Am Tagging you for the First time!

So many people have been Tagging others...So now i decided to BACK FIRE.
Am Tagging on...INBHA THUNBAM
Which means Pleasurefull pains!
I TAG…See the bottom of the post.
You have to tell atleast one ...
Here it goes.
For me it would be...
The college bus Travel.
First 2 years i had been coming to college every day in our college bus.BUS.No: 155....Miss u 155! Now I don’t go by college Bus.
Our driver was a very friendly guy. We all call him Anna!All the years till I joined college my school(s) were at walkable distance from our house. I had hardly traveled(Walked) for 5 minutes to reach the school. But the college wasn’t in the city limit. I had to take the college bus. First day it was so Scared! The tension that am traveling in a bus where everyone is a stranger , about the Ragging, about the new institution( After school, for every student entering into college would be like how a cow would feel when his shepherd open the gates and let it go FREE! Although the cow feels there aren’t anyone to control, watch for, or guide only in the path he wishes and it is totally FREE now, this freedom could fear the cow. For it does not know how the new OUTSIDE world would be. Will there be lot of Predators, Foxes, Cute bunnies, and Friendly elephants, Loyal Dogs or hungry Beasts?? However it has to go forward and move on b’coz ther isn’t any comforting controlling hands to protect.) That is what it was like, for me. I dint quite find it difficult in tackling with the so very friendly and Not very friendly and Playful seniors. We did make some good friends. Then I did find some very sweet friends in my bus and we grew very well as friends. The closest circle was Madhu,Madhu2,Krishna,Prasanna,Sidhu,lux, lachu,Valli,….many more. But myself Madhu and another friend- we three had a strong bond.One reason for Madhu and I being so close could be that Madhu was very much like how My brother was in his young age. That is, the way we interacted, and also for some ‘not explainable coz I don’t know reasons’. We did have a very strong bond! For madhu it was customary to sleep in the bus either while coming to Cols or while leaving to home.

I rarely used to sleep in the evenings while coming back because I hardly would take my eyes OFF the window that is because I had hardly traveled so much or putting it this way seen the CITY though I had been living in Chennai from my birth... But madhu use to FALL asleep..and sometimes really FALL OFF/SLIDE OFF.We always used to sit together and I had pleasure in pulling her my side and allowing her to rest her head on my shoulders to enjoy the sleep. And for madhu too it was a sweet moment to getup and see that she had a shoulder to rest in. I also cannot forget the days we used to play-fight for the WINDOW Seat and madhu used to joke to the other friend” Eyy..Vidu da Marudhuvey window seat’la ukartum Ipovadhu avalukku madras epdi irukkumnu theriyattum! Nee paruda :P” And some days we used to talk about issues. Mostly it was about parents-child’s rela tionships,Friends,My lecturers,The class room Fun, criticize about the criticizing teachers, Class mates stupid talks,proposals, opposites(Attracting/non attracting opposites) and lots…Though we had a lot of DIFFERENCE OF OPINIONS. Those were the days I would never forget….And especially during Exam times. We used to be so tired for we getup at 4/5 and travel for more than 2 hours TO & FRO.And we would decide that one of us would try reading till KATHIPARA JN and others wud sleep and she would goto sleep at KATHIPARA JN, and finally all of us would getup at ADYAR! :P We would just laugh and go home.Those nights I had stayed awake till 3 in the morning and I rembr I used ANNA’s room and at 3 would callup other friends and I would goto sleep till 4:30. Those were INBAMANA THUNBANGAL! Often Krishna and prassanna would get into the Bus and get down at AIRPORT to have their DAY OUT and get back to college at 4 and we would all be shocked to see them and ask” Enna rendu perum oor sutha polaya? “ And they say “Poitu ippo dhaan collegeku vandhom , Bus’ku kaasu katirukomla!! “ ====Ada Pavigala!! Padikkavum Dhaanda!!
Now it is your turn.
You tell one such thing in your life that was a
PAINFULL PLEASURE! Please do TAG other friends.It could be their painful pleasure :D

· GP
· Nanyaar?
Anandh prabu
Vijay ramamurthy
· nabeel
· jagan
· j

I Right now have no time to individually visit your page and inform friends.Would do soon…But please take this up sportively!


Me said...

velai pannumbodhu thunbama irukkum.....sambalam vaangum bodhu inbamaa irukkum.......p

Ghost Particle said...

why it has to beeee meeeeeeeeeee....urghhhhhhhhhh...!

~I Love Chennai~ said...

I am not able to comment :(

~I Love Chennai~ said...

ok...it works now :)

The tag goes here:

Thunba Inbam or Inba Thunbam:
Reading ur blog and these tag games :D


Marutham said...

@ Me,
Nice one!
@ GP,
So finally you are here....
:O Edhu inbam edhu thunbam???CLEAR'a Sollungapa.

Marutham said...

May be you guys DIN'T Notice!! You have to post your TAG as YOUR POST and TAG your other friends!!Pass it forward...:P Am looking forward to see... :D

Me said...

my blog is a tag free zone....sorry marutham .....:((

Vijay Ramamurthi said...

evlo periya postaaaaaa

painful pleasureaaa hmmm appadina??
ok let me go read it now
hehe :)

kuttichuvaru said...

already 2 tags pending-la irukku!! ithula 3rd tag frm u, huh?? eppo pannuvennu theriyathu... pannumpothu solren!!

J said...

LOL @ Me's comment -- I know he would say that :D

naan panren, Marutham :-)

Nice post! Reminded me of my college days :( bus memories elaam illai as I was an hosteller.

senthil natarajan said...

u hv a flair for writing... so keep writing... n i will write on the tag soon

~I Love Chennai~ said...

//:O Edhu inbam edhu thunbam???CLEAR'a Sollungapa.//
Adhu puriyathavaraikkum nallathuthaan.... :)

//naan panren, Marutham :-)//
One yearku appuramaa...

Me said...

Krish said: Adhu puriyathavaraikkum nallathuthaan...

nan puriyavekkara maruthamku.....krishku unga blog padikaradhu thunbam...tag ezhudharadhu inbam.....:p

Anand Prabhu said...

ippadi maati vituteengale:) ok..will put a post in a couple fo days... and let u know ... ellame inba thunbam thaan :)))

Marutham said...

Yenna vijay eppadi soleeteenga? PERIYA POST'na GP link'a poi parunga... :P Idhellam JUJUBEE'nu solliduveenga! :))
Cycle GAP'la Bus'a uttuteengaley... :P

Marutham said...

Thanku J :) U r a hosteller?? Wow, appo unga post innum interesting'a irukkumey!! I have friends@ our college hostel.They tell me so many stories.Some weeks back there was a rampage at our college...Reg the AICTE approval.So right now ORU BULB FUSE aana kooda oru chinna satham vandhaalum nera SECURITIES odi vandhruvaanga...bayandhudraanga Campus'la . The recent one my friends told was One day night at 12 all the girls had arrived at one girls (birthday Girl) room and they all screamed her happy birthday.They screamed so loud that the securities in boys hostel and in near by blocks came running to the G hostel and broke open the gate and went to the room to find everyone eating cake!Next day when the news reached PRINCI, he fined all the girls in that room a heavy amount for the MENTAL TENSION the securities and others had undergone that night.PAAVAMPA!! Andha kaasukku hostel'a irundha elaarukkum treat kuduthrukalaamaam! ... So am eagerly waiting for your post. :)

Marutham said...

Ok! :) Do post it soon and tag your friends too..
@ Anandh,
SPB... Ungala mattividamala??!! I know it is a tuff task for a PS! :P
And ellamey INBA THUNBAM DHAAN??? Enna... thathuvam maadhiri theriyudhey!!

Marutham said...

Velayatu pullanga!! En screen ellam puzhudhi.... :P

Gopalan Ramasubbu said...

Good day

/*I rarely used to sleep in the evenings while coming back /*

Class la nalla thoongitu evening fresh ah irukum pothu epadi thookam varum;))? he he, just kidding.

First time here,landed here through Senthil's page.U 've really good flow in writing.cheers

Marutham said...


Appadiyum irukkalaam...Anaal classlayum oruthar pesitey irupaar ...Lecturer.Adhanala no thookams in class :| I have never slept in class.
and Thanku so much for the compliments :) All of senthils friends seems to be very good...Because He also compliments my writing skill & so r u :D
That is SWEET! Would you please take up my TAG?? :)

nabeel said...

hey buddy , ill post it later, i hope you dont mind

Gopalan Ramasubbu said...

I'll take u r TAG Marutham,will write on my Inba thunbams after coming back from Easter holidays:)

btw,don't mistake me for asking this question,can u read Tamil?coz i'm gonna write inba thunbam in Tamil.:)I've one more question as well,do u know carnatic music?can u identify a raagam of a particular song?(I read u r post abt u singing on radio, that's y the above question).

Anoop said...

ok mine is up :)

Marutham said...

@ Nabeel
Ok ....Post it soon.

Ok ! Thanku . And regrdng Raagam...Am not an expert in that field but would try to specialize soon.We used to have games in my music class to find the Thalams & Ragams ...Miss those days.Now lost touch! Will soon cope.

PS:Senthil & Anoop have posted avery nice post.Do read it.

Shuba said...

hey first time at your site...nice posts....u reminded me of my college............

Anonymous said...

Your site is on top of my favourites - Great work I like it.

Anonymous said...

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