English Vinglish! - Super Duper ;)

Dear blog readers Firstly .....As usual i come up with excuses for not being regular for a change this time it is VALID :)
I am a new mommie and all alone in a stranger's land away from our country ...U can imagine!

Okay now... A post before the year ends?! Yeah ....I thought what we never do this year may never ever happen the next - so  let me once again (for SERIOUS THIS TIME...SHUSHH....) try to keep up with my blog n blog friends . I seriously don't know how many of them still blog.... I miss those days :)

My regular blog readers would know - I am not a movie freak and a Movie review ? Rarely can happen in my space. This Movie "ENGLISH VINGLISH" is one of a kind movie that has made me write this blog.

Sridevi - WHAT A COME BACK ! Muaaah...... She still has that TEJAS! and makes a heart beat faster. So has the heard of the French guy in this movie! ;)

And to my surprise AJITH .... AJITH.....Yeah Ajith appears in the screen for a few PRECIOUS MINUTES! That was icing on the cake ;) (TO ME Atleast!)

The movie starts off showing the routine life of a SINCERE INDIAN HOME MAKER...MOM....And a Dedicated WIFE. OUR SRIDEVI. Basically Sridevi like any other dedicated home maker is being TAKEN FOR GRANTED by everyone she loves in the family may be except for her little son who loves her with all his heart.  Small boy isn't it ;) that's why the un-corrupted love. She is an excellent cook and her special dish is LADOO & she sells it for her satisfaction. It is so well depicted , how sometimes we dont respect the smallest thing that gives joy to our loved ones. At one point where her husband asks her if she can stop selling ladoo's it is quiet evident how sometimes men try to kill the smallest joy/ pride one can get out of something she is too good at but just too difficult for the spouse to appreciate. And shamelessly craves for that ladoo and requests for one. Sridevi who is not very good at (the YET ANOTHER Language) English , is being criticized for that. At one point, in an environment that already gives her a worthless feeling she is way too offended by the mockery comments (bullying) on her English. Sridevi gets into a situation where she has to travel alone to USA to  help with her Sister's daughter's wedding preparations & the rest of the family plans to join later . Until this point the special bond between Sridevi & her Son is clearly captured.Thats the only WARM thing in the picture so far.  I personally loved the VISA Interview scene where an Indian gives a sharp reply to the American who asks "How will you manage in a country without knowing the local language?" If you haven't seen the movie yet - I am not going to disclose it here. It is worth watching you find it yourself! ;)

Flying to USA - All alone to a strangers land! Now Sridevi starts off her flight to USA & guess who is sitting next to her?! Remember the icing on the cake :D yeah AJITH! He just steals your heart for those few minutes with his sweet comforting behaviour with our very intimidated Sridevi.  Sometimes a simple gesture can make it so comforting for someone who is very nervous. even if you are a total stranger you could do it . I have felt how happy that can make us!  -

English is just another language, not knowing english is no CRIME! Ajith takes leave with that note.

Sridevi meets up her sister n her family &; they all have a chat n start off with wedding plans in the following scenes. Like a typical family attached wife, Sridevi misses her husband & everyone else. Sridevi goes out with her sister's younger daughter and plans to spend the day out in the new city until her nephew comes back. But ends up in a coffee shop - caught in a mess  & totally embarrassed runs out of it with tears. That was a little impractical, someone who is so nervous about a new country would in first place not be ready to hangout alone. Anyhow that's the first scene for our CHARMING FRENCH GUY. One day Sridevi happens to come across the Spoken English Class advertisement & she makes a call. That's where the real story begins. She enrolls into this class keeping it a secret from everyone but the young niece of hers. She is very excited and supportive about it. In the same class she bumps into the french guy who was nice to her after the coffee shop incident. He adores her so much and literally falls in love with her. Our innocent sridevi does not get it first but later slowly avoids our macho who is hitting on our married heroine ;)

There is a beautiful scene with Sridevi and her American born Niece discussing about French guy when sridevi is asked if she likes him? & she says "All I need is a little respect that's all i want......I am happy with my life otherwise just the way it is." The question is with no offence and something that is not odd for a modern age girl but Sridevi feels very sensitive about it and replies beautifully. It was so sad and yet so DIGNIFIED of Sridevi. There are more such cute scenes in the movie which one MUST WATCH and i do not wanna elaborate it. Finally Sridevi is unable to attend her Final exam because the Marriage falls on the same day. Once again Sridevi's dedication as a GOOD WIFE is put to test when her son makes a small mess and she had to redo the whole thing thus not being able to sneak out for the exam. During the first meal after wedding when Sridevi is asked to speak to the newly wedded , to everyone's surprise she gives her speech in English & that too a beautiful one on Wedding and how to respect each other n keep it going strong and good. Director could have worked a little better on this , It's not a FATABULOUS SPEECH but it did touch my heart!  With that note..... I request you to WATCH THIS MOVIE........

Wish you all a very happy new year! :D