The day after tommorow is the "FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS"

Yeah!!!!! I remember writing an essay on that.(THE BORING WORK they gave us in our schools after vaccation - To write essay!!!!!! We in our family don't celebrate DIWALI...(For those who don't celebrate diwali but burst crackers.....Most of all we don't BURST CRACKERS...while there were some of our friends who happened to be NON-HINDU's but yet celebrated diwali for it has the custom of Bursting crackers ) Well I had to write some CRAP that could convince my teacher to give me an A+, with out actually having any experience of CELEBRATING THE BIG DAY-DIWALI . ( Bursting crackers , go out to relatives place ,.............and all those crazy things people generally do on this day.) Ah.....Now u must notice another big hole in our education System
"How can a student write some CRAP and get an A+ without having any participation?.........THE LIAR gets an A+.....That sounds ABSURD!!!!"
Now coming back to DIWALI.......Have few questions on this issue............
Why crackers on diwali????? ( Lighting is okay.......but there is only a lot of BURSTING)
Now That lord has killed the Narahasura............Why do u make all these fuss year after year? When people in that period( Their friends/relatives have been Brutally killed by narahasura) who have seen Narahasura and was totally irritated with this guy have finished celebrating the death of the DEMON. We know that it is over...Then for what on earth are we so fussy about this day!
Why do we have to wear new dresses on this day?? We wear new dress on some1's Birthday(OUR'S) & also on some1's death anniversary( Narahasuran)???? What crazy people we are???
Atleast in the olden days Mom's used to make nice sweets,deserts,MURUKKU,Palagaram...etc,etc, Now today which MODERN MOM does those? Who makes all these at home...........?(may be 1 or 2,or very few).People call it SHOPPING , go out before diwali and buy kilos of these from SHOPS and burn a big hole in their Men's pocket!!!!Had Lord Krishna known this " ...... "...?!
The TV programmes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well what can i say when our Indian tv channels on GANDHI JAYANTHi plays
SUCH kind of movies,
talk shows about "your favourite movie star & whether he/she should lose weight or gain in his next movie?",
Talk show where the Top heroine(In Tamil cini industry) chats with the "EDHIRKAALA INDIA" meaning the young india(n'S) ....in a language which could be understood by any1 except for those who knows TAMIL<>People, welcome to see Tamil cini Artsists interview . LANGUAGE NO BAR!!!!! (Especially if u donno Tamil but little English. And if you are too good at English...Then sorry,Pls bre with us.) Why does Gandhi jayanthi happen to be the day for TV channels to get their market through silly means...............What does their shows have to do with GANDHIJI?????
Honestly speaking , How many of you out there visit Lord Krishna's Temple? When all these fusses and celebrations are to indirectly thank him..............That man is sitting in the temple with both his ears tightly sealed !!!

Now..... Here is my final analysis.
Why do we Indians have most of the days in our calendar in RED for religious celebrations??
Dont give me an answer that India is known for its UNITY IN DIVERSITY, while we dont actually happen to prove it when time comes.(It came,Comes,will come...But we will stand firm in our EGO)
While the foreign countries have Holidays, but on useful issues like Thanks giving day, Grandparents day, Halloween (This day is originally to help kids to grow braver and get rid of the fear they have against Evilspirits,Ghosts,...),am not sure abt the name but there are days to say SORRY to those whom you failed to, To celebrate the new season, To enjoy the weather, ...and many other good reasons to FUSS around.
Why dont we adopt such good things from them, other then simply taking the meaning for WESTERNISATION as wearing funny outfits, Indian girls wearing TIGHTcostumes that the MODEL (Non indian)WORE in the ad, Coolers, Pizza, Jeans, Mini tops, Junk food,Mini skirts,..................
Certain things are to be followed only by those people.
Are the people in those countries wearing saree,Veshti, Skirt and blowse(PAVVADAI CHATTAI),Half saree???????If not us then who would keep these in practice for the future to know that this is what we really are.
Well, will you be happy if your relative has her BABY born with white hair, Blue eyes,.........Ofcourse not, it is normal for them but not for us.
Before we try to imitate others...we must first think if this shoe would fit our Custom.
For , Indians are known and praised for our Culture, Tradition, Family bond, Originality,........... Worldwide.
Well , a bunch of freaks in this generation cant take it away!!!!!!!!! Atleast you can educate them if they are not aware of what they are doing!!!!!
Think about it....................
Have to go now. More idea's in-future. Dont pollute and Choke on diwali!!!!!!!!!!!
So long.............

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