Sing in the rain ...I am swoinnnnnng in the rain...

Well.... life is like a music... Isn't it?
Sometimes sweet like a melody , sometimes a rock, sometimes a pop....
Trying to save my life from MUTE MODE, I decided to find some time to sing few songs!

"Sing in the rain ...I am swoing in the rain..."

Haha! No no... this ain't about vadivels comedy track. I have tried singing 2 of my favourite tracks and a Japanese track as well.

Do listen to them and let me know your feedback.
Nada sou- Japanese Song

Vaseegara- From Minnale

Anal mela pani thuli

If you have trouble listening through these links...u can hear them here->> , Marutham's Tracks

With Swine flu around.... i wish u all a good health and a long life! AND DONT HARM PIGS! :P

A little out of context - if you get time you could watch "Definitely, May be..."-its a nice movie which i got to watch recently.

PS:About the title of this post....for those of you who do not know what it means, its one of Vadivel's(a comedian) famous funny dialogue.