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Well dear friends :) HELLO AND HOW YOU ALL DOING?

I definitely missed you all ......
I am now officially back to blog for that's something I love to do and missed doing for a very long time. I have decided to post threads with Label -" From the Diary of an X- Spinster "which is basically going to be collection of thoughts I put together from a lot of X-Spinsters in my circle. If you are one and if you wanna share something in this context - feel free to mail me and we shall voice it out in this thread :) If I am hearing grrs and errs of Bachelors or X-Batchelors, feel free to mail me. This is just in context with what I have been hearing and seeing and feeling off late - now that there are too many wedding happening in and around my circle :) Here goes my first post ....

From the Diary of an X-Spinster! "Imagine an event in life that changes everything..... Suddenly you are in a stranger's land where u know no one...no thing....& everything is new.. Starting from ur bed, ur room, ur home, and not to forget the missing sweet morning greetings from mom n dad.... I get up and step my foot down only to know not even the weather is warm to u -LITERALLY! :) One thought that every married women gets in her heads SOMEDAY or the other came to my mind as well, - having quit the Spinster life may not be the greatest decision in a girl's life but with a BLIND hope that its for good - I started my day in the Strangers land. The only little familiar face I see is His. At times I seem to know him more...and at times he still remains a complete stranger to me. Sometimes it feels like Life could not have been better...but i hate it when some other times my mind questions every move in my life.... if its right or not. Sometimes when i get back to my happy days with friends at work or college - I wished life just froze there with no pressure or responsibilities to tangle you up. But life does not give you that option - does it? :) It sure is a challenge for every girl to leave behind what she hold so close to her heart and move on out of home for that one person. To leave behind - her parents, her loved ones, her home, her Job*, her comfortable place, her cozy bed, her lovely friends, her everything ---- and make that one step into a new life - where alot of things awaits her. Things that she might like, things that might need her patience, her love, her care, her sacrifices...so on. The greatest pain in sacrificing is when it is not respected. Is it only with an Indian wedding - where the girl goes through the trauma after marriage or is it every other culture that has it loaded on a girl's shoulder? :) I wonder and not before too much of thinking kills the joy of the present .... I decide to stop here and decide what I could cook for a Happy lunch :) .....Well sometimes you feel special for there is this one person in your life who suddenly makes you feel so wanted, so bound and so special. A marriage could do that to you. No offense to friendship - its one of the blessing in life....You have friends who could survive with out you...who could pull a day without hearing or knowing if you are ok but not someone who has tied that Holy knot! Long live - every marriage!

And.........Yes! I am Happily* Married ;)"

: "From the Diary of an X-Spinster!"


நாகை சிவா said...

Good :)

Welcome back

Marutham said...

Annanuku oru tub Ice cream TO GO!

Nandri hai :D

Srijith Unni said...

Nice to see you back Marutham..! Reading this diary felt fresh and beautiful. Keep Writing and Singing, because who you are does not ultimately change, does it ?

Have Fun, take Care and God Bless!

With Best Regards,

Marutham said...

:) Hey Srijith! Good to see old friends again...Feels like a reunion to me :D

And yes will definitely keep that in mind :) Thank you

A Mini Ice Cream tub TOGO for my pal! :)

magiceye said...


Marutham said...

:) Thank u ... Bestest wishes to u!

R. Ramesh said...

hey super post ya...nanri..meedum varuga GM blogirku..

Marutham said...

:) Thanku ... Btw enna idhu dhideernu Tamil? :O U speak tamil?

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

:) nice post....orey pheeeeeeeelingsá pochu po :P Muaaaaaaaaaaah!

Marutham said...

:) Hmmmm ***SIGH***

Onnum solradhukilla... Thanku D! Muah Muah

Zanychild said...

Congratulations first, comments next :)

How many times have I wondered, why dont guys just leave their place when they get married :p, but then in this age of nuclear families, both of them do sacrifice something na?

If I get married, I will tell my aathukarar - we have to share things, so I will eat you will clean ;)

I just wish I dont have to change so many things about me. Lets see.

All the best to ya!

Marutham said...

Thanku dear! Coming to ur comment. Well that is true...but until you are married you choose whether to stay away from home or not...but after that u r not alone :) and ur definitely not given a easier option!

Abt ur deal with ur aathukarar....LOL! :) Wish u luck on that ....

Jeevan said...

That's nice and very true at conclusion! take care :)

Marutham said...

Thank you dear! :)