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Hello every one — I was planning to post this Short-long-story sometime back. But now is the right time for me to post it….with all delicate touches made.
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The Prisoner!

Like any classical story we start ours with a happy family- it was the Christmas Eve. The big piano lying in the corner of the room was illuminated by the dim glowing lamp. And the room was filled with the aroma of the fresh Lilly that was in the vase. A beautiful young lady in her white night suit almost looking like an ANGEL was playing the carol. And then tom came to mom to ask for something. But when he neared the piano – he watched his mom- she was playing the piano with all smiles & glee… for he remember his mom mentioning – “ Christmas was the greatest time ever in my life Tom! That is the time- every year myself and my 4 sister & the 3 brothers used to sing and merry while mom used to be play all our favorite carols. Every time I play these carols – I feel their presence & I relive those lovely childhood days “ So Tom stopped and just watched his mom standing by the side. Well what question he wanted to ask….You shall know that shortly.

A year passed and in some freaky accident TOM had lost his mother. Tom’s dad almost lost himself after the death of his wife. It almost seemed like an excuse for him to escape from his responsibilities as a father. Well he never was a responsible father. And the question Tom wanted to ask mom was “ Will daddy turn up home early at least this Christmas mom? And yes… Tom never wanted to stay home and every year when Christmas neared things just got worse for Tom. He stopped going to school & there weren’t any responsible relative to bother about him- while his dad spent most of his time in his office which was literally shut down. He was growing up- every Christmas was haunting him with the memory of his lost Mother. She was a very wonderful person & losing her was the worst that could happen for tom. One December when Tom was 15 he ran away from the house, while Tom’s father hardly noticed his son missing. Tom became a drop out staying in the streets with no one to bother, no one to speak any sweet words. Tom hardly ate food. He dint take the bad route to earn or live a life.A 15 year old boy in the streets, can things get any worse. One stage tom fell into the bad hands, he started to smuggle. He smuggled goods & started selling drugs for very cheap profit. But Tom never used it- for he was not a kid who was desperate to get addicted to something that could kill his life. Tom did it for those who could not live without it. Yet , so guilty & annoyed with himself. A few number of times Tom did go to prison for suspicion, but every time he escaped- he was found not guilty. Tom was lucky enough.

One day while Tom was walking with the HUGE CASH that he had earned that day the wrong way in a deserted street– where smuggling was the prime activity, Tom heard some one crying in pain & yelling for help. Tom ran around and finally saw a young lady lying on the floor in a pool of blood. Tom looked around- no one was there. And he saw the eyes of the lady- with so much pain, so much of anxiety – she spoke “Please don’t leave me & go. Am very scared- I know am dying. But do notleave me alone while I pass away! It is awful to die this way- I need some one to talk to SHE SAID
Tom said “Ma’m, let me go get some help. I could get you to the hospital. I shall go get some help!
She said “ I know I wont survive this- I could tell you for sure I shall die in another 5 minutes. So please stay with me & listen to me.
Tome went near to her and knelt down took her in his arms & held her hands tight and said “Ma’m I am Tom.Say what you want me to hear.
She spoke “ I am Sara, the daughter of the richest man in this city- The business man who owns that Book shop in the corner of the street. I love my Dad & Mom. I had no complain with my life. But with so much money & a number of rich friends who dint know how to spend the money- I ended up in drugs. I am not an addict. But I did use drugs for the pleasure of using it. Yeah – I know you think what a cheap girl at this age would use drugs- just for the sake of pleasure. My Mom & Dad they just do not have enough time for me. They were always busy with their lives. I do not complain they do not love me- but dint quite well express it. And they are not aware of me using drugs. Am going to tell you something & you are the first person am going to confess this to, and unfortunately the last one too. So if you could pass it on to the right person & only the right person please do so. I have this family friend- his name is Sam. Sam and I were real great buddies from my kinder garden. And every time Sam did something sweet – I always wanted to tell him that I really like him. But for some issue – I always used to pick fights with him. I took too much advantage of his sweetness. Yet never has he yelled back at me nor has he stopped talking to me or take care of me. I never realized what a special person I had right next to me- and yet never realized he was special. What a fool had I been? When ever tom spoke of his worries- I never really cared or even took notice of, but had always used to end it saying “ Ok Sam, you will get over with it.” But yet never really felt what he was going through or tried to comfort him. But Sam was such a gentle man he always tried to manage with a smile.”
By this time, Tom noticed her struggle to breathe. And Tom very well understood it was the time.
She struggled and continued “ Well Tom, I was lucky enough to get you here today & it was very kind of you to stay with me and listen to me. I would like you to tell Sam that i really loved from our high school days & I still love him. I had just been a fool & like my parents- forgot to express my love – the right time – to the right person & the right way. Tell Sam that I love him more than anyone & the day he bought me those Red roses- I wanted to tell him that I love him. But did not for the my EGO dint let me. Will you do it for me Tom, will you tell Sam? Just this…And gently another wonderful soul passed away – right in front of Tom’s eyes.
In another few minutes- when it was 12:00 am - Tom was arrested on the spot by the police officer who came for patrol through that route. Tom wished that the officer had arrived earlier & they could have attempted to save her. But things just got worse when Tom was taken to the station. Tom with the BIG MONEY in rugged clothes – was suspected for getting the money to kill the richest man’s daughter. Tom tried to explain, he tried saying it was the money he got through selling drugs. But the police wouldn’t listen to him- for when he was suspected for the same crime earlier – Tom very well got away with the image he could not have done this. And that time Tom acted really well, that police confirmed it was the money he got for killing Sara. Tom dint have any explanation- that could convince the police. And Tom who hated living- and was waiting to die & hated to commit suicide decided to take this bravely. The case went on & Tom was to be hung dead on 26th December. Tom spent a few days in the jail, until 26th December. He was given a regular visit by one of the NUN’S from a church on humanitarian basis, as the boy dint record anyone as relative. Tom initially said he doesn’t want to see any one. But after his first meet – he changed his mind. The NUN resembled his MOM; she looked so much like the same Angel. So Tom did speak with her & they had been having a real good time chatting for days. They had grown great friends in matter of days. One day the NUN asked tom “ Tom, Are you happy here in the jail? “ And Tom said “ Had never felt better – with people here who love you so much & the times when we all sit together for meal. The chats! The games we all play. And the love & affection we share- knowing we are not going to be there for each other always- it is all special & it is the first time I am experiencing so much of care after my mom’s death.” Then the NUN asked” Tom I do not think you are such a cruel person to murder someone for money sake. Honestly,did you kill Sara? “

Tom said ” Sister!! I want to tell you this & i don't want you to try doing anything about the judgement.I did not kill Sara!” And then he narrated what happened that night. Then he requested that he sees Sam, just once before his execution. And the NUN did ask Tom if she could try convincing them and request for his release. But Tom refused & said” I enjoyed my life here with these wonderful people(The inmates) during this Imprisonment period . And I got all the attention I wanted. I happened to meet you & I did chat so much with you. Sometimes I felt the same way I used to while I was having a great chat with my Mom. And I was not earning for my living the right way. I had indirectly been killing lives slowly- though not directly but through the drugs I sold. And the reason Sara came there that day was because of some one like me – who sells drugs & it so happened she was killed by some rouge that day. And she made my life meaningful by serving the purpose to tell you & the world about things we should value in life and not complain. Through me she has made a point about the fact – Do not postpone loving for it may be too late. And value what you have in your life. And I shall die peacefully now- for it is payback time. I must payback for what I had been doing these days. And the man who killed Sara shall know about this- and his guilt shall not leave him free. I hope all our lives are a good lesson for those to come. I should have been a supportive son when my father broke after my mother’s death. But I was too selfish I could not stay back to comfort him , but run away for my own living & live a life that only started to slowly kill more slowly. What was my purpose of life? Other than help Sara- die with someone comforting her morally.And the worst thing that could happen for someone is to be alone while dying & yet you have so much to tell the loved ones- Things that you forgot or neglected.”

The next day – a meeting with Sam was arranged & Tom spoke to Sam for an hour & Sam came out of the room with tears in his eyes. Tears that said “ I was late too!! ”
December 25th- the night that Tom hated every year after his mothers death. This year it was special- special for of course his last night- his last Christmas- his last day-his last Christmas feast- his last day to smile & thank god for his life. And unlike the previous years- Tom was celebrating with a bunch of lovely people 7 yes of course the NUN. She was there with the pudding & chocolate cake that was specially made for Tom. That’s was the last & happiest day in tom’s life.

Now we all have some lesson learnt from his story. We may be any of the character in this narration & yet we are all human beings with some grudge or complain about our life. But what we all forget to see- is What we actually have! And we forget to live with what we got , but are always fond of complaining about what we do not have. Those who have money – may not have happiness (Like the divorcee - business man). Those who have happiness in their life- may not have the money (The happy family of the cobbler in the corner of the street) . But those who appreciate what they have & realize what they have-that someone else do not have & is longing for, are the one’s who are successful in life. They may not necessarily have a great number as their banks balance yet a huge amount of contended ness in their heart & soul. They are the one’s who has actually LIVED the life GIFTED to them. A GIFT THAT IS RARELY APPRECIATED! While there are those who keep complaining about the expensive pink lipstick they could not buy- there are few others too who are struggling for a piece of bread that their lips had not touched for days! After all , we all have have one life & everysecond we have in our life is live only once.We are all living with people around- so do not be too calculative 7 manipulative with your talk or action. Just be yourself !! And try to put up a smile on someones face atleast, if not all! We shall not foregt that! And try to appreciate what you have, whom you have, the way you live. Sometimes, there may be tjose hwo had forgotten these- now that you are reminded- you shall not commit any of the mistakes for which you shall regret later! I wish you all a merry christmas & a very very happy & colourful new year!! Well is it not too early you may ask... but remember- it is better than late! :) I shall wish you all once again- Cheer up!

This story is a part of a book that shall soon be published.And yes the author shall be - Marutham!


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Makkaley Elaarukkum Vanakkam!!
Naatla konja nala enanavo nadakudhu…
Adhelaam apala…. Ippo matter enana…
Mokkai1 -- Am going to distribute the tool that was once used(Very Effectively) to keep me from going outside the house. Wondering what ? LOL!!!

When we were small kids and at those time hardly people had computers at their home. And I always wanted to go out & play. Anna used to tell me “ Dey!! Anna will let you play a game of NIBBLES – the snake game, if you would stay home and be a good girl”. And I would go ….” Really …?? :D and stay back to play this game in our (NOW OUTDATED) system. With all smile …I would play this game NON_STOP” Yes, the same game a school goers play in their MOBILE while waiting for the SMS.” So here is the reason why I tell you all these ….. Now I have this game here in my blog page…And
“Anna – u can play it as long as you want , even until your three letter company sends you back here to INDIA, for they will SHUT DOWN!!!” LOLZZ!!! Hahahhaha……
Main Matter—Last week we all celebrated my blog’s birthday party with over 60 comments!! ;) Ok now am listing out the changes in our blogpage which u may have noticed- for those who haven’t.
1) The NIBBLES /SNAKE GAME in the top right- the tool I mentioned in mokkai1 :D All the grownup kids ;) can play this game & have fun!! If you got a super high score……we should know that to celebrate right??
2) CHAT BOX in top rightTo celebrate ur score :P OK also to chat…;) Levae ur messages here for our friends to share & chat
3) That I leave to u to find….. after the 10th guess I will tell what it is….and who
knows by the time you may find it!!!

Ippo innum 2 vishayam unga sindhanaikku….

1) The new LAW- Domestic Violence Act 2005
Do u think it will be used in the right way and if this will reach those women who are in real need of help. In our society family is most important to women & what ever may we speak in the name of rights. A married woman cannot live a normal happy life in this society without her family or husband.
And should we not consider counseling?? After all, when you have decided to bring issues out of the 4 walls, then we have the more dignified legal option – Divorce. Or if you merely want to threaten the person to stop the violence don’t have the HUMAN RIGHTS COMISSION?? I would say this law is a FAMILY BREAKER!! I guess it would still be of some use to the fewer women who are abused. And would be misused by the majority!!! And trust me, men are in big trouble!! There are women like Jeyalakshmi too…
2) The Real Diwali for Matoo's!!
Death sentence for Santhosh Singh, who raped & murdered Priyadarshini Matoo. And here is what is shocking – can u believthat she died in the year 1996.Priya who was then a Law student at the Campus law centre Of Delhi University was raped & strangulated to death on the eveining of JAN 23rd,1996. And all these years this man –santhosh was practicing law. And it was this week he was found guilty for an atrocious crime committed late in the year 1996. So our system was TOO BLIND to let him work for LAW & ORDER who was himself a criminal to be punished. This is not simply a late judgment but shows how dumb & stupid our system is.

Who knows, the judges who are giving judgements today may be found guilty for some crime after 20 years. And then, can we redo all the cases for the period he had given judgments??

Leaving you with this…I take leave now!! … Naan edhuma adhigam pesidalaye…..?? Pesinaalum enna ippo… :P after all neenga elaam enn nanbarhal illaya??

Lets see , how many of us have similar opinion.

Will the Domestic Violence Act (2005) also be misused?
#Yes,some may use it to take revenge or have their man out of the house
#No, i dont think so!
#Definitely not
#It does not reach those who actually need help, for they will not launch complain fear of losing their men.
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TODAY:Monday,OCT 23,2006!! Its been a Year now.... And yippeee...Its
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Hello every one… ok,ok......I know I started it with the wrong line…

Happy Diwali all!!

Yeah yeah the festival of smoke..oops! lights- its here. So am not gonna post anything- that would make you think like Last time..
ok ok…
Disclaimer:1) If u are at ur office- DON’T READ THIS NOW!! You may get fired for laughing out loud or even slipping into the adjusting cabin out of control while laughing & damaging the screen inbetween
2) Most of all- if you cannot read in the so called ”AMERICAN ACCENT” (No offence) Plz, get someone who can and then proceed.
3) And if have weak lung- don’t proceed anymore….
4) And if u r laughter- allergic sorry dude!! Take care & rest outside….
5) If u r someone who doesn’t know wat DIWALI is- [:O]Plz leave…and ask an Indian..or me later…this will not give a good knowledge…
Now READY>>> SHTAAAAAAART>>>JUTE>>>>>>~~~~~~

Engeypa…go ahead…keezha

How does a ABCD (American Born Confused Desi) explain to his
younger brother the topic - When and how did Diwali begin? This
is how he goes about it...(preferably read it with an American

So, like this dude had, like, a big cool kingdom and people
liked him. But,like, his step mom, or somethin', was kind of a
bitch,and she forced her husband to, like, you know, send this
cool dude, he was Ram, to some national forest or reserve or
somethin'.Since he was going, for like, somethin' like more than
10 years or so, he decided to take his wife and his bro along.
You know... so that they could all chill out together. But dude,
the forest was reeeeeeal scary shit, really man, they had
monkeys and devils and shit like that. But this dude, Ram,
kicked their ass with darts, bows and arrows, so it was fine.
But then some bad gansta' boys, some jerk called Ravan, picks up
his babe (Sita) and lures her away to his hood. And boy, were
our man, and his bro Lakshman, pissed! And you don't piss this
son-of-a-gunz 'coz, he just kicks ass and like, all the gods
were with him. So anyways, you don't mess with gods. So, Ram and
his bro get an army of monkeys. Dude, don't ask me how they
trained the damn monkeys, just go along with me, OK. So, Ram,
Lax, and their monkeys whip this gansta's ass in his own hood.
Anyways, by now,their time's up in the forest and anyways, it
gets kinda boring. You know no TVs or malls or shit like that.
So, they decided to hitch back home. His bro and the wife are
back home. People thought, well, you know, at least they deserve
somethin' nice and they didn't have any bars and clubs in those
days. So they couldn't take them out for a drink, so the people
decided to smoke or shit. And they also had some lamps, they lit
the lamps too. So it was pretty cooool... you know with all
those fireworks really, they had some local band play along with
the fireworks, and you know what, dude, that was the very first,
no kidding, that was the very first musical-synchronized
fireworks. You know, like the 4th of the July stuff, but just
more cooler and stuff, you know. And, so dude, that was how,
like, this festival started.
Diwali Rocks Maaaan!

HAHAH….Eppadi…??!!!So,Wat did u do for diwali??…
Am waiting to see..recipes, some crazy idea’s,…..(i know someones crazy surprise plan!! ) and if u wanna scold me for this post- the RED CARPET is just for u!! : ) But naan thiruppi thittuven-- amaam :P HEHEHE!!!
TATA!!! Keep polluting…. (:P) There is no crap called global warming- and if they say so- call them fools...illa [;)] Ennavo pa...
Alaarum nalla irundha sari ....


Tagged by our friend Srijith !!

'myspace Hee!!Hee!!

We know there is a weirdo in every person...So ...elaarum (Hee hee hee) konjam tension agaama TAG'a padinga'pa...

1) Extreme anger=> Tears!! ?

This is one weird thing about me, which i really hate. At times if i get too angry, and i cannot express or let it out(Say on teachers or parents or some1 u dnt want to /cannot express to) teras would start rolling down my cheeks even without my knowledge.And loved ones or friends around would try to console- saying "Why are u crying for this? It is such a small issue..." And i would want to say - Dumb people!! Am very angry- am not crying.... I want to scream at that person!! But with tears rolling down- i wud be speechless!! Wondering y i am sheeding tears- ashamed & irritated of tears rolling! ...
Well, if tears roll down- people call it CRYING!! So i remain shut!

2)Craze & Love i have for kids (VS) Hatred towards the annoying ones!! :D Heehee...

I love kids & enjoy spending time with them.But you know, the way a kid is -is all dependent on how they are brought up! And that is very true... Some of the parents bring up their kids so well- mannered,disciplined & i atleast expect them to be Sensible. But few- ruin them and the outcome is LITTLE BRATS! Am sorry to use such a word, but trust me- for some of the little devils i had seen, u would use a stronger word to define'em. They can do any stupid thing to annoy u... But finally they escape under the cover "KIDS!!" Idha..kid!!Apdinnu sila samayam vaya polakkara mari velai pannunga.... Am not talking abt ADAM...I do love kids who do ADAM!! See -- these DEVIL IN DISGUISE!-- they do it so well, i dnt know t exact word to define how they Annoy u( Sad u Marudhu!! : ) ... Their parents are worser than them!! :P Trust me..

3) My vision- er.. not exactly.. but- Intutions!

Sometimes i get a feeling like something is gonna happen or someone is going to do THIS or something is going to happen to this person. There would be no link with what i would be doing at that time- i wouldn't be thinking anything related to the feeling or vision- no it isnt a vision ..just a sensation! It would happen - the very same way! And er... Creepy!! I would be shocked. Like once- there was this girl i saw in our campus. Over scene, she almost killed a little puppy by kicking it- for she was afraid of dogs. This is a PUUPY- and that MORON don't know the basic difference btw a DOG & a PUP!!? I was so irritated- i saw this from the loggia- so couldn’t go to her and yell- either go down to yell. So was just wishing that she slips and falls when she was about to climb up the stairs! (HeeHee!! Wicked me!!- i don’t generally think like this, but this time- she really hurt that puppy.) AHHH…. She took a bad Slip…(:) Err… stupid thought!! I then immediately withdrew and moved inside the class!

4) At times when i get angry with CERTAIN people...i can remain without talking to them for as many days as i want to,... But to SOME i cannot be without talking even for few days, why days -- hours!!
5)...?? thinking.. DONE- I cannot pretend or hide my feeling at times...Sometimes PATTUNU POTTU UDACHUDUVEN...I would say things out just like that- may it be something i dnt like on wat a person did or something they spoke...i cannot hide my feeling and smile like nothing happened-and later betray-i cannot do that,instead I ask straight!! .And many a times- many had become closer to me for they understood - i insist in being TRUTHFUL and not FAKE!! Sometimes, it would have hurt people, later i would apologise to them too... Isn's that weird-may b not! According to me...
6) ...??

Idhukkey elaarum adipoirupeenga (:P )So will let out the rest later.. ;)
Ok people...now i TAG...This time - few friends(restricted to 6)...And the old ones- somberis..So avangala vittudalaam :P You can take up anytime :) ...


Rules:Tag 6 more... Leave a comment on their page!

'myspace Hee!!Hee!!

Resticted to six...but u can post too.. :) Go ahead-if u like the Tag,will add ur name-lemme know!!


Isn’t She ‘Gaargioose” ? – STEVE…

PIC: Steve,his wife& his daughter.(He has a son too- little fellow!)

Yeah!! Steve Irwin - The Crocodile hunter. He is no more!! He died few days back on a freaky accident while documenting his latest video

Here is post that I dedicate to the great soul Steve_Irwin and his lovely family!!

If you dint know this great man- here you could learn a little about him. But I guess many would be aware of this guy. The most Famous – Crocodile Hunter!!!
I had seen some of the many documentaries of Steve! He is a great man, determined, hard working, sincere & a successful family man. Although he is famously known as Crocodile hunter- he work also deals with other reptiles and animals. I don’t like Steve for just he creates awareness about the wildlife & nature Conservation. In most of his videos you could observe the co-ordination he has with his co-workers, camera man, Wife, and even the reptile. He is always concerned and is very careful about their safety.

Here are a few things to know about this great man!!
Steve Irwin

My View:

A loving & caring man at work:

I remember the show he was picturing about this most venomous snake, generally the snakes can strike only a few times continuously for it needs more time for the venom to get in stack. But this Snake was a very powerful one it could even go up to a 50+ strikes (Forgive me if am wrong in the exact count – I could be wrong!) He almost took a strike for his camera man was about to take one. But then too, he continued with the show and then went to the hospital for checkup! Now there is where you see a REAL MAN – Sincere to his work & concerned towards people working for/with him.

Humane behavior!
And in another show, himself and another crew member were picturing a snake. At that time, the other man had taken a strike from this naughty snake. He ran up to him and took him on his shoulders and drove to the hospital as fast as he could, for this was a very venomous one. While driving he comforted the other guy and convinced him he was going to be alright but he kept saying – I should have been more careful, I should not have let u join me. You should have stayed with the camera man. This showed his love and humane nature!

A wonderful Husband!
On another show, when he returned home and heard the news of him “going to-be a DAD”, He was so amused. I cannot explain The JOY & Excitement he had. He was such a lovely man. Here you see a loving Husband. Not to forget, his Wife is also a wonderful person. She was always by his side. She had many times asked Steve if she should join him.

A Loving DAD!
When he heard the second time his wife was pregnant, we could see the same “JOY & Excitement he had” when his wife was pregnant for the first time. And on the day of delivery he was with his little girl picturing another documentary. The moment he heard that his wife had delivered his second child. He was too happy and drove to the hospital with his Daughter. On his way to the hospital- he was talking to the little girl and convinced her, she was going to have another new member in the family to share everything with her. And it was a typical POP_DOT talk. A lovely Father!

A loving SON!
And when he was in the premier show of his MOVIE, He was rather emotional, due to the loss of his Mother. In the premier show, he announced it as the dedication to his MOM! He was very emotional too!!

He has done so many great things- through his videos, through his organization, through his shows, …..And he is one real activist for conservation of nature and Wild life! Most of all he is a great Human being – If u keenly observe in his videos every slight move Speaks about him true Humane Nature!!

PS: Why a post for him??
One, he is a wonderful human being. He loves his family, co-workers, his friends, his viewers, and most of all NATURE!! And he fought to save it!! Let the struggle continue… He lost his life while he was out there, picturing a video – which you and cannot go down and see for ourselves. He knew it was a risky profession – but he did a great job.He always wanted a safe greener tomorrow And now it is our responsibility to make sure his dream comes true. Let us save nature- stop polluting, don’t harm Animals, Say no to Leather products, Do simple things that could make a difference. It isn’t easy to be famous and good!! He never changed. The money, the stardom, the fame, the craze, the fans - nothing changed him. This great man was always the same - in his KAAKHI Suit stood up and created an awareness!! He had a great balance between- his family, work, friends, animals… That is not easy!!

May his soul rest in peace....


New post: Updated!!

"That was too kiddish!! "

This post- if you had seen few days back- would have been LONG & kiddish! :P...Heehee...Just kidding:) It was a little bit upsetting for me to miss my last tour in my student life!Adhanaala Chinna pullathanama oru post potrundhen - it was too kiddish! :)) So feel happy you came late...For those of you who had seen the original version, ;) Freeya vidunga... :) Nothing lost!
I am staying home for 1 week......and it ends today!! Tommorow,everyone will be back from tour. :) Neraya peru kitta thittu vaanguven- adhelaam aprama solren.Am sure its gonna be so much fun - listening to them.

So here is the CRISP of what happened on the day i was supposed to leave for
my tour(9:00 pm) !

Old post will be in this colour ....

Her DAD gives her a call to the mobile- (12:00 in the noon)
“ Dear, its DAD here.Have you left? You inform your class in-charge you wouldn’t be coming for the tour and get back the acknowledgement letter I signed”

“ What are you saying PA? The letter has been submitted to the PRO VC! What happened is everyone alright? “

“ Fine! Do what I say -you inform the in charge and come to the gate. I will be waiting in the car.”

“ ?????? OK ??????? ”

She dint tell anyone- it would definitely upset them and few may even withdraw, for they told they wont go if not she is coming. Some of the staffs got her number to keep in touch. She dint know what to tell, but just gave the number and walked out Puzzled. What could have possibly happened? Is everyone fine? Is Periyamma ILL? Was there any argument at home? …????

She went out and waited patiently, but still confused about the telephone conversation!
Appa came – he gave a big smile. So no one is ill!
She – “ What happened pa? Can I go to the tour? “
Appa –“ No dear! Simply obey me.”
She- “But whats the reason? “
Appa-“ Your brother called up this morning and your MOM started crying over the phone.”
She – “ Why?”
Appa- Because she would be missing you for the week.
She- WHAT! …So?
Appa- When she cried over the phone and I could not stop her, you can’t leave. I cant stop her crying then.. I know this is complicated! Just cancel the trip!
So she stayed back!

Most of all this girl hated it , when the 50+ of them started calling to her mobile when it neared 8 that night(I hate CELL PHONES :P ) .They were all expecting her at the railway station.. She left a message to the tour co-ordinator's Mobile and attended very few calls!

May be there is some valid reason behind their decision too...But she is just struggling to figure it out.....

Sometimes- blindly you have to admit they have some point in doing this! She do understand...


Tests are over , Next week tour !!!

Had been away from blog for a while. Lots of things happening in the college life. Many are good, Some are shocking, some surprising.......Lot more. More on those later.

Next Week will be going on a tour with college mates. A tour after my class 6! So guess it will be interesting....
EDHO SOTHAPITTAEN- SO PAATU UPLOAD PANNA MUDILA- Will check that : ) Sorry!!! First 5 comments :D..Thanku !!! Seekram sari panni Post panidren - those songs!!I wonder How the tour is going to be.... Sort of nervous and am already feeling bad to leave home, Parents for about a week or so...Lets see!!

With best regards,

Marutham .


Dear Friends,
First a big sorry for not having above 50% attendence here @ blogspot and at your page :D....Sorry!! Little tied up.... Probably would be busy for the next week too. So its high time i write this TAG. Sorry SUBBU...Sema late! :D Sorry!!! Had been tagged by Thiru Subbu avarhal -ஆறு பதிவுக்கு அழைத்திருக்கிறார்.ஆறு கேள்வியும்,பிடித்த ஆறு மனிதர்களைப் பற்றியும் எழுதவேன்டும்.

6 Q-ஆறு கேள்வி (Yaraadhu convincing'a oru badhil sollungalen.....)
1) Why do people smoke and drink ?? Enna dhaan irukku adhula??? Other than free DOWNLOAD of CANCER!! 2) Why is it that in many interviews they ask our weaknesses?? Is it not something to be hidden....Or r they checking if we are able to detect (and correct or atleast try to) our own mistakes?
3) Why don't people of our country ever realise their responsibility as citizens??
4) What do u do when TRUE friendship is drifting towards the LOVE?? And you know it is gonna SINK!!
5)Why do this generation youngsters ever get married and give birth to children , when they cannot responsibly bring up a good child. Paadhi neram petha piLLaya -thookavey yosikkudhuhal !! Apram dhaney paalooti, sorooti, seeratti elaam.....
6) Why is there so many "OLD AGE HOME" ?? And most of the elders living there are booted out by their own wards & in laws!! Do people lose their brain after marriage and in their mid THIRTIES??

6 human beings- ஆறு மனிதர்கL (:D)
1) Enn ThandhaiYaar - My Father # For his sacrifices and his tolerance, towards people,family and other social friends. # For his achievements # For his sincerity and honesty # For him being our APPA!!
2) Enn thaaYaar - My Mother #For her Love and care #For her sacrifices!! #For her tolerance towards faker(s)(Losers!!) #For her SAMYAL- Cooking :D #For her being our AMMA!!
3) Chithi & Chithapa!! # INFINITE number of reasons......
4)Thiruvalluvar (For his excellent work- Thirukkural) #1330 kaaranangal undu :) 2 variyil solla vendumenil.... Thirukkural ennum ariya pokkishathai, amudhai thamizhargalukaaga Vittu setndramaikku, virundhu padaithamaikku...
5)Periyaar & M.S.Subublakshmi
6)OPRAH #For her service!! Now i would like to TAG .....

Anandh prabu
Vijay ramamurthy

Mudinja neengalum Ezhudhalaam :) Most welcome....

Bye for now...... ~



Not another Novel by Chetan! :)
VANDHADHEY.... RESULTU VANDHADHEY!! Got the most awaited 6th SEM results. This was the most thrilling result we ever got in the history. The papers were not at all easy, some were worse. But i gave my level best. Never gaveup!!! In the college almost every day og this week we were hearing rumours about results" Inaki varudhaam..." This is what we heard EVERY DAY!! So i lost interest in trying every day.I wasn't at home the day we got the results.That evenign i got message from my friend that the results are REALLY OUT! She told me that she could not see the results for she dint have a connection at home. Hm...I spent few of the worst nervous minutes in my life...Worse than waiting for the placement selection list. So far, no history of arrear, and after placement i wasn't ready to change that statement at all! Another friend messaged saying congratulations....that was the best SMS i ever got!!! :D I hadn't told appa about the results tiil then...we were travelling. And then i told the news to appa! He was very very happy!! I asked him about our class results- if they were gud! & what my grades are. BEEP BEEP ...Nine point somthing!! If you're wondering what 9.something...We are given GPA's..Scored out of 10.Many of the friends who got placed have got arrears- their very first arrears!! Thats the worst!! I was happy for my grades, But felt very very sad to hear about the arrears of the majority of the class. That too those who have been placed....THAT IS VERY CRUEL!! We will hope that the revaluation helps them out.

NOTE: And to celebrate the results....

In India, the blogspot was banned after the MUMBAI bomb blast!! So all these days could not access the blogpages and geocities. Now finally ....Am able to access blogspot, but not geocities! And another friend Bala who tried uploading my songs in geocities said he could do it and listen too successfully. Thanks to him for this great idea!! So now as promised to our friends already, Bharathiyaar paadalgal viraivil post panren.
I have tried composing the tune for few poems.And here they are...Ketutttu epdi irukkunu sollunga!! Nalla irundha ok...ilaati konjam Adjust panikonga...Am in the process of Improvization! :P
Disclaimer: Thappa thiruppi thiruppi ketaan sari aydum pola! Last time adhanaal sruthi miss anadha gavanikkala. This time i have tried & improved('nu nenakren) :) Do listen to these songs and let me know how they are!!

Remember we are celebrating the results :P

Listen to me here...

The Widow Bird

The Clock- Childrens poem

The train- Childrens poem

Travel- Childrens poem

Pona murai THAKKALI anupna nanbarhalukku elaam en Manamaarndha Nandri. Varam poora thakkali saadham dhaan!! ;) Jus' kidding


Personally wishing you - Advance Halloween wishes!!! :)) Try this link....

Hello my dear friends!!
Thanks to Anandh prabu !! He has made it possible to get this aired!!! I wasn't sure, if i cud post this at all...

Now you visit this link and wish me halloween :P or ....
Yamunai atriley



Past few weeks had been HECTIC! Here I am finally with a new post and a good news too.
At crescent engineering college…
Yeah that was the centre for all of us. First day 4 colleges had our written test at the crescent. Myself and another two friends who had come with me, started walking from the main entrance of the crescent campus. We had a long walk, the weather was cool. Together from there we arrived at the entrance of the Auditorium.
And surprisingly I met many other old friends, middle and high school mates whom I had met some very lo…ng time back, and their appearance had changed completely, for some you had to recognize with the gesture or the mark on their forehead, scar in the chin. And while we met - like a leaf that was gently blown by the breeze, we moved even with out our knowledge and started the conversation with “ Hey Are u not …” And then there were long CHATS!! Yes, chats before the WRITTEN TEST for which, I hardly knew how it would be or the pattern or anything. In a way that was easy for me…. At times When you do something the first time –The very first time it would come out perfect , but the second or third time you would feel it was better the first time.
“ Cha!! First nalla padinen, ipo sothapitaeney…” Or
“ The other day when I made this dish for the first time it came out so yummy…I wonder why it tastes YUKK today !!”
Then after the chat, we had an announcement from the coordinator that students from all the 4 colleges must get inside the hall for the PPT right now (8:30 am). We bid goodbye and of course ‘All the very best ’.
We gather there one by one – Seeing the faces of our friends (Now am talking about my college mates)….Some very confident, some confused, some very frustrated….But believe it I wasn’t frustrated at all the first day. One big reason is that all the others had gone for some “ PLACEMENT TRAINING ” ( The most recent trend to make BIG fast money, of course next to opening a Xerox shop at SRM :)) , Start up a placement training institution.)They were told too much than what is necessary for a fresher to appear for the interview to know.
So we all sat down in the seats waiting for them to give us a talk. It crossed 8:40…Okie…we can still be calm and quiet staring at the EMPTY STAGE.. 8:50….Hm….9:00 …Hey where are those guys?!! Will they ever turn up and let us go write the written exam? Ok..Finally after 9 there was this COOL GUY who dint appear too cool with appearance…But naama looks’ku avlo importance kudukradhillala!(Neglectum panidradhilla ;) ….) Ok , so he started telling us about how the company was established and how they work, their developments, their achievements, BLAH!! BLAH!!….But he presented it so well and it was too appealing, I could not miss listening. He was cool and guess what, he is an alumni of our college!! Sollava venum- naan COOLunapiye nenachaen :P
Then we wrote our test…hahaha. Soooper comedy!! The guy who sat next to me was from Mech Dept of our college. There is a general impression that these guys have Attitude(Problem). Other than my school friends who are now doing Mech engineering, I don’t have any friend from this dept in my college. Our friend was very friendly, and he asked me if I could help him in answering the questions. Namakku sema sirippu vandhruchu….I laughed out and then understood he is asking me seriously . I said “ Am not sure about how am going to write the test. Am neither going to cover my answer sheet. Without getting into trouble and if you wish to risk You can look at my answers.I don’t mind.” He said “That’s cool, I will copy what ever you write in the technical and Verbal section” … :O ADA PAVEE!! We all came out…Our friend said thank you for the help. If if we both get into this company I will make sure I help you at tough time : ))
Then me and three other friends we left to the canteen and crescent canteen nalla irundhahdu..Saapadu..NO COMMENTS!! Namma college food supera irukkum.
We waited in the canteen for about say …..So many hours…Met some old friends there, and made MANY new friends. Konja nerathula tension adhigama aagi THALA VALI aramichuduchu!! So went for a Kutty walk to get some fresh air. Enga paaru DOOM shape indha campus’la…Campus full’a Mosque mare irundhadhu…Nalla irundhuchu!
Appalika.. Then later at around 7 we were asked to assemble at the Auditorium for the announcement of the short listed candidates. The HERD again moved there, this time me and my OTHER buddy occupied the 3rd row from the LAST! Morning 3rd from the first :D ….. Oru Munjaakradha dhaan! ;) Then they read the names of the other 3 colleges and they were asked to leave the hall. Kadasiya nama kaloori…as the list was Toooooooooooooo Lo…..ng!! Amongst my class mates …many were not read. Enn pera as usual KOLAI panni padichaanga!!! Me and the other BUDDY were immensely happy!! But many of our class mates were not selected for the next level. So we left the hall as quick as possible to avoid any embarrassments for others. Appa had been waiting near the gate. As soon as I got inside the car looked at appa’s face…He dint trouble me with the Question “ Ennada aachu?” He gave me a SMILE…And I told him the gud news…We reached home. //( For the past 1 week amma had been asking too many questions regarding the placement and the procedure and all. So that day morning I told amma “ Kelvi kekradhu rumba easy ma…. ;) Badhil solradhu evlo kashtam theriyuma ! SO innum oru 1 vaaram edhum kettu enna nogadichraadheengama. Naney solren edhavadhu nalla seidhina! : ) ) // Amma had all the questions in her eyes…She dint ask me anything, I told her I was selected for the next round. She was too happy.

Then the next day we had Technical round and on clearing this they will give us the HR form ( That was the only way for you know , whether you are eligible to attend the next round ‘the HR round’ or not! ) And while I was waiting for my turn to come guess what ….Our friend – the mech Guy..He came with all smiles and said “ The name they read after you is mine.Am IN!” Enn manasukkula ‘Dey Sambar…Pinna enna…Elaam dippi adichala. Obviously neeyum iruppa dhaney!’ Anaal namma “ Oh..Thats cool!! All the very best.” Apdinu solli Bye’d … Then My turn came for the Technical interview..It was indeed DIFFICULT. He dint leave a single topic in my domain and also he asked me to try writing a program in C. I love C programming, but today I had not prepared for C , my domain is not CSE- but told him clearly that I could only give it a try if he says alright. So did he , and I started writing the program. First time…STRIKED IT!! Then tried again and STRIKED IT. By the time the Gentle man asked if he could see. I said “Not yet done sir. Please wait!” Meanwhile he put some other NON programming questions for which I gave satisfactory answers. Then finally I gave him the coding of program. He smiled and said “WELL DONE! But there is a easy way to do this.” And then seeing my resume he asked about the how was the experience singing a Title song for a TV Show. And also noted that I had performed singing on AIR and some local stations. He then said “You will have a fun time at *BLAH BLAH*!” Then he simply handed me my file.. and I wasn’t leaving (Even if I was going to be rejected, I had planned to ask him what should I work on and improve about my performance - so that i know what i must do/not do).I asked “Yes Sir?” Then he said “Open your file and see... :) ”
Me openings of the files … “ :O HR form !!!” WOW Cool…… I gathered that, this particular panel did not give out many of this form- they preferred to keep it and filter much at this level itself. So I was immensely happy, that I wasn’t rejected. Then I filled it up and left for the HR interview. My HR was a middle aged lady. She looked very professional. She too KILLED my name and said follow me….She asked me all general questions, and some very interesting questions were
“I see you had won District level Matches, and many other sport events.Why have you stopped all your sports activity Now?”
“ How would you manage Stress at work?” and gave her a cool answer for which she really seemed impressed and said “ Impressive !!” Another was “Why do you think BLAHBLAH should Hire you ?” Then another was “What do you expect from our company once you enter?”..Finally she said “ It was very Nice talking to you !”
These were really interesting questions she asked.
Then the final judement at 7’pm. We gathered in the hall. The list was very small today. And HURRAY!! My name was read. And also very few of my class mates. Then our officer asked if we could volunteer to help for the remaining companies, and few of us gave our names. I seriously wanted to volunteer -for 2 reasons , one-many of my class mates had not made it into this First company that came for the placement. So I wanted to be there with them for the remaining, motivate them and make sure they are in good Tempo. Two – Now that my struggle is over, it would be very nice and satisfying to help others .The next 2 days a very small number of us turned up and we helped the others. This day was really special, while I was waiting for the results along with my class mates and other friends I received a call “ You have won a couple ticket for SUPERMAN returns!!” :O Namkkum theatrekum rombaaaaaaaa dhooram. So I said “ Alright! Thanku!”

To be placed in the first campus placement- in the first company- and in the first appearance for a placement is indeed a great feeling. And while I read this in many bloggers tag, I dint realize it. But now I do!! It is a great feeling.

Trying not to be selfish ...took up this responsibility.
I made a lot of friends today, more about that later in my future posts (Made another Mechanical Dept friend).
And many of them whom I hadn’t met in the campus started calling me “Maim” Which was really ANNOYING. I had to tell many of these friends “ Don’t call me Maim … Am also a 3rd yr to 4th year student. Am here to volunteer and help the recruiters. : ) Chill!! ” And one of the MCA guy said “ You were too professional and very helping, motivating all of us who were to enter the room- you are in charge of. You had also been helping in boosting our confidence on how to face the interview, So I thought you have to be from this company.” At MCA guy - “ Students can also be Helping and motivating!!” It was a great day!!! Past three days were awesome!! The Hr from this company asked me if I was planning to do higher studies. I said , not right now! He then asked me “Why din’t you apply then?” HAHAHA “ Sir…Are you aware that the VERY few of us here volunteering and helping you guys today are all already placed in the first company that came to recruit?” He went “Aw!!!! We have missed you guys… You were all awesome today! Wonder how we weren’t given the first day! Any ways, it’s been great having you here helping us. It went on very smooth. Your arrangements and how you helped in organizing were cool- you are too good like our employee. Hope to see you soon. All the best for your future at BLAH BLAH!!” Then we exchanged numbers and left.

Past 3 days, I hardly slept. At night, I couldn’t sleep and when I really wanted to sleep I had to getup and leave to the college. So tonight and tomorrow ( till atleast 8am ) I will SNORE!!!! See you people!! Bye......

NOTE: Although I won free tickets for the most awaited movie – SUPERMAN RETURNS! I did not watch the movie. I spent my whole day at campus helping our placement off icer and other friends…. And it was for good. Quiet a number of the new friends and old friends are now placed in the second company! HAPPY FOR THEM TOO! So yaaru return ana yenna….

Today (9th June- one of my school buddy sent this link ..Soopera irundhuchu. Kanla elaam thanni .... )


Life is a Big ?
Neelamana post pathi pulambum thoZhar thoZhiyar keezha irukkum Tips mattum pathutu vethalai vaangikalaam Nalla Kadhai- Miss panreenga ;)...Matra Porumai saaligal...Thodarungal adutha varilerndhu.Poruthaar Boomi aazhvaar!
Hm…Amaam. Life is a big mystery, isn’t it? . We never know what has happened for what reason…We never know why this is happening …We never know what is waiting and why it should happen…Is it for good or Bad???
Many such questions arise when we think about life. I read this while I was trying to spend an evening with my MP3 and THIS book .
There is this story. In heaven there is this parallel mountain to the Himalayas. And we call a king Chakravarthi/Chakaravartin if he is accepted as the superior when his golden Chariot- Ratha ,Very valuable, with beautiful and really strong Horses is allowed to pass through the other kingdom. If the other king feels he is no way inferior to this king he could interrupt this chariot .The chariot would move around through all the other kingdoms, and whenever people obstructed the chariot then there would be WAR.This way once in a thousand years will may/may not be a Charavarthi. So coming back to the mountain….That mountain in the heaven is called the Sumeru.Sumeru means the ultimate mountain , nothing can be higher that that.It is solid gold, instead of rocks there are diamonds,rubies and emeralds. Once one such great King became a Chakravarthi. Whenever the Chrakravarthi dies he is led to the Sumeru mountain to engrave his name on it. SO our king was so excited that he got this very very rare opportunity-To engrave his name on the sumeru mountain, the ultimate catalog of all the great ones that have been. The gatekeeper gave him instructions to engrave his name on the Sumeru. The Chakravarthi, he wanted to take some of his men with him who had committed suicide just because their emperor was dying – they could not think of living without him. His Wife ( Remember this happened so many thousands of years ago…SO yes HIS WIFE !!) , His PM, His commander in chief and some of his loyal servants so they had all come with him. But the gate keeper said “ No sir. First you go inside , engrave your name and then if you really insist you could take them all later. Listen to my advice, because this is an inherited profession.For centuries our family had been the gate keeper” Our Chakravarthi accepted this deal for it sounded fair.

He went and saw the sumeru shining under thousands of sun for the heaven is so rich it had not just one sun. He could not open his eyes for a moment, it was so glaring there. And then he started looking for a site – the best spot to engrave his name, he was very much puzzled-he could not believe his own eyes and for the first time he became aware of what he was. There was No space!! Every single inch had a chakravarthi’s name engraved. He was very disappointed ,for himself and his people outside were under the impression that he is the greates man- the chakravarthi that happens once in 1000 yrs.So he now realized why the Gatekeeper insisted he should go alone first- for his people are under the impression that he has become the hakravarthi and may be the first or in the top 10 . The King came outside and told the gatekeeper “There is no Space!! The entire mountain is filled will names. It is shocking. What do I do??”
The Gatekeeper said ”That’s what I was telling you. History is eternal, infinite! You did not expect too many Chakravarthis. Did you? You have to erase few names and then engrave your’s there. That’s what was being done, my whole life I have been seeing this doney father used to say this was being done.” Then the King sadi “ Oh…then I don’t want to write my name and I don’t want to take them all inside. Whats the point?- Someday some one will come and earse it.My whole life has become utterly meaningless.This was my only hope, that Sumeru,the golden mountain was going to have my name.For this I have lived,for this I have staked my life; for this I was ready to kill the whole world.And anybodyelse can erase it. Am not writing my name then”
The gate keeper once again laughed and said “This is strange, because this too I have been hearing from my grandfathers- Chakravarthis come here, hear the whole story and just leave not writing their names on Sumeru. You are not new: anybody having a little intelligence would do the same”
Many of us are like this chakravarthi. It may not be the wars or chariot that are the similarities between us and him. But what do we all gain from this world. When we leave what do we take with us – the money? The power? The name, prestige, responsibility?? The Scholarship?? We cannot take any of these. Everything will have to be drooped here..even your love.And in that moment we will understand that all that we possessedwas not ours.The very idea of possession was wrong.And because of that possession we were corrupted. To increase our possession we lie, we pretend, we were dishonest, having many faces, had been faking. Because these are the things that help us succeed in this competitive world. SO finally who are we?? This whole possessiveness becomes our identity. We lose the SELF!! It gives a false sense of being.That’s Ego!!
And in life many times we face darkness and what do we all do…Think about how can we remove Drakness? But we do not realize that DARKNESS does not exist…Only light exists. Put off the light- darkness is there , put the light on – darkness is not there. So think about how you can turn the light ON! Don’t think about darkness. It will make you feel defeated. How can you be defeated by something that has no Existence. Only the light Exist. In the absence of light – darkness is there. But make sure the light is never OFF!!

That’s all for now Folks!!! Remember- concentrate in turning the LIGHT ON and having it ON forever!! Don’t think about darkness……
Tips on living a life that really is worth living and to say with Pride ‘You lived it.’

*Live your life for yourself and so it would make others live their life. But do not harm any1 in the process!
* Live everyday like you never have a tomorrow
*Do not fake! Do not do things that you don’t feel like doing, that you feel may not be nice, may not be correct, ,may not be appropriate.
* Do only those that you feel is right in life.
* Never Ditch or Betray!! May be you could get promoted or graded more. But in life You are an ultimate LOZER! Do not ditch…..It is the worst.
To betray is like killing a hundred Elephants for Trust is not made easily and the trustee is not going to be easy at handling Betrayal.
* If you feel someone is not correct and is trying to harm you indirectly, then don’t ever put a fake smile and speak. Instead don’t speak !!
* Never hurt some one who does not deserve it, do not take a persons soft/kind nature for granted. The person may speak to you again, but remember you are a sinner, he had been so patient and great to excuse you, forgive you! To be forgiven is a great feeling of relief but to forgive is the greatest of all!!! You have made him Great!!
* Do not hesitate to apologise or show love. If you see this begger in the street who seems very calm and there is a small voice inside asking you to help him….Just DO IT!! Do not hesitate where what or with whom you are or even with what you help.
*In short, don’t do any deed that could make you feel what our Chakravarthy had felt at the gates “. Whats the point?- Someday some one will come and earse it.My whole life has become utterly meaningless.This was my only hope, that Sumeru,the golden mountain was going to have my name.For this I have lived,for this I have staked my life; for this I was ready to kill the whole world.” Just be good!! And here is a punch line “ Love your people like you will never have another day with them.” Most of the times people who fall in love and get married are the worst. Their Marriage would turnout to be a disaster….Why because they change so much after marriage and their EGO stands first than anything else.Both men and women. But especially women, how many of the Men after their marriage live with that GIRL whom they fell in love with??!! Although physically it’s the same body. But how many change so much that you cannot believe “Idhudhaana andha ponnu?”(Is this that girl??) ……
*Forget and forgive!!
Live Your life! Live it - like you may never have a tommorow


Tagged by Senthil #Exams are over! - Am officially completing the Pre final yr!

Hello my dear friends,
Its been so long since i logged in here. Finally the doctors are back on duty and my Exams are over. The first exam was my nightmare, and the last one was so good that am expecting a 100 for i got full internals in that subject and the paper too was very good. This time the strangest thing was that i had been dreaming my own inventions- derivations, equations, circuits which were too absurd but i kept working out those in my dream and right before my alarm rang i realized it was all just dream(Most of them were relevnt to t subject :( to confuse me alot!!). This had never happened to me, may be the dream would be like am in the exam hall- questions were ok, or me crying seeing the questions, or something stupid like that. But this time it was too wierd ;) And i fell sick the day before the Bio medical and unbelievably it was the best paper i ever wrote . And finally, Thanks to Senthil for the tag. I have been tagged by Senthil , and am sorry for posting it this late ........ Here it goes,

1.Grab the book nearest to you, turn on page 18 and find line 4. Ans. But when they were alone they talked about nothing else.”When do you suppose we could go up the Faraway tree?”Fanny kept asking.
2.Stretch your left arm out as far as you can.& catch air? Ans. Kaathu dhaan irukku…It’s the window.
3. What is the last thing you watched on TV? Ans. SUPER SINGER !!
4. Without looking, guess what time it is? Ans. 2:00
5. Now look at the clock, what is the actual time? Ans. 1:39 (Just 1??!!)
6. With the exception of the computer, what can you hear? Ans. The Dog’s Bark from the streets
7.When did you last step outside? What were you doing? Ans. Yesterday…To write the last Exam of this SEM… We are no more the PRE FINAL YEARs!!
8.Before you started this survey, what did you look at? Ans. Looked at the beautiful sky while i was climbing up the stairs.
9.What are you wearing? Ans. Lungi & munda baniyan with one Suruttu in my mouth’NU SONNA NAMBIDAVA POREENGA :P … Irundhalum, Salwar- plain Blue colour.
10.When did you last laugh? Ans. While Me & Mom recollected - the SAME gesture we both made on seeing an old friend who looked like a total freak now!! (We very well managed to hide this feeling while she was here. All these happened only after we sent her off. Can people change totally upside down after entering into college(in Bombay)??!!! And look very stupid calling it TREND?? Funny!!)
11.What is on the walls of the room you are in? Ans. May be a little dust and a calendar hanging
12.Seen anything weird lately? Ans. Yeah…..That old friend I had mentioned about :D
13.What do you think of this quiz? Ans. Interesting- Its like am writing my personal diary again tonight!
14.What is the last film you saw? Ans. Sindbad – the Animated version. And if u r asking abt the recent one – The Series of unfortunate events.
15. If you became a multimillionaire overnight, what would you buy?
Ans. If I could… That would be Bill gates and an age converting machine. So that I could bring him back to his early 20’s and ……… HEHEHE. No you silly!! I would just buy him so that we could work together and do more service to the society –Internationally.
16.Tell me something about you that I dunno
Ans. I like Tall Men :P - Kidding! Hm…… U better not! :D Appodhaan adhu Theriyadhadha irukkum
17.If you could change one thing about the world, regardless of guilt or politics, what would you do?
It would be the world itself.
18.Do u like to Dance Ans.With? :P .......Hm...
19. Imagine your first child is a girl, what do you call her? Ans.I need to think…Not alone ;)
20 Imagine your first child is a boy, what do you call her? Ans. DITTO!!
21.Would you ever consider living abroad? Ans. For a short period/occassionally -YES! But not too long…
22.What do you want GOD to say to you when you reach the pearly gates? Ans. Oh finally you are here. Now I shall retire for you are here to take my position! :D

I welcome anyone and everyone to takeup this tag....and i would love to read it!! After Inba thunbam Tag this is one that i did enjoy writing!

Will soon write another interesting post may be like the Chicki post :P ....FEAR NOT!!


Doctors go on Strike!!?? What the….!!

Recently there had been lots of commotion for they have finally announced the OBC quota… Do some people ever realize the significance of the word Quota??? Leave all that aside…Am not Communal. And am against the whole idea…
Well I just have few Questions,

1) Are the doctors not life savers?? Some ppl even consider them next to GOD…B’coz they Save lives (Not bothered that they also take the Avatar as YAMA DHARMA too). If they were so irresponsible to go on strike leaving hundreds of Dying patients Unattended. Is this what THE SO CALLED RESPONSIBLE PEOPLE DO?? And the most painful problem one can ever have is Breathing problem . You actually won’t have any pain in particular spot- that can hurt or be explained but you would undergo something terrible, and you won’t dye because of it. You just have to suffer if not given proper medical attention. Just imagine you being tied up to a heavy object and thrown into the sea….It would be worse than that am sure!! In the NDTV report while they were showing the video’s this young girl struggling to breathe- it was the most painful sight ever!! These M_R_N’s know the danger of the disease and they know the pain every patient undergoes, but still for their own issues they would punish these innocent people is it?? L_S_RS!!! What education did they get, that do not even make them realize the CRUELTY they do to the innocent!! Are they the real people to whom we must vest our TRUST, RESPECT and DEVOTION??? Never….These people who are out(even some grown up’s other than Students who are on strike not treating the patientsand who has forgotten their duty….) are the most cruel existence on earth.

They have No right to speak about whatever C quota!! For a person to have or speak about the C/ C quota’s they must all first be Human beings. And for that they must have atleast the BASIC HUMAN(E) qualities- which definitely these G_ _ Fs don’t have , they have no right to speak about the issue!!
And the punch was when this To become a Doc spoke to the media after the LathiCharge! “ They cannot treat us this way and Hurt us just to make us disperse.This is very cruel! “
And I was like “ What the HELL!!! Who speaks about what!! While you knowingly can let someone suffer in pain, let a dying patient cry in pain, leave a girl to suffocate……. What do you speak/know about HURT!!! While you all did something for the police to charge on you(or may be not..) what did those innocent people,rather patients do to Suffer this way and undergo all these???

Is it not a duty of the responsible Doctor to save life??
2)What are the SFI, AISFI…Whatever more…doing now?? Well, are you interested only in those strikes that involve some Fireworks??( for burning down Campus)

The comments page is very much open to all...


I WISH ... ...
You may have stopped here while you were doing your work, or while u just replied to the most awaited mail, or while you were being told by your boss to do JUST THE WORK, or while in the meeting you just heard that the dead line is too near or while you were pissed off with the day or while you were cursing yourself for you failed to do something you had promised or while you were simply searching for a space in the internet that could eat up your time and quench the thirst of your soul…..Well here I take you for a little jolly good ride. You sit back and enjoy the ride while I drive you through………But please wear this Creative seat belt that do not let you not be creative. Ready to go??

Ok now! I want you to forget all that happened today , yesterday or this week that had really been bugging you. Forget everything and imagine you in your most comfortable place for the little baby is going to fall asleep LITERALLY. Are you asleep? Yes? Ok dear now….You are sleeping with a wonderfull smile on your face.And Zzzzz….you slept really well like a just born baby. Now you get up to see that amma is here standing next to you and waiting for you to rise. Ah….You get up to see you are in the most dreamt room of yours which is totally in your way with your favourite wall poster, wonderful sunlight falling on your face and you blossom to say GOOD MORNING Ma!And KISS amma…ETHANA NAAL ACHU/ ESHTU DHIVASA AAYITHU!! / ETHRA DHIVASA KAZHINJU!! / KITHNI DHIN PHAR!!…/ SORRY IF I am WRONG :D
And amma(Mom) gives you the most wonderfull tea/Cofee/Milk/whatever.. and Psr..WOW! Its been so many days since you tasted such a wonderful drink. Then you get out of your bed and come to the window with your drink ….Look out! What a beautiful sight! A lake and so many Swans …..Right adjacent to it is this really huge tree with the your favourite swing…You go down to the swing to see lots of Butterflies trying to have their morning drink served by your garden flowers….Yellow, Pink, Orange were their colours. You sit in the swing and start swinging….The gentle morning breeze gently brushes you and you feel the freshness in its wonderfull aroma.Eventually amma turn on your favourite music and you swing faster than ever and you feel the breeze being more gentle. Then at some farther distance you see some very familiar face..The face you had been longing to see for a very long time.And yes its that very special person ….To hear her/him {WHATEVER :D } call out your name you jump out of the swing and run to get the most wonderful hug you had ever given someone.

Then amma calls you both for a wonderfull breakfast. You both go inside and have your breakfast chatting. You both go out for the walk that you had not had for a long time. You hold hands like how you used to those days ( Kindergarden days/Childhood days/ Schooldays /College days). You both chat about everything you wanted to talk about. Then to find that bits just the age that has changed and your dear one is still the same 101% You both spend a whole day together and around the evening your friend leaves you and you depart. Then you go for a small walk and you happen to see the very wonderful bunch of kids singing and having a fun time. This very young lady asks you for a little help…To look after the children for few minutes so that she could make a call. And while you are hesitating, the sweet little kid from there come up to you and pulls you there for their company. You go play with them and have real fun and cherish every moment with those LITTLE ANGELS. And then you leave them with the lady and take leave…
And start walking…It is almost the night. And you hear this very sweet voice singing – melancholy . It starts to drizzle and enjoy the rain and walk back home along the lake side, enjoying the ripples in the lake and the very gentle sound of the rain and the smell of wet earth. And there at the door you see Mom , Dad and your loving sibling sitting and waiting for the coffee together…You run there to drink it hot while you are wet and amma is drying your hair , siblings teasing you……….
What a DAY!! I wish I have a day like that , where you see ,smell ,eat ,meet , talk, chat, walk, play the nicest ones. And Live the PERFECT DAY of your life!!! We all wish for a day like that! I wish!….. I came up with this idea the day I had thought so much about bad people I have met in life, bad things that happened, and about FAKERS and totally spoiled my mood - I really was so damn mood out! And whoosh! It was like I had fresh cream!!! Hope you too did…..Enjoy the feast! I wish you, me, we all get a day like that before we leave!!! A day in your life that is just for you and your loved ones. I wish…….

PS: Picture on top- was taken by me MARUTHAM ,while i was enjoying this Vision!!


I dedicate this post to All those who are staying away from family and especially for those who are {Single} Studying, working, Studying and Working.

The recent few days I happen to meet a number of friends who have been staying away from family.To stay in a new place with totally new strange people and share room with them and live Sharing and caring. Adjust to the totally annoying food system, sleeping routine, new teachers/Boss/ co-workers. Especially those who do a part time Job and do their studies..It really is a tough time for them. And those who do not like the new place and are very irritated with the Culture there. And most of all the Boys easily get adjusted, they are very understanding and adopt quickly and infact they are amiable and quicker in realizing the FACT than girls/us! Some Girls – may be a little not so co-operative. They generally expect things/people to be the way they want it to be –some say it’s the best for them. Some are my class friends, I had been with them for the times they really missed Mom or Dad.

And I could not compensate, but just let them know am there no matter what. I remember my very egoistic friend from the north, She would never expose that she is Hurt or even Sad in the early days of college. I remember the occasion when she had lost her Lab shoe and was crying….We are just a handful of girls in our class and we were all just friends. Not too close. We tried to console her, but our sweety started yelling at all of us “ Its lost ..ok! And I donno where I lost it! It was just here when we all left to the canteen….What do I do? Where do I look for?” Unlike for us, her Dad got her the most expensive Leather shoes for he knew she will be feeling lonely and has to stay away from them. It was just a Shoe but some one got it for her with lot of love and she wouldn’t feel too good to lose it the same week. But then we told her it was ok…We could get some shoe for the lab – A cheap one and did get her one for 150Rs. It was some strange shop at T.Nagar we found for her and she wasn’t standing outside the Workshop(Thats the Punishment if u dont wear The shoes and come ) the next week. Her yelling really annoyed all of us! It is obvious isn’t it? When we are trying to help her out she starts yelling…Then who would be there around?? And It was that day I saw her eyes, Totally lost- helpless, insecure feeling and lot of frustration…It was then I decided to move close to this lady.And now we are great friends and she shares all her feeling with me and another girl. We 3 have a very good chemistry. When ever I see her feel homesick I just won’t know how I could handle something like that…I just cant bear Imagining.We had always been very cautious not to let her think too much about home. That’s the best we 2 could do.And the problem with our lady is She is very Arrogant (Sorry dear!), Non co-operative, adamant, Sometime very Rude too.

There was one occasion when she got so furious for one of the staff making a comment about her Notes…And it was that day we had to tell her…” Not every one is family or even understanding. You have moved away from home to a new place where people are different and culture too. What is so cool in the North may not be really acceptable in the south. And there is no one to complain. If things do not happen the way you want them to be then just let things go in its way and just watch. Because sometimes when things go out of hand it is better to observe where it really is taking us. And later to find that this way was also not that bad it would be a new experience.” And now she is more matured and a very little bit adjustable and is growing polite too. She is very different now. And we ourselves cannot believe this is that person who yelled at us for HER losing HER shoes.

And in the recent days there seem to be a lot of Girls talk between the three of us. May be not exactly..am just a listener and once in a while I tease and pull my friends back to Reality..Donno what has got into these girls suddenly .........so much of Girls talk…SO MUCH! And at times I really had to search for my Friends inside them , they totally get lost and I see just two teenage girls going crazy over JUNKS. In the recent day they find it fun provoking me by teasing me with every guy who comes up and talk to me. Mostly it would be my classmates who are not very friendly to the other girls. All these are tolerable, but when there is any guy standing outside in the corridor just looking inside the class or some at us and when ever they ask…”Marudhu, look there! Interested?? “ And Er… What are they asking- ” Not my Type dear! Now shut up and back to the Bio-medical instruments!! This patient almost died in your note…Look u have locked him in the Chamber and blew up his lung!!” And it’s this period they have the utmost fun. The bio-medical hour. This teacher is very friendly with me and for anything she would ask my note. And every time she comes down to my note my heart beat goes rapid fast for only I know what funny things these 2 had done in my note during the lecture. Will soon scan some of my class notes where my 2 Naughty friends have practiced their Cartoon art in some of the Specimens under study!! FUNNY DOGS!! (Er.....Am picking up this slang after watching KHNH-Stop it marudhu! Stop !)

We have got a beautifull lawn in our campus and at times we go to the park in the central college. And there we have an entirely different FUN time, which I would share with you all real soon. Now am in the study hols for the Semester exams, and I have already started missing my 2 funny dogs and other friends, Batch mates, class room funs, Canteen chats, Long walks we have had….. :( MISS'em. Just an year left
#Ok...Getting back to the dedication part,
So I very well know the hardships in staying away from home, family, Not that I have undergone all that but that I literally am stuck with my family so I really know how it would be to stay away. I have hardly been away from them except for the times I had been to My Aunts(Chithi’s) place @ mysore. I would start crying the moment I get to think about home. Those of you staying away from family,
GREAT GOING PPL!! This post is specially dedicated to you guys!!

PS: I saw KHNH very recently. Great Movie.I myself am too late, If you have not seen it yet - Do see! A great Work from the Chopra's! The Pic on top is from one of the scenes i liked. The movie was so Good & touching that in 3 different scenes i went crying even without my Notice...And to realize am in Tears! I Felt" Damn! Its just a movie...Y cry! Calm down "


PON(50th) POST !!!
Idhellam remba over!!! I dont believe i have posted 50 post in 6-7 months..
And i thought with this post i would make my dear friends LAUGH!! Got it thro Mail...I share it with you here.....
I hope this don't EAT up chikii from the page...(I Don't want chikki post to disappear from this page )
And btw, The other day when i asked amma if there were any post AMMA & APPA gave a smile and said go check it yourself......I went running to the Post box and opened it...Guess what?? There were two kutty EGGS! (I said WOW CUTE'ais) Too small...Coloured eggs! WOW!!!!Must be some of the VERY CUTE WILD BIRDS that i see everyday in our garden. And i came back to amma appa and shared the excitement.WONDER HOW THE BIRD THOUGHT OF THE POST BOX?? And amma appa said.." May be it must have read your chicki post ! Hi I have taken a big risk and here I am with you... And thought ,this would be safest place to start a family :P " :O Appadiyaa!!!! MAY BE! Ok if that be the case we all will provide a happy home for it.We have planned to put a temporary postbox for the ACTUAL Paper posts(No EGG posts :P) Have told our driver, Servent maid and Postman not to disturb the ACTUAL post box...After all thats is the maximum we can do...
Customer care in 2020

Operator : "Thank you for calling Pizza Hut . May I have your..."
Customer: "Heloo, can I order.."
Operator : "Can I have your multi purpose card number first, Sir?"
Customer: "It's eh..., hold..........on......889861356102049998-45-54610"
Operator : "OK... you're... Mr Singh and you're calling from 17 Jalan Kayu. Your home number is 4094! 2366, your office 76452302 and your mobile is 0142662566. Which number are you calling from now Sir?"
Customer: "Home! How did you get all my phone numbers?
Operator : "We are connected to the system Sir"
Customer: "May I order your Seafood Pizza..."
Operator : "That's not a good idea Sir"
Customer: "How come?"
Operator : "According to your medical records, you have high blood pressure and even higher cholesterol level Sir"
Customer: "What?... What do you recommend then?"
Operator : "Try our Low Fat Hokkien Mee Pizza. You'll like it"
Customer: "How do you know for sure?"
Operator : "You borrowed a book entitled "Popular Hokkien Dishes" from the National Library last week Sir"
Customer: "OK I give up... Give me three family size ones then, how much will that cost?"
Operator : "That should be enough for your family of 10, Sir. The total is $49.99"
Customer: "Can I pay by! credit card?"
Operator : "I'm afraid you have to pay us cash, Sir. Your credit card is over the limit and you owe your bank $3,720.55 since October last year. That's not including the late payment charges on your housing loan, Sir."
Customer: "I guess I have to run to the neighbourhood ATM and withdraw some cash before your guy arrives"
Operator : "You can't Sir. Based on the records, you've reached your daily limit on machine withdrawal today"
Customer: "Never mind just send the pizzas, I'll have the cash ready. How long is it gonna take anyway?"
Operator : "About 45 minutes Sir, but if you can't wait you can always come and collect it on your motorcycle..."
Customer: " What!"
Operator : "According to the details in system ,you own a Scooter,...registration number 1123..."
Customer: " ????"
Operator : "Is there anything else Sir?"
Customer: "Nothing... by the way... aren't you giving me that 3 free bottles of cola as advertised?"
Operator : "We normally would Sir, but based on your records you're also diabetic....... "
Customer: #$$^%&$@$% ^
Operator : "Better watch your language Sir. Remember on 15th July 1987 you were convicted of using abusive language on a policeman...?"
Customer: [Faints]

Now you dont Faint ...This is just a forward.Our 2020 will be much worse :P HAHAHA!!!
PS: My brother & his family will be here by tonight*.And day after tommorow My MODEL EXAMS start...GOD knows how am gonna write....Things haven't been too good in college.Somesomething seems to be happening around me...Unless things come to my notice STRAIGHT am gonna be QUIET ,observing...... :) Am finding it very hard -NOT TO BEHAVE INDIFFERENT Hope things get better! LOVE YOU ALL MY FRIENDS!! * This could help me a bit :D SURE! But not with the Models :))


Am Tagging you for the First time!

So many people have been Tagging others...So now i decided to BACK FIRE.
Am Tagging on...INBHA THUNBAM
Which means Pleasurefull pains!
I TAG…See the bottom of the post.
You have to tell atleast one ...
Here it goes.
For me it would be...
The college bus Travel.
First 2 years i had been coming to college every day in our college bus.BUS.No: 155....Miss u 155! Now I don’t go by college Bus.
Our driver was a very friendly guy. We all call him Anna!All the years till I joined college my school(s) were at walkable distance from our house. I had hardly traveled(Walked) for 5 minutes to reach the school. But the college wasn’t in the city limit. I had to take the college bus. First day it was so Scared! The tension that am traveling in a bus where everyone is a stranger , about the Ragging, about the new institution( After school, for every student entering into college would be like how a cow would feel when his shepherd open the gates and let it go FREE! Although the cow feels there aren’t anyone to control, watch for, or guide only in the path he wishes and it is totally FREE now, this freedom could fear the cow. For it does not know how the new OUTSIDE world would be. Will there be lot of Predators, Foxes, Cute bunnies, and Friendly elephants, Loyal Dogs or hungry Beasts?? However it has to go forward and move on b’coz ther isn’t any comforting controlling hands to protect.) That is what it was like, for me. I dint quite find it difficult in tackling with the so very friendly and Not very friendly and Playful seniors. We did make some good friends. Then I did find some very sweet friends in my bus and we grew very well as friends. The closest circle was Madhu,Madhu2,Krishna,Prasanna,Sidhu,lux, lachu,Valli,….many more. But myself Madhu and another friend- we three had a strong bond.One reason for Madhu and I being so close could be that Madhu was very much like how My brother was in his young age. That is, the way we interacted, and also for some ‘not explainable coz I don’t know reasons’. We did have a very strong bond! For madhu it was customary to sleep in the bus either while coming to Cols or while leaving to home.

I rarely used to sleep in the evenings while coming back because I hardly would take my eyes OFF the window that is because I had hardly traveled so much or putting it this way seen the CITY though I had been living in Chennai from my birth... But madhu use to FALL asleep..and sometimes really FALL OFF/SLIDE OFF.We always used to sit together and I had pleasure in pulling her my side and allowing her to rest her head on my shoulders to enjoy the sleep. And for madhu too it was a sweet moment to getup and see that she had a shoulder to rest in. I also cannot forget the days we used to play-fight for the WINDOW Seat and madhu used to joke to the other friend” Eyy..Vidu da Marudhuvey window seat’la ukartum Ipovadhu avalukku madras epdi irukkumnu theriyattum! Nee paruda :P” And some days we used to talk about issues. Mostly it was about parents-child’s rela tionships,Friends,My lecturers,The class room Fun, criticize about the criticizing teachers, Class mates stupid talks,proposals, opposites(Attracting/non attracting opposites) and lots…Though we had a lot of DIFFERENCE OF OPINIONS. Those were the days I would never forget….And especially during Exam times. We used to be so tired for we getup at 4/5 and travel for more than 2 hours TO & FRO.And we would decide that one of us would try reading till KATHIPARA JN and others wud sleep and she would goto sleep at KATHIPARA JN, and finally all of us would getup at ADYAR! :P We would just laugh and go home.Those nights I had stayed awake till 3 in the morning and I rembr I used ANNA’s room and at 3 would callup other friends and I would goto sleep till 4:30. Those were INBAMANA THUNBANGAL! Often Krishna and prassanna would get into the Bus and get down at AIRPORT to have their DAY OUT and get back to college at 4 and we would all be shocked to see them and ask” Enna rendu perum oor sutha polaya? “ And they say “Poitu ippo dhaan collegeku vandhom , Bus’ku kaasu katirukomla!! “ ====Ada Pavigala!! Padikkavum Dhaanda!!
Now it is your turn.
You tell one such thing in your life that was a
PAINFULL PLEASURE! Please do TAG other friends.It could be their painful pleasure :D

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Vijay ramamurthy
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I Right now have no time to individually visit your page and inform friends.Would do soon…But please take this up sportively!