After a long time, I atlast had a little time for just ME & the TV .:DAnd that day of the week I had been watching Discovery. And watched some interesting shows. One that I felt like mentioning about is TOP 10 COMIC BOOK HEROES. At the first instant I was puzzled to see this show.. "Why on Discovery?" But anyway's better than the previous show on LICE- THE PARASITE. It seems in the ancient period- i am not sure which civilization, The peasants who had no money to pay as tax used to grow a lot of these suckers and collect them in BAGS! Yes, bags! and pay that as TAX. I wonder what the KING used them for. And people with lot of these parasites were considered healthier. EWw... coming back to the comic heroes...Here is the list and see if your favorite hero made it on the top10 list.....
10) 'TINTIN'-Originally developed in BELGIUM. But couldn't make it a HIT in Belgium. Another interesting fact about TINTIN is his hairstyle. Did you know originally his hairstyle wasn't like flying backward, It was this cartoon on one of the episodes where TINTIN and the snowy dog were flying in their car with a great speed. And the cartoonist observed the great look TINTIN had with that trendy hairstyle and decided to have that as his hairstyle ever then. And it became a hit and many people started to spread the style. In that era many people's hairstyle reflected TINTIN's and even now it is the favorite hairstyle of many.I remember, TINTIN was my brother's favorite comic. I remember there were this identical TWINS in the comic. It is now found that the day the cartoonist had introduced the characters, he was influenced by the picture of the TWIN DETECTIVES in the Dailies(Newspaper). The photograph was also shown on this Discovery show. And yes, it looked very much like the Twins created by the cartoonist.
9)WITCH BLADE- Sarah! The HOT GIRL saving the world from evil.
8)AKIRA- the Japanese kid.(A YOUNGBOY)
7)HULK- Yeah! the green man. The reason for the hulk to be portrayed as a green man(originally grey)- Since Hulk was a monster, he couldn't go out to get a fancy costume like any other superheroes. So the maker decided to have him as a Grey man. This grey colour wasn't printed as grey but due to some printing came out as green. It then striked the maker to have him green coloured was better than grey . And so the hulk is GREEN.
6)WONDER WOMAN- gifted with magical items to use to fight Evil. Created by a psychologist. Clay model- Goddess. (Reminded me of goddess DURGA! :P )
5)JUDGE DREDD- " Iam the law" was his punch dialogue. Originally a British work.
4)Superman- An Orphan, adopted by the Kryptons.A big HIT!
3)XMEN- It had developed the tolerance towards different people says the maker.
2)The SPIDER-MAN: This was the work of Stanley. And he did this because he was bored with all these super heroes because they were all icon of perfection. He wanted someone who commits mistakes like any of us, a boy who is shy, who finds it very difficult in making a conversation with his favorite girl in the neighborhood. And most all PETER PARKER was a boy next door. And while thinking of the superpower, the cartoonist observed a spider building its web.And it then striked him, it could be the boy with spider powers . So he thought of these names - Insect Man, Wall throwing man, SPIDER-MAN.And my favorite part in spider-man is when the maker tells us how bad REVENGE could be..... This is when Peter allows the robber to run away and then makes out that it was this robber who had killed his uncle. And Stanley says that it really annoys when people write SPIDER-MAN as SPIDERMAN. Did you get it? No --. Stanley wanted to differentiate Spider-Man with Superman . And so did he put the - in-between spider and man. So he insist that every one writes it that way because that is how it is supposed to be. SPIDER-MAN.Next time you write SPIDER-MAN don't miss the -.
1) BATMAN- Created by BOB CANE. He got this idea from one of learnado's work. People feel that(Including his wife) the Batman's first few issues resembled the same look of BOB himself. Especially the face-cut, Chin, etc., And even his wife admits that may be BOB did it on purpose. And BATMAN was a humanitarian at heart. So was BOB throughout his life- says Mrs.BOB.
SOME INERESTING FACTS:Hulk, XMEN,Spider-Man- All these comics had more than 2 billion copies sold out .73.4% Superhero battles were on Roof top. Wish one of your favorite is on the top list. And I hope I did give some interesting facts (Unknown) about these known super heroes.
And tonight Oprah show was about Bird flu. And I was under the impression that it would clear some of our worst fears about the bird flu and it could give us some hope. But IN the whole show the Dr who was on this talk show, instead of convincing that it would be okay soon kept over doing about this Flu issue. I personally felt that he had only been looking at the DARKER SIDE. . And yes of course the show was concentrated more on how America should prepare to face this. I thought Oprah is not easy to convince with whatever you say. She proved me wrong tonight. More in my next post.


senthil natarajan said...

oooo TINTIN in the list eh! my favo...

Ghost Particle said...

absolutely love Tin tin!

Ive update about thaipusam in my blog marutham...read them and view the images when u have time.

Marutham said...

Gud to see a lot of TIN TIN fans.It is my broter's fav,too.
@gp, will soon check it. :)
@sn, TIN'ku oru fan club aramichudlanu nenakuren ;) wat do u2 say?


senthil natarajan said...

oh sure! i am already a member in one!

Adiya said...

Hulk color is new to me.. :)

superman i had a similar analogy post some time back.. good..

appo.. namma local heros erupu-kai mayavi, sambu ellam vittutinga mm :)
nice sum-up