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Muzhikadheenga :D


Am really finding it very difficult to pen my thoughts this time…

First post as an ALUMNI ! No more a (final year) student…..

Before I start – I first want to apologize to all my beloved blog friends for not being regular here & to their page - or should I say not being present at all in the blog world since my last post… You may get a picture for why I dnt after reading the post.

I shall be regular from now on… :) SO SMILE! ACCEPT MY APOLOGY… Now read on….

Maruthu is out of college now! But am not out of sense ;) Do not worry- READ ON!

This may be longer a post, but I ain’t gonna cut it short- infact PREPARE TO FACE IT… :P Am gonna write even longer posts under this thread – COLLEGE CRISPS! ;)

And I DO know my loving friends would get back here to check them :D.

Hm… Enna solrahdu enga aramikradhu :) Hm… (UNMAYAVEY PERU MOOCHU VITU ARAMIKREN! ) College life – damn! I still cannot believe that 4 years have run so fast & am no more a student.

Vaazhkai muzhuvadhum padika vendiyadhu iruku ;) adhil maarudhal edhuvum illai..But still- oru campus life for the first time- in some place like our wonderful university – chancey illa…it was such a lovely experience!! .

Sometime back Barbi tagged me on – sickest things in your college or it was college sucks-justify with 10 reasons..

I really could not think of much that made me reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaly hate my college!

MY COLLEGE was simply amazing..it still is! Ofcourse every institution has its flaws. VERUKKUM alavuku EN KALOORIYIL EDHUVUM ILLAI :) but pidikadha sila vishayangal irundhuchu. Few were individual’s mistake & I wouldn’t blame the institution for that. NEVER!

Hm… I am a person who hates CRYING… and I HATE MYSELF IF I HAPPEN TO CRY IN PUBLIC PLACE. I hate expressing emotions in public places. But the ME who hates this- have cried few number of times in campus during the last semester- simply because I knew that I was going to leave this awesome place for good. When a friend of mine asked – you are so emotional for the first time…what are you gonna miss about the college? I dnt have a list – or even an answer …. I WOULD BE MISSING MY COLLEGE & MY DAYS HERE- SIMPLY THE PAST!(Past itself tells me there is no point in brooding about it, but still I cannot stop. I do know its over..but cannot stop wondering why- for what it is/was.) - that includes the friends, good times- bad times, Lab sessions, Lectures, Lecturers, Corridors, long walks in our campus road, Cycle tests, Culturals, CompetitionsMessages from friends, Study updates thro SMS, Pranks in SMS, Break time, Lunch hour walks, Watching the ducks in the lawn, Sitting in the lawn & chatting with friends, BLUE CHAIR, Water splashing in the lawn, Running across without getting wet, Pushing friends, Teasing, Joking, Grudges, Giggles, Embarrassments, Smiles, Tears, Irritations, Betrayals, Achievements , Encouragements, Adventures, Moments that made me proud, Moments that put me off, ONLY TIME I CRIED UNCONTROLLABLY FOR A VERY SILLY ISSUE - and that same day I hated myself for being so – and to learn the next day that things were not the way it seemed to be but only that I was a little too sensitive. The day something sparkling happened , The day something intolerable happened, Canteen, Canteen food, The stalls, Juice shop, Guy @ the juice shop who always was a little toooo generous- friend who keeps teasing me for that, Times we studied sitting together, times we sat together spoke no words( GIRLS!! GIRLS…), Times you had to say NO, Times that made you realize you are no more a kid, People who reminded you aren’t a kid, ……………. This BLOG Is not enough to tell my past – is it?

I can keep writing pages about this… For this post I share what happened during my last day of exam- the last exam that was on 11th of this month.

Trust me! This time I was NOT ABLE TO READ AT ALL!

And whats worse- as a ritual for the final semester students they NEVER TOOK ANY CLASS! We were let free & that I did not like for I always loved the class room lectures. And taking notes….TALK TO ME! I loved it & I loved reading with my hand written running notes. Infact, I hardly used the notes that were distributed. For there is nothing better than hearing it from the horse’s mouth or reading from my running notes ! ;)

Sometimes my bench mate used to tease me..” Maruthu !!– write that too.. she just said – I come from chrompet :P !! “

And at that moment I least expected a joke – so I burst out laughing –really loud & the whole class started staring at us – for I never engaged in anything that would irritate the staff :) But, during the final year things changed. Ooooooopss…. Where were we!! Yeah the exams….

So I could hardly concentrate & read for the exams. And on last day – while we were all sitting together & reading(Trying to), my friends went pranking & teasing as ALWAYS! And this day I really wasn’t looking into my books- FOR THE FIRST TIME! I WAS DISTRACTED BEFORE THE EXAM.

And the same bully buddy said “Is this our sweet heart who keeps reminding us – EXAMS!!! NOW READ! ENOUGH OF THE JOKES!! You are not looking into your book sweety!!”

Me: “ Yeah ! I know… :) Whats the big deal..i wasn’t able to look into any of the books this semester exam. And today am not even gonna try! GO on… ”

Her:” Areyy…. Why sweety? Are you alright? “

Me: “ Am fine..just trying to be the way you all always wanted me to be… JOIN IN THE FUN! Especially BEFORE THE EXAMS!! Isn’t that what you always say dee?? “

THEM: “ :O :O :O :O :O….”

Her:” Some one seems like she is already into the blues!! “

And she came closer to me – sat next to me put her hands around my shoulders and said “ I want you to be the same way – NOW GET BACK TO READING. It looks odd to see you this way…. Dnt be different & remind me this is the last time we sit together for an EXAM!! Am trying to forget the fact ….(I interrupted)”

ME: SHUT UP IDIOT! Now do u want me start crying…You have said enough to remind me…


And yes we entered the exam halls – each of us were in different rooms.

The moment I got the question paper – i was still not out of the talk we just had few minutes back… and what ever I did – from shading my reg.numebr – “THE VERY LAST TIME AM GONNA SHADE THESE NUMBERS”….

I went writing. ( The fact is that this time :P I fell really sick during my semester exams – haahaa! After a very long time…) Now I was fully focused in writing my answers & I did write them fully focused.

Last 10 minutes- and the warning bell went… TRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING!!!!

Hmm……. Last paper- Last few lines- Last few words….

And haha – the last 10 minutes I took extra care to finish writing my last paper in the BEST WAY I could!

And I started hearing the usual routine – huraaaaaaaaaaaaay….. Haaaa hoooooo

and the celebrations.

Every semester during the last exam when I hear this…I used to think

“Whats the big deal- probably a month or two :P then we would be back…idhukku indha amakalama!!hm……”

And this time too I thought the same…& BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANGGGGGGGGG!!! No not this time!

And I came out of the hall with thoughts filled in my head. Not about the paper I wrote….. and the whole time until I reached the ground floor & met my friends – it was a very terrible experience for me.. And when I saw the faces - :) I did not want to cry & upset the rest…..

We stood here N there …

Spoke anything & everything & when I reached the BAG counter - :O MY HALL TICKET WAS MISSING FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME. I remember having taken it with me & I had it even when we came walking to the bag deposit room. But where did it go??????? :O I have my photograph affixed in it & that freaked me out. I wanted it BACK!!

Irukradhula pathadhunu idhu veraya?? (When I think of it now- all I could do is LAUGH!! Never in the 8 semesters have I dropped anything this way- or I never was so pre-occupied! )

But I was so preoccupied that I dint realize that I have dropped it somewhere while walking towards the bag deposit room ….

Then googly….We went in search of the the hall ticket – to all the places we have been through… WOW! IT WAS FUN SEARCHING!! :D

Then we went to canteen – sat there – For the first time – None of us was in a state to drink or eat anything… We started talking about the times we first came there…Getting ragged – funny incidents that happened there- The time I yelled at the MOTTA BOSS with out realizing am being LOUD – LOL!! That was one funny incident- will tell you about it later :) ….TOOOOOOOOOO MANY TO WRITE….


Then we went near placement office…Stood there for a while- MOKKAFYING :P Then near the gate…ERR………………..

We went chatting all the time till appa reached the College.

Apram enna ……. That day Car’la varapo – Maruthu had wet eyes…

It was the day Our CM_ Thiru . MK’s function was going to take place & Guess hwat- TRAFFIC JAM – Our car dnt move from SRM gate for more than 10 minutes…while the vehicles were snailing through..and adjascent to our car stood the COLLEGE BUS-

I was sitting in the front seat – and I felt like the bus telling me Kadasila enna marandhutiyee…

DAMN!! How did we not go to the place where the buses were standing ?

And it aint moving- it was by my side- staring at us! :) I felt like getting down & giving the bus a big HUG :( …..But NOPE…

And it was a funny drive back home…. Snailed through the highways- our car & college bus side by side

Untill we reached home that day – Tears went rolling down..every spot reminded me about something- Something that had happened- About something we had spoken… during the Bus drive with bus mates….


I will give it a pause here…. For the COLLEGE CRISPS….

To be continued…….

I HAVE POSTED THE REMIX OF THE HUMMING – KHNH ….. Do tell me if you like the remix ;)

REMIX-KHNH~ Dialup plz!


Oh dear!! I wonder what is happening .....

Sahara-Few lines~ Dialup plz!
Sahara-Few lines~ BB plz!
Jadhu hey..~ Dial up plz!
Jadhu hey..~ BB plz!

Dear friends ,
I was planning to put a new post under the thread COLLEGE CRISPS...But DAMN...I am really not able to type anything- this thought is making me sulk .... And for the past few days - friends & some talks had been making me miss college already. While having tea-chit chat one close friend & who keeps pranking all the time said " Unaku avlo dhaan SRM kooda- innum few days'la they will grab ur ID CARD - Library poi book elaam edukalaamnu plan podadhey- like other sem holidays. Oru book'um thara mataanga....Ini nee yaro - naanga yaro apdinu librarian solliduvaanga :P Canteen'ku ponanaa may be pazhaguna mugamnu they will give you what you want. APram epavum ninu peraaku p[aapiyey - those Duckings near the lawn. Adhu kooda unna paathu BAAKK BAAKK'nu elaam kathaadhu. They would tell between themseleves.."She doesn't belong here anymore- march on duckies'nu.........."
Before he could finish his sentence i had tears roll down my cheeks. DAMN!!! Am i actually crying or is it one of my wierdo fact- crying because am angry-annoyed... I really donno!
He was shocked to see this & trying consoling. Leave that...
I tried to sit to write a post & as my thought waves started propagating...DAMN! Same again.. So i decided to put aside the thread
"College crips" for a few days - untill my semester exams are over.... So here i post 2 songs that Harish & Gopalan had made efforts ( real lot ~ sent me - lyrics - song - ...) and made me do it.
Hope you enjoy listening.
PS: The hindhi song is the second song i have tried (First hindhi song i have tried is yet to be posted :) will do it soon...) to sing.
So those who know hindhi Mujhe Maaf karo ji :D And those who doesn't Enjoy listening

Until this :Last night!

Update: (Today afternoon!)Just few minutes back myself & my best buddies went to collect our hall tickets(For the last time- so we planned & went to get it together). We had some formalities like clearing the account in library - DTP section - Image SRM etc,. .) While we were doing this - the library guy asked 2 of us to submit our merit card which we had forgotten to take today. This guy joked saying " apdina ungala SRM vittu veliya vida matom" and it put a big smile on 2 of our faces. And after that we had some funda' in the library - which i would later post as a new post. Finally after all the googly -- i was there standing & staring at the monitor a little bit emotional ready to burst into tears- because my friend said " No more books for us from these shelves sweetu!". While my mind was thinking something else - eyes staring at the monitor - the dispaly showed " NO DUES! Thank you!"
Then the library guy clicked this strange button in the system & it FLASHED-----
And i was SHOCKED & pulled myself back to reality.... :O
.....He looked at me and asked with a smile " YES?"
I blinked~~ "BLINK BLINK!!" He smiled and said - :) its time you move on... and clicked YES! With a big smile he returned my ID CARD saying "All the very best!"
i was still not out of the shock that the same system - which everytime gave me list of the books i lend- reminded the due dates- cleared a book- issued me a book - that recorded the name of the books i lend for semester holidays to kill the time- has now booted me out of its records!!!

YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! - am almost out of this place.
And before we all left the library - the security who sits there - is a good friend for the 2 of us asked " Ini inga vara mateengala? Ungala pakradhu idhu dhan kadasi thadavaya? All the best ma! :) "
PS: In case you forget... :P
Sahara-Few lines~ Dialup !
Sahara-Few lines~ BB !
Jadhu hey..~ Dial up !
Jadhu hey..~ BB !