TODAY:Monday,OCT 23,2006!! Its been a Year now.... And yippeee...Its
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Hello every one… ok,ok......I know I started it with the wrong line…

Happy Diwali all!!

Yeah yeah the festival of smoke..oops! lights- its here. So am not gonna post anything- that would make you think like Last time..
ok ok…
Disclaimer:1) If u are at ur office- DON’T READ THIS NOW!! You may get fired for laughing out loud or even slipping into the adjusting cabin out of control while laughing & damaging the screen inbetween
2) Most of all- if you cannot read in the so called ”AMERICAN ACCENT” (No offence) Plz, get someone who can and then proceed.
3) And if have weak lung- don’t proceed anymore….
4) And if u r laughter- allergic sorry dude!! Take care & rest outside….
5) If u r someone who doesn’t know wat DIWALI is- [:O]Plz leave…and ask an Indian..or me later…this will not give a good knowledge…
Now READY>>> SHTAAAAAAART>>>JUTE>>>>>>~~~~~~

Engeypa…go ahead…keezha

How does a ABCD (American Born Confused Desi) explain to his
younger brother the topic - When and how did Diwali begin? This
is how he goes about it...(preferably read it with an American

So, like this dude had, like, a big cool kingdom and people
liked him. But,like, his step mom, or somethin', was kind of a
bitch,and she forced her husband to, like, you know, send this
cool dude, he was Ram, to some national forest or reserve or
somethin'.Since he was going, for like, somethin' like more than
10 years or so, he decided to take his wife and his bro along.
You know... so that they could all chill out together. But dude,
the forest was reeeeeeal scary shit, really man, they had
monkeys and devils and shit like that. But this dude, Ram,
kicked their ass with darts, bows and arrows, so it was fine.
But then some bad gansta' boys, some jerk called Ravan, picks up
his babe (Sita) and lures her away to his hood. And boy, were
our man, and his bro Lakshman, pissed! And you don't piss this
son-of-a-gunz 'coz, he just kicks ass and like, all the gods
were with him. So anyways, you don't mess with gods. So, Ram and
his bro get an army of monkeys. Dude, don't ask me how they
trained the damn monkeys, just go along with me, OK. So, Ram,
Lax, and their monkeys whip this gansta's ass in his own hood.
Anyways, by now,their time's up in the forest and anyways, it
gets kinda boring. You know no TVs or malls or shit like that.
So, they decided to hitch back home. His bro and the wife are
back home. People thought, well, you know, at least they deserve
somethin' nice and they didn't have any bars and clubs in those
days. So they couldn't take them out for a drink, so the people
decided to smoke or shit. And they also had some lamps, they lit
the lamps too. So it was pretty cooool... you know with all
those fireworks really, they had some local band play along with
the fireworks, and you know what, dude, that was the very first,
no kidding, that was the very first musical-synchronized
fireworks. You know, like the 4th of the July stuff, but just
more cooler and stuff, you know. And, so dude, that was how,
like, this festival started.
Diwali Rocks Maaaan!

HAHAH….Eppadi…??!!!So,Wat did u do for diwali??…
Am waiting to see..recipes, some crazy idea’s,…..(i know someones crazy surprise plan!! ) and if u wanna scold me for this post- the RED CARPET is just for u!! : ) But naan thiruppi thittuven-- amaam :P HEHEHE!!!
TATA!!! Keep polluting…. (:P) There is no crap called global warming- and if they say so- call them fools...illa [;)] Ennavo pa...
Alaarum nalla irundha sari ....


Tagged by our friend Srijith !!

'myspace Hee!!Hee!!

We know there is a weirdo in every person...So ...elaarum (Hee hee hee) konjam tension agaama TAG'a padinga'pa...

1) Extreme anger=> Tears!! ?

This is one weird thing about me, which i really hate. At times if i get too angry, and i cannot express or let it out(Say on teachers or parents or some1 u dnt want to /cannot express to) teras would start rolling down my cheeks even without my knowledge.And loved ones or friends around would try to console- saying "Why are u crying for this? It is such a small issue..." And i would want to say - Dumb people!! Am very angry- am not crying.... I want to scream at that person!! But with tears rolling down- i wud be speechless!! Wondering y i am sheeding tears- ashamed & irritated of tears rolling! ...
Well, if tears roll down- people call it CRYING!! So i remain shut!

2)Craze & Love i have for kids (VS) Hatred towards the annoying ones!! :D Heehee...

I love kids & enjoy spending time with them.But you know, the way a kid is -is all dependent on how they are brought up! And that is very true... Some of the parents bring up their kids so well- mannered,disciplined & i atleast expect them to be Sensible. But few- ruin them and the outcome is LITTLE BRATS! Am sorry to use such a word, but trust me- for some of the little devils i had seen, u would use a stronger word to define'em. They can do any stupid thing to annoy u... But finally they escape under the cover "KIDS!!" Idha..kid!!Apdinnu sila samayam vaya polakkara mari velai pannunga.... Am not talking abt ADAM...I do love kids who do ADAM!! See -- these DEVIL IN DISGUISE!-- they do it so well, i dnt know t exact word to define how they Annoy u( Sad u Marudhu!! : ) ... Their parents are worser than them!! :P Trust me..

3) My vision- er.. not exactly.. but- Intutions!

Sometimes i get a feeling like something is gonna happen or someone is going to do THIS or something is going to happen to this person. There would be no link with what i would be doing at that time- i wouldn't be thinking anything related to the feeling or vision- no it isnt a vision ..just a sensation! It would happen - the very same way! And er... Creepy!! I would be shocked. Like once- there was this girl i saw in our campus. Over scene, she almost killed a little puppy by kicking it- for she was afraid of dogs. This is a PUUPY- and that MORON don't know the basic difference btw a DOG & a PUP!!? I was so irritated- i saw this from the loggia- so couldn’t go to her and yell- either go down to yell. So was just wishing that she slips and falls when she was about to climb up the stairs! (HeeHee!! Wicked me!!- i don’t generally think like this, but this time- she really hurt that puppy.) AHHH…. She took a bad Slip…(:) Err… stupid thought!! I then immediately withdrew and moved inside the class!

4) At times when i get angry with CERTAIN people...i can remain without talking to them for as many days as i want to,... But to SOME i cannot be without talking even for few days, why days -- hours!!
5)...?? thinking.. DONE- I cannot pretend or hide my feeling at times...Sometimes PATTUNU POTTU UDACHUDUVEN...I would say things out just like that- may it be something i dnt like on wat a person did or something they spoke...i cannot hide my feeling and smile like nothing happened-and later betray-i cannot do that,instead I ask straight!! .And many a times- many had become closer to me for they understood - i insist in being TRUTHFUL and not FAKE!! Sometimes, it would have hurt people, later i would apologise to them too... Isn's that weird-may b not! According to me...
6) ...??

Idhukkey elaarum adipoirupeenga (:P )So will let out the rest later.. ;)
Ok people...now i TAG...This time - few friends(restricted to 6)...And the old ones- somberis..So avangala vittudalaam :P You can take up anytime :) ...


Rules:Tag 6 more... Leave a comment on their page!

'myspace Hee!!Hee!!

Resticted to six...but u can post too.. :) Go ahead-if u like the Tag,will add ur name-lemme know!!