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Naatla konja nala enanavo nadakudhu…
Adhelaam apala…. Ippo matter enana…
Mokkai1 -- Am going to distribute the tool that was once used(Very Effectively) to keep me from going outside the house. Wondering what ? LOL!!!

When we were small kids and at those time hardly people had computers at their home. And I always wanted to go out & play. Anna used to tell me “ Dey!! Anna will let you play a game of NIBBLES – the snake game, if you would stay home and be a good girl”. And I would go ….” Really …?? :D and stay back to play this game in our (NOW OUTDATED) system. With all smile …I would play this game NON_STOP” Yes, the same game a school goers play in their MOBILE while waiting for the SMS.” So here is the reason why I tell you all these ….. Now I have this game here in my blog page…And
“Anna – u can play it as long as you want , even until your three letter company sends you back here to INDIA, for they will SHUT DOWN!!!” LOLZZ!!! Hahahhaha……
Main Matter—Last week we all celebrated my blog’s birthday party with over 60 comments!! ;) Ok now am listing out the changes in our blogpage which u may have noticed- for those who haven’t.
1) The NIBBLES /SNAKE GAME in the top right- the tool I mentioned in mokkai1 :D All the grownup kids ;) can play this game & have fun!! If you got a super high score……we should know that to celebrate right??
2) CHAT BOX in top rightTo celebrate ur score :P OK also to chat…;) Levae ur messages here for our friends to share & chat
3) That I leave to u to find….. after the 10th guess I will tell what it is….and who
knows by the time you may find it!!!

Ippo innum 2 vishayam unga sindhanaikku….

1) The new LAW- Domestic Violence Act 2005
Do u think it will be used in the right way and if this will reach those women who are in real need of help. In our society family is most important to women & what ever may we speak in the name of rights. A married woman cannot live a normal happy life in this society without her family or husband.
And should we not consider counseling?? After all, when you have decided to bring issues out of the 4 walls, then we have the more dignified legal option – Divorce. Or if you merely want to threaten the person to stop the violence don’t have the HUMAN RIGHTS COMISSION?? I would say this law is a FAMILY BREAKER!! I guess it would still be of some use to the fewer women who are abused. And would be misused by the majority!!! And trust me, men are in big trouble!! There are women like Jeyalakshmi too…
2) The Real Diwali for Matoo's!!
Death sentence for Santhosh Singh, who raped & murdered Priyadarshini Matoo. And here is what is shocking – can u believthat she died in the year 1996.Priya who was then a Law student at the Campus law centre Of Delhi University was raped & strangulated to death on the eveining of JAN 23rd,1996. And all these years this man –santhosh was practicing law. And it was this week he was found guilty for an atrocious crime committed late in the year 1996. So our system was TOO BLIND to let him work for LAW & ORDER who was himself a criminal to be punished. This is not simply a late judgment but shows how dumb & stupid our system is.

Who knows, the judges who are giving judgements today may be found guilty for some crime after 20 years. And then, can we redo all the cases for the period he had given judgments??

Leaving you with this…I take leave now!! … Naan edhuma adhigam pesidalaye…..?? Pesinaalum enna ippo… :P after all neenga elaam enn nanbarhal illaya??

Lets see , how many of us have similar opinion.

Will the Domestic Violence Act (2005) also be misused?
#Yes,some may use it to take revenge or have their man out of the house
#No, i dont think so!
#Definitely not
#It does not reach those who actually need help, for they will not launch complain fear of losing their men.
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Dont forget to leave ur comment....Enna score?? Don't tell me this KID (Neenga dhaan) dint play nibbles!! :)) LOL!!! (If u dint...Something is wrong with u!! :O )


Syam said...

enga innum orutharum kanom...naan thaan first ah...vote potaachu... :-)

Nirek said...

enna ore post-a 5 thadava publish pannitinga?! naan oru thadavai sonnu, athu 5 thadavu sonna mathiriya??
vote potacha?
I didnt like that nibbles games (never liked it)

Anonymous said...

Vote potachu :)
Nice post... very sensible... its a real shame for our judicial system... it took 10 long years to convict one person...but at least I am happy it did...better late than never... Regarding domestic violence law..Though a few may benefit...most will be misusing it :(

Karthik B.S. said...

vote potachu! :)

yeppa innadhu adhu nibbles game... summa suthi suthi kadaisila savuthula muttikitu saavudhu??? Andha paambu uyiroda irundha enakkina, sathu pona enakku inna? :))

Mobile-la kooda naan games ellam aada maaten! :)

kausikram krishnasayee said...

onnum puriyala

Marutham said...

@ Syam,
Chamathu ba.... ;)

Marutham said...


Saar!! Neenga edhavadhu college'la lecturer'a?? Ithanai kelvi kanaya thoduthrukeenga?? HEHEHEH!!! Badhila kooda levi maree potrukeenga? :P //vote potacha?//

Adhu oru small sothappal ....adhan repeat ayduchu.... :D Gavanikkama thoonga poiten! Thanku for letting the world know..."Naan oru dhadava sonna.......repeat agaadhu-Repeat anadha elaam delete paniruvom!! :D "
Btw, nibbles pudikadha...[:O] and NEV'A liked it??????

Doctor- ingey oru patient waiting.... ;)

Marutham said...

Nalla soneenga ponga!! :) Vote potrukeenganu nenakren...SO far yellam orey mari dhan yosiching... :D Nandri!! Nandri...

Marutham said...

Enaaba..... Deepika enama katathukulla velaadrango!! Neenga dhama thoondu box'la oru slug'a ota therilanteengo??! :O Try this.. :)

Move ur mouse around the screen-- u will have 3 invisble letters-
Slug,python & worm i guess...place ur mouse near Slug & click...Then use ur arrow keys '<''>''^'[Down] Move it so that it touches the flickering flower(like)... Then one more will appear move ur slug using arrow and eat tat one...and goes on.. Dont hit the corner walls.... [b] Oru game'avadhu veladi parunga..illati [i]WASHTUU[/i] :D ...[/b]
GOod luck!!

Marutham said...

HEHEHE>... Kezzha potruka post padichrundha purijurukkum... :P Have brought it up..ippo puriyalaam... ;) Vote matumavadhu puriyanum!! Purinjings??

Jagan said...

no votes ..no games ..and now u better get back to studies :-)

Anonymous said...


late'a vandhalum latest'a vanthutom'la... correct'aana topic'ku thaan naan inga vandhu irukken..

Domestic violence: sindhika vendiya topic... niraiya pengal ippo ellam pen viduthalaingira per'la aadaatha aatam aaduraanga... i am a feminist myself.. aanalum sila unmaigala othuka thaan vendum... Divorce is not an answer to anything and everything... aana ippo appadithaan irukku... husband kurattai viduraannu kooda divorce kekuraangappa... same holds for men too..

unmaiya domestic violence athigama nadakurathu romba thaazhthappata group'la thaan.. road'la izhuthu pottu adikirathu ellam ange thaan nadakkum... aana avangalukku raman aanda enna ravanan aanda enna.. ennakku adutha velai sooru thaan mukiyam ... ithu act 2006 enna ACT 2025 vandha kooda no use..!!

Priyadharsini case: oru thappu pannitaanga... keduthavanukku un bailable life sentence'sum... thanoda pathaviya use panni... ithai maraichu kaapaathi... ivanukku kalyanam panni vechane ivan appan avanukku death sentencesum kodutha... pathaviya thusprayogam panravanukkum bayam varum..!!

ivanukkum ponna koduthu peran pethi eduthaane avana sollanum!!!

mathabadi... eppavume kannai kattikittu kurudiyaave illaama appappo namma needhi thevathai ippadi kannai thirakkuthennu oru aaruthal ...

ithu onnum puthusu illa... US police diary'la 20 varushathukku munna sethu poona elumbu kooda vechukittu case'a reopen panni saathichu irukaanga... konja varushangalukku munna ithai ellam junior vikadan'la continuous'a ezhuthikittu vandaanga... ippo enno niruthitaanga....

anywayz... nice post.. vote pottuten!!

ennoda trade mark long comment'ku sorry.. :D

Ghost Particle said...

im in the top 3!!!!

Marutham said...


Marutham said...

Aha...neengaluma!! Vanga vanga- welcome to the club. Nalla soneenga..ADAADHA ATTAM dhaan.. :) But nama elaam irukkom illa.... Pathruvom apdi veena attam podravangala...:) Well, trade mark long comment'a :) Illa ba..idhaan first time oru 2 para comment neenga potrukradhu..
And 20 yrs, skeleton- yeah..naanum adhai gavanichrukken... once oru jeans mattum veengama irundhadhu- while skeleton was lying there... So elaarum JEANS podunga eppavum!! :P

Marutham said...


Karthik B.S. said...

Deepika enama katathukulla velaadrango!!

Deepika katathukulla irukaala? Sollavey illa!!! ;)

Seri seri, kandippa veilaiyudrean.

Oru game'avadhu veladi parunga..illati [i]WASHTUU[/i] :D ...[/b]
GOod luck!!

hmm... asinga paduthareenga..... :(

Ghost Particle said...

Loosu Loosu Loosu...u asked us to play the snake rite. My score was in top 3!!!

U can find alot of nice templates in Blogger Templates da...just find it in blog search or in my blogroll link.

Thanx for the comments...and sry bout da tag...i jsut cant find time these days.

Marutham said...

:O Aha.......NO offense DOSTH!!! I was just pulling ur leg.. :) Idhelaam ena JUJUBEE>... neenga deepika kooda doubles adalaam :D OK??
Ungalukku chat boxleyum oru long reply potrukken :)

Marutham said...


Adadaaaaaaaa!!! Enn unga periye 3 murai solikutu ulla vareenga...idhenna COURT'a :P

Sari sari...irukattum..
BTW< i thought TOP SCORE was listed for system memory....

First 2 yaaru peru irukku....unga abeesla yaro unga system using?? :P

The Visitor said...

Reg. domestic violence - I feel that definitely such an act will give some kind of legal protection to women who suffer from such violence. Probably, most people who suffer from such violence are probably from the lower economic strata and may not take protection under this law - BUT the main thing to consider here is the fact, that IF a person wants to use it there is a mechanism that exists. It is very similar to the Untouchability act, which penalises untouchability.
There can always be instances when any such law can be misused, but such instances would be very low. Considering the benefits versus the possible misuse, I think the benefits weigh heavily.

I too have registered my vote.

Marutham said...


Thanku for registering your vote :)

It counts & u r right... :) Let us hope it reaches those who really would use it for the right purpose

The Visitor said...

Some links for you, kind of related to this post (domestic violence, abusive relationships):

Premalatha on Stockholm Syndrome A tamil blog that relates to a bride kidnap, marriage and stockholm syndrome
Relationships and Stockholm Syndrome Talks about Stockholm Syndrome in abusive relationships.
Recent News - recent instance of SS

ambi said...

he hee, sema funnyaa start panni serious issues a postla pottu kalakitta po!

btw, aapichla ipdi games ellam aadina aapu adichuduvaagna. shorry ejamaan! :)

rgding that judjement, justice delayed is justice denied. He might've shot dead within 10 days of that victim's funeral.

Marutham said...


:) Thanku boss!! Will check them later

Marutham said...

funny'a?? engapa..pona post padicheengala..... :P

Velu Nair said...

U have a point there, marutham!!
a very valid one!

Marutham said...

:D Thanku sir!!
Am glad to hear that.....

Praveen said...

Hey Marutham!
Thanx a bunch for dropping @ my blog. Are u late? Hmmmmmm... I'd say better late than never ;) Isn't it? Nice cute blog you got in here! A well decorated cozy comfortable place of your own.. with fun blended with serious issues. Nice style of writing too.. and wot more.. Veluz here!! Cheerios!! n do keep droppin' in any time u feel like! :)

Marutham said...


:) Thanku ... HEHEHE...YO MAaaan It is like Uh... :P HEHEHE ur post is influencing my comment ;)

Karthik B.S. said...

appurom, naan blogla irundhu break edukka poren... meedhi ennoda blogla poi paarunga! ;)

Kumar Chetan said...

hey thanks princess, thanks for dropping your comments. I am used less guy,and wish some princess ca use me ;-)
U got a following on ur blog. Kool. I envy people who get more than 10 comments on their posts. Normally this happens on
a) techy guy's blog
b) Girl/femal's blog
c) controversial blogs
But still I like it when I see all above 3 kind of bloggers posting comments on my blog.
What you just read was Shameless Self Promotion. Ch33r5
and thanks, real thanks for comments.Keep commenting.
PS: My company didn't want to promote me. So the vacation is still available.

Vikram said...

Thanks for the comments on my blog Marutham! have replied there!

Anonymous said...

Its been 20 days!!!!!! Where have u disappeared dear.... Come back!! We miss you...
Especially i do...

gils said...

hey..atlast gotta chance to post comment..anniki ungaloda comments paathu reply panna vanthen..the site was not accessible...anyway..ini regulara visit uda vendi thaan :) intesting profile btw :)

Marutham said...

@Kartik,, Parthom..Idhu ungalukkey konjam over'a illa.... :P

Marutham said...

:) Well, U forgot to write or even notice something that has made u write a comment like this with so much of grudge...
The Blog must have a post that is of interest to few atleast .... (:P)

And hello - i dnt accept ur 2nd reason..May be women are more talented in writing...(:P) LOL

Just kidding...Cheers!! :)

Marutham said...

Had some problem in buffering... :|

Marutham said...


Peru ledha nimbalku... :P

Marutham said...

:D Daanx...
Btw, Acces denied'a?? :O Edho ulnaatu sadhi!!!!!

gils said...

yeah :( ipo ok..its available...unga postla enna electionlaam vachirukeenga :D

Marutham said...

Ada amaamungo..Ippo dhaan pakureengala...APpo inum vote podala pola....Neenga briyani aparama vandhu vaangikunga.. :P