Quitting TEEN!

Yeah…Its about the 123 day....Many friends don't forget becoz its a fancy date 1 2 3..... I mean 12-3-..
12th march- Birthday!
It was 11:50 in the night of 11th march. And this very wise friend called up to the mobile. Kept talking something that made no sense at that time… was a little irritated if he had forgotten the birthday and is boring with this boring topic…Then at 12 on 12…I mean 12th just born @ 12 he screamed HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! Oh..so he really dint forget ,was wise enuf to get on t line b4 12 and be the first to wish. SMART! I wish I do like that to my friends in future. Then there were other frends who called up to wish. It was a pretty long night! QUITTING TEEN. Initially it was a little sad that am quitting the teen, but then to realize that all those who had been wishing,wished (Including my class mates,Skool mates) have quit their teen some years back, It was alright! After all, teenage is just an episode of life. There are other challenging levels to come…..
Infact Teen age (13-19) is the best part of one’s life. It is the period where we really happen to learn about the world, people, life, family, our siblings, human psychology, a little anatomy…… Till the age of 12 we were all the KIDS….but all of a sudden at 13 we tag ourselves as the TEEN! Even without knowing if it is going to be a sweet experience or soar or…. That’s the way we had been imposed about teen age . Teen = Fun! But sometimes when you really learn about how hard life is getting to be as you grow, it is hard…hard to realize the truth …hard to understand and hard to cope. Hard to live! But to know life isn’t all that easy it kind’a grows interesting at that age to fight back and to have establish your space in the grownup’s society!
In our country children are not given importance in the society and so even when they grow up to teens they do not realize it. That is the very reason for young minds getting involved in Eve teasing, Corruption, Cheap politics, Bullying, ……As a matter of fact , those who fear if they are successful enough as a youngster? involve themselves in these activities convincing themselves they are but really ARE NOT!
More on that in my future posts! Ofcourse I gotto talk about being teen now or I may forget on growing OLD.

Well My birthday went on very well! We went out for LUNCH. Had our family, Chiti-Chithapa, and my cousins here with us for the day! Had many Phone calls from relatives, friends and family! And my special Thanks to Krish who has sent me a beautiful card well ahead and Sendhil who wished me right on the same day, before we left for the lunch! And also to my other blog friends who had left me a beautiful wish here in the blog- Anbae,Laughing ME,Raju,Anandh,Mitr


Vijay Ramamurthi said...

belated wishes....!!
whoa ur profile is something..:)

senthil natarajan said...

teen = fun! very true.. enjoy life n have fun

Anand Prabhu said...

dont worry u are getting old... it is every single day u live on earth makes u more wiser... a popular saying :)

Marutham said...

Thanku Vijay!Welcome here! Keep visiting.. ;)
Ok sendhil..Solteengala..Will do!
Nice saying.....Am not worried anymore.Thanku!

Nyneishia said...

belated happy birthday !!

so 12/3 is ur bday.. wont that make you a pisean.. :D same as me
Your profile showed up sagitarius. (just a obs)

Me said...

in teen u think once i grow up there will be lots of freedom....but after u cross teen....u'll think i wish i stayed in my teens.......thats life...

btw i have never seen a b'day post like that......u treat us before we wished u...that was funny...thats y me laughing....:)

Anbae said...

belated wishes....!

Welcome to age-old teens campaign... oops!

kuttichuvaru said...

Belated Bday wishes!!

Marutham said...

Thanku! BTW i entered it as 12 march 12 3...Indian style. Will change
It was for those who had wished ahead! :P Budhoose...
Thanku :D Solteenga apram enpa Oops!! ;)
Thanku Kutty!

Anonymous said...

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