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90th post! LANDMARK(Shop) Attracts .. Billing counter Repells!


The 90th post! Today was the 20th anniversary of Landmark !
Landmark celebrated its 20th anniversary today. (Landmark since 13th Dec 1987)

"Keeping up with modern times"
They say...
"Keeping up with Customers satisfaction?"
I ask..

This morning we decided to visit the LANDMARK shop to get some books. Mom,Dad, me & my sis. It was pretty good time there. We do not visit landmark very often, but only odyssey or Higginbothams. We had been to the Landmark at Spencer plaza this time. When we saw the crowd in Landmark we were taken aback, though majority of the crowd went missing in the books section. And we did not have much time to spend in other places so we finished our browsing picked few books then came to the billing section after few hours of browsing. When I reached the billing section, I was like “ WHAAAAAAAAAAT!!! ”

The queue(s) were really long…I knew it was going to take time. So I told my dad & mom to sit somewhere (There were no chairs near the billing section for people to wait or rest). I waited… then this “loosu” boy came & asked me to split the queue & take a new one. IDIOT HE WAS!

“Why do you ask us to start a new one there? Are there anyone to bill us here? I don’t see any counter!”

And he went like “This que is growing longer …”

Me: “Yeah… Try getting them note this & be quick. What do expect us to do there? Stare at the wall? Or create more confusion?”

By this time my sis who was adjacent to me said “He is trying to create an impression like it’s not over crowded for more people to come in & queue up! Do not bother to split the queue. Let us stay where we are.” She asked “Is there a counter there?! “and gave a look to the guy that chased him off :P Hehe…I love her! :D when she does that..ERRR URF URFF!

Dad preferred to stay back & wait for me while sis took mom outside. And we waited… waited.. for a long time… long long time.. Almost 45 mins! YEAH you read it, 45 SOLID MINUTE. After 15 mins of wait & me pestering dad to take a seat, he got tired of my BLAH BLAH & went back to look into the new arrivals. Then Dad came back for me after 15 mins & just 2 people had cleared out in my queue. And Dad was like “IS THE QUE MOVING AT ALL?”

Dad went to browse more books as I told him it would take some more time. I felt these books were getting heavier after the wait. Thank goodness we had only been to the books section or I wonder how long they would have made us wait. We were probably the early ones to come to the billing counter.

By this time there were enough of.. “ Shhhh…” … “ Ufffffff “…” Oh….” And a few “ Grrrrrrrrr “ and I happened to say this aloud even without noticing am loud “ Are they using Pen & Notepads to bill ?” And the girls in front of me went like “YEAH! L Seems like that.. we have been queuing for ages! ” …

By this time these girls started to chat & we were talking. I enjoyed the chit chat with them. Poor girls, they waited to pay for “CHAK DE” & a couple of Hindi movies. The wait was too much to get just that. And time went on… Dad came back, and he saw me stand as 3rd in the queue. I wasn’t done yet. He said “Its been FORTY FIVE MINUTES! What is taking them so long!!” And in the mean time one of the supervisors recognized dad & came to him. Already fuming, Dad said he would like to meet the manager … Very inefficient… blah blah. And the man was like “very sorry sir.. This is one of the busy days. We have our anniversary being celebrated with a sale , so the crowd is pretty more. …”

And Dad was like “DO NOT TELL ME YOU DNT EXPECT A CROWD! You should have been prepared with more counters & manpower ”

Then this guy went like “Very very sorry sir! I will make sure this do not happen…Blah Blah ”

Dad did know all these were mere excuses he is making so that Dad doesn’t make it an issue & complain. By this time, we were finally THERE! I just wanted to pay the bill & get the hell out of that place. Usually I smile or say a thank you before I recieve the bag & leave. This time… MHUM!! I WAS NOT READY FOR EVEN A LOOK! When I was about to turn to leave this guy rushed to give me their souvenirs & some Chocolates. And I was couldn’t help asking him “FOR WAITING SO LONG?HUH!” . He simply smiled! I waved to those friends I made there & left. I knew Dad was pretty pissed off too.

Then we came to have something… yeah we were tired after 4 SOLID hours. It was nice that time . Eating what we like with whom we love . OI! MY MOM, MY DAD, MY SIS :P

Only the Billing time was HELL, rest of the day was really enjoyable.

# Why have only few counters (was it 4? I don’t exactly remember the number) on a busy day- special day – UR ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION SALE DAY? I would say they just did not bother about keeping the people happy.

# Probably because you know we come to billing after deciding what we want & after spending so much time & picking the books or whatever. Dad told me something after 45 mins when I was the third one “Lets put them back & go home! That should DO!” Hearing this, some people who were far far far behind us in the queue :P DID DO IT!

Well next time I see a shop where people work at this speed (Speed? The very word cannot be used here. It would be an insult to the word speed!) I will throw the things back & SIMPLY LEAVE. The wait was too much. Imagine how those girls should have felt. They were waiting to pay for only2 or 3 DVD’s. It’s not worth the wait. The offer was just some 20%!

# When you have a shop that has a larger space for accommodating more people – with some math you should also have more number of billing counters to accommodate the people to wait in the QUEUE without any grudge or irritation. (And necessarily not have a “loosu” boy asking people to take a new line to avoid their embarrassment.)

# If you are not CAPABLE to HANDLE THE CROWD … then why concentrate too much in publicizing or advertising about your shop. Then try not to get noticed!

# Before announcing a sale, you should also equip yourself (Man power & the goods) prepare to face double than what you expect.

I wonder how it would have been after 6 in that place. That’s the time office goers and most of the crowd would land up.

# I don’t know what great business books tell you to be successful. But as a customer, I can tell you that you need to have people LEAVE YOUR PLACE with a happy face if you want them to come back. One irritating occasion is enough to stop them coming back, at least for the sensitive few this is RULE.1. They won’t give you excuse , for there are many others like you to sell their goods.

# Do not pay all your attention in making people pick the goods ( Sir..idhu vangikonga.. idhu nalla irukum… You will love this once you use it.) but also in making sure they are comfortable through out the stay till they step out.

# I remember the places where the shop may not look very HIFI but people work dedicatedly, provide you good that you like & want, and who do not compromise in quality. They will have better profit than what we can imagine.

Landmark did have good books & also a decent place (?) but the billing section, such a small place had spoiled all the Joy in visiting the shop. TALENTED!

PS: Yesterday in spencers I have managed to do something I have never(wanted to) done in my ENTIRE LIFE. Had it not been appa to hold my hand and say..”Come on! Climb on…its real simple. You Have to dear! … It’s JUST AN ESCALATOR!” YES!

YEAH LAUGH! :P I HATE these machines, that creep up like worms & to climb on one of those and creep on…YIKES! I HATE IT!
I have always managed to use the lift & avoid these creepers through out my life. YESTERDAY! I made it…I finally used it!

But when we came back down – I insisted this time they let me come ONLY BY AN ELEVATOR & NOT AN ESCALATOR. We all used an elevator ( Why call it just an ELEVATOR/LIFT when it also helps u come down? NOW THAT IS A QUESTION YOU NEED TO THINK ABOUT. Hahahaa :D )

And hey, I do not propaganda negatively about landmark. DO visit the shop , may be that day was their worst day too. It must have been hell for them handling such huge crowd.

DO visit the place , they do have good books & if you see a VERY LONG Queue then these guys haven’t learnt their lesson. You kindly put the books back & leave the place. Come home blog about it :P & let me know you have a post! :)




இடுக்கண் வருங்கால் நகுக!!

Croak Croak....

Well if you had already guessed it ... YEAP! A bad throat.How long can you imagine having a sore throat...well let’s call it change of voice for I really don’t think this is sore throat that I have for more than a month now. I can hear you...I really didn’t realize it’s been one month now :(( until my friends blasted me (Past one week, TOTAL DAMAGE! …yupp that’s why the profile name :) my friends)
Having been out of station and this & that I never realized it’s been pretty long that am having this horrible voice. Well , not HORRIBLE :P but not my voice. And initially for the first few days I was like “Please bare with my bad voice ..sore throat you see… “and then I continued the talk. And I really did get tired of this routine, and imagine the embarrassments when you talk to someone for the first time & they look at you through the glasses but then manage to give a broad smile.(Not all of them did have a glass :P but at least the look was the same)
Okie this is not a post all about HOW TO CURE SORE THRAT IN 10 EASY STEPS :P so dnt cry… this is all about those funny things that happened during this course of time.
I may have some parts of the incidents written in tamil..non tamil friends kindly bare :)

பலர் பாத்து பயந்து ஓடுர ஓட்டம் தெரியுது :P WHAT TO DO!!

# When my nephew was here….
We had some guests at home.Myself & my nephew were sitting on the floor and playing something.

From nowhere and out of context one of the guest asked him… “So does your aunts sing to you?” And he went like… “Yeah! She sings great!!…” ( DO I maapla? I have never felt as happy as I do when my nephew enjoys me doing something say singing, craft, painting…I adore the way he adores it. He is just so CUTE! :D You cannot resist a kiss or hug those times.)
Then the guest asks him “Ask her to sing us a song.” (எலே மொக்கச்சாமி! என் கிட்ட கேக்காம அதென்ன லே அங்க soundu?!! )
Well this is the most embarrassing thing you can imagine when your distant relatives come home, say like once a year or so. You hardly see them & they ask you to sing. Off late, Iam pretty shy to sing in crowd. :P Okai! I admit pretty too much shy that I once started goofing over the phone when this friend of mine asked me to sing 2 lines of a song & never really sang.
My nephew who was sitting on my lap looks up at me & kind of stares in a way that meant “Well…dint u hear us?? Sing athai!! “And I felt bad that I couldn’t keep his pride by singing to them..but only replied “ Dei, You know right? Athai have a bad voice now!” And then he managed the guests saying “ Yeah.. athai has throat pain .She will sing to you the next time.Definitely!” When he said that …AWWW how cute he was..like a big boy trying to cover-up … He was just adorable..But I could never sing him any song this time during his visit. We chat for hours over the phone when he was in US of A & he keeps asking me to sing some songs. And I wonder how I never felt shy with him over the phone. I could sing to him over the phone,probably only to him.

மாப்ள ரொம்ப மிஸ் பண்றேன் டா! :(
That is one time i felt bad that my voice is not normal. I could not sing when someone i love sooooooooooooooo very much wanted me to!

OOPS ...Did i get serious there.. Okie okie..no sweat! No more Ms.Serious. :)

# At the wedding....

We went to one of our relatives wedding sometime back. At that time i was as always running behind one of the vaandos in the hall. All of a sudden she was running into a crowd & i had no clue if i would get hold of her before she gets lost. And without being conscious of my voice... i had to shout out for the kutty. calling her name out... ANDDD............
That is when almost everyone there turned & looked behind me searching the source of sound! ROTFL!! :P

People were clueless that its ME who had called out loud. They probably expected a male figure :P & everyone except the one i needed to pay attention. What more can i do...initially i was blinking then realised :P no one would possibly imagine its me & i also looked back to see if any one's there and ran to the kid.

#In the new house...

We have new neighbors. One day we meet this aunty & her daughter in law. When they were talking she spots one of my painting & asks who did this? amma tells her " Yeah. Thats my daughter's.She sings well too... "

And she looks at me like -- YOU?? :O

Well no wonder, from the day we came here i am croaking & people here doesn't know my real voice at all. Am glad she dnt run out of the house screaming!! ;)

hahahahaha....Then i came for the rescue & clarified things. And she was like....

# With One of my college mate on the phone ....

He: Hello
Me:(Croak croak...no i mean) HELLO
He: May i speak to maruthu
He: Who is this?
Me: Nakkala??!! Its mee....whatsup? :)
He: YOU?? U stil with this voice??
Me: Oh..how long has it been...when did u call me last?
He: Are u educated??
ME: Well, where did we meet then :P I dumbose...
He: #$^#$&%$*%^$(%^(*#%(


He: Well, i dnt call up to hear an insane person croak for weeks. Better meet Doctor or never talk to me. Am hanging !
Me: :O


# During housewarming....
Well there are many familiar faces. Obviously everyone would expect you to say hi hello how u doing....
And whenever i started with hello.. there was this reaction" :O " please take the pain to paste the smiley in yahoo & check it yourself in case u haven't seen it. Yellow smiley doing that is MUCH TOLERABLE and CUTE but when u see real people that too when too many of them doing it at the same day and AT YOU... :P It is a very very s(b)aaaaaaaaaaaaaaad feeling :P
And then i go like..."Its alright its alright...Its just my voice....fear not!"
எத்தன பேரு கிட்ட தான் , எத்தன வாட்டி தான் சொல்ல முடியும் " இது நான் தான் , என் குரல் தான். யாரும் பயப்பட வேண்டாம்.."

#While walking back home with sis on a deserted street...

It was pretty dark that night.... we were walking thro t streets where there were not much ppl. Suddenly we both heard 2/3 road side romeos walk behind us having chit chat & we could hear them laugh...we slowed down near a shop there to let them go in front. And yes we did have some work in the shop. They were making some remarks (Friendly though...no issues!) But still we dnt like it. What i did was spoke with a firm voice ...
which could confuse anyone with my bad voice now if its a man or woman. And Shhhhh..those guys dnt even turn back but walked off real fast thinking me & my sis had a company join us & cleared the place in fraction of seconds. And i started laughing!! YES which sounded confusing still .... told " I think i can continue the rest of my life with this voice...it helps alot. Especially if am planning to stay single for long.உனக்கும் வேணும்னா கேளு,ஏரியா பக்கம் வந்து அப்பப்போ டப்பிங் குடுக்குறேன்"

# A very very old friend of dad's...

We visited a typical britain lady who happened to be one of appa's friends wife. Dad & this aunts husband had been living together while his stay in britain. She was really happy to see our family. A typical british and very gentle too. I was pretty hesitant to CROAK for i was pretty scared i may scare the lady & then i finally spoke, but i was really tired of putting the DISCLAIMER everytime i spoke to someone for the While we were driving back home i told amma " She is gonna be under the impression that it is a wonderful family but the youngest is just not blessed with a right voice :P " But am really tired...and you can't help it.
People who hear you for the first time may end up thinking thats how u ('croak' oops sorry) sound! And there is no point in explaining to them or even...like it matters :P FORGET IT & move on! Thats what i told myself everytime i was left embaressed :P & tired!

#Meeting up an old school mate (First standard friend) after all the years...

As we went chatting she said " But your voice.... Your voice has changed a lot. The rest ..no change ur the same maruthu ! "
Me : " Well....you can correct the sentence. Voice..this is not how i sound. :) Unmaya dee"

But she doesn't know much about my singing and all that. SO i let it loose. Dnt wanna fight over it ..and i guess her NOD meant she understood "This cannot be my voice"

But it was funny ... and pretty annoying at times.

Its been more than a month , and i dnt want to have it behind me as a bad memory. Sometime later when i think of this, i want to laugh it out. So i wanted to make sure i record it here.

Even at times where we freak out, i have good record for taking things light & handling it without panicking. One of the best is explained in weird'o tag. This is new in the list now ... I have HOPE that my voice won't ditch me so easily.(And am not asking too much..just a voice that sounds like ME) I HOPE this is just one of those infections..or probably due to the pollution. Am sure, i will be ok soon. With that note ...
I would like you all to have a good laugh with me :)
Thank you for your patience

~~ Maruthu ~~