Dear Friends,
First a big sorry for not having above 50% attendence here @ blogspot and at your page :D....Sorry!! Little tied up.... Probably would be busy for the next week too. So its high time i write this TAG. Sorry SUBBU...Sema late! :D Sorry!!! Had been tagged by Thiru Subbu avarhal -ஆறு பதிவுக்கு அழைத்திருக்கிறார்.ஆறு கேள்வியும்,பிடித்த ஆறு மனிதர்களைப் பற்றியும் எழுதவேன்டும்.

6 Q-ஆறு கேள்வி (Yaraadhu convincing'a oru badhil sollungalen.....)
1) Why do people smoke and drink ?? Enna dhaan irukku adhula??? Other than free DOWNLOAD of CANCER!! 2) Why is it that in many interviews they ask our weaknesses?? Is it not something to be hidden....Or r they checking if we are able to detect (and correct or atleast try to) our own mistakes?
3) Why don't people of our country ever realise their responsibility as citizens??
4) What do u do when TRUE friendship is drifting towards the LOVE?? And you know it is gonna SINK!!
5)Why do this generation youngsters ever get married and give birth to children , when they cannot responsibly bring up a good child. Paadhi neram petha piLLaya -thookavey yosikkudhuhal !! Apram dhaney paalooti, sorooti, seeratti elaam.....
6) Why is there so many "OLD AGE HOME" ?? And most of the elders living there are booted out by their own wards & in laws!! Do people lose their brain after marriage and in their mid THIRTIES??

6 human beings- ஆறு மனிதர்கL (:D)
1) Enn ThandhaiYaar - My Father # For his sacrifices and his tolerance, towards people,family and other social friends. # For his achievements # For his sincerity and honesty # For him being our APPA!!
2) Enn thaaYaar - My Mother #For her Love and care #For her sacrifices!! #For her tolerance towards faker(s)(Losers!!) #For her SAMYAL- Cooking :D #For her being our AMMA!!
3) Chithi & Chithapa!! # INFINITE number of reasons......
4)Thiruvalluvar (For his excellent work- Thirukkural) #1330 kaaranangal undu :) 2 variyil solla vendumenil.... Thirukkural ennum ariya pokkishathai, amudhai thamizhargalukaaga Vittu setndramaikku, virundhu padaithamaikku...
5)Periyaar & M.S.Subublakshmi
6)OPRAH #For her service!! Now i would like to TAG .....

Anandh prabu
Vijay ramamurthy

Mudinja neengalum Ezhudhalaam :) Most welcome....

Bye for now...... ~


ambi said...

i like that first qstn very much. nalla oraikara maathiri keetenga.
drinksaavathu no effect to nearby except that kappu effect.
but that cig, Ufff, enakku atha pudunku avan thodaila nachunu veikanum pola varum.

rest of qstns r also good one. selfish is the main reason for everything.
nice post. :)

hiyaa me thaan pastu comment, so ------ (yappa,syam! fill in the blanks)

Anand Prabhu said...

hey..maruthu.. nice to see you blogging..everyon seems to be buys these days.. i hardly find time to blog... will write up the tag as easrly as i can... yerkane unnoda tag onnu baaki :D

hope u are enjoying after the placement ;)

Syam said...

amma thaaye naanga ellam indha 6 tag 19th century laye pannitom, sari few questions naan answer pannitu matha questions ah choice la vidaren...

1. We had the same question, instead of asking someone thought might as well try it and see how it is...appuram apdiye palaki pochu :-)

6. nethu sun tv la pattimandram athula oruthar oru kavithai sonnar
முதியோர் இல்லம்..
மிருக காட்சி சாலை..
பால் குடித்த மிருகங்கள் வந்து பார்த்துவிட்டு சொல்லும்

appa ambi ennama sceen podaran... :-)

Harish said...


marubadiyum tag....

romba yosikka vekkareenga pa

~I Love Chennai~ said...

Kelvikkellaam appuram pathil solren...


Thanks(!) for tagging me :)

Marutham said...

Unga kumurala paathaal...Yaro moonji munadi Puganja mari irukku.... ;) Syam Fill in panala :) Neengalaey panidunga! ;)

Marutham said...

:O Ungalukku blog iruka :P .....Pathu remba naal agudhu! :) Apdiya...Pona TAG innum podala!!! :O Epdi 2nd TAG pannen :P ....Idhayaadhu POST'unga!! :)

Marutham said...

Vithyaasamana BADHIL! Ungaluku 1000 Roobai Parisu!!! Anaal if u could GIveup that Habit atleast Now!! Pees.... Give it up!! Adhu dhaan naladhu ilanu theridhu'la! :) Sometime back Oprah'la oru Non Alc & oru Alchlic rendu liver kamichaanga....Ayo Alchlic liver sema moosam'a irundhadhu!! Kanala pathen..SO trust me!! Its good if u could quit Smoking & Drinking!! Ask ur friends too.....

Marutham said...

Boss!! Tag'a potu engala elaam Yosikka veinga ;)

Marutham said...


Adadaa.... Ena! Ena ..Ena idhelaam.....Thanks elaam solikutu :P Chinna pulla thanama illa irukku ;)

Karthik B.S. said...

1) Why do people smoke and drink ?? Enna dhaan irukku adhula??? Other than free DOWNLOAD of CANCER!!

Sema comedy! ivangalakku evalo sonnalum orakadhu!

BTW, Nice blog u have and thank u for visiting by! :)

Marutham said...


Neengalum NON PUGAI katchiya? ;)

Bala.G said...

Thanks for calling me to write Tag....but naan oru somberi...konjam kashtam thaan (telling u the truth) ;-)

Srijith Unni said...

Hi Marutham..!

I really wanted to comment on this, only after completing the tag.. I can proudly proclaim so.. Thanks a lot for tagging me..

My hearty congratulations on your good results..

With Best Regards,
Srijith Unni.

kuttichuvaru said...

veghu viraivil!!

Karthik B.S. said...

aama aama! illaya pinna! :D
Adhu (pugai pudipadhu) udambakku kedudhalnu therinjum adha seirangana avanga loosu dhane?

Anonymous said...


Im back.. he he he :D

And Im gald you dint tag me.. how wud u tag me anyways? u dint know.

Nice tag though.. :))

Smiles.., etc stc.,

NY? sorry SQ

Gopalan Ramasubbu said...

Periyar & MS. nice combination Marutham.Well done.

Pavithra said...

2) Silly thing to do..but your answer is correct.
4) Its not a bad idea to have your friend as a life partner. why is it gonna SINK ?
6) Generation Gap , Selfishness, Possessiveness, Insecurity, lack of adjustment, Immaturity , etc