"99? What!!!!! what about that 1?"
I have been with a girl who has this (the former -prev post)kind of parents. I very well remember those days as though it just happened yesterday. The picture is still so bright in my MIND! She was my schoolmate(class5,6 not sure but not more than that) "Anushya! If my memory is not fooling me " always used to get Rank1 in the class,and then it was SARU(Saravanan-Sweet guy.We used to spend a lot of time together after shool till our parents came to pick us.He used to tell me all those funny stories,Where the prince crosses seven sea's,And the 1st wife's DOT *'daughter' goes to the forest to collect the fruits and all and helps all the people(Tree,Frog,Oldie,..) she meets on the way and would be gifted some treasure and the stepmom on hearing this would go and not help but try to goto the treasure point and suffer a lot & finally turn into a frogie). Errrr........ where am i.LOST! Ogai! coming back to ANU, it was that time Anu couldn't make it.
There was this flirting teacher who always had an aversion towards ANU and gave her very bad score in two subjects.We had ENG-1 &2. There was ANU, standing as No.2 for the first time. But it wasn't too bad a Mark, ANU & SARU they just had a very marginal difference. And we 3 (Not Saru. Me, Anu and one more girl)sometimes used to comeback home together when amma is busy. My house was at a walkable distance from this school (All my schools that i have studied in, except the1 @ class 12 was at a walkable distance from home).It was this day ANU was so quiet , that was the most boring walk we ever had! We always used to stop a while at the street corner THE AAVIN BOOTH, before we take leave. We many times have spent more than an hour without even realizing it. It would generally start with a KUTTY TALK! That day things were too different, the longest walk with a lot of SILENCE! Then I thought it is better to leave her alone with her thoughts. She was a very strong Girl. Sometimes rude though, She had always been so reserved with the other classmates.
But since we 3 spend a little XTRA time together she was opening up a little bit with us. But till date she is the BEST PUZZLE one can ever try to solve!Even a challenge for LADY SHAKUNTHALA .I thought i could call her when she gets back home and it would be better. That evening after I got back home, I called up ANU's number 49144.....Aunty picked up the phone. I spoke with her for sometimes about the Diwali preparations. She was talking very well & we had a chat for about 10 minutes. Then i asked her" Is ANU there aunty?" And she gave me this stupid answer" ANU has gone to her paati's house da.She would be back by 10"Thats wierd......ANU at her paati's place on a week day. Something is not right"
ANU had a very exceptional grandparents.Ah..ah...Not the Special ones. Generally the one who show you more love than your parents would be Grand parents. But not the case for ANU.They were worse than her parents.They would keep yelling at ANU for everything.And ANU's being at her granny's place is her worst night mare. She has told a lot about her worst experiences with her granee. ANU's Dad was with business, Salem steel or something... He had a huge loss in his business few years back and what every mad man HUGS even before he hugs defeat!!! Alcohol. He started drinking, drinking so badly that ANU has told me ,he would be asleep for more than a day! And yes, ANU's grandparents were so MAD at him. They sure are not good parents too. Instead of helping him getup, they kept suppressing him.
They avoided him and preferred to have good contact with their other successful son employed in a government office. And ultimately, ANU's dad sold his shop and all the shares he had. But ANU's mother tried to keep in touch with her Inlaws. And ANU's granee did not like ANU's visit. So she kept insulting ANU in front of her other grandchildren. Why would ANU goto that stupid lady's house on a day like this? I kept aside all these thoughts and carried on with my day.Next day I was early to school and so was ANU. She kept MUMB. Din't speak much. I tried to engage her with some jokes..but she laughed for the sake. Something else was going on in her mind.As told already She was a very strong girl(Emotionally).The day went on and the bell rang. That day although amma said she would come , at the gate I called out ANU and told her that i would join her. So did I. Even today the walk was as though like reliving yesterdays walk.But then after few minutes i asked ANU why she wasn't home yesterday. ANU tried to lie to me that she was at her paati's place. And i stopped ANU and told her " You were home yesterday .I know that! Because on a week day U @ that house.....I don't belive. What is it that stopped you from answering the call ANU?" She was quiet.
Then i asked her if it was about the rank! Thats it , she gave me that rare LOOK! It spoke it all!!!! Anu started telling...I was home yesterday. And Amma lied to you. She din't want me to talk because i was very UPSET. She had yelled at me for not getting the first rank. And she din't speak anything more but kept sobbing. I was so heart breaken to see some1 so STRONG cry!!And generally people who rarely cry won't know how to stop! So did ANU! She need not speak anymore...I understood what her MOM would have!
And at that age i hardly knew how to console ...but i tried my best and took her to my house.We did not tell my Amma(MOM) anything... because ANU wanted it to be just between us. Amma was always a kind "AUNTY" to all the friends. We spent a little time together and we called up ANU's mom and told her we have an assignment to do together and ANU would be back home soon.She said ANU can take her time because it was SATURDAY.That day i tried to erase all those sick things that creeped into ANU with some jokes, a little Fun, & my other flatmates- we all played so much that day! And ANU was normal. After that day we hardly recollected about his topic or even speak about it.But ANU's Mom.....nothing to complain .She was almost like a single parent. SO she wasn't sturdy enough to take this burden. And without the help of her Inlaws although they were all in a comfortable position or atleast a position to help.
But who to blame! If you ever happen to be in any of these suits, just try to help the little ANU. There are lot of ANU's out there. If u meet parents like ANU's try talking to them & tell them what they are doing to their ward. At that age i was too young to....now it is too late. And who knows where she is? But am sure ANU would be a different parent. And i was stupid enough to keep it our little secret as ANU did say. I must have told some1 who could have helped. But i did hint my mom. She was too kind to ANU.Hope there be no more parents/ grand parents like the one ANU had.


senthil natarajan said...

well narated!

at the end of the day .. there are a lot of people who are like that!!!
we are probably very lucky to have such an understanding parents!!!
may be it is the insecured feeling tht makes them do that...

Marutham said...

I totally agree with you. :)

Anonymous said...

Best regards from NY! »

Anonymous said...

That's a great story. Waiting for more. » » »