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"That was too kiddish!! "

This post- if you had seen few days back- would have been LONG & kiddish! :P...Heehee...Just kidding:) It was a little bit upsetting for me to miss my last tour in my student life!Adhanaala Chinna pullathanama oru post potrundhen - it was too kiddish! :)) So feel happy you came late...For those of you who had seen the original version, ;) Freeya vidunga... :) Nothing lost!
I am staying home for 1 week......and it ends today!! Tommorow,everyone will be back from tour. :) Neraya peru kitta thittu vaanguven- adhelaam aprama solren.Am sure its gonna be so much fun - listening to them.

So here is the CRISP of what happened on the day i was supposed to leave for
my tour(9:00 pm) !

Old post will be in this colour ....

Her DAD gives her a call to the mobile- (12:00 in the noon)
“ Dear, its DAD here.Have you left? You inform your class in-charge you wouldn’t be coming for the tour and get back the acknowledgement letter I signed”

“ What are you saying PA? The letter has been submitted to the PRO VC! What happened is everyone alright? “

“ Fine! Do what I say -you inform the in charge and come to the gate. I will be waiting in the car.”

“ ?????? OK ??????? ”

She dint tell anyone- it would definitely upset them and few may even withdraw, for they told they wont go if not she is coming. Some of the staffs got her number to keep in touch. She dint know what to tell, but just gave the number and walked out Puzzled. What could have possibly happened? Is everyone fine? Is Periyamma ILL? Was there any argument at home? …????

She went out and waited patiently, but still confused about the telephone conversation!
Appa came – he gave a big smile. So no one is ill!
She – “ What happened pa? Can I go to the tour? “
Appa –“ No dear! Simply obey me.”
She- “But whats the reason? “
Appa-“ Your brother called up this morning and your MOM started crying over the phone.”
She – “ Why?”
Appa- Because she would be missing you for the week.
She- WHAT! …So?
Appa- When she cried over the phone and I could not stop her, you can’t leave. I cant stop her crying then.. I know this is complicated! Just cancel the trip!
So she stayed back!

Most of all this girl hated it , when the 50+ of them started calling to her mobile when it neared 8 that night(I hate CELL PHONES :P ) .They were all expecting her at the railway station.. She left a message to the tour co-ordinator's Mobile and attended very few calls!

May be there is some valid reason behind their decision too...But she is just struggling to figure it out.....

Sometimes- blindly you have to admit they have some point in doing this! She do understand...


Tests are over , Next week tour !!!

Had been away from blog for a while. Lots of things happening in the college life. Many are good, Some are shocking, some surprising.......Lot more. More on those later.

Next Week will be going on a tour with college mates. A tour after my class 6! So guess it will be interesting....
EDHO SOTHAPITTAEN- SO PAATU UPLOAD PANNA MUDILA- Will check that : ) Sorry!!! First 5 comments :D..Thanku !!! Seekram sari panni Post panidren - those songs!!I wonder How the tour is going to be.... Sort of nervous and am already feeling bad to leave home, Parents for about a week or so...Lets see!!

With best regards,

Marutham .


Harish said...

Not able to open :-(

Syam said...

I second harish :-)

ambi said...

will chk out and tell U later.
Aapichla mrngee paattu ketta tinnu katirunvaanuga! :)

ambi said...

echoose me! me also getting "Page cannot be displayed"
cud u pls upload it as if U did for your "yamunai aatrile" song, for which we throwed 2 kgs of thakaali? :) (summa, summa)

Kanya said...

Marutham... paatu kekka mudiyalai... ada technical problem pa... marubadiyum upload pannunga..

kodiyile'nu pottu irukeengala athu kodiyile malliyappo manakkuthe maane song thaane... kadalora kavithaigal!!!! :D

Ghost Particle said...

wow...cool...have fun and take lots n lots of pics!

Gopalan Ramasubbu said...

enjoy the trip Marutham :)

Marutham said...

Elaarukkum Thanks!! :D Tata.....

Syam said...

sari romba perusa iruku...ippothaiku vethalai vaangitu poren...apurama vandhu padikaren...am done with the tags

Nanyaar? said...


You know this is the first post im reading after getting back to blogging as Nanyaar?

So i dint know abt the trip, but then along the stroy I totally understand what your trying to say. just keep it rolling girl. For everything there defintely is an Answer.

And Im waiting for the contn.


ambi said...


wants to give a big comment, but not able to. i'm speechless. when time passes, u may understand your parents point of view.
coz same thing happened in my school days. (Missed an prestigious NCC Camp).

i wish, take life as it comes. spend time with your parents as much as possible. coz in later stage, circumstances won't allow U.

btw, correct the spelling of 'Departure' in marquee. :)

Ghost Particle said...

k...im having mized feelings about this. I feel really bad for you. This should not happen, but probably it happens to millions of people all the time...

Everything is for the good. Dont worry dear.

Ghost Particle said...

yethu nadanthalum, nandragave nadakathum.

Ravi said...

M, sorry about your trip. Well the problem is you could've made your point (not in a harsh way though) to you dad else how would he know?? Looking at the other side, appa knew that he could rely on you just like in this case where he felt you would be the best person to control the situation. So look at that side as well and am sure something better is in store :-) keep the spirits high!

Marutham said...


Onnum pramaadhama illa indha post'la vidunga! :)

Anonymous said...

For long trips even I do not get permissions from my parents.. so I miss them a lot.. But for going to theatres or get-together or one-day outing, I just inform to them that I am going there (sometimes after returning only I tell them..) no waiting business for permissions.. Because i am damn sure that if I wait for permissions i'll not get them.. :) what to do sometimes we have to use such techniques to not to miss the enjoyments.. :)

Marutham said...

Welcome back!!

Marutham said...

Ambi@merriam webster Dictionary.com,
Saridhaan....It wa the last trip i could have had as a student with frends after my class 6.So was alittle upset abt it...Now am alright!! :) Neenga 6th apram friends kooda veliya ponadhulla sollunga? Am sure the case is differnt for u... :)

PS:Dont we use short forms like u for you, ARRIV for arrive.. ? :>

Marutham said...

@ghost particle,
:) Am good now... Thanku! :) Lets hope "Ellaam naladhukkey..." Next time may be at work any tourna- one week veetlaye irundha- Amma Appava bore adika vechu- nee engyaavdhu poitu variya oru 1 week Plz..nu solla vechudren :P

Marutham said...

:)First welcome here! ,
//look at that side as well and am sure something better is in store // Am looking now... I was a little too upset-so wrote that way..After all i love my parents :)

Marutham said...

hm... :) Kekkha nalla irukku...But enaku othu varaadhu. I dont encourage that....Itha seyradha irundha epavo senjurukalaam...But later - there will be regret for such behvr. :) Am comfortable with feeling bad that "I" missed something than "MY" parents felt bad for my act ...
Anyways, thanku for the concern.Life doesnt end here... :)

Syam said...

indha post ah ithu 3rd time modify panreenga...ithuku oru puthu post podalaamla :-)

Gopalan Ramasubbu said...

Good on u Marutham.Waiting for Bharathi songs :)

Harish said...

owwwwww......last tour missed?But then...there has to be some price paid for ones love :-)

Marutham said...


Ayaa... ROmba thanks.Naan yosichuktu irundhaen...YEthnaavdhu thadalavai'nu ;) ... Seekram oru pudhu post podren-ungal solpolavey!

Marutham said...


Sorry to keep you waiting...Am still lokking for a way to post my audio files or upload...Any suggestion.Sollunga? Tried with geocities, but facing some problem.

Hope to find a way out soon...
:) Thanku!!

Marutham said...

Very true!!
Adhaan irundhuttom!! :)