Malai Neram_Marutham Version & a funny incident! What if you were me...?

PS:This post was to be posted weeks back..anyways here it goes!
Malai neram -My version & a funny incident!

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Click "here"for Malai Neram - My version, An Amateurs attempt -> Feel free to yell!

Its 100% an amateur's attempt!

What if you were me ... ? What would your reaction be?!

On a beautiful evening, I decided to go to one of the temple in my locality. I go for the darshan and pooja & then a few minutes chit chat with the priest.

Then I decide to come out & thats when i notice that something has gone missing.


I start looking for it. Its a small temple & the place wasn't crowded or anything ,

just a few people were there. And i had left my sandal in a convenient spot, its impossible to get lost..

After few minutes not knowing what to do, i go inside to tell ask the priest of what i should do now.

He was actually shocked to hear this.

He came running outside and exclaimed "In our temple?! It's not even crowded, it HAS to be somewhere here!".

Then he went out & looked around at all the ladies and said "Check if anyone has by mistake worn someone else's Sandals."


He along with the other aunties in the temple started looking around now searching for the MISSING SANDAL!

Wait wait wait... I then realize, i have missed out telling one MINOR important detail. Everyone is looking for a ladies sandal.

Oh ohhh... I missed telling you as well, din't I? It was my DAD's Sandal that i had worn that day.

After I crossed the age of wearing daddy's shirt - i changed my focus towards Sandals.Not just dad's but also mom's.

I give them even chances! ;)

So this fine day - i wear Dad's sandal and take a cool walk to the temple-to end up standing there totally embaressed now- wondering how am i going to ask them not to look for a ladies sandal but men's.

I now make some BRAVE move (knowing there are going to be some laughs!). I move in and gently tell the priest " Actually, It wouldn't look exactly like a ladies footwear....but...but..."

And thats when this aunty gives me a very WEIRD look & asks... "So how does it look then?U mean the one with no design or flowers?"

I do this little embaressed hehe... Some times aunties just dont get it do they?! "No aunty...its actually more like men's sandals. You know... !"

I cant hide anymore "... Its actually my Dad's! Its mens footwear!".

WHOAAAA! The whole bunch stops searching in the ladies section & looks @ me It now looks like everyone is looking Through the glasses & some almost Jaw dropped! Is it such a huge offence??

PLEASE! Like i broke the code of conduct to visit a temple!!?!

And thennnnnnnnnnn everyone starts laughing... including my friendly nice - uncle Priest!

Then one aunty asks "Such a big girl wearing daddy's sandal?"

ERRRRRRRRRRRRR! Whats with these aunties?!

See i am telling you...some aunties dont really get it -It's only now that my foot has grown enough to fit Dad's sandal.So WHY NOT?!! Such a DUMB QUESTION!

I manage to smile (hehe..) "It was a very short walk,so I really din't mind."( Now get back to searching or leave home before i turn you into ashes! )

One aunty kept looking @ me and went on giggling for a VERY LONG annoying time.

Now the priest smiled and said "May be its some guy who has mistaken your sandal,sorry! your dad's sandal for his! ;) He would get it back. I will let you know when he does"

Well that is all i can take...i decide to smile a bye & run far far away from the sweet giggling aunties!

Like a good girl I thank the priest & all the aunties for thier time in searching & some sweet aunties for their giggles & OUTSMART questions!

I come back home & tell dad the sweet news that I lost his sandals (Probably his favourite?! :( But not to worry, everything is under control. We got him a new one today - which definitely is my Favourite!)

Mom n Dad burst out laughing! I am left thinking.... "How nice of them to laugh instead of getting irritated that i lost something that i should not have worn in the first place, and definitely not lost!?!"

Dad's words were "What would you do?! Its not your mistake! :) " which means - NO ONE CAN STOP ME from trying his new sandals now! IT WAS AFTER ALL NOT MY MISTAKE ;)

**~~~ ADIOS! ~~~*
Thanks to the friend who rang the bell. :)


gils said...

:)) kalakarel pongo :)

Marutham said...


Idhu konjam arajagama thonala? :)

vijay said...

nice :)
its a nice thing being daddy's girl

Yathirajan said...

funny girl :p

vijay said...

u really got a gifted voice
try making albums
i don't know whether u already have
it was nice :)

Marutham said...

Thank you pal..Thats very sweet but not into professional singing or anything of that sort YET... :)

Marutham said...

@Yathi :))
I am :P I was...
I would be :D

Marutham said...

@Yathi :))
I am :P I was...
I would be :D