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"How weird are you?" -> That is the question :P
I know its been just few weeks/days back i wrote a tag..But what to do.. ;) i love it when friends tag ! HEHEHE.....
Naama Tag thedi poradhu illa ~~ vandha tag'a vidradhilla :P
So here goes the tag..the tag is about the weird thing about you.
Actually the tag is you have to tell 5 wierd things about you..But i am gonna share one thing here today..this is the about the
~Weirdest day I lived through
~Weirdest waiting....
~Weirdest bus travel....
~Weirdest hit....
~Weird - me & my strange GUT!

Achaa 5 weird… Sapaaaadi.Ippo taguku varen .

Now this is about an incident that happened during my early days of college,First year i guess.
We had this subject handled by the Mech., dept people! Mechanical department staffs are of two types - one group who are very practical & cool people. And the other group with the dumbest, few sadists. By the end of the semester we were asked to get the signatures of few staffs (Second staff, Third staff) whom we haven't met either, then the H.O.D’S signature. Since we were non- mechanical students we had no idea about the staffs there. Whole day was spent in searching them here & there. I wonder where they would disappear on a day where they are most wanted. They know they had to sign our records….but they were neither found in their desk nor in the staff room..and no where in the department. Myself & my best buddy- since we finished the work earlier we were the first from our department to hit the mechanical department for signature. We waited a whole long day – roamed here and there in search of who ever had the stamppad, seal, ink, pen….ooofffffffff and yeah most importantly those who had to sing this.Since we leave really early to college we don’t generally have our break fast which is wrong. By the time we went to the H.O.D’S room for his signature, he was gone! Seems like he had to go on round only today! The mechanical department H.O.D is really a nice person and a good friend too ;) He used to come in the same bus we both travel in.And day one of college - he was the first person (other than student) we both made friends with. He is really a nice person…but I wonder why he had to go for rounds today?! So, we waited outside his room for really long hours – we din’t want to take a chance. Already there was a rumour that H.O.D would not sign any more records from tomorrow – because it is late already! But we were not told about this at all.So we both stayed there- right there in front of his room to get the signature. After some tiresome waiting – there he was. He signed the record & then we both got out of his room with a relief like you just escaped an accident.From the morning till that time all that we did was- walk – search – talk- walk –search –talk- Oops in this confusion we forgot one thing- totally!Generally human beings have something called as food. They call it break fast in the morning-lunch in the afternoon & Dinner in the night!

And guess what – I looked at my watch to see if we shall go to the canteen for lunch. It was no time for lunch..LOL!!! It was almost 4:20 in the evening. And…previous night I had slept without having my dinner coz’ we had the record work to finish, morning break fast? No – wrong question to the wrong person- now no lunch…and the bus will leave in another few minutes! Oh my god! We both rushed to the college bus as fast as we could. Finally we got into the bus. And both of us gasped & found that there was no seat available to sit. Ok… we are used to standing in our bus. All the way from college which is at Potheri we were standing till we reached St.thomas mount. This was the last stop before ours.. but we do have a pretty long way to go.And from here , it was only our stop friends in the bus. Very few of them. I moved to the back end & my buddy moved to a few seats ahead. Now here is what happened. I know I was totally worn out for the day…. And really really tired- had no stamina to stand or walk. But did manage to get to the seat. When I was right about to sit down- the very sportive driver took a narrow turn (There are few of the drivers at SRM – they are like sports stars.SPEED is all that they know!Trust me..they drive so damn fast & never slow down ever while taking a turn.) I was almost in the seat but I hit my elbow hard on the window rod. Ada paveee….correct’a ippo dhan thirumbanuma..adhuvum ipdi kevalama. BOOM!!! It did hurt but not very much. Immediately after this something very weird happened! I was sitting in the seat & I knew was losing myself. I started to feel dizzy & it was a very strange feeling, I started to lose my vision & then I could not hear the people around me. I was hoping that I am going to faint. I know what you are thinking…I wasn’t in a position to call out anyone for help.Moreover all these happened real quick. I was totally losing my consciousness – well that what it seemed like! I thought ”Aha..Namaku ticket kedachachu pola irkuey. ..!!” When this was slowly happening… after a few fraction of seconds I was able to hear – really too low ,as in how would it sound if someone mutes ur music player & then slowly increase the volume from zero to a level that is considerably loud. And I went like Oh my gosh! I was suppose to be unconscious! (Faint)…now what!Then I started to hear my bus mates loud & clear…but still something else was not right. Am still not able to see!!!!

Yes! I was not unconscious but still am not able to see. I realized i am having full consciousness now. But OH! OH!!I can’t see a thing…not a spot of light or anything at all!! It was like some one has blind folded your eyes with a very dark black cloth & u have your eyes open. And by now- I am fully back to normal. Everything is loud & clear but am not able to see anything at all. Now I knew its time (or I did have time to ) to call out for my friends. I called out for my best buddy who was a few seats ahead. Then I called out for the other friends too…

They all came to my seat and this girl (Machi in our group- that’s wat she says. Pasanga elam machaan’na ponnunga elaam machi dhaney! :P ) from B.Arch who was really a koothu party(FUN lover) was the first –Machi-> “Enna machi? What matter? Any boochi??”

Me-> Adhelaam iladi – am not able to see!

- to my best buddy- Are u there dee….am not able to see!

(All this with my eyes wide open looking at the side where they are all standing!Bus is still on move)

Machi ->(Meranduta) At my buddy – machi iva thookathula pesuvala?

Her-> No dee….. no way! Never! @me- ey are u awake- enna pesra?!Look at me!

Me-> Ada goyaa! Adhaan dee solren. Am not able to see!! :P

Buddy-> Look thro the window- andha payan romba nerama inga parthutey irukaan..I guess he want to tell u somehting

Me-> Dha chee...nala naliye NOT INTERESTED! ....Inaku velayadadha dee.. Not able to see!! Unmaya! :)

In this gap our little friend from I.T deptmtn….Started to panic.. Enna dee achu ivaluku? Mornign kooda nala dhaney irundha…..(Almost in tears)

Me->“ Eye ey..ippo ena achu!! Chill dee… En ippo tension agura?!

Machi-<” Machi…Ena machi joke adichu – velayaatu kamichutrukey?! :O Nakala?!Tension agama…. Veladuriya machi?! U r playing a prank right!!

Me-> Ada koomutta!! Illa dee..Trust me I cant see a thing!

Buddy->(Tension agi poyi…sat next to me and started shaking me really hard)

Me-> Enna dee..why r u playing this..Listen am awake!WIDE AWAKE!! Stop shaking me! Am conscious & i know what am talking! Last stop’la madhu’oda kutta teacher was with me. She got down. Then this is what happened (I explained everything from getting hit in elbow…)Now am awake but not able to see! Got it…I thought you must all know what happened. In case I lose consciousness again.

I spoke all these very clearly with no shake- no tears in my eyes..no panic, no tension,no fear, infact I was totally cool. I wasn’t upset nor worried but only confused a little bit!

MACHI-> Hey! :O Iva theliva dhaan dee iruka!!! She is not sleeping…She is awake! That kutta was only sitting with her. I saw. @me- Ey unaku ezhuga varlaya dee? May I remind you that you r not able to see….Edho lab experiment explain panra mari solli mudikra… Is this ur soul in your body?! :O Alo… Konjam bayam irukanum machi!!

Buddy- > Sathiyama nee velaydala?!!! U r playing – illa dee.. For what u r saying this is not the way u wud be if it is true!

Me-> Adhaan matter’a….. Crying?! I don’t know… Edhuku dee azhanum….<

Anga aadi poi irundha enga senior takunu kitta vandhu pulse parthutu… Saaptiya? Lunch saptiya?!

Even before I could open my mouth to reply..

Buddy -> Oh my god!! She dint eat lunch , nor break fast & not even yesterdays dinner!

Senior-> Give her water first!

NO ONE HAD ANY LEFT!! But eureka!! I have :D

Me->Yeah ..i do! Can u get it? Its in my bag.

Then my buddy took out the Aquafina bottle! It was heavy…

Senior-> Adi paavi – its full! What are you…. You didn’t eat food- din’t drink water!! First you drink this water.

I had spent an entire day with nothing but oxygen. How did I forget to drink water? :O The bottle was full- not a sip did I have for the whole day until now.

I grabbed the bottle & drank & drank & emptied the bottle in one gulp.

Now I started to close & open my eyes …..Hoping I may be able to see…

(Even till now ...I do not know what bloody GUT that was, I dint cry nor was upset! People around me were.Slowly people around me started to scare me- they panicked ….but I never lost hope or felt like crying.I should have ! Come on – u cant see- u weren’t able to hear a thing..then u lost consciousness! Now u r back but you cannot see a spotof light! I knew what it was like to be blind-atleast for few minutes! I DO!! But nothing scared me that day. Engerndhu ivlo dhillu??

I lost consciousness- had a feeling that I may not survive this. I really do not know how I was like that! And what was that!!! How can something like this happen. You are only not able to see…. Haven’t heard anything like this before either. I do not have any vison problem either! There are absolutely normal – perfect!)

After that whole 1 litre of water – I was slowly able to see light!

And I went like … :O WOW!!

Me-> "I guess I can see now!! Yeah I am able to see things….."

Everyone -> Really? THANK GOD!!! Are you serious - really?!

Me-> ( Now very joyfully!!) Hey DOG!! Am able to see..i can see everything… i can see u dee naye! I can see u machi.....blah blah.. I yelled out all their names pointing each one!

Me-> Machi ivanga elaam ok..nee kooda tension aviya?? :P Kouthitiye dee!!

Machi -> It was u dee... How can i take it cool?

Ahaaaaaaaaaa!!! THOTUUTA!


What a weird day it was!! What a weird feeling it was!!

When we got down the bus – all of us knew it was the worst night mare. When we got down Appa was already at the stop, waiting in the car. Me & my buddy got into the car & appa asked the driver to drive back home. But sadhigari :P my buddy blurted out what happened that day!

Appa got really worried and he took me to our family doctor – another prank master who loves to play jokes! But he is an expert! One of the best doctors now & appa’s good friend. All I knew was – they are both gonna yell at me for skipping food. In one way it is true. I guess it was starving for so many hours that these things happened- otherwise it was just a mild hit. He asked me this first “ When was the last day you ate any food?”

I toldyaaaa .....“ He is a genius!” :P

I went like… “ Uncle- yesterday evening I had,,, then night… today in college- was planning to have lunch but it was time for bus!”

Appa & Uncle à [[Fumes]]

Uncle->” Fuel ilaama plane otalaamnu partha…adhu nadu vanathula poi- dumeeeeeeelnu keezha uzhundhu norungidum! SCIENCE!! U know?… po….poi ozhunga saapdu..ilati next time periya oosiya onnu kuduthu daily adhula unaku sapatuku badhila edhavadhu chemical kuduthu kutha vendiyadhu dhaan .You are perfectly alright . Do not worry. It is weakness! Only few days back you recovered from fever. How dare u dnt eat food for so many hours & I wonder how you survived even with out driniking water! ”

And he was talking for another half an hour .. and yeah! Appa- DOC- Amma all of them spoke what I had to hear! ;) And then later that day amma asked “ Why and how come you dint cry?” I did not have an answer... I just din't - din't feel like. May be I knew that everything is going to be alright.

It was the weirdest thing happened to me & weirdest way I had reacted to it!!!

There it goes! The weird Tag is done!

"Indha weird podhuma innum konjam venuma (:P) ???"

This is something i never wanted to recollect - but romba weird pathi solanumna idhu gnabagam vandhruchu. Btw, Naan already sila maadham/years munadi weirdo tag ezhudinen :)

Tag paninapram ezhudhama irukradhu nama history'laye illa.. Adhaan idha vera mari ezhudhinenen..

Ayo..romba mokkai potutena? :D Hehe…

chill chill...

Indha vaati post padicha elaarukum "COKE!!" :) -- Thambi kuduthutiya coke?! Also 1 more

Paatu kettutu ponga .. :) Adhu innum kodumayacheynu solreengala..appo pona post’la pota cake kettu poi micham iruku :P adha saaptu ponga!! :P


Elaarum ezhudurangalanu therila :) but panradhu en kadamaichey! (:P)

5 pera Tag pananumaam....

( Tag - idhu dhan actual task -- To write 5 weird facts about you. And tag 5 more people)

Last year i wrote the same tag- SAME TAG- But different content - You could read it in OCTOBER 2006 archive- second post! :)

Elaarayum Tag pana aasai :D but indha vaati maati vidradhu :P ~ Ivargal 5varai!

Gops-My days


Elaarukum CAKE & introducing new lyricist :)

Netraiku birthday :D

Vaanga elaarum cake sapidalaam.... Eduthukteengala??Ippo saptuktey padinga :)

Elaarukkum vanakkam..... :)
Amaam..idhu romba rapid fast dhaan..
Pona post pottu 2 naal achu... adhukula enna post 'nu kekaadheenga :D ??

We have to move on..that is life... :)
Nethiku Birthday - and also innoru special post... :)
This birthday was simply amazing- rocking- ....... HAD A BLAST!! :D
Thanks to all those lovely hearts who wished :)

Night 2' varai calls - wishes... :) Thoongi oru vazhuya got up for the big day :)

Inga neraya peruku theriyadhu - marandhurupanganu nenachen..but quiet few some how made it that day .. :) Chat box messages were over whelming & also the comments :)
THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!! :) - ungalayum dhaan - siringa.. :)

This Birthday was special - mukkiyama oru sila vishayangal(#)

#Last Birthday in student life...OK mela padipom...but ippo'dhaiku oru break ilaya...REGULAR STUDENT life mudidhu :P Mela padichaley irregular dhaney !! ;)

# Quitting teen last year- this year quitting TwenTY & entering TY 1.... :)

#Pona birthday varai vetti rani velai veti ilama..(Ofcourse course inum mudila- padichutu irundhen(ken) ) - this birthday kaila velayoda kondadinom illa :D

#College days - - last year - oru B.Tech STUDENT'a kadasi birthday.

#And elaarum- adhaavadhu kondadina elaarum (Puriravangalauku puriyum) kattayam serndhu irupomgra oru birthday...Next year yar engayo.... epdiyo......

#Elaathayum vida - this year birthday was very special with a lovely gift from my sis.... :D She got me a sooooooooooooper microphone :D . The best gift EVER!!

#Anna's black forest cake & Amma appa's jewel- gifts were also very special :) and many other nice things from friends & relatives ...

OK...ippo matter'ku varen.
Sometime back our friend Gee had sent me the lyrics that he had written for the song – Warriors Of heaven & Earth – ARR’S Chinese Album. Anupi padalamanu ketaanga… Idhelaam unaku romba over maruthu ’nu neenga solradhu nala ketkudhu..But amaidhi…amaidhi... amadihi....

Namakku project - test -review adhu idhunu konja naal idha marandhey poiten..aprama oru naal indha anjala parthapo.."aha- promise paninomey! "apdinu oru chinna kutra unarvu...enna having his lyric - without having sung was little bit uncomfortable for me. Nama pona week'ku munadi -konja naala CRAZY'A anga inga'nu suthi kandadha kudichu throat'a konjam keduthu vechrundha time adhu.....Sari- edra aruvala - nadakradhu nadakatum'nu naanum mic'a eduthu padinen :P ...

Oru 3 trial panen....Adhuku mela..namma mic out...dnt worry not the microphone- en voice.

Sari idhai ippo anupidalaam'nu anupinen.....Gee patta kettutu romba perundhanmaya- nala iruku apdi ipdinu solitanga ;) Infact this was done simply to get his lyrics in musical form...so romba casual'a - (quality nalla ilanu solla varen) jolly'a padinadhu....Gee paatu podalaam..podra alavu nalla iruku'nu solitaanga..Naan kooda sonen..."Namma page'la kaladika neraya peru waiting.....So konjam yosanaya dhan irukunu :P" Kindly bare with the quality- this was just a casual try! -Chumma apdiye jolly’a try panadhu !

Sari sari- aniyayama mokkai potuten...hehe...adikka elaarum kalla kooda eduthuteenga...i cud se that... Elai-- yaaru adhu avlo periya paarangalloda nikradhu?? Shivaji kiterndhu sutupteenga pola....Illa illa...keezha vayunga- edharundhalum pesi theerthukalaam. ...Ukarunganne....Colour kudikreengala... tappu tippunu tension areenga... :P

Sari- elarum en kitta enna comedy venaalum panunga..we have a guest this time..so all behave :P

En mela ingaye kaladikalaam...anaa yaravadhu quality pathi soneenga....apram kettakovam varum- adhaan solitom'la quality nala irukadhu- idhu jolly'ku panadhunu- enna panatum karoake kedakala :) So plz....adjust !!! Adhelaam panuveenga- karkalai dhaan inum keezhey vaikavillai... :P
Apdiye pocket'la potuktu waiting...
Here is Gee's post on the same in his page ->
(Gee's page) :)

Lyricist :Geeyavudeen - Z dhanunga! :)

To see the lyrics - you could visit -Z's post on that

Original Track: Warriors of heaven & Earth.

To hear the song - BB - இங்கே சொடுக்கவும்.

Dial up users - இங்கே சொடுக்கவும்.

Sari- ippodhaiku naan jute.... Thoookams comings :P
Andha kadasila irukradhu yaarupa - Andha paraangala vechiyapa...Thambi/Thangachee/Yekkav ... ..Unaku apple juice undu...sariya?? :) Pechungrapo- pechoda irukanum- sinna pulla thnama illa iruku neepanradhu :P

Note for Gee : Thanks for a lovely post Gee :) That was relly nice of you!


The guilty me!!!

I Returned home – with the guilt!

The guilty idiot ~ that I am!

It was a very beautiful day. 3 of us (Me,co1,co2) planned to have a day out together & decided to go on our own. Traveling on our own is so much fun & adventurous.Every time there is something new I see/observe, sometimes- strange, nice, funny,adorable,sad,beautiful…name it.

But today what I saw was pathetic & more annoying. This took place in one of the public toilets – in Chennai. Oh come on, this is not yet another complain on sanitation…but a humanitarian crisis! And no joke!

While in the morning…say at around 9 or so…we reached this place & 2 of us wanted to use the rest room. So we went & paid the money to a really VILLI looking fat lady(More like the one who keeps speaking filthy dialogs in tamil movie- kasthuri maan) in the counter & walked in. I observed a small girl – not a kid though… an adolescent –say some where between 12 to15 years of age. She was sitting on the floor & washing some clothes. This very sight was not very comfortable to see… How could someone wash the clothes in public rest room & use it? Alright…not my business & may be this is a better place for this girl to wash. And I noticed she was not wearing a very comfortable wear. It was more like the slips/(Commonly called as)shimmi ....that is generally worn as an inner garment but yeah- kids do roam around wearing that, because it looks more like a sleeveless frock. But is generally not a comfortable wear to come out in public with. I smiled at the girl in embarrassment when she looked up at me. And we left & had our long day spent in the longest way we could have. And yes – it was a wonderful day until we returned to the same spot that morning…yeah the same restroom. In the evening at around 4:45 we reached this place & co1 wanted to wash her face. So we went to the same place again. Now me & co 2 stayed back outside. And the (gundu villi) fat lady with villain looks had few other men talking to her. Co 1 came back in few minutes and said … “Hey ..the girl you told about this morning – remember??She is still in there washing- in same state, now looking even more pathetic. She is not properly dressed yet! I wonder if she even came out for lunch.”

I was shocked to hear this and told my co’s that I shall go, check if she is good and get back. My Co1 got really mad at me & said “We cannot trace this every day & secure her forever. Now do not try something heroic and get us all into trouble. Look at that lady- she looks like she can smash the 3 of us in one go. And don’t u dream I will come for help. We are here alone. Remember that!”

Hahaha…I know about co1- She would be the first to come to scene :D & to rescue in case I get in trouble…..But yes- i knew the fact she is saying.

Me- “But then I think I really want to go. U got to go when u got to go…please ,give me some change. I will be right back”

When I entered the restroom I was expecting not very serious about this hoping there may be a better answer. I entered & yes she was right there – same posture & with a pile of clothes. Now most of them wet(she had finished washing) – and she was not properly dressed yet. This time I couldn’t keep quiet.

I tried to talk cool with this little girl …. This is what happened …

Me: Dey! Morning unna inga parthen ila??

The girl: Amaam’ka siricheengaley!

Me: Amaam… :) Sari! Innum enna panra?? Dressum mathikala… Yaravadhu ula varaporanga.

The girl: (Simply smiled)

Me: Sari… Veliya poniya – saptiya…? Ilati inga dhan irukiya kalailerndhey? Dress panitavadhu velaya paren! :)

The girl: Inga dhan irundhen’ka.Dress irukkuuuuuuu – veliya amma vechurukaanga. Idhelaam thuvachu mudikanum…apram dhan…(someone came in)

We both looked – I was near the wash basin. It was that (gundu villi) Fat lady- who was chatting with few men outside.

She stared at the little girl & spoke to her something in a different language- I couldn’t understand. It wasn’t tamil/telugu/hindhi/Malayalam/kannadam. It was not any of the familiar language. And her tone wasn’t very good. And as she spoke the girls face frowned. And then Villi left. And then I tried to see her …she wasn’t looking up at all. She was again back to scrubbing the clothes. She wasn’t ready for a conversation or she was not allowed to have one…..

Me: Sari..dress paniko mudhala- aprama poi edhavadhu saapdu

The girl: (Looked up at me – with a confused face & din’t utter a word. Simply nodded & tried hard to smile)

Me: (Smiled back & walked out now even more confused ,annoyed & angry)

When I came out, I looked at the place where this fat lady was sitting- so that I could try talking to her. She was still chatting with those men. They dint seem very friendly either. I wished she was alone- so could have made some attempt to talk to her.

And I turned back this side to look at my co’s.

:O What I saw this side was even more a vili looking angry girl! Yeah that’s co1. She found out – even with out me uttering a word. And as I neared they asked “ Why maruthu…we told you. It is like that. Look at your face! It looks pathetic. You need not have … ”Co1 seemed really annoyed however co2 tried to convince me…

Bloody hell!! Don’t we see what this is- CHILD ABUSE!!! As defined - Child abuse is the physical or psychological maltreatment of a child, often synonymous with the term child maltreatment or the term child abuse and neglect. Some definitions also include the abuse of children by other children or by themselves . It is happening right here – in front of us! I felt like I was so damn useless.

We could clearly see what is happening….The child was literally being tortured.

From morning 8+ till evening 4:45pm a small girl sitting inside all alone with no proper dress, No food, No one inside with her, No water, and almost all that she does is scrub-wash- rinse…. scrub-wash- rinse…. scrub-wash- rinse…. scrub-wash- rinse….

Won’t a human being go crazy when subjected to something monotonous & cruel like this? And she is hardly 15 may be or even less. What did she do to go through this? And the pile of clothes!! Oh my god! I don’t think even you & I would have washed so much in a day – even if we had washed our own family members clothes!

Now I was in a state of confusion…co1 looked like she is gonna turn me into ashes & my inner voice told that they have a point.

Come on – we are three young girls who have come all alone – with no back up & this place was deserted too. Also the fat lady is not alone – she has company. And the way she sounded inside…MaaaaaaaaaaaaN - am not going to near her alone. Also when she looked at me – it dint seem very much like she would encourage a talk. And am no good at street fight- or should I say fight! My back up dnt seem very comfortable either. And in case we went to talk to her & then she nods an OK. After we leave in case if she is beaten up black & blue?!! Can it get worse…. Can I possibly do something worse than this to that girl?.... atleast now she has her room to be free from pain- assault .

And had I complained to the police man who was around…. What if he simply warns the lady & goes away! Then she beats up the girl for talking to me or even for telling me (Like she did/was let to).

In worst case, she will drag the girl to a different place &make her toil there.

I knew something was going wrong…I knew something is not right…I knew someone was denied the right…A child is denied her right to live her childhood.

And this is humiliation to the girl child!

But that day – I had to walk off…. Come like nothing was wrong. I wish I wasn’t alone there that day! Had appa or My cousin or some grown up been there something could have been done.

I was so incapable! I felt so low- for the selfish creature that I am.

So useless – so self centered – inhumane idiot that I am!

I was elder than that girl….grown up- and I knew what was happening- she knew that I know now….but still I walked away so powerless…so incapable! I lost sleep that night!

I am guilty!!

I feel awful about my behavior – I feel ashamed for what I was not able to do!

And most of all – I am angry with myself ~ the situation ~ the fat lady!

It is better to admit your mistakes than hiding – isn’t it ?? So here I go- I AM CULPABLE!

And I will not go silent – not anymore…. I shall try to get to the same place again & find the fat lady-this time with some proper backup. And am telling the fat lady that she is wrong! Tell her that this could be taken very seriously if I instigate complain. I am telling her that the child needs to live her life!

PS: I wanted to make the 75th post, a memorable one... i will not forget this in my life. But however wanted to mark the 75th post with a sweet post- and a lovely song - lyrics by our Friend Z/Gee
But this came up. Next post would be that and about the birthday funda-DEAL! :)