The Sixth sense.........What is it? Do we really have the Xtra brain that animals dont have......?

I happen to travel in the Highways and could observe a number of accidents on the road almost everyday.
It makes me sad that the world around is losing its humanitarian values day by day. Every day on my way to the college I could see Some form of destruction happening, like an accident where the vehicle has totally lost its form, not to mention about the people inside, the road badly wanting a repair work to be done for the vehicles having run over the median toppled upside down, dogs being hit by the vehicles and laying on the roads. What really is worrying me is that these dead animals are being run over and over by the vehicles in the HW so badly that their very form is lost and it may be very difficult even to identify what animal it is. This shows how many drivers are driving with full awareness. And most of all these animals that have been run over and over are left that way till they are crushed and even become a part of the road. Now this may sound DISGUSTING, but believe me it is TRUE. It isn’t a nice thing to have speed breakers in the highways, I am sure. We are not kids to be given strict orders failing which given punishments by someone. So it is our responsibility and ours alone to look for the clear road and slow down as and when we must, and look for any animal crossing the road and wait for them to cross. (Must I add for human beings too, sir? Well, I don’t want to do that because that brings the mankind down and I don’t want to leave a record for the future to know that we were like this).
Let us re-implement the human(e) values and look for a brighter, sound, accidentfree and animal friendly future .I don’t totally blame everyone, but many are amongst these some who need to drastically change themselves .This is not an issue where the animals such as dogs, cows and cats would go on a strike to tell us they need a secure world. And I think that is the reason why God has
given us the best brain to think and that He had thought we would create a world where all His creations would be safe like a child in its mother’s tender arms . It is high time now for us to realize the precarious condition for any life.
Let us make a difference from this November. Nothing can stop us if we are determined. I remember having read that in France,(Am i right....My memory isnt strong) there are notice boards asking the drivers to look for frogs crossing the road and slow down. When people in France could take notice of the frogs crossing the road, why not dogs in India. It isn’t difficult if we are determined to make a change. I think this article could at least create awareness. Thank you for spending a little time to read thro and am sure wud spend a lot in this issue..
With best regards.....
NOTE: This issues content that i sent to an ENGLISH DAILIES have been published earlier but only the CRISP of it.So here i have the complete article that i wrote.....For you my friends to read & think......

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