Do not Neglect the mirror!

This is just the preview..#8 page long story would b published later.

A mirror speaks!

I’m here on one of my boring days. Why? Because no one here looks at me since little ILAYA left to her boarding school. And it seems like they may not have me here anymore. So am once again out of a home to go to a new place. While am resting here to be carried away, I am reminded about the last time I was in a shop where there were a number of mirror friends.We speak very often about our experiences in different places.Here is something that usually happens between us & you.

- People, they generally come towards us & want to see the best. Sometimes they do get annoyed & walk away angrily- as if we had done a blunder by not reflecting the way they wanted to look. It is those times I wish I knew magic. But not to forget - SOME OF THEM WOULD GIVE US FLYING KISS TOO at times-Rarely ;)

- Babies keep coming to us; sometimes keep looking at us for hours. Sometimes they keep smiling & chuckles when they see us reflect their beautiful smile. Ahh… I can spend a whole life reflecting their beautiful emotions.

- Pet cats & dogs playing around unless they are tired or carried away.Hehe.. I just love to see the way they keep scratching us.

- Gorgeous girls ;) standing for hours & the way they apply the so called make-up over an over again to only spoil their natural beauty. SIGH* I WISH I COULD TELL AT LEAST ONE OF THEM- Come on stop now! You look just great. Don’t apply that thing anymore.

- Handsome boys trimming their mustaches. LOL! Some amateurs just don’t understand the word “Symmetry”. Glad I don’t have a mustache.<>

- Expecting mothers – First timers especially, trying in fact struggling to fit in their old clothes. Hahaa… You should see their emotions, so very rare & unique! Even they themselves will not be able to see that again.

I Shall tell you later about the stories my friends have told me. But I do have few points to tell you from my experiences & my friend’s.Well, don't get offended by anything said here , won't you understand & cope when your friend says something that you do not like.

#I have seen many people complain about the looks. Well, you humans are all beautiful in your own ways. Each of you has a face which is your unique to be identified (unless you have a twin). There is nothing for you to complain about. There was no reference given to create you. Each one of you are unique. And there is no one pretty and no one awful with looks. Every person is a new doll we see.

#Each of you are unique & beautiful to us. Unlike us! What shape can I tell I have, what colour would I say Iam. Does Messy have long hair, or Silent have a big mouth? Does Ms.Antique have a sharp nose? Can I answer that, can u? No! We do not have an identity like you. You have been lucky to be what you are. And I feel the same way too! We are what you are. A happy person in front of us makes us happy too. We smile. We reflect your smile. Every complaining look makes us do the same. When you look at the mirror do not expect – just observe & do not fail to see what you see.

#Looking at the mirror is good, for many reasons. You know how you look & how you must cope to be your best. Imagine a person who never looks at the mirror, do you think he will have any idea about when to trim his mush or when to shave? He would grow barbaric, won’t he?

Fat people would realize how rapidly they are putting on weight, they may control their diet accordingly if they note the change. I have heard a wise woman say “Your body is your first doctor, it never fails to tell you what is happening inside.It never fails to warn you. Only that we fail to pick up its signal sometimes”

# We help you groom yourself. Sometimes the greatest way to practice your speech or presentation is by standing in front of the mirror & practicing your speech. There is no one better than yourself to note what the mistakes are & accordingly you can make the changes. May it be the way you stand or the body language, we are there to help you help yourself.

#Dressing!! For heaven’s sake, please wear clothes that look good on YOU. Never see someone else look very pretty in some of the dress & try them out blindly. Trust me! An elephant looking huge may be a stunning sight, but a lion would look majestic only in its own size. Can you imagine a bunny in the size of a hippopotamus? You would run screaming, won’t you?

Then why scare us & the rest?

I wish I could personally call you or at least scream & cry when you wear a silly dress that is NOT made for you. But we cannot, we are only designed to reflect & we do not try that may be nice for a human but not for us. Whenever you wear a dress (definitely when it’s the first time), take ample time to check if the dress covers you properly & doesn’t look awkward or funny by looking at your reflection from all sides. If you haven’t got a bigger mirror, do ask people in your house. For I have seen the way some people look good when observed from the front side but not so from another angle. And if you are asked about the dress, do not try to be modest & lie that it looks good when it doesn’t. It is better to let your loved one know that “It looks pathetic” than to see them cry for someone had said something about it at work or outside home.

# And what not….. Spare a smile when your day starts. Do smile at us , for there is always the most beautiful face waiting to smile back at you. Never complain about your face – it looks great for it is unique.

With that note I shall now get back to the waiting… I never know whom I would meet. I may land up in your home next to tell the people what you have taught me, through my next story!

Come on! Smile – I would like to do that when I leave you. That’s Nice!

How was my smile? ;)

Lastly “Never neglect the mirror!”