And am BACK (to BANG?!...)

Well.... Finally i have decided to pen down some of the things thats been running in my head since this JANUARY!

Well... The whole experience since joining Wipro had been remarkable & unforgettable. One of the fastest episode in my life would be this career START! Well to be honest in the first week after me joining the IT - i really did not find the reason why IT got all the attention & HYPE in our society! Am not going deep into that now. This was the first time EVER in my life for me to stay away from MOM & DAD so long. I couldn't survive a week without seeing them both, I was such a parent-addict!
And First time ever in life i stayed in a hostel. I remember few of my best friends tell me..."If you haven't been in a hostel. You have missed something major in your life." Well.... I din't miss that :) I got the opportunity to live in a Hostel (and am still enjoying that experience) & for many reason there is no blame on these friends who told me this. It wasn't bad after all... First few days was TERRIBLE for me. I couldn't bring myself to even answer my parent's call. That’s how much I miss them...

It started in Hyderabad - First level of training was successfully completed. Then when i was dreaming to head back to chennai they said we have our second level of training in Bangalore for few weeks. Then came too much confusion & now am in bangalore. I have moved to my second account now. I Miss the lovely people i had made friends with in my older account. But i do get to see them once in a while, or at least through mails we try to keep in touch. Well the second account was not a great start to me - one reason because I wanted to come back to Chennai if at all i was released from the older account. But now I have started to like this account very much & I actually am starting to enjoy the hectic days here. I always try to see that there is some reason for everything that is happening in my life, even when the worst things happen- i see that there is Something to learn from...some valuable lesson that demands you to be patient & smart to learn what is in wait. And i try to see it as a learning experience, and am still seeing it that way. I am a person who loves sleeping and I love to sleep till someone kicks me off the bed - can u believe i wake up @ 5 & start my work at office by 6. I am now working in the early morning shift & I do not get to leave by the 9:30 hours for the day, am not forced to stay back but you won’t be able to leave with too much of work left. (Something is seriously wrong with me! :P ) Am trying to give my best & it is to my surprise that when I enter the office – I forget all the irritation I have because of staying away from parents & I start working. That’s some magic I still do not understand. And my weekends are the only time left for ME… which goes in traveling to Chennai & then getting back to Bangalore, and the very little time left to have fun with mom n dad. I enjoy that … so I do not mind the tiresome travel.

In this new project, I have made good friends. After my Primary school days I could find the right set of girls to hang out with. Of course my college buddies are also special, but something is special now with these friends. And I was able to quickly bond with these buddies. Sometimes when the work is really irritating or the place is all heated up- it’s those dumb jokes we crack that keeps us going. So this is how my life is now…
I had been so out of touch with blog since my last post which I wrote before the completion of the training & now I know this is such a DUMB post.. but I do need a post to restart the journey ! I could not visit any of my friends blogs since then , for there was no time left for anything but to read during the training. I am hoping to be regular to blogs atleast from now…Lets see how I do it… J

And I wrote this post on the Sunday evening… yeah few more hours left for me to catch my train…

Ps: For those of you who struggle to wakeup in the morning…Try this Song ring as your alarm. You won’t dare to switch it off & go to sleep again: P
I have adopted this adorable one to help me wake up!