Looking through my window.

Note:Here is one of my Glass paintings.Looking through my window.Yet another rainy day. Every DEC something unexpected is happening in CHENNAI and some other parts of Tamilnadu . This time it is the Cyclone......Even today we have a depression developed near chennai and coastal Tamilnadu. One of the boring Semester holiday in this Moody climate. Today while I was just looking through my window i saw some very interesting scene. Funny but read through. There was this nicely grown big Cow grazing the fresh grasses, near by that was another little weaker cow grazing. There were some fresh grass in one side and less fresh ones in the other side. These two were so peacefully & quietly grazing. No noise, neither any subtle movements.I was thinking.......Why aren't they hurrying their way to the fresh grasses? Don't they think that they should go to the better place before the other one does?(Like us HUMANS, we call it Competitive world)...Or why din't the stronger ,well grown cow attempt to eat the good fresh grass before the other one did?........... They were just enjoying their part. Neither were they greedy nor dumb. But had it been us humans.....Gosh, I got to this place first , so I happen to be served first. I own this ,step out!This is my site, Why did you enter?Me...My.......I.............BLAH! BLAH! BLAH!I was amazed looking at them sharing and enjoying rather a generous behavior which lack in us HUMANS now!!!! Now there was this Crow that gave me a look like saying " Oh! You so amazed with that? Now see this................" and it set to flight .It flew Right at the face of the cow. The cow the stronger bigger one, it dint bother at all. Not even changed position. Then there was this crow that rested on the Horns of this Cow and looked around as if it was on top of a Monitoring tower. It was so lethargically looking around as if there was no one dare to disturb him. The Cow didn't take any notice of this crow sitting on it. It just did not bother. That too was a very noble reaction. We Humans having given this world to live, Change, Spoil, Make use of, Beautify, Enrich, SHARE(Which most of us have forgotten) hardly realize its & our value.We are gifted with the ability to speak & express our feelings!We walk past people we know & some times don't even give a simple smile...(And say we were busy, Late, in a hurry, Gloomy, etc.Many people forget the usage of the word sorry, thank you, Take care........ Even" I love you "and "I care for you"....... These are simple words that with which we can convey a lot of our feelings.We have opted some other talents like " Yelling, Screaming at people, offend,....."Some times a simple sorry, Takecare , don't worry, It is all right could give a lot of strength to people. Men should realize that we are given one Earth and we also have other harmless creatures to share it with. God haven been partial with us, we must use our Brain and act accordingly so that no one(Including the animals, Birds, other Creatures) will face any harm. We should be responsible and stop polluting (It isn't a word out of reach for us to say "I don't pollute"). Every one of us is polluting in every single day of the calendar. Those who smoke, Burn things, use things that are not Bio degradable, and do other things that may cause pollution do have their significant contribution. Now I don't say we must abruptly stop all that. Nothing can be stopped all of a sudden but gradually. We can cut down the rate, decrease the amount we contribute to pollute, and Stop/ Quit soon. The recent changes in global weather are an outbreak of the mistakes we have been doing for ages. Antarctic ice melting, Floods in various parts, Cyclones, Drought. We all have read in our schooldays about Global Warming, Green House Effect. How many of us or the teachers did really realize and change accordingly? I very well remember the notes saying there would be different extreme weather conditions experienced in various parts of the earth. And that is what is happening now. We just keep doing things that we do to spoil the setup and keep blaming. When it really is late we cannot excuse or blame each other, even if we do so who cares No use! It would be too late. Anything would have an equilibrium state. So does the earth have.We all very well remember the process Vaporization & condensation. Also we remember Newton's law Energy can neither be created nor destroyed. That holds good for any thing......Even air. Let us live & leave back a safer world for the future.
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senthil natarajan said...

nice thought! goes without saying. As you said, we all pollute evry day, in our own ways... n also waste.
have u seen the pedestrian subways? the red pan stains all along... seriously how do people do that, more than an eyesore, its just become too common these days. n then the ad for some rajini gandha! jeez! its disgusting, it says if you have that pan in your mouth, the world will be at your feet.
we all have just one world and high time we realise that!!!
hey y dont u start a foto blog with all your master piece???

Marutham said...

Paan Ad! What were they thinking the peoples skull is filled with........... :)) Well if the owner of that Paan cmpny had faith in that... y do he Advertise :P.
Btw, abt ur suggestion for the foto blog........Will think about it.But..Am in my Sem hols now & wudnt have the foto blog goin well after the colej reopens.As i have said in my profile..Will do things that am quite sure i do well.So need a little more time to start it as a BLOG....
Thanku for sharing your views.
I value them..........Bye for now