Okay!For the first time am not going to get to the topic very soon.... i would take you around for a small confusing ride and then get down on the STOP.
Here is what I told one of my friend " I donno why, but for the past few days I could not sleep!Iam so disturbed. I had this very disturbing sleep.This hasn't happened even during my boards or semester exams. I hardly slept for the past 4 nights." And my friends reply was " Dey......You are in love!........" Crazy...Oops i said a long drive, isn't it?...so ....Read this first!

Last week after that day , I had been asking myself the following questions repeatedly...........
"Why did guy think that way?"
"He could have picked some...."
"Why did that happen?"
"Why that way?"
"How could such a thought have ever arouse in his mind?"
" He must have been the stupidest person!"

And if you were thinking as what my friend had been thinking ....................UNGA THALAILA ONGI ORU KUTTU vayungalen plz !!!
All the above lines were the trauma that a SWEET LITTLE GIRL had undergone after the day someone had tried to housebreak!!!!! Yes that house is our house, and that sweet girl is none other than I, Me, and Myself.(Romba overa irukku illa.... Bear with this little devil! )
Even the previous night I had been awake working on my MINI PROJECT model till 2:30 in the night!This guy who probably was thinking he is TOM CRUISE and attempted to thieve should have realised it is MISSION IMPOSSIBLE!! But he did not. That night after great day was over, I snuggled into my bed ......say at 12:30+. And I was too tired , and had this symptoms to catchup COLD. So i took that very sedative syrup and dozed-off . And all i knew then was Appa waking and calling me to come immediately...........The last time I remember appa wake me up like that was when we had this baby snake enter the house on that very foggy morning at 5 or 6'o clock. So I got up thinking it must be this snaky boy or some puppy or someTHING. With the very reluctant look & with the thought of getting back to my dream after sending off the little creature, I got out of the bed and followed appa, while my sissy and mom were still in bed, snoring. WE GENERALLY DO NOT INVOLVE THE LADIES OF THE HOUSE TO HANDLE SUCH " MEANT FOR MAN " SITUATIONS! Am AN EXCEPTIONAL GIRL CHILD!
And by the time I entered the hall my EYEBALLS almost popped out.........What the??!!! The ventilator was removed and thank god the grills were sturdy enough! Appa asked me if i found the difference...It was obvious for me that it is a HOUSE BREAK attempt. For appa would not have got a carpenter to do some carpentry early in the morning .....and obviously it is not my birthday for appa to give me some sweet surprise(Like he has ever.........NOTHING. SKIP IT!). And then appa opened the door and showed me something- ' The stupid fellow had left all the removals as such and had even not stolen the buckets and some other materials (I would suggest good to be stolen) that were lying in the portico. May be someone must have passed by. But the sturdy lock installed at the door had only prevented him break into the house.
Then Appa called up one of his friend who holds a good position in the police department ( If not for Appa or his friend's position - Illati yaarum kanduktu irundhruka maatanga.).The Police officers came and recorder the finger prints and rest(ALOT)........... in my next post. Its getting late and am getting a little shaky ,sitting here alone. Will try to get some sleep. Good bye for now!
NOTE: I have some knives or other such sharp tools hidden in some of the places inside our house. I just don't want to use any of that ! And I wish, I do not.


senthil natarajan said...

take care... n good that the thief din take anything!
n by the way the thief could be a 'she' as well hee hee

senthil natarajan said...

hey the same post is posted twice

Marutham said...

I told ya I was Shaky :P
I will delete the duplicate. And Yes it could be a she too. Why many of you have the same thought.THAT IT COULD BE A SHE TOO :). Could be!

senthil natarajan said...

not like that! the word thief actually goes synonymous with male... (thirudan) thats wat most of the people say... was jes wondering that thief could be a she too...
no reasoning behind

Marutham said...

I get it .....Chumma vilayaatuku vambu panen. :)

Anonymous said...

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