Its new , baby!! ;)

Pudhussu kanna pudhusu!! ;)

Hehe!! Am talking about the template here!! Do let me know how it looks. If u feel it is 'below okay', and want to make some really bad comment :P …Plz use this smiley- [:|] That will do… hehe!!Am kidding- tell me !

And if you felt is was ok & above average- feel FREE to tell me! :)

Idhu enna orey girlish’a oru template- adhu idhunu yaravadhu sollunga… :P

Pala maadhangaluku munadiye idhu thonuchu,ADHAANGA TEMPLATE CHANGE…ippo vendaam- ippo vendaam’nu vittuten. Enna??!!....

I had a thought about changing my template, but I was only hesitating for my little heart can’t take any ( PS: ) wrecks!

Ok, finally one fine day I decided to sit& work on the design, coding & the image.There were plenty of hands offering to help. But I wanted to do this all by myself! I took one evening & almost got this new template- ALL DONE! But then it was only IE_friendly. It had a pathetic look & was not aligned at all in firefox & also it looked like a newspaper- too long!!! I tried editing…but Ooof!! I really dnt know a way out. There were so many good hearts offering to help, and THANKS TO ALL THOSE LOVELY PEOPLE!!! : ) It was overwhelming, indeed!And finally i said ok when my sis offered to help ( Very KIND of her!! :D coz she actually fixed it). She struggled with firefox & the coding & now its looks fine.Infact it looks great!! ;) Don't tell me - u have a different browser & the template still needs fixing! Am sure it works fine in ur PC- does it? :)

Irukalamaa ejamaan? ilaati theerpa- sorry template'a mathidanumaa?

PS: Indha template sudra velai elaam inga venaam :P soliputen….. Naan gaandi tension anaen- azhudhuduven. Asking is never a bad.But I hate stealing! Suda dhaan koodadhu!


One of my all time favourite.
Nayagan-Thenpaandi cheemayile
- Marutham. Kindly , Click the link to hear the song

For some reason i love this song so much....

I remember , once in the class room someone had this song in their mobile & played it. It was a lunch break & we were all rushing up finishing a home work(in Numerical Methods) that eventually all of us forgot to do the previous evening. Hearing this song.... Naan enga irundhenu marandhu poi...went to some other world. And when i got back to the real world on hearing the bell ringing, it was too late. Sir entry - for the first time, am sitting in his class without completing the H.W. I had the option of copying the answer - but i never wanted to do that.
I was hoping he wouldn't come & hit my note, but what happened?
Lucky me.... First row'la vera yaaru noteyaavadhu eduthrukka koodadha? Matnenda.....
He took my note & went through what topic he had covered the previous day. Then came to THIS PAGE- where the problem was hanging in the air....and looked through his glasses at me.Enaku semma bayam. My imagination took its worst form.And in my head" Paataa da kekra paatu-- ippo nee paatu vanguva paaru!!" I was shaken with fear, and I remained silent looking puzzled.
He returned my note book & smiled,said"So students today i will be dealing with..."

Aha...appao naan deal'a?! Ayya jolly!!
Enakku orey gushi!! Namala onnum solama poitereynu!
He used to send the students out of the class if they have not completed the work. But as i said already ,it was THE FIRST TIME- I sat in his class without completing the work . And i was one in that GUMBAL that shouts out the answer first. Hm... Enngayo aramichu engayo vandhuten.

This IS an unforgettable song for me and will always be….

PS:To the devil,dreamzz,arunkumar,KK,Syam,Ranjhith,Nirek,Bharani- Thanku for the comments. I will write on that very same topic later.I will get back with the VERY SAME TOPIC! :

On a well-wishers advice- the original post had been removed. But I shall get back with the same topic later, when things are back to normal.


Wishing you all a very very happy new year!!

This new year is going to be great. I have a very very strong feeling about it. For this new year - i gave a break for amma's monotonous COOKING work. So namma samayl for a day! :)

Thats in the pic...Do not worry- every1 is safe & sound . And here are few songs that i sang in the recent days,

Wishing that we have a peaceful 2006+....

Click these links to hear the song.
Ippodhaiku JUTE.....