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Tagged – Sivaji REVIEW :p– Uyirum neeye Song!

:P DUH!! You thought I would post a review or something about this movie. NOT FROM ME – Never :P . Looks like the whole world is catching up the SIVAJI FLU!

I wonder why people make all these fuss … Its just another movie. I wonder why sometime people even don’t care if the movie has a good story or should I say STORY AT ALL. I never know. I never will. Coming to what I actually planned to post.

After a pretty long time – I have THREE tags in my hand. HEHEHEHEHE! Now I shall take revenge on my buddies :P by tagging them.Hee hee !!! I will do them one by one

Linking you one of my songs AFTER A LONG TIME :P So stop complaining..i haven’t tortured you all for a while! :P Come on – you can take this! I love this song & My sister too loves this song very much. An infact she is the one who reminded me this song after a long time. She knows ITS MINE- for so many reasons!!!! This song goes out to all the wonderful MOM and TO-BE-MOMS.

My version of Uyirum neeye~~ For Dialup conxn
My version of Uyirum neeye~~ For BB conxn

Ahem :D

Am Back again…This time with a TAG :D

Brute – I will post your tag next! :D Give me a little time.

I am given THE “thinking blogger award” My next post would be on that probably. And after that it would be Gops’ 8 Tag!

Gops – I will post your tag soon. I think I will first ask you and clear about t\what the tag actually is :P neengalum enna mari rule break panirukeenga dhaney :P heehee

Some times back -I have been tagged by Vishesh. The tag is on the book am currently reading.

I just love tags , vishesh & thank you very much for tagging :) and do accept my apologies for posting it very late. There was friendly reminder from “a little light”

With no further delay I am posting the tag here :)

The rules of this tag are:
1. Name the person who tagged you with a link to his/her blog.
2. Describe what you are asked to do - in this case, publish the 5th paragraph of page 123 of the book you are currently reading. (If the page does not have a 5th paragraph, take the last paragraph. And if the book doesn’t have page 123, take the last page.)
3. Tag five people

#1- have done that. Vishesh tagged me :)

#2 – Ok the book that am currently reading….U mean right now?Hm… I was reading “The Chicken Soup for the Woman’s soul” It is really like a SOUP – I sometimes blindly take up some page & RE-read things I have already read. For those of you who know about the Chicken soup series – I need not explain what the book is all about.

Ahem…This is not a recipe book :D and I am a vegetarian. And for those of you who have already started saying “Uff…not another girlie book “

It has great series & you must give it a try.

Yaaru ba adhu …Maruthu enna soup book elaam padika aramichtaanga- Samayal’la erangitangalonu kekradhu?? :P Book peru dhaan Soup – The only has recipes on happy living :)

WHY?? The reason why the book has this name. The name "Chicken Soup" was chosen for this series because of the use of chicken soup as a home remedy for the sick..

Well it is basically like a collection of what people have to say on the topics– it could be about marriage, love, kids, Attitude, Ageing, Special moments ..what not. They have list of topics that has pages on Stories, Real life incidents, Poems, Cartoons too….most importantly it motivates you.

My suggestion is you could try..

Chicken Soup

#For the Soul - Chicken Soup for the Soul is a series of books, usually featuring a collection of short, inspirational stories and motivational essays.

#For New moms (:P I only read the Chapter titles – while appa was busy searching a particular book from that shelf in the book shop)

#For Sisters (Haven’t read that yet… Could not find one)

#For Father ‘n’ Son

#For Mother ‘n’ Daughter

#For golfers

The list goes on….. Who knows you may even end up finding your name in the cover :P “Chicken Soup for Your name :P

Kidding…. :)

Now coming to the #3 rule ……

Page 123 – yes of course, this book has more than that :P just name/number it

BUT CAN I MAKE A EXCEPTION HERE ? Vishesh – I hope you wouldn’t mind reading something that you will understand :D – Come on Am not a rule breaker -I go by the rules..but I feel quoting the 123rd page’s 5th paragraph would make NO Sense :) to any of my friends here. Would it?

So I thought I would pick out something that is not very long – which you could read -understand & enjoy.

FEW QUOTES from the book , hmmmm…..

  • We are not rich by what we posses but rather by what we can do without.
  • We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are
  • You don’t get to choose how you are going to die or when. You are left with the choice to decide how you’re going to live. (Loved this one :D )
  • What is right for one soul may not be right for another. It may mean having to stand on your own and do something strange in the eyes of others.


I thought I could scan the page – but I did not want to delay – so here I go…

CATHY is on the phone…..

Him: okay, I’ll see u later cathy!


Him:Oh..hahahahah..Give me a call sometime.


Him: You’re a Riot , cathy. Well, ive got to go.


After the phone call is over.

CATHY: Hmm…. Men should come with Instruction booklets ! BLINK BLINK.

More…??Lazy DUMBO :P Just get the book & read :) You wont regret!

Am choosing to randomly tag people who come to my mind when I think about books & posts on that or even who have spoken to me about any book that they read. When you tag – your friends should take up the tag- few of them whom am confident would post it soon are tagged this time….

# Brute

# Gops- Devil

# Jagan

# R Subras

# KK

If your name is left out & you love tags ;) Do let me know.....
I have two more..adhula u will be in!

Hope you enjoyed the tag.
Take care & Cheers!

With love,


Come with me- lets go on a small ride along the village side….. :D

Come with me- lets go on a small ride along the village side….. :D

First time ever in the history of blogging… :P Blogger’s TOUR.

And first time ever :P am gonna take you on tour. Cha..indha ponnu blog mokkaye thangala..idhu kooda tour pogi uyiroda veedu vandhu servoma’nu doubt irukravanga elaarum – konjam thirupi yosinga :P enna baggy en control – vittu mutta soliduven :P Adhu yaaru baggy? Post’la varuvaanga parunga….

Ok..i thought I would write this post in 2 languages in different styles- For there are friends who are also interested in reading the post in tamil.

Alright now – serious better pack your bags & get ready for the ultimate online tour…And dnt u forget to turn ur speakers on En iniya sagaakkal elaam bayapadradhu theridhu :P Bayapdadheenga..Indha vaati avlova ungala elam koduma pannaa vendaamnu dhaan- naan PADA VILLAI :D It is original track..so FEAR NOT Parda- ippo dhaan speaker on panreengala…Remba BAD :P


I now cordially request you all to board in the bus. We are gonna take one of the best ECONOMIC tours ever! Elaarum ukandhacha…elai thambi- jannal seat’ku ipdi elaam adichuka koodadhu :P periya bus- neraya seat iruku …Sari adhuku munaadi

Most of the friends who drop in my space are away from home & the rest are here – but really would not get the opportunity I got (Lucky me!) :D- yeah am talking about getting time & place like this to visit. And few of the relatives-some distant relatives too were sweet enough to take us around the fields & places & show us around. And for the first time (VERY FIRST TIME) me & my sister went to the native without the company of appa/amma. And I wanted to feast you! – my lovely friends, lazy sis(Who took rest & missed most of the part in field trip since she was VERY tired!), Amma appa- few other family members, My brother – who is always away from India, and many more people…. With the pictures atleast! :)

I still have too many of them in my hard disk anaal idhu elathayum load panradhukuliye..


But each of the picture can itself have a post on them- because they have a story to tell from my past. I will share a few of the memorable pictures & few unforgettable incidents related to that picture.

Here we go……

The first day was really fantastic- except for the fact that it was too hot. And near neyveli we had a brilliant surprise :D It started raining…

Imagine sitting near the window seat & listening to Netru iladha maatram… Song. Ada indha veyila thanikka ipdi oru super mazhai . Elarukum sandhosama… Window elaam close panadheenga ;) Light’a saral adichutu pogatum. Elarukum paatu ketkudhu dhaney! Driver speaker volume ethunga please …. Netru iladha maatram…

And that day we dint go out anywhere but stayed home. And I just could not wait to goto another close relative’s home that is at a walkable distance from the place where we first went. They have many cows – goats- and a lovely dog there. And not to forget- after the childhood days, I had never been to the fields. Because everytime we go with appa amma- we have no time but to just visit them all & have a chat. Never have I been to the fields again until this time. If I remember it right the last time we went to the fields were during the primary schooling. And chithi used to carry me & cousin used to sarry my sis, we were just kids. We went alone this time- so no one could stop us :P from having this fun.

Ooru vandhu serndhachu…Elaarum tired’a irupeenga. Inaku summa rest edunga. Naan inga sondha karavanga kooda aratai adikren. Apdiye tea kudipom appa ungala elaarayum introduce pani vekren. (Yaaru pa anga! Saraku elaam kedayadhu..enga oorla TASMAC kooda parka mudiyadhu- ambuttu nallavanga inga elarum! Pesama tea kudinga- fresh’a karandha paal vechu potadhu.)…..

Sari- elaarum saaptu paduthu thoongunga. Nalaku veliya ooru suthalaam…andha vhithi veetuku kootitu poren :D Aadu maadu elaam introduce pani vekren..esply- baggy! Elaarum nalla thoongunga – sweet dreams!! :D

Good morning…elaarum ezhundhiringa.. Fresh milk’la tea coffe ready! :D

Saaptu oora suthi parkalaam….

First to chithi’s place.

Third day we went to our aunt’s house where I am going to meet a child hood friend- kavitha. She is very special for- she is another distant relatives daughter but since schooling was better here – from her childhood she is brought up here. She is just a few years elader than me & my but acts very responsible & many a times she would behave like she is way too elder than us – in taking care of the 2 of us & being very loving. Genuine LOVE! And we love her very much. I remember the last time I saw her- I carried my Baby-Barbie doll & we 3 used to sit together& give my doll a gentle bath. She remembers all that & this time she asked me if I have brought the dollie with me. All the 3 of us were very happy- immensely happy to see eachother after so many years! And guess what she gave a very tight hug & too many kisses ! :D Chithi veetla elarumey adorably sweet- AvangaLa yaarum kova patey parthadhu ila..epavum they keep a smiling face – avanga family memberskula kooda erichalavo- kova patto parthadhu ila. And that is one reason I love visiting them – because u can smell love,feel love, hear love, see love, LIVE the true love & affection. Kavi romba close- but naanga paarthu pala varudangal agudhu. Inaku dhaan meet pana porom. Kavitha kooda naanga oru murai thaniya vayaluku poitom. Appo oru periya koothey nadandhuduchu..but naanga veetla vandhu yartayum solala! Anaal indha vaati with picture adhu pathi elartayum sonnom @home. Ungaluku andha edam varapo solren.

Uyir pozhacha route.

The childhood buddy- kavitha and my cousin would will take us to the fields this time.

What u see here is the first place we went- the very first picture. And the path we took is here. An amazing route…and here is what happened that day! We were just 3 young girls walking in this path – and we were having a lovely chat walking through this greens.

And suddenly we three heard something very unusal – more like a stampede . And by the time we could understand what it was- kavi grabbed both of our hands. And she pulled us both into the greens- it all happened so very quick we could hardly understand what was going on & why she was pulling us inside the bushes. And BAAAAM – What we witnessed was really shocking. Moments before we got out of this narrow pathway into the buses in the side – there we say a really FAST RUNNING MAD BULL….it was running too very fast that we could feel its speed when it just crossed. And there we were 3 of lying on our backs. Come on- she saved us! We three had bruises – but very mild compared to what could have happened had we not fallen off the path. I still remember the feeling… we were so amused & happy that we survived that! And this time when we told this to kavi- she was very surprised that we remembered it even now.(Who wouldn’t! :P ) Indha narrow path’la maadu mutti sethuruka vendiyadhu :P Andha edatha maracka mudiyuma!!

And the second pic – with the greens is nothing but actually a path we took.

When my cousin said- “Get down here & come so I shall show you the real beauty of village! And I was like..”Haahaaa good joke! :D now tell me which is the way to get down & go to reach where you are gonna take me.”

He started laughing out loud..and I was thinking This gotto be a joke ! I can take up the fear factor challenge instead! The path is so very steep & pretty high from the ground too… No way he is going to get down this himself & jumping off- not an OPTION definitely.! Then he told me “ Seriously this is the way we must take if you want to see some beautiful places. Or else we could go back to the FLAT land like the lazy queens!- where you can’t see anything lovely as what am planning to show you.:P “

I really wanted to see the places that I had once seen- been to & played a lot. I wonder how I got there those times. I asked my cousin “How did we go there those days..i remember having taken a smooth walk only!”

He said “ We used to carry you or throw you down :P – you were little girls then..”

Me “ LOL :P – cha! I hate growing up! OK I follow! “

And then he climbed/walked or I wonder how- got down. And I too made a safe TOUCH DOWN :P

Then we went to the places that you are able to see now… Had I not taken that BRAVE decision to climb/slide/I really don’t know how I made it down that path….i would not have this tour organized :P to take you-my lovely friends to get to see this! SO its worth the TRY! And so did I capture the super cool guest – fields- the very first pic which I love a lot! And the rest too..the flowers especially…The violet is the brinjal flower.

All the greens are in chithi’s fields…Cousin offered to take me to more places- but trust me , I was really very tired after walking through the not very smooth path.And I still have too many pictures to share – but only that not patient enough to wait & load those so many! The best’s are here for you to see!

And I fogot! Do u see the picture that has an unusual guest- That was captured by the great photographer –me :P after all those chasing & crouch walking & FINALLY CLICKING. It is a dragon fly- we have all seen a grey/blue family dragon fly. But I have never seen one in this colour- pretty odd & freaky isn’t it? That’s why I wanted to click this & let you too witness this miracle! I wonder why it has that colour- actually there were couple of them in this colour. Only one was a little bit co-operative. Other one was too photo-shy. ONE STRANGE GUEST WE SAW THERE. Now you too have seen one RED DRAGON FLY-ignore if you have seen one already.

Later on another day we visited the temples @ kumbakonam,the famous pond & all the other pictures are here..

Enna elaarum inum sleeping’a? Ippo Naama kumbakonam vandhachu :P nenega leaam thoongitu irundhapovey – alli poduley elarayum buskula..:p soli ethiyachu! :P

hee hee

Tea- break fast elaam vazhila edhavadhu hotel’la saptudlaam ;)

Kumbakonam temples- world famous- soliya theriyanum ungaluku…Apdiye elaarum parunga..first 3 pics thavira elaa temple’um kumbakonam temple.

Myself in the fields - Varappu- paddyfieldprincess@Paddyfields-Dragonfly

BAGGY! - The most friendly COW - me taming the cow

And most importantly- the picture of baggy !!:P

The picture that has the pretty cow! I love that cow. She is one of the most friendly cow.

I remember the last time I had been there with amma appa… she was carrying.And all the time I was there in the place where baggy would be resting. She was so lovely – And most of all she loves me shcrubbing her behind the ears & near the horns. And you copuld see one picture while I was doing the same this time. Probably one place where the poor animal cannot give itself a scrub. But I just loved sitting next to the resting TO_BE_MOMMY ! :D

Only on hearing our car start did I realize I had to make a move.

This time when I went I asked if we could go see her & chithi said she has a baby girl :P delivered some time back. I really was shocked when I heard this, because does cows carry calf for so many years??! :O And then chithi understood what was running in my brain & joked – “No no…. That one you are thinking about is there- almost a cow :P no more a calf. This is her second calf! “

And I went “ PHEW!! I was shocked….Thank goodness.”

And everyone in the room burst out laughing. When we went there to baggy’s shed – the milk man had come to milk the cow. And Do u see that pic?

Paal kara annan karakra time baggy’a parka vandhrukom… :) Anna permission’oda oru click panitu varen. Neenga elaam bayapadadheenga- baggy is very friendly. Adhuku kombu kita thadavinaal- romba pidikum..Fore head- kombu, kaadhu kitta…. Inga leaam tame panalaam. She likes it. Bayandha goli elaam orama irunga. Naan poi veladren :P See the pic? ;)

Ok namakelaam fresh’a paal ready :P Ippo time for the kutty to drink…elarum odhungunga…kutty(olipichaan- is her nick name there!) kudikatum. :)

Ipovey kanna katudhu….

Neengalaam pavam..so odhoda vitudren :D

Matravai neril – if u insist in knowing more.. will share it with you later.

Things that I observed & makes me rethink –

# Only the city people blame the time & keep changing worse than chameleons. Often they forget how to DRESS- or should I say DRESS!

# Those in the villages are still the same- with genuine love, those millions of smiles that I got to see- from know&unknown people…DAMN! Am sure gonna miss that. Here we simply hesitate to smile-BACK also. It would be so disgusting sometimes :P like they were never taught to smile or even know how to!

# And the bus culture- awesome. One of the serious MARUTHAM’S PRINCIPLE is not to be seated in a bus while the elders are standing. I donno if the people follow this..but whenever I gotup to stand offering my seat to an elder person. There was soon someone to offer me a seat.This happened very often in the journey – and the men here follow strictly that – no man keep shimself seated while a women is standing. That was genuinely very GENTLE & HUMANE! While we have romeo’s & JUNKS – who hardly knows to share the little space during crowded hours(or should I say always!)

# The gentle smile which they always carry.

#The super friendly –humane drivers who half the time shares the load of the conductor. He doesn’t rely on the vizzle to start or stop the bus. He takes the pain in turning & looking at the foot board & makes sure everyone has got down & during crowded hours – he asks if everyone has got down.

# Not to forget the humane conductors – they help out old people – children & sometimes women who have too many luggages while getting in & out – very safely. While out city drivers-conductors impress us all with their excellent stinking vocabulary like the “ SOmaari, Kasmaalam, Saavu graaki, Paradhesi, …..” che ! why do get there on a lovely post like this…These guys stand no where when compared to those GEMS!

#Overtaking is not very common there – one is that they have a good road that doesn’t let them do this, and too they seem to know HASTE MAKES WASTE!

#Indian villages are still the same- genuine-innoscent people- Unconditional love-Culture-Tradition-Gentle way of speaking- …oooooooo too many to list out. I wish we all keep this in mind & try to learn from them- what we have forgotten being far away from the backbone – and almost for having forgotten HOW TO LIVE!

#Calling this modernization – we have forgotten and are now getting back to barbarian times- with the mini skirts – sleeveless dress, and not implacable to girls alone – I see these days that guys have lost minds and are wearing sleeveless baniyans,ara kaal trwoser :P – 3/4ths which are smaller than that – YUKKS!, and I dnt want to list many here….But mind your dressing- we dnt want to show the future “ See that- that’s salwar/sarree, veshti,shirt…that once humans used to wear! It will stink for sure! We dnt want to take a blame like that do we>??



PS: After a very long time Photographer Marutham got time & things to click on! :D

Sari – elaarukum velai neraya irukum…Paadhi peru padika kooda try paniruka mataanga :P Try pani padhiyavadhu padichavanga- regret paniruka matanga…Muzhusa padichavanga ineram oru smile panirupeenga! :) In any case tour epdi irundhuchunu katayum thittitu ponga comments section’la. :)

LOVE YOU ALL LOADS>…I will soon get back to reply to you all..untill then..NANDRI-VANAKKAM-ADIOS!