Three tags & ஒரு குட்டி Bye :)

First of all belated pongal wishes .
i would first like to share the news with you all that :) am stepping into my professional life this new year. A job that came my way during my third year end & now finally AFTER A LONG WAIT am entering the IT WORLD.

The whole experience had been wonderful & Enjoyable. I would be leaving home for the first time & go away far - to LIVE ON YOUR OWN. It sure is gonna be an adventurous journey..lookign forward to it. I wonder how am gonna handle this.. leaving home, not getting to see Mom & Dad every morning... Oooo what a life. Am with MIXED FEELING now. Happy that am starting my carrier, also BLUE for many other reasons :)
Student life had been enjoyable & also adventurous. I did my best to be a good student.
I have heard people say not all good teachers were good students. hmmmm !!!

There are too many things am gonna miss after leaving chennai-Home. Most importantly its my Mom-Dad-Home!
#Then :) its தமிழ்
Am pretty freaked out already as i do not know much telugu yet. I had been comfortable with kannada- which i can converse a bit in, Malayalam , and a little bit of Hindhi. But Telugu - although i like the language - i have no clue why i did not develop interest towards it. I can understand telugu to very very little extent. Training being in Hyderabad, am worried about how i am gonna handle. Dad knows many languages - and telugu :) he is pretty good at it.

#Blogging ( Am not sure if we are allowed to browse the internet during the training period. And you should all apologize me if am not able to get in touch with you all or Visit your blogs)
#Orkut ;ofcourse, its been a great entertainment during the long leave ;)
#Painting.... or basically the hobby.
# Evening walks
# Night time chat with mom & Sis
# DINNER (With entire family)
#My life style :) ( It sure may change after you enter the RACE )
and most importantly # THE IDLE ME # ohh.. how much i loved me being idle ; There is alot you will learn about yourself - and also answer to many question you have had inside that Skull. Just lying down - resting in the sofa,reading my favourite book, waiting for the kutties (flat kids) to come home to spend some fun time,Looking at the ceiling - thinking, watching TV or simply lying down there when everyone around were busy.

I am really highly disorganised with this post. So kindly do not lose your patience :D
Am not the usual me - past few days. Probably because the time to leave home is nearing.
And sorry to all my blog friends for my absence - i would try to be normal soon.
I had been so lazy or preoccupied that am only now getting to post 3 tags . I had made it a point that i write them before i leave. Let me get straight to posting the three tags :)
One from our friend Sudhakar on Resolutions & the other from our friend Kaipulla on MY PHOTO 2007 :) & the other from Sudhakar again.

( Started writing this last week...or was it the previous week, Not very sure :) SORRY for the delay sudhakar.)
TAG1: Resolutions.
tagged by :
Sudhakar :)

To be frank; me not very good at this :D Resolutions every year. Believe it or not i have this STRANGE habit ... every night when i goto bed i scan my whole day & check for area's where i had been a BAD GIRL & make sure i do not repeat ; and also check for me being the (BEST :P ) GOOD GIRL and make sure i improvise on that.Next day or the following days i try to work on the analysis.May it be saying sorry to a friend, appreciating something i had failed to, correcting myself basically.This habit had been helpful and also hurt me a little bit ( well you can't complain there are morons too living with us who do not know to appreciate GOOD. Thodachu vitutu poiklite iruka vendiyadhu dhaan ) Am sure sudhakar would already be in flames thinking What was the TAG & what is she writing? Looks like everyone had been writing something :P in this Same TAG..so i took my privilege to do the same :D MESS THE TAG & MAKE UP YOUR OWN. EVIL? Yeah pure EVIL :P and count me in!

So i started looking out in my diary collection - one (good) habit i have been practising since 1996 maintain a personal diary. Then i found some of these in many :P RESOLUTION dhaan orey resolution'a re re re re re-resolution :D . Urupuduma idhu? SAME DOUBT!
They are:
1996 and the following few years
1) Not to fight with sis ( Idhu elaaa year'layum irukkum .. Avalum idha ezhudhina ninurukumo!? :P
2) Not to miss Balvikas class. ( Adhu elaam nalla pulaya irundhapo...Bhagavth gita... Moral stories... Sing bajans.....this and that..)
3) Reduce play time ( ROTFL! Namakelaam adhu romba kashtamnu theriyama ezhudhinadhu... Believe it or not, when i was a kid I often used to come home with a cracked knee or bruised hands, hurt elbow .. that when ever Dad went to the medicals to get me the medicines/ bandaid thought Dad is a DOCTOR! :D he called Dad- Boss/ Doctor sir. And whenever appa came home & told me this "& So you better stop running around & hurting yourself. " I told Appa - " Your Doctor anyways ... You do have Dr. when you write your name ;so never mind dad!"
4)Be helpful to Mom (No comments :) i really do not remember if i was ... )
5)Watch less cartoon ( the more insistently i wrote it each year - the more did i start getting addicted to them, that even this year i was about to think of that as a resolution.)
Lot more from a stupid little girls diary ...but i stop here now.

This year it was - TO BE A BETTER HUMAN BEING> which so happens to be the same resolution i make each years since high school days.
This time am leaving this as an OPEN TAG! Anyone who likes this & all those who have left a comment here are asked to consider taking up the tag :)

TAG2: My Best Photograph in 2007
tagged by :
கைப்புள்ள :)

This is a very interesting and also confusing tag ;) . Thanks to kaipullai.

I loved many of the pics from my sets last year.Infact it was last year i started organising the Pictures i click in an online site. With many friends insisting to join FLICKR. I had no second thought - i joined flickr. Out of the many i loved

Do See my Flickr page & let me know if you liked something else better than this PIC.

For this particular Tag i am tagging friends who are recently into photography and am sure would not TURN DOWN :P the tag.
I would like to Tag

Anyone who is interested in taking up this tag is most welcome.

TAG3: Blogger Award

Thanks to Sudhakar for this Blog award. :)

I would like to pass on this to JUST ONE PERSON - We have all missed out being REGULAR IN BLOGGING or VISITING OUR FRIEND'S BLOGS AT SOME POINT OF TIME. As far as my knowledge He had been exceptional in many special ways.
He had been very systematic & regular in the blog world. A very sweet person indeed.
Its none other than Jeevan.

Am in a big hurry now. So i will take leave ...

Bye bye for now :)