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I Sang on radio and won a COOL prize again! ...And here is what happened on a busy day, that I must tell you my friend.
Mostly the victims are Men or poor creatures. They never intend to harm but the ladies…-they never fail to terrify them with their super natural EQ & special characteristics.
If you are still wondering about what am talking about…then here I give the reason. Last week on a fine day this incident happened.We had 4 boring hours of theory where all 4 staffs were like Hitlers children, they hardly gave us a break. On my attempt to stay awake and alert I kept drinking water every time a staff left the class. Thinking that, this way I would not feel drowsy, but then did I learn that I had drunk an 1 lr bottle of Aquafina in just 3 hours! Next what happened….Obvious my bladder could not hold anymore….. I was waiting for the clock to strike 12…I lokked at my watch…11:50,11:52 (Is my watch working??!!) , 11:55,11:58,11:59…..TREEENG! At last…I rushed to the L room. Guess what all 5 cubes were occupied. May be all of them had 4 BORING THEORY and Lecture by SO/DO of Hitler! Ok..I could wait for few more seconds but then I wouldn’t guarantee (:P ). Mean time, I was observing the LADIES looking at the big mirror in the room. Some were doing their hair, some combing, some staffs seeing if their Saree matched their blouses, some girls struggling to get their little SCARY faces see its reflection in a small corner of the mirror (THE MIRROR in our ladies room- must have been the most cruel person in its previous birth. And sad thing is that every day , it has to see the same stupid faces trying to look attractive and only this knows it would happen ‘NEVER!’) And by then something stupid, sad and hilarious happened.
While many of them were enjoying their space on this POOR OBJECT…and me trying to enjoy this scene….some one NEW enters the place.I first quiet did not realize as he walked in..Yes HE! HE is definitely not supposed to be here! And here they go….They all started screaming as if like Mansooralikhan (A FAMOUS TAMIL MOVIE VILLAIN)has entered the ladies room. I was lost for few seconds.
This poor old man (Must have accompanied some of the gardeners who work here…and that stupid person should not have left him alone in a huge building like this where every class room would look the same for this old man) was all shocked, shaken, shivering and PUZZLED! And to my surprise even some SUPPOSED TO BEHAVE MATURED Staffs joined the crue, no one told the man anything but kept screaming and staring! //CHILL Ladies!!// Then I went to that man and told that he wasn’t supposed to be here-It is the Ladies restroom. His gesture told me that he was totally EMBARRESED! And he, with such an innocent child look face looked up and said “Enakku padikka theriyadhuma…Sonna dhaney theryum.Manichukunga! Enaku veliya poga vazhi solluviya ma? “ Which in short means “
He wasn’t aware that it is the restroom for he do not know to read & he asked if I could show the way out”. I felt very sad for him,then showed him the way out and OFF he went! Then I finally had my chance to ……..FLUSH! Got what I said in the first few lines!!! Isn’t that true?? It is ok to express the feelings..but sometimes it is better to control and analyze if there is any need to EXPOSE! After all he was too old and never intended to enter the TOILET. It must have been the worst day in his life! GIRLS..Know if your emotions definitely need room in the situation! Or please don’t waste it and scare people around

Sang again and Won again, on the radio…….This time I will be getting a Cool Walkman as my gift. YIPPEE!!
Here are some of my earlier posts that I wish you could read. I had written this when I hardly knew the concept COMMENTS…..and that people could actually tell you what they feel about your blog.And most of all..I dint spend time finding friends in blog…Even now I don’t do that much but here you are… Thanku! Give it a read when you find time.


Anand Prabhu said...

congrats on the prizes...come up an audio blog soon...:)

~I Love Chennai~ said...

//I Sang on radio and won a COOL prize again!//

Congratz Maruthu... endha radionu sonna naangalum kekkalamla?

Have a great week ahead...

Ghost Particle said...


Nanyaar? said...

Hey Marutham,

Lovely blog here, arun a.k.a Anbae asked me to check your blog out!

Incrediable, like some of your earlier posts.,

So what type of music do you sing??

Cheers & Congrats,


kuttichuvaru said...


keep winning!!

nabeel said...

congrats nd keep going as life goes on.... , as they say "what you seek is waiting for you all along."

nabeel said...

congrats nd keep going as life goes on.... , as they say "what you seek is waiting for you all along."

senthil natarajan said...

which radio? wat did u sing? nyways keep up the good work...have fun

Jagan said...

u won a prize by singing on a radio ...u didnt us giv more details ..neways, congrats .

btw , i stoppped writing .but i do read blogs .

Marutham said...
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Marutham said...

Sathiyama naan Prize win pannadha indha postOda potrukka koodathu!! I shud have posted the PRIZE news seperately...(:( ) While i spent so much time and narrated the whole INTERESTING incident...totally deviated from THAT...All of you din't read that.:)) LOL@ myself ! :(
Thanks alot-
Anadh,Krish,GP,Naanyaar?,Kuuty , Nabeel,Senthil,Jagan.

Anonymous said...

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