English Vinglish! - Super Duper ;)

Dear blog readers Firstly .....As usual i come up with excuses for not being regular for a change this time it is VALID :)
I am a new mommie and all alone in a stranger's land away from our country ...U can imagine!

Okay now... A post before the year ends?! Yeah ....I thought what we never do this year may never ever happen the next - so  let me once again (for SERIOUS THIS TIME...SHUSHH....) try to keep up with my blog n blog friends . I seriously don't know how many of them still blog.... I miss those days :)

My regular blog readers would know - I am not a movie freak and a Movie review ? Rarely can happen in my space. This Movie "ENGLISH VINGLISH" is one of a kind movie that has made me write this blog.

Sridevi - WHAT A COME BACK ! Muaaah...... She still has that TEJAS! and makes a heart beat faster. So has the heard of the French guy in this movie! ;)

And to my surprise AJITH .... AJITH.....Yeah Ajith appears in the screen for a few PRECIOUS MINUTES! That was icing on the cake ;) (TO ME Atleast!)

The movie starts off showing the routine life of a SINCERE INDIAN HOME MAKER...MOM....And a Dedicated WIFE. OUR SRIDEVI. Basically Sridevi like any other dedicated home maker is being TAKEN FOR GRANTED by everyone she loves in the family may be except for her little son who loves her with all his heart.  Small boy isn't it ;) that's why the un-corrupted love. She is an excellent cook and her special dish is LADOO & she sells it for her satisfaction. It is so well depicted , how sometimes we dont respect the smallest thing that gives joy to our loved ones. At one point where her husband asks her if she can stop selling ladoo's it is quiet evident how sometimes men try to kill the smallest joy/ pride one can get out of something she is too good at but just too difficult for the spouse to appreciate. And shamelessly craves for that ladoo and requests for one. Sridevi who is not very good at (the YET ANOTHER Language) English , is being criticized for that. At one point, in an environment that already gives her a worthless feeling she is way too offended by the mockery comments (bullying) on her English. Sridevi gets into a situation where she has to travel alone to USA to  help with her Sister's daughter's wedding preparations & the rest of the family plans to join later . Until this point the special bond between Sridevi & her Son is clearly captured.Thats the only WARM thing in the picture so far.  I personally loved the VISA Interview scene where an Indian gives a sharp reply to the American who asks "How will you manage in a country without knowing the local language?" If you haven't seen the movie yet - I am not going to disclose it here. It is worth watching you find it yourself! ;)

Flying to USA - All alone to a strangers land! Now Sridevi starts off her flight to USA & guess who is sitting next to her?! Remember the icing on the cake :D yeah AJITH! He just steals your heart for those few minutes with his sweet comforting behaviour with our very intimidated Sridevi.  Sometimes a simple gesture can make it so comforting for someone who is very nervous. even if you are a total stranger you could do it . I have felt how happy that can make us!  -

English is just another language, not knowing english is no CRIME! Ajith takes leave with that note.

Sridevi meets up her sister n her family &; they all have a chat n start off with wedding plans in the following scenes. Like a typical family attached wife, Sridevi misses her husband & everyone else. Sridevi goes out with her sister's younger daughter and plans to spend the day out in the new city until her nephew comes back. But ends up in a coffee shop - caught in a mess  & totally embarrassed runs out of it with tears. That was a little impractical, someone who is so nervous about a new country would in first place not be ready to hangout alone. Anyhow that's the first scene for our CHARMING FRENCH GUY. One day Sridevi happens to come across the Spoken English Class advertisement & she makes a call. That's where the real story begins. She enrolls into this class keeping it a secret from everyone but the young niece of hers. She is very excited and supportive about it. In the same class she bumps into the french guy who was nice to her after the coffee shop incident. He adores her so much and literally falls in love with her. Our innocent sridevi does not get it first but later slowly avoids our macho who is hitting on our married heroine ;)

There is a beautiful scene with Sridevi and her American born Niece discussing about French guy when sridevi is asked if she likes him? & she says "All I need is a little respect that's all i want......I am happy with my life otherwise just the way it is." The question is with no offence and something that is not odd for a modern age girl but Sridevi feels very sensitive about it and replies beautifully. It was so sad and yet so DIGNIFIED of Sridevi. There are more such cute scenes in the movie which one MUST WATCH and i do not wanna elaborate it. Finally Sridevi is unable to attend her Final exam because the Marriage falls on the same day. Once again Sridevi's dedication as a GOOD WIFE is put to test when her son makes a small mess and she had to redo the whole thing thus not being able to sneak out for the exam. During the first meal after wedding when Sridevi is asked to speak to the newly wedded , to everyone's surprise she gives her speech in English & that too a beautiful one on Wedding and how to respect each other n keep it going strong and good. Director could have worked a little better on this , It's not a FATABULOUS SPEECH but it did touch my heart!  With that note..... I request you to WATCH THIS MOVIE........

Wish you all a very happy new year! :D 


From the Diary of an X-Spinster! PAGE 1

Well dear friends :) HELLO AND HOW YOU ALL DOING?

I definitely missed you all ......
I am now officially back to blog for that's something I love to do and missed doing for a very long time. I have decided to post threads with Label -" From the Diary of an X- Spinster "which is basically going to be collection of thoughts I put together from a lot of X-Spinsters in my circle. If you are one and if you wanna share something in this context - feel free to mail me and we shall voice it out in this thread :) If I am hearing grrs and errs of Bachelors or X-Batchelors, feel free to mail me. This is just in context with what I have been hearing and seeing and feeling off late - now that there are too many wedding happening in and around my circle :) Here goes my first post ....

From the Diary of an X-Spinster! "Imagine an event in life that changes everything..... Suddenly you are in a stranger's land where u know no one...no thing....& everything is new.. Starting from ur bed, ur room, ur home, and not to forget the missing sweet morning greetings from mom n dad.... I get up and step my foot down only to know not even the weather is warm to u -LITERALLY! :) One thought that every married women gets in her heads SOMEDAY or the other came to my mind as well, - having quit the Spinster life may not be the greatest decision in a girl's life but with a BLIND hope that its for good - I started my day in the Strangers land. The only little familiar face I see is His. At times I seem to know him more...and at times he still remains a complete stranger to me. Sometimes it feels like Life could not have been better...but i hate it when some other times my mind questions every move in my life.... if its right or not. Sometimes when i get back to my happy days with friends at work or college - I wished life just froze there with no pressure or responsibilities to tangle you up. But life does not give you that option - does it? :) It sure is a challenge for every girl to leave behind what she hold so close to her heart and move on out of home for that one person. To leave behind - her parents, her loved ones, her home, her Job*, her comfortable place, her cozy bed, her lovely friends, her everything ---- and make that one step into a new life - where alot of things awaits her. Things that she might like, things that might need her patience, her love, her care, her sacrifices...so on. The greatest pain in sacrificing is when it is not respected. Is it only with an Indian wedding - where the girl goes through the trauma after marriage or is it every other culture that has it loaded on a girl's shoulder? :) I wonder and not before too much of thinking kills the joy of the present .... I decide to stop here and decide what I could cook for a Happy lunch :) .....Well sometimes you feel special for there is this one person in your life who suddenly makes you feel so wanted, so bound and so special. A marriage could do that to you. No offense to friendship - its one of the blessing in life....You have friends who could survive with out you...who could pull a day without hearing or knowing if you are ok but not someone who has tied that Holy knot! Long live - every marriage!

And.........Yes! I am Happily* Married ;)"

: "From the Diary of an X-Spinster!"


Kanne Kalai Mane Marutham's Version

Hi Everyone,

Its been quite sometime since i posted anything :)

Here goes one of my all time favourite.

Don't know how many of you still look into this corner, anyways here goes my post! :)

A lot of friends have shown liking towards this track & it has reached Top position in the charts on the 2nd day since upload ;)


Hope you like it...

Cheers! :)


Marutham's Version Of Taylor Swift's Love Story(Cover)

Hello to all my dear friends who still drop by or should i say who still remember my URL :)
Trying my best to stay alive in here....

Here below are few recent tracks that I had rendered.

Recent Uploads-
My Version Of Taylor Swift's Love Story:

My Version of Shania Twain's - You're Still the One

My Version of - Malai Neram


Malai Neram_Marutham Version & a funny incident! What if you were me...?

PS:This post was to be posted weeks back..anyways here it goes!
Malai neram -My version & a funny incident!

Do take your time to listen to the TWO tracks & give ur feedback.

Click "HERE" for My Version of "You're still the one"

Click "here"for Malai Neram - My version, An Amateurs attempt -> Feel free to yell!

Its 100% an amateur's attempt!

What if you were me ... ? What would your reaction be?!

On a beautiful evening, I decided to go to one of the temple in my locality. I go for the darshan and pooja & then a few minutes chit chat with the priest.

Then I decide to come out & thats when i notice that something has gone missing.


I start looking for it. Its a small temple & the place wasn't crowded or anything ,

just a few people were there. And i had left my sandal in a convenient spot, its impossible to get lost..

After few minutes not knowing what to do, i go inside to tell ask the priest of what i should do now.

He was actually shocked to hear this.

He came running outside and exclaimed "In our temple?! It's not even crowded, it HAS to be somewhere here!".

Then he went out & looked around at all the ladies and said "Check if anyone has by mistake worn someone else's Sandals."


He along with the other aunties in the temple started looking around now searching for the MISSING SANDAL!

Wait wait wait... I then realize, i have missed out telling one MINOR important detail. Everyone is looking for a ladies sandal.

Oh ohhh... I missed telling you as well, din't I? It was my DAD's Sandal that i had worn that day.

After I crossed the age of wearing daddy's shirt - i changed my focus towards Sandals.Not just dad's but also mom's.

I give them even chances! ;)

So this fine day - i wear Dad's sandal and take a cool walk to the temple-to end up standing there totally embaressed now- wondering how am i going to ask them not to look for a ladies sandal but men's.

I now make some BRAVE move (knowing there are going to be some laughs!). I move in and gently tell the priest " Actually, It wouldn't look exactly like a ladies footwear....but...but..."

And thats when this aunty gives me a very WEIRD look & asks... "So how does it look then?U mean the one with no design or flowers?"

I do this little embaressed hehe... Some times aunties just dont get it do they?! "No aunty...its actually more like men's sandals. You know... !"

I cant hide anymore "... Its actually my Dad's! Its mens footwear!".

WHOAAAA! The whole bunch stops searching in the ladies section & looks @ me It now looks like everyone is looking Through the glasses & some almost Jaw dropped! Is it such a huge offence??

PLEASE! Like i broke the code of conduct to visit a temple!!?!

And thennnnnnnnnnn everyone starts laughing... including my friendly nice - uncle Priest!

Then one aunty asks "Such a big girl wearing daddy's sandal?"

ERRRRRRRRRRRRR! Whats with these aunties?!

See i am telling you...some aunties dont really get it -It's only now that my foot has grown enough to fit Dad's sandal.So WHY NOT?!! Such a DUMB QUESTION!

I manage to smile (hehe..) "It was a very short walk,so I really din't mind."( Now get back to searching or leave home before i turn you into ashes! )

One aunty kept looking @ me and went on giggling for a VERY LONG annoying time.

Now the priest smiled and said "May be its some guy who has mistaken your sandal,sorry! your dad's sandal for his! ;) He would get it back. I will let you know when he does"

Well that is all i can take...i decide to smile a bye & run far far away from the sweet giggling aunties!

Like a good girl I thank the priest & all the aunties for thier time in searching & some sweet aunties for their giggles & OUTSMART questions!

I come back home & tell dad the sweet news that I lost his sandals (Probably his favourite?! :( But not to worry, everything is under control. We got him a new one today - which definitely is my Favourite!)

Mom n Dad burst out laughing! I am left thinking.... "How nice of them to laugh instead of getting irritated that i lost something that i should not have worn in the first place, and definitely not lost!?!"

Dad's words were "What would you do?! Its not your mistake! :) " which means - NO ONE CAN STOP ME from trying his new sandals now! IT WAS AFTER ALL NOT MY MISTAKE ;)

**~~~ ADIOS! ~~~*
Thanks to the friend who rang the bell. :)


Sing in the rain ...I am swoinnnnnng in the rain...

Well.... life is like a music... Isn't it?
Sometimes sweet like a melody , sometimes a rock, sometimes a pop....
Trying to save my life from MUTE MODE, I decided to find some time to sing few songs!

"Sing in the rain ...I am swoing in the rain..."

Haha! No no... this ain't about vadivels comedy track. I have tried singing 2 of my favourite tracks and a Japanese track as well.

Do listen to them and let me know your feedback.
Nada sou- Japanese Song

Vaseegara- From Minnale

Anal mela pani thuli

If you have trouble listening through these links...u can hear them here->> , Marutham's Tracks

With Swine flu around.... i wish u all a good health and a long life! AND DONT HARM PIGS! :P

A little out of context - if you get time you could watch "Definitely, May be..."-its a nice movie which i got to watch recently.

PS:About the title of this post....for those of you who do not know what it means, its one of Vadivel's(a comedian) famous funny dialogue.


Anger 'N' Me!

Anger Management! :D

Hehe…. Well most of my friends would laugh if I say I am troubled seeing my anger (கோபம்). My college friends or school friends so don’t trust me when I say I get angry these days. I had never been angry then, I was this KEEP COOL always! After I left Bangalore I happened to get my own time to look at this new problem I Face – ANGER MANAGEMENT.
Yes! Honestly – I am troubled when I look at the angry person I am growing into. But one good thing I am a little happy about is – I am able to identify when the monster is about to come out. For some strange reason the “Good me” WARNS people around to leave me alone for sometime & I take my time out to tame the monster and not hurt people around. I am not sure if I do it with everyone but YES! Subconsciously this LIGHT GOES ON & I warn my mom, dad or the loved ones whom I do not want to victimize for this anger that is waiting to take a form. After am done doing that- I am quite surprised of how I knew it was coming & very tactfully avoided hurting loved ones. Ultimately I have identified it coming and controlled it but still I am surprised why I get angry more often than my college days. The work place may not be as warm as it could be, but off late I have managed to keep the place around me cooler than how it was when I initially came here. And to my surprise unless am forced to be rude I have managed to keep cool at work. Here is the funny incident that makes me Smile (a little bit shame hiding in it) when I think about it every time.

-> What is the best way to keep a check on your temper?
-> How do you manage ANGER?
-> Is it possible to be ABSOLUTELY ANGER FREE?

Angry me – a small incident on my birthday!

On my birthday I get a call while at work. The caller says “Ma’m, you have a courier to collect. I am waiting at your office gate”. It wasn’t one of the good days I was having at work. I was first puzzled because after coming to Chennai office no one but my dad knows this address. I was so sure that it’s not a parcel for me; I ask the guy whom it is addressed to. He says my full name with my last name. Surprised, I ask for the sender. That’s when the monster starts dressing up for the show, but I failed to notice it. He says there is just a Smiley ->  . I was so not able to smile on hearing that, I reply – I don’t accept anything from smiley. You can take the parcel back and cut the call. He calls me again and says “Ma’m I am still waiting – please come and pick up your parcel” And YES! The monster is out. “You don’t tell me the sender. I have told you clearly, I am not taking it unless I know the sender.” He said “Ma’m that’s not written.” Monster says “ Well, don’t you have an office? Do you take anything and everything from people & deliver? Call up your office and ask who the sender is, if you still do not get to know you can very well take it back because I would never come to pick it up unless you tell me who had sent this”
After almost 30 minutes since the first call this guy reveals the sender’s name whom I least expected. And this good friend of mine who was listening to the entire thing came to my desk and with a smile asked “Are you not going to pick it up?”
I tell him I do not like the whole idea. He said we would go pick the parcel and get back. After few minutes little reluctantly I leave with him to the Reception. And man I see this shaky guy with a basket of beautiful Dutch pink roses and a carry bag that had a cute teddy bear! I felt so bad when I saw how shaky that guy was – I looked at my friend and couldn’t help smiling (a sorry smile - you would wonder how that looks, trust me it aint the best smile! ;) hehe ). I went forward and said my name – this guy with a shiver in his voice said “Happy Birthday madam. This is for you”. I felt like banging my head on the wall that moment on seeing how much I had scared this fellow over the phone. I felt really very sorry & told him “Thank you very much :) and SORRY I made you wait so long. I was a little uncomfortable to take it not knowing who had sent it.” Man what a smile I got back!
We carried that teddy & flowers and walked back to the ODC. It sure would look funny carrying a teddy and walking around at work :P I couldn’t help my self from laughing at the whole thing. After we came to our seat my friend who helped me carry the flowers back, told me “Maruthu, you know what is expected from you in this scene? First thing, you should have actually got excited when there was a call on your birthday saying you have a parcel to be picked. Second, you should have got CURIOUS to go and see what the gift is and then enquire about the sender…BLAH BLAH! That’s how girls usually react on their birthday when they get a parcel. What has happened to the TAKE IT COOL Maruthu I saw one year back?”
His words made me think, not all that he said made sense but yeah to some extent he was right. I should not have reacted that way. I felt sorry. Myself and this friend were in the same batch during the training days – first month of my work. After a year and for the first time we were in the same project working together. I realized that I have changed from how I was then, I am not taking things as light as how I used to take. Is it for good or bad? My major concern is “My temper”. I am consciously trying to keep a check on my temper. I am doing my best not to let it go out of control. But it sometimes goes off….even before I could catch the monster. Trust me after I started to realize this – It has come down to a considerable level.

PS: Most of the time the good me – pops up like a warning message saying “Maruthu! NO! Don’t lose cool” And I never click on Deny button when that popup comes but always on Accept! But what if I fail to get those popups in future?

WORDS OF TRUTH – I never getaway just like that when I know I have been rude, I always get back and say “I AM SORRY! I shouldn’t have!” but I wish I never have to apologize but control my anger before it is late.
I am taking measures to control my anger - and I have brought it down to some extent now. I still would want to bring it down.....
Tell me how you win your anger!
Trying to be anger free,
Marutham! :)