during the waiting time – and I never wanted any of the books from there. Appa did buy couple of books & then we came to the waiting area once anna was done with formalities. I avoided chatting with my maps after entering the airport since I was not strong enough to hide my feelings & I was not confident enough to BE STRONG/ACT STRONG.Only once did I talk to him during the waiting time- that when I asked him if he was sleepy & gave him a candy to chew on. When we were going to say bye – the little Vaalu did the “I love u” in sign language to me with a broad smile……..

Azhugai?? Ayyahooooo!! Enna oru izhukku…

ARRRRRRRRRRRRR- What more do u need to melt an aunts heart??? And he needs nothing but simply a smile to melt my heart away. CRAP! I had lost control & started crying….

(ASINGAMMMMM – U r crying in public!!!!!!!!! Suthi irundhavanga elaam thirumbi parthutangayyyyyaaaaaaaaa!!! Cha shame shame pupppppy shame’a pochu…. But athai manam thangalayee—ini naan yara thookuven- yaru enaku kana pinanu mutham tharuva-yaaru en kitta kadha kepa-- yaar en kita adam panuvaanga yaaru kooda naan crayons elam vechu colour panuven- yaaru enna pada soli adam panuva - yaar ena oru nal vidama anba vandhu ezhupuva?????- LOT MORE…. Azhudhadhu vekama poi naan appa pinadi poi oliya try pani “polaampa please’nu “ sonadhu nenacha – ippa kooda enaku siripa iruku!!! Che- puppy shame puppy shame)

Anna was surprised-shocked-puzzled-funny I dnt know what – at that state I could only understand he dint expect me cry. I never easily express my feeling by crying- I may be cry only when am all alone but never in front of someone else. He WAS SURPRISED! He carried maps & told him to give me a big hug & kiss.(Sari’nu vitangalaaa??? Avana thookiktu – andha thadupa thaandi neetiktu ena kita vara solli “ Athaiku oru big hug & kiss kudu” Namaku azhugai – odanju pona TAP’lerndhu thani vara mari aramichachu… I couldn’t control…idhula ivan vera kati puduchu mutham kuduthutaanyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa….. Ambutu dhaan- I COULDN’T STOP – Tears went rolling – I kissed him tight saying “ Am gonna miss you sooo much!”) And appa tried to comfort me – but the only option for me was “ TURN BACK & RUNNNNNNNNNNNN”

Finally appa decided to get me out of the airport (or should I say out of embarrassment). The drive back home was not very joyful to me and appa was too sweet to desperately keep trying to make me talk. He started talking many topics that could divert me from -but nothing did. Alright change the topiccccccccc…..

I have recorded a couple of songs that I haven’t uploaded until today. They gotta be more than a month old now. One of the song was suggested by our friend – well-wisher CVR . When I first heard the track I told him :p “NO WAY! I can never sound like THAT!!” She was too good a singer– song from CORRS. And I heard the song over and over – through out the night ( yes while I was reading the novel which I love the most , I can read it over and over again- DOCTORS) and tried singing it the next day. It seems to come out well. May be not :P ! U gotta decide that.

And the other song which I happened to hear even before the movie was released is the “Pesugiren …” track from Sattham podadhey.

And Apologizing for disappearing – I got the special song where I have done something which I HAVE NOT DONE IN ANY OF MY PREVIOUS TRACKS. Sorry song ;)

And you can view some of the pictures that I clicked during the small trip we had last week. Mom,Dad, Sis & me… we all had a great time. We had traveled through thro 3 districts. Thiruvanaikkal in trichy was the best. There we have a shiva lingam At the foot of the Shiva lingam- cauvery water is found through out the year, and we did get a glimpse of that. And Sreerangam & Thiruvanaikkal happens to be in the middle of the place where the cauvery diverges into two and then joins later. We had our uncle & appa’s friend join us for the thiruvanaikkal trip.I will leave you with that. Will come back with something interesting the newt time.


PS: Pesugiren pesugiren Lyrics was extra ordinary & without knowing that it is from the movie Satham podadhey & song by viva girls it took me a lot of time to find the lyrics. Could find many pages for Pesugiren pesugiren free mp3 download. I have no clue about the movie - i only liked the song.