Its new , baby!! ;)

Pudhussu kanna pudhusu!! ;)

Hehe!! Am talking about the template here!! Do let me know how it looks. If u feel it is 'below okay', and want to make some really bad comment :P …Plz use this smiley- [:|] That will do… hehe!!Am kidding- tell me !

And if you felt is was ok & above average- feel FREE to tell me! :)

Idhu enna orey girlish’a oru template- adhu idhunu yaravadhu sollunga… :P

Pala maadhangaluku munadiye idhu thonuchu,ADHAANGA TEMPLATE CHANGE…ippo vendaam- ippo vendaam’nu vittuten. Enna??!!....

I had a thought about changing my template, but I was only hesitating for my little heart can’t take any ( PS: ) wrecks!

Ok, finally one fine day I decided to sit& work on the design, coding & the image.There were plenty of hands offering to help. But I wanted to do this all by myself! I took one evening & almost got this new template- ALL DONE! But then it was only IE_friendly. It had a pathetic look & was not aligned at all in firefox & also it looked like a newspaper- too long!!! I tried editing…but Ooof!! I really dnt know a way out. There were so many good hearts offering to help, and THANKS TO ALL THOSE LOVELY PEOPLE!!! : ) It was overwhelming, indeed!And finally i said ok when my sis offered to help ( Very KIND of her!! :D coz she actually fixed it). She struggled with firefox & the coding & now its looks fine.Infact it looks great!! ;) Don't tell me - u have a different browser & the template still needs fixing! Am sure it works fine in ur PC- does it? :)

Irukalamaa ejamaan? ilaati theerpa- sorry template'a mathidanumaa?

PS: Indha template sudra velai elaam inga venaam :P soliputen….. Naan gaandi tension anaen- azhudhuduven. Asking is never a bad.But I hate stealing! Suda dhaan koodadhu!


The Devil said...

me first'u.........think i hav suggested u my opinions n nice 2 c tht its been implemented

பொற்கொடி said...

template nalla thaan irukku, girlisha ;-)

but kizha postla enna kuzhappam? what was the post initially?? :(

Syam said...

nice template...

//Sleep is temporary death...Death is permanent sleep!//

I like this verymuch :-)

Dreamzz said...
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Dreamzz said...

template arumaiya irukku! nice andcute!

Dreamzz said...

i like this so much bettert han the prev one.. and it isnot only becauseof the girl pic ok!

Dreamzz said...

So, nalla irukku enbatharku naan innoru kalla ootu podaren!

ranjhith said...

Hmm! Good. Pazhasukku puthusu paravalai inga. White background irrukura templates will hav good looks - what ever it may be! >:O)

Pinna antha header pic la irrukara girl yean ivalavu dull/sluggish aa irruka? Moody ya - oru smile kooda illa - yennanga?

Then the text in that pic is not anti-aliased (jagged edges). don't do it with MSPAINT. Look out for GIMP or Paint.net

Unga profile section aa - miss panniteenga pola! >:OP Cheers!

Nirek said...

few feedback

1. pls change the font or bold parameters of that title words. it looks hazy in PC here

2. Sub-page irunthu home-ku poga mudiyilla. pls give a link to home in title image itself

3. profile section miss pannitinga

Nirek said...

solla maranthuten
Template romba nalla irukku. You have good creative brains :)

Some places-la Red color kannai adikuthu.

Appuram athu enna en peru pindai oru question mark.
in your blog roll

Naan oru kelvikuriya??!

Srijith Unni said...

Really nice Marutham, the template suits your style of blogging full of fun and thoughts to share..

With Best Regards,

Dreamzz said...


J said...

You are the best!!! Great work..OMG ivloo talent irukaa unkita...Amazing!!! Really..Listened to all your 13 songs in SoundClick..Lovely voice!!
Keep it up :-)

I feel bad for missing your blog all these days...hhmm.

ஜி said...

template nallathaan irukuthu.. aana intha postukku oru paatum sethu pottiruntha supera irinthirukkum... :))

Bharani said...

template super....neengale ivlo kasta pattu pannuneengala...paavamappa....looks gr8 :)

rsubras said...

haha you are right..athu vaazhga valamudan than :)

template change thane.... :-? :|.... :) :) :)

ranjhith said...

Yeanna ivan ore thappu thandaavaye paathukutu irrukaanu ninachudaporeanga! Nallatha solla neraiya pearu irukaanga - thappa sollarathukku sila pearu thaanga irrupaanga. Add me to that list. >:O) Cheers!

Marutham said...

@ the devil,

Enna solreenga? This is the same i had that time too

Marutham said...


Onnum illa chelam!! :P Nee soltala...!!

Marutham said...

:) ...thats y its here!

Marutham said...

That was indeed very sweet!!
:) And nambiten :P ..... t girls!! ;)

brute said...

koooll template...well i guess designer blogs look different in different browsers...mine looks perfect in IE...but it looks different with firefox & flock web browsers... :)

Marutham said...

Mudhala naladha 4 vaartha sonadhuku romba Daanx!!
And thanx...Profile miss dhan paniten..idho thedi eduthudren :)

Oye..enaa boss!!? Andha ponnu evlo gentla'a smiling. Real time'la ippo elaam ipdi parka mudiradhu illanu inga pona pogudhu pathutu potumnu potaaa :P
Observe...she is smiling :)

Marutham said...

:D Oops....My sincere apologies...
Sorry abt t ? Will change it..
And thanku for the compliments & most of all the valuable feed back [:)] I shall correct them soon.... but font ippovey mathiruken..hope this is ok..
Kannai adikudha?? Wait naan adhai thirupi adichudren...

Marutham said...

YO!! Look who is here??!! :D Great to see u back srijith! :)
I guess u r home now... Thanku so much for t comments!
And let me talk to ur manager- after all what do they expect u to do when u need a break@work -with out visiting some refreshing-stress breaking fun pages!!/ :P
HEhehe... My blog is happy to see u!! ;)

Marutham said...


Marutham said...

Aha!! :D .... That was too sweet!!
Love u J!! :)
And specially 4 u ...
elaam odhungunga, idhu only for J Muaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!
I missed you too....
Hope to be in touch. :)
And once again- all the songs ?!! :D Thanku so much dear!! And glad u liked t template too..... ;)

Marutham said...

:D Thanku!!
Adutha post'la undu boss! ;) DONE!

Marutham said...

:D Thaanks!!
But enna vechu edhum kaamedy keemadi panidalaye.. :D !! Neenga pana mateenga.. ;)

Marutham said...

:) Vanakamungo...
Vaazhga valamudan ;) hehe..

Is that a question..? :) Amaam change paniruken.

Marutham said...

:P hehe!!

Marutham said...

Hey ..thanx brute... :)
and Yeah ..u r right!! :)but its bad..they shud have similar setting!!

Awatts said...

Nalla different a irukku Marutham...keep it for some time...indha technique ellam enga kathkiteenga?

ranjhith said...

> Observe...she is smiling :)

Yeanga itha naan nambanumaikkum? Yeatho antha ponnu sogathula utkaarindhu irruku - neenga vera!!

I think she had lost something - see the 3 pics of hers - u got to help her & cheer-up!

vinay said...


vinay said...

it is nice yaar!!:-)

Krish said...

Cood template gal..

Just had a chance to listed to "Thenpandi seemayile" in ur voice...


take care!

have fun..

Marutham said...

@Awatts ,
:) Thanku Awatts!!
Some time dhaana?? :((
Is it not good enough to have 4 long?? :)

Marutham said...


Enna oru karusainai!! :P
She is happy trust me!! :) There is a gentle smile... Unnipa parunga... :) and oye..
right to corner'la evlo jolly'a dancing!! NOTE that!!
And btw, this blog is a mixture of all my emotion...adha depict pannanum illa!! ;) Thats y !!!

Marutham said...

Finally..u r able to access!! :)

Thanku vinay!!
Hope u r happy now ;)

Marutham said...

Thanku :)
Am glad u liked the voice!!
:) Template pidichrukka!! GLAD!!

KK said...

Template nalla irukunga... As long as it is white, I can read in office without a problem :D
Seri one thing... post kezha yetho design irukku aana athu kannuke theriyaliye... Is that how you intended to have it???

jesukiran said...

hi Marutham,eppidi irikee??? thanks for commenting on my blogs. Somany nice stuff in your blog in free time i will check :)

kausikram krishnasayee said...

i pinched your template ;)

Karthik B.S. said...

yemma konjam late.. sorry! :)

Karthik B.S. said...

// Naan gaandi tension anaen- azhudhuduven. Asking is never a bad.But I hate stealing! Suda dhaan koodadhu!//

neenga gaandi tension aana.. naan unga mela gaandu aiduven! :)

Jeevan said...

Hi marutham, hope ur doing well. I couldn't remember ur last template, But this one lovely, and that girl seem cute:)

Good selection Marutham!!

Marutham said...

Thanku!! :)
Oh..NON_WHite problem'a? Maathave maten :D will have it white ;)!!
And t design..its grey..but oralavu theridhey... :D Its shudnt go too bright illa..adhaan :)

Marutham said...

Am doing GREAT!! :) Thanku!!
And yes...eppo freeyo vandhu paarunga :)

Marutham said...

Mumeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :(
:P I know u dint..coz its girleeeeeeeeee hahaha!!
Kidding.. :)

Marutham said...

:D hehehehe!!
Why why why?? :P

Marutham said...

Vaanga vaanga!! :) Thanku jeevan.

Am glad u liked it.... :D

J said...

hehe :-):-) thanks, my pleasure :-)

Jagan said...

antha payanne nenachi padinathol.. @ thanks for blog rolling me as well