IWD: International Women's day 08'MAR'06

Wishing all the women out there a happy women's day! ...

Woman is so precious in this world....She has lots of responsibilities.
Various avatars of women ,yet each is special in its own way...
Young girl, Daughter, Sister,Friend, Wife,Mother,Grand mother,Great Grand mother......
And the best part is being a human with the Humane qualities. Tell me your 'TOP #3 LIST'. Here is the ' Top 5 ' list of the women who have made a difference in someone's life.
2)a.Mother Terasa (Proof for the existence of GOODNESS)
b. MY SISSY(Proof for the existence of EVIL :D ) [kidding dee!Plz enna uyiroda utruu...]
3)Oprah Winfrey
4)Angelina Jolie (She is a great social worker.For those who dint know-Plz read RDJan'05 issue.)
5)Aishwarya Rai.
And yes may be myself! I would be NO.6 (:P)
Last but not the least, Are Todays women (or women of this Era ) living with those special qualitites(Patience,Kindness,tolerance,Love,Care,Humble, and most of all POLITE!) that women in the early ages are said to have? I wonder....... Will leave you with that question.I wish i live that way, but..Err..not always.... Take care! And once again Happy women's day to all the wonderfull ladies!!!And if you are not one then wish me & other women you know :)

Link that i suggest on this day: http://www.internationalwomensday.com

Picture courtesy: www.raagandtaal.org

PS:4 more days to go for another special day!


~I Love Chennai~ said...

Happy Woman's Day!

//PS:4 more days to go for another special day!//

I know what it is... :)

Marutham said...

Thanku krish. Really u know?

Marutham said...

BTW, where is your top 3 list?

Anbae said...

Happy Women's day....

senthil natarajan said...

happy womans' day madam.... though you are fit to be called girl!

Marutham said...

@ Anbae,
Thanku Anbae!
@ Senthil,
Thanku senthil! And thanku for accepting me as a cute sweet adorable little GIRL! Romba overa irukko??! :P

@ ALL -
Yengappa unga TOP3 women list!

Ghost Particle said...

Happy Womans day...

senthil natarajan said...

so far for me the list is like
1. amma
2. amma
3. amma
the above list was for the person who has impressed me...
n if u are going to ask me the list of all who i like!!! then the list will be long ;) hee hee (starting with actresses) just kidding
the list would have
4. angelina jolie {for her UN work n otherwise too ;) }
5. P.T.usha
6. Jayalalitha (all said n done she has real guts)
7. Mother Teresa

Anbae said...

here s my list,

1. Amma
2. Akka and Gf
3. 3 teachers during my schooling days

They are my suga thukka assamiggal, en uyir.

Me said...

off topic...

sorry to know that ur athai passed away....

& what happened abt the college stuff....is it open/closed...

Marutham said...

Very nice! I wish some way AMMA could see this!!
:O Anbae, I wish some way ur sis cud see this. Enna idhu Pirandhadhulerndhu kooda irukkum thangachiyum PSTN 2, Ipo pickup anna GF um same position sari illaye :P CHumma vambu izhuthen.Wishing you gud luck
@ ME,
Welcome after a LO.ng time. Unga aarvam enakku puridhu. ANd ungala sandhosa paduthra mari oru answer sollava! AM VETTYOFFICER @ HOME :)) See my next post, An extract from my writeup about this issue.
"#WHERE IS UR LIST @ Krish,GP & ME#"

Anbae said...
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Anbae said...

Like to make u know.. after three yrs i'll be a docter...!!

This credit goes to my Gf, she s my backbone, real inspiration. she wanna me to do medcine....., boosted me, inspired me......... her hardwork paid, nw im doing medicine...!! God! she s like...... simply gr8 and outstandin in my life!!! i'm missing her nw..!

yeh, i did position my gf along with my sister...giving equal priority.. i find no mistake... even she(my sis 12 yrs elder than me) won take wrong seeing this..

over aaaa than commnetkku reply pannitoomoooo !!!!!

Raju said...

My list would have my mom, and thats it.

Marutham said...

Not at all!(OVERA REPLY ...) I was just curious..No offence. I wish you both a very prosperous future.And congratulations!!
Very sweet of you! Amma wud be happy to see that. But paavam'pa consider other women having a post'n in ur list...