I have a story to tell - about the chick

Hi, I have taken a big risk and here I am with you ppl…Friends of marutham.
I can’t stay here for long! So listen up to what I have to say…..
PS:This post is not for the friends who cannot read long posts!Don't curse me!
It was so wonderful inside mommy’s tummy. It was too dark, but still very safe & secure. It was very quiet no noise at all. No where else can I find that peace! Nor can you …What do you say? Isn’t that the best place in the whole world to be…No1 to bother you except for some loving touch from the outside. It’s your MOM.
Ok here we are back to the story. It was so wonderful inside. A little dark though. I haven’t opened my eyes yet. There are 4 others with me, sharing this little space with me inside Mommy. We often hear this Very Polite ladies voice. She seems talking to some one. Not quiet sure if it is mommy… One fine day we were all out of mommy…But, it was still dark. The five of us were inside this small room, and it still was warm, not as warm as inside. Then this fine day we heard that familiar voice again. She sounded very happy. There were some other voices too that I could hear. The other voices it sounded much sweet and gentle. It wasn’t one person’s voice. Then they left. And we sensed more space in the room. I felt something was missing! Din’t exactly know what! And there was the day, when I could not stay inside. I had to break open and come out – Break open the shell. It was so painful! I did not fit in! I decided to break open. Yes I was the first one to crack out! Yeah! Its me. The chick …It was too bright outside. Too bright! Then I heard some one else crack …it was them - my siblings! Then 3 of us were out. One egg was still in shape – no crack. The 3 of us kept staring at it because it did make some noises ….We kept staring and finally it was our little Sis out. HER EYS- Any one would fall for those twinkling, lightning eyes. She was so cute but weaker than us..too weak a chick. And then guess what we saw…MOMMIEE…She had come back! The 4 of us cuddled with her. She did seem a wonderful mommiee to be born for. But mommiee was not all that happy…I could sense she was Upset about something. Then did mommiee tell me this dirty secret. In the whole Farm Only I know this dirty little secret…..
Mommiee told that, the day 5 of us were out something happened. Out of the 5 eggs, one was so Huge & so Pretty! Mommiee named it the CUTEai -CUTE Muttai Muutai=egg! (Marutham:Sirikadheengapa! Kozhikku thann muttai Pon muttai!Kadhaya gavaninga…Over to chikki)And mommie could not wait to see us out. But then did the owner lady of the farm came , there were her grandchildren too-2 of them very young must be 4-5 years.Guess what, they too were not born alone.They were Twins! Unlike us, the unlucky PENTAPLETS. She looked into our basket. And the moment her eyes scanned the BIG EGG! It glows like a1000WATT Bulb. The hands of this strange existence on earth reached in to our little basket, and she took out the CUTEai.And off she went with her grandchildren. She went and CUTE’ai never returned. Mommiee waited for long thinking that CUTE’ai would return & then She broke with tears. Then days went on, the 4 of us had real great time with Mommiee..Sissy is now feeling better. She is stronger than ever. We 4 and Mommiee walk around the farm and play and sometimes try flying….Hehehe Mommiee tell us a lot about her life.How she came there like am telling you now. Also she told about the sad incidents in her life. One fine day there were lots of commotions in the farm. Mommiee too wasn’t feeling good!
There were people flocked inside the farm. And our lady brought another man with her. He saw us and nodded! I didn’t know what that NOD was for! But I did learn later. This man took Mommiee away and put her in a beautiful Cage. We thought he must be taking us too with him. He left- and my worst fear was “Will mommiee return ???” We didn’t know what happened to mommiee then !While these questions were in my brain…Sissy started crying. Though the 3 of us were there…she wouldn’t get consoled. She was crying. She refused to eat(Peck). She grew weaker and the lady din’t seem to take notice of it. And next day I saw the same Beautifull cage that mommiee was carried away in, this time our lady had brought it. She took all the 4 of us. I was so excited, I told my brothers that it was all over and we are going to where mommiiee is….We squeaked with JOY! We were taken inside the Room where the smell was not so good…. And the lady put her hands inside the CAGE! I remember, It is the second time seeing those hands so near. I was jumping in joy that I would be picked because am the eldest! And Err…! Our little princess was the first. We 3 took it happily…..after all she is our princess! She would be taken to mommiiee first! She was taken to an inner room in the gentle hands of our young lady….then she came empty hand! But only her hands were bare, her eyes were not- Filled with tears!! Why? I don’t know……
AND …….. Now I don’t know what is awaiting!! Do you know??? Tell me if you can! But Some thing tells me things are not normal!
Questions that this little fell’a would ask us when he realizes what is going to happen and what has already happened to their little princess and sweet mommiee!
*Are you killing us for you simply SUSPECT we would have been infected with that virus!! So all these days have you been feeding us to slaughter the chubbiest chicken.
*And how could you take away my little brother or sister (CUTE’ai) to have your breakfast!,While Mommiee was waiting for you , to see you feed her the breakfast! And when mommiee fell sick you decided she was not going to lay you the Eggs anymore and you decided to have CHICKEN 65 in your lunch menu!
The moment we chickens leave Momiee’s tummy,there is no security! We would never know when we would get our call! CALL OF DEATH!
We are BORN for DYING!!
Our ultimate goal of birth is to DIE for or by human beings. We will die as an EGG- Omelet.
Or a young chicken- If it is very healthy/very weak—Immaterial.
Or as a fully grown CHICKEN- as Chicken 65/ 45/ 5 and so on.. Worst is if it had catched up an infection or Virus as you people define. You are all so concerned only about you! You are bothered only to defend yourselves. You don’t care a bit for us. We are also born with every right to live in this world with you. But you all say you own us…like you invented Mommiee’s tummy? Or did you make us?? Then, we would be thinking you love us so much for the way you feed us and give us protection from other predators. One fine day you would take us to consume – immaterial how chubby or weak we are. No one can escape from your mouth, can we? If we never gain weight you complain we are useless and slaughter, or if we are too chubby you worry in few days we MIGHT lose weight and decide to sell us to slaughter for a big money! Will it ever occur in your brains that we are not the only species getting infected? Won’t you ever think of a remedy or some vaccine to protect us earlier? What science do you have that saves only you! It is like you cook and you alone eat not bothering about the starving people, unlike us who share…Oh that’s what the nature of you GREAT HUMAN BEINGS is. What’s the point in telling you that?
*You humans had been spreading this disease at a speed that is so very Fast- Faster than Rumors. Yeah it’s the AIDS. You humans had been spreading this disease and its virus HIV for the past several years so fast and effectively! Do you screw the heads of all the humans because you suspect they may have this Infection – AIDS?
Or do you throw them all in Boiling water and kill? Even here you Silly humans have discrimination…. The poultry farm in a developed country would be sprayed or Injected with the poison, while those creatures in an under developed countries would be thrown into Hot water or head screwed and killed. You eat us, you drink us, you also make money with our products, you get medicines from us, and finally when you hear we could have been infected you don’t try for a cure. YOU ULTIMATELY SLAUGHTER US!
Will you be able to find a way to make every living being of the world to co-exist peacefully and happily? You Human beings claim that you are superior to all other beings in the world. Well, Can you not use your super power brain and make our world a suitable place for every living being to co-exist safely, peacefully and happily?


My first post on My New Recipe…..
What shall we name it??

* optional
Onion sliced- 1 No
Tomato - 2 +*1 for dressing
Potato- 5 No’s Boiled
Capsicum- 1 No
*Pudhina leaves
or coriander leaves
Mustard-1/2 teaspoon
Cinnamon & cloves – as required.
Salt – to taste
Ginger & Garlic
Chilli powder – 2 tea spoons
To grind: Ginger and garlic and *if you like it spicy 1 green chilli and some Pudhinaleaves.
To Fry:Cut the capsicum into very thin slices (Like chopped onion)and slightly fry them with a little oil and keep it aside.
Heat 2 spoonful oil in the frying pan in low flame, then add the mustard, Cinnamon,cloves, Chopped onion, the paste- in this order. Cook for few seconds until the raw smell is gone. Then add the finely chopped Tomato. Now add the chilli powder.And turmeric powder if you like it. Then Add the sliced capsicum and cook for a while. Now add the boiled potatoes and mix the mixture well. Add a little water or *coconut milk for taste.Now add salt as required. Cook in SIM flame. Before you turn the gas off dress the dish with coriander leaves/Pudhina leaves. * SERVE HOT*
Can be used as side dish for RICE-South Indian Meal. Or can be used as side dish for IDLY –South Indian Tiffin.
Try this and tell me how it tasted.
--->" For SOMBERIES: "
If this sounds tedious. Try this - SOMBERI, Gring the onion in Mixi, Then grind the GINGER GARLIC to get the paste. Then Grind the two tomatoes. Now follow the same procedure.Skip the dressing part. Make sure you cook it well.


Thavamai Thavamirundhu
Thavamaai Thamirundhu…

He is a legend in the history of movie making!!!!!!!! Had seen his earlier movies and with this movie he has made a permanent MARK. He is proving to grow up and he is growing up vertically year by year or putting it this way Movie by movie. I wasn’t quiet impressed with Autograph..my friends said they got butterflies on seeing autograph. Nothing happened top me but.
Another movie of cheran called Solla marandha kadhai was also an excellent work. But THAVAMAI THAVAMIRUNDHU is one in a million. I wonder even if cheran himself could give the Tamil cini industry another one to beat this up in the list. The bottom line of the story…HOW ONE SHOULD BE AND ALSO HOW ONE SHOUNDN’T BE…….May you wear any shoe, Shoes of father,mother,son,brother,Daughter,Daughter-in-law, Grandchild,Friend……..
But there are certain Minus’s too in the movie which I would list as I tell about the story. On the whole Cheran has well screen played the story. The bottom line is very clear. I will not tell you that…..Watch the movie and tell me!No ESAKKU PISAKKU!!!!
I generally don’t grade a movie Good unless it really is worth watching.
The whole story is narrated by the Younger Son of a very normal Middleclass village family. The story seems to run around the Father. It isn’t very obviously shown but you can sense it if you watch the movie with involvement. The elder son Changes as he grows up to be the example for How a son must not be. Senthil has got real Gut to play this role. I appreciate him, he has acted so well that(AS THE CHARACTER)I really would Slap him for being a GIRLBOY……It’s a little hard to explain every slang I use in this regard. Try to understand if you can! OR skip it please! SENTHIL’Ku Special applause!! If not him I wonder if anyone would have acted so well like how in real life,many sons are these days. Raj kiran has also acted very well…Believe it or not, there was no overacting!
He has just done what he must & has done it the best way. It is a little impractical and KADHULA POO to believe the Village broughtup HERO& HEROINE to get into some Kasamusa before Marriage. And that was the last mistake they ever did in their whole life. Everything after that was to undo the previous sins they had committed. Cheran could have had them just fall in deep love and run away! (KADHAL movie din’t have this Hole) ANGEY ORU OTTAI!!! But it had happened for good, to show the present YOUNG generation, how difficult life would be for those who are madly in love and can’t wait to run away! INNORU OTTAI !!! And another hole in the movie is Cheran had been very creative & generous to have some characters like FOF(Friend of a friend in Chennai arranging for their house),Doctor, Press owner, His friend in native…who are in the movie to help with no expectation. I wish the world has such sweet people! And I believe Cheran wants to seed some good thoughts in the mind of viewers so does he have these sweet characters..
Most of all Charanya has acted so well after NAYAGAN. She sinks very well with the role. And a typical GRAMATHU AMMA! And she has played her role and has established her role in some of the scenes , where I really had Tears in my eyes. BAD TIME of the family as referred to by Cheran. Every individual must see the movie. If you don’t understand Thamizh(Tamil) ask a Thamizh friend to translate it for you. And I would say you better watch the movie ALONE.. because you would understand more +50% than what you would understand if you watch it with company. If you are married, DEFINITELY BOTH OF YOU WATCH THE MOVIE ALONE. Both of you must see but may be individually (Human EGO would screen the storyline if you watch the movie with company) It is a best movie you can spare few hours on. As I keep complaining about our generation, this is a lesson teacher movie for all. Every scene has some thing to be felt & understand! I Guarantee you will not regret watching the movie.So buddy..
Just go watch the movie.


Quitting TEEN!

Yeah…Its about the 123 day....Many friends don't forget becoz its a fancy date 1 2 3..... I mean 12-3-..
12th march- Birthday!
It was 11:50 in the night of 11th march. And this very wise friend called up to the mobile. Kept talking something that made no sense at that time… was a little irritated if he had forgotten the birthday and is boring with this boring topic…Then at 12 on 12…I mean 12th just born @ 12 he screamed HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! Oh..so he really dint forget ,was wise enuf to get on t line b4 12 and be the first to wish. SMART! I wish I do like that to my friends in future. Then there were other frends who called up to wish. It was a pretty long night! QUITTING TEEN. Initially it was a little sad that am quitting the teen, but then to realize that all those who had been wishing,wished (Including my class mates,Skool mates) have quit their teen some years back, It was alright! After all, teenage is just an episode of life. There are other challenging levels to come…..
Infact Teen age (13-19) is the best part of one’s life. It is the period where we really happen to learn about the world, people, life, family, our siblings, human psychology, a little anatomy…… Till the age of 12 we were all the KIDS….but all of a sudden at 13 we tag ourselves as the TEEN! Even without knowing if it is going to be a sweet experience or soar or…. That’s the way we had been imposed about teen age . Teen = Fun! But sometimes when you really learn about how hard life is getting to be as you grow, it is hard…hard to realize the truth …hard to understand and hard to cope. Hard to live! But to know life isn’t all that easy it kind’a grows interesting at that age to fight back and to have establish your space in the grownup’s society!
In our country children are not given importance in the society and so even when they grow up to teens they do not realize it. That is the very reason for young minds getting involved in Eve teasing, Corruption, Cheap politics, Bullying, ……As a matter of fact , those who fear if they are successful enough as a youngster? involve themselves in these activities convincing themselves they are but really ARE NOT!
More on that in my future posts! Ofcourse I gotto talk about being teen now or I may forget on growing OLD.

Well My birthday went on very well! We went out for LUNCH. Had our family, Chiti-Chithapa, and my cousins here with us for the day! Had many Phone calls from relatives, friends and family! And my special Thanks to Krish who has sent me a beautiful card well ahead and Sendhil who wished me right on the same day, before we left for the lunch! And also to my other blog friends who had left me a beautiful wish here in the blog- Anbae,Laughing ME,Raju,Anandh,Mitr


" Specially served for all those Lovely Blog friends out there!!! "



(PLZ READ THE "bottom line " FIRST) What is happening now? The SFI- Same side goal adikraanga.Avlodhaan! NEAT! VERA onnum illa!
SFI who is supposed to work FOR the students is acting AGAINST the students while pretending like they are doing the former. In the first place, all of a sudden the AICTE has made a statement that would upset and disturb the students studying under Deemed Universities. And the UGC is the authority who has accredited us. While we have UGC what is the need for the AICTE. Why do we ever need two different boards while both are dealing with the (Universities) Education institutions. Why not have all the powers under one? Why have two different boards creating confusion and Chaos?
And leave all that aside, It all started with MGR,Bharat,SRM, Sathyabam………… It is to be dealt between the institution, UGC, AICTE and the students of those respective institutions. Why do the SFI interfere so seriously? Where the H*&K were they when the Queen maries issue, and when some other affiliated college students went on strike for they have no proper Labs, Restrooms, and lack of faculty??? Shouldn’t have the SO CALLED for the student SFI stood up and had organize all India strike then ????
And in the SRM issue where the students (just 9 of them, while the college strength ‘as they all complain’ is more than 1000) went on rampage at unearthly hours. Is that what STUDENTS DO?? I don’t believe students were involved in this. It seems like some Pre-planned conspiracy. And yes! may be these students were made to be there and first they said 9, now it is 8 of them arrested. I don’t wanna comment on that because I really don’t know what these guys did or whether they really wanted to do this all by themselves or forced to do from Non-institutional people.
First they created chaos, now violence…. VIOLENCE is not a tool- and after Gandhiji has proved, these Heroes don’t seem to realize or understand this.
And at that time where there were lots of APPLE IMAC (Wonder why our chairman got these expensive onesinstalled in the LABS for us-the students!!) computers missing and the incident did not seem to have ended, and Police was still investigating. There were only few non-teaching members and the securities present there. The news crew who arrived very early there have this big complain that they were not allowed to enter and capture the chaotic scene.( My BIG question is… while the whole thing is said to have happened because these boys got furious when they were not given an answer by the Authorities at 11 in night which is absurd, and they went on Rampage-not a planned one as they say. And all these happened only between the Authorities and the students. How did they ever come to know about it? And at that unearthly time how did the crew arrive very well ahead to a place that is not in the city limit? Who would have given the news to them while they-The students and the authorities were all FURIOUS and FRUSTRATED? If I were one of those students, I sure would not like to reveal my identity for good and the media coverage would definitely capture these budding professional to ruin their life. So it is for sure the students involved would not have given the information. And the college authorities , were blamed for not letting in the Crew- so sure they are also out of the list. And finally the Police who are also blamed for assaulting the crew would not have given the information. If not any of these people, then WHO? And don’t tell me the lame reason that the rumors would spread fast. AT 3 or 4 in the morning..common, definitely I myself wouldn’t do that mischief.
And recent development is the SFI giving the open invitation for all/any students to JUMP-IN and boycott classes. And the Arts college students are going on strike!! What do they appear here in this scene for??? Do you think it is for the good of the student community????Nay……..I definitely disagree.)
Moreover, we gather that the Bharathi dasan University is going ahead with their B.Tech.,courses, without the approval of THE AICTE and the supreme court has passed orders in favour of the university in this case. We also gather that The Anna University is running some of its course without the AICTE approval. If that be the case, why do they corner the deemed universities alone (Especially the media is concentrating only on SRM & SATHYABAMA). Why do the SFI raise slogans against the deemed universities alone and demand for the cancellation of the deemed university status? The chairman of the deemed universities have clearly stated that they have all infrastructure facilities according to the Norms prescribed by the UGC and the AICTE. On the whole it appears that some evil forces are working against the impressive production of intellectual forces in this part of the country & trying to bring down the national strength especially in respect of the IT. It would be more appreciated if the AICTE is made to function under the control of THE UGC.
One organization cannot make major achievements with two different bosses. There should not be two bosses for one poor servant. (I remember PAATI KADHAI-Oru kaatla rendu Raja irukka koodadhu KUZHANDHAIGALA! ). May be the student community in general does not understand the severe damage caused by this agitation to students. It is high time we realize this and act as students FOR THE students. The students should realize that this chaos is creating an alarming loss-Loss of time, Loss of money and Loss of progress. We hope all these problems will soon come to a decent ending. Media should realize their responsibility and act accordingly!
Sensational News alone is not the only NEWS.
Select the following lines to see- if you are a lazy one
IMPORTANT NOTE FOR MY LAZY READERS: This is a very long post for you! Am sorry! So just ignore this post in my blog ...but you really are missing one of my best POSTS! "
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IWD: International Women's day 08'MAR'06

Wishing all the women out there a happy women's day! ...

Woman is so precious in this world....She has lots of responsibilities.
Various avatars of women ,yet each is special in its own way...
Young girl, Daughter, Sister,Friend, Wife,Mother,Grand mother,Great Grand mother......
And the best part is being a human with the Humane qualities. Tell me your 'TOP #3 LIST'. Here is the ' Top 5 ' list of the women who have made a difference in someone's life.
2)a.Mother Terasa (Proof for the existence of GOODNESS)
b. MY SISSY(Proof for the existence of EVIL :D ) [kidding dee!Plz enna uyiroda utruu...]
3)Oprah Winfrey
4)Angelina Jolie (She is a great social worker.For those who dint know-Plz read RDJan'05 issue.)
5)Aishwarya Rai.
And yes may be myself! I would be NO.6 (:P)
Last but not the least, Are Todays women (or women of this Era ) living with those special qualitites(Patience,Kindness,tolerance,Love,Care,Humble, and most of all POLITE!) that women in the early ages are said to have? I wonder....... Will leave you with that question.I wish i live that way, but..Err..not always.... Take care! And once again Happy women's day to all the wonderfull ladies!!!And if you are not one then wish me & other women you know :)

Link that i suggest on this day: http://www.internationalwomensday.com

Picture courtesy: www.raagandtaal.org

PS:4 more days to go for another special day!



(My Athai - passed away!)
College is yet to reopen.Last night we were all awake doing some work till 3 AM. It was yesterday morning,I was still in the bed-sleeping. The phone rang at around 6:45+ and appa answered the call. The caller had told some SAD NEWS. That is all I could make from the way appa answered. I got out of the bed and came to the hall to see amma and appa’s silence. I sat down to know what had happened. Appa told that My (AUNT) athai- APPA’s ELDER SIS had passed away that morning. She had a massive heart attack. Appa had never been so upset.I could hardly recollect Appa CRY. I remember he had earlier cried once while he was telling Me and my Sis about his Father’s death (while appa was telling about the hardships he had during his childhood.)We too broke into tears!! We were then studying in school. That time, Appa immediately stopped crying seeing us cry. This time Appa was too upset.First while he was telling us about this he was strong, but then started crying like a kid. All of us were in tears. I tried to comfort appa, but he wouldn’t. I have hardly seen Appa broke. Never have I seen him this upset. Appa took sometime to control , and then stopped crying. He told us how wonderful a sister she was!! Appa and athai had more than 10 years gap. After Athai was born Thaatha & Appayee (Dad’s side GRANDPA&GRANDMA) had 6 kids born. Every child died even before it was a year old. But in that period where there was hardly any hospital in our native all these kids had died very young. Then Grandpa and Grandma had gone to Kaasi, Rameshwaram …… Only then was Appa born.And Athai was very affectionate towards appa and took her fullest care as a young girl. She was a very responsible sister. She lived as a good daughter, Great Sister, Wonderfull wife and a caring mother. Aunty was the eldest person as appa’s family member. Infact only aunty was the family member appa had in our native now.
We started from here at around 8’ and all of us left in our Car with my cousin. I was so concerned that we should keep appa in a COMFORT ZONE. Appa seemed quiet normal. On the way to the native. We tried talking about our college,politics,and other things that could help appa not think about the upsetting old memories.
On our way to the native………….something without even my knowledge took me to my age 5 + . It was these sceneries . It had been so many years (probably the time I was in my class 1,2..) since I saw a lot of greens , Pasteur , in the fields and Every tank, river, lake, pond filled with water. In the recent years things had all been like dry lands, Empty ponds, no water in any lakes, there were hardly any indication of livestock . But this time I totally was taken back to my early years. Every thing seemed like am in my class 3 or 4… but then we arrived in our native. (Moms Mom & Dad- Ammayee,Thaatha) Ammayee was missing to give that tight HUG and carry us all the way to her home, thaatha wasn’t there too. And we entered our house there and there too was a difference.Athai was physically there, but laying still- no hugs- no kisses- no sweet words from her mouth. She was just lying down there-Lying dead! It was like a slap for me pulling me back to the horrible-present. I had never seen her lying down like this; she would be working round the clock. Seeing her lie-down like that- I myself could not control weeping. Appa broke again! And to see that, it was terrible for all of us. Amma too was very upset. Then there were other formalities going on. Me and my Sis- we just stood there - lost ,no words to console! Just weeping! And yesterday night appa felt very bad. I could sense that he could not stop thinking about Athai. Amma’s brother insisted we all stay at his house and so did we. Thank god that the journey has made appa tired. He slept as soon as he went to bed. But I couldn’t, because of the kitten that kept mewing there. It refused to move from our room. I sentimentally did not want to chase it either. Ammayee loved the pussy cat that she had. And her cat died soon after her death. So I kept quiet lying in the bed, recollecting the memories of Athai,Ammayee,thatha. We had not seen Appa’s parents.They died when appa was doing his studies(Appa was very young when they died).Next day we spent a little time there and started from there to our house here.
Now we are back home as appa has an unavoidable important meeting to attend tomorrow. Now he is emotionally not very strong, he gets upset very often. Even this evening he was upset again, but he is recovering as early as he could. He took care of aunt very well. There was nothing he could have done about this. She had no complains of heart problem. She was absolutely normal. Even few weeks back we all had visited her. Appa had been a very loving & caring brother. I myself had felt J seeing their affection towards each other. They were very caring and loving. May athai’s soul rest in peace! I wish Appa would be back to his normal soon. Very soon……..


"Students of Chennai college go on rampage"

Sorry about my previous post.Stupid though! Thanku you for the patience.And yes here is the topic” Students of Chennai college go on rampage” Students go on strike…AICTE issue….”Back to back the colleges are going on strike. And this week it is our college. We had planned to BOYCOTT THE CLASSES from 10 ‘ o clock. i.e, after writing the cycle test. Violence was not the plan, SRM students!!! Definitely No violence! There were few guys who were involved in the RAMPAGE! I don’t know if they had earlier planned to go this serious(STUPID)…….Why go do this at NIGHT like criminals??? And why destroy our own computers? And the labs that we use? It is still unbelievable for me…..The previous night I had studied till 1:30am and had just slept. Since Appa had gone out of station I had left my mobile Switched ON. And I had just fallen asleep when the mobile went BEEP BEEP. Aw…..MAN! Who could that be!!! I tried snuggling into the bed and sleep ignoring that BEEP. Then again several more BEEPS! Ok it was time to go put that DUMB BEEPER OFF- I thought.

I read few messages all from different friends but read the same message. Do not come to the college tomorrow, college would be closed for few days. I was shocked! What does that suppose to mean?? And then this friend OF MINE, from hostel called up AT 3:45am. He told me that he was leaving the hostel and going to his native because the hostel students were told to evacuate. And he too told me not to go to college the next day. I turned the T.v on, to see what was happening. My stupid cable connection had some problem and I had to switch the tv OFF.And I came back to the bedroom and told amma not to getup early & prepare lunch. Next day (Ystrday) I stayed home. All the TV’s showed this as the headlines…and today’s newspaper too carried this as their headlines.Here is what NDTV had to say about the issue....

Alaphia ZoyabTuesday, February 28, 2006 (Chennai):
Students of the SRM Engineering College on the outskirts of Chennai went on a rampage after reports that the college had lost its AICTE affiliation. According to students, the Principal told them that instead of B Tech degrees they would get B Sc degrees.Enraged by the news, students protested violently on the campus, smashing computers, windowpanes and even the principal's car. The NDTV crew was also attacked by local goons and their cameras smashed and broken by the Kancheepuram district Superintendent A Amalraj. But after media pressure, the police have returned the tape.Police inactionThe college authorities have done nothing to stop the hooliganism on campus. Even the police seemed unable to rein in goons from neighbouring villages. In view of the situation going out of hand, all the students were asked to leave and the college has been shut down indefinitely.Meanwhile NDTV has lodged a police complaint and a delegation of journalists met the Director General of police, Tamil Nadu who promised a fair investigation.