Got the results! It was yesterday that we heard the rumor again for the 6th time in that week .But this time it wasn't a rumor. The results are out at last!! And the network was like taking forever to load the result page. And yes atlast the page was there in the screen. With all my prayers& hope i typed in my register number.......Loading.....Loading.......Loading...and BOOM. Yippeeeee..........I have made it through but Shocking, for those subjects that I expected only 70+ ,I have got a 90+, and there was this one subject in which I have scored a FULL INTERNAL & was so confident to get 90+ , it bombed me with just a 70+. What is on with these Examiners??? But glad the DSP is not a Degree Stopping Paper for my case. The worst part in seeing result is , when your classmates(Mostly hosteler's) call you up and ask for theirs and they restlessly keep asking" Have I got through with zero arrears? Please tell me I have cleared all,All clear All clear plz....." and the answer is NO. It is very hard to tell that they have not made it and so far never have we got the results come out right after college time. Mostly it had been in the night or early morning. So they used to see their own (some of the hostel ppl only used to ask). But this time as most were travelling or had just entered their rooms, many of my class mates asked me to see and for few was this Bad news waiting.
And I found it very hard to tell the results to this girl who had recently got engaged & is likely to get married by April. I tried telling her that "The page could not be loaded da.. There is some Server problem. I will see and tell you tomorrow, now hang the phone and refresh, you must have just entered your room."But she was Firm in hearing it, she kept saying " I will be on the line da...Has the page loaded? Plz say i have cleared all! Plz da.. ALL CLEAR ALL CLEAR..." It was very hard to tell her. She became so upset on hearing that she have got 2 arrears(1 in DSP).Then we had about a 2 hour talk and i had to convince her saying if it was me i would have hardly got through in 1 , and she hardly had time to read- she was always busy with various formalities(Ponnu paakradhu, Payyan paakradhu -poor thing she dint see him in person ,he is still in U.S.A. Then Why this formality? These custom!Ponveetar veedu paakradhu,Payyan veedu paakradhu.. Blah! Blah! Blah! ). Then after lot of talking and joking i got her back to NORMAL.Now, we have a topic to discuss (SOME TIME LATER), why do some people get the girls engaged while they are still in their graduation, they must at-least finish their course. And for obvious reasons this is not the case for Boys. What is the hurry for?
Many of my class-mates have not made it through DSP. The worst part it ,those who have so far had no history of arrears have got their arrears in two subjects, amongst which 1 is DSP. This is terrible. To get your first arrears in Pre-Final year! Well after all those hard works & sleepless nights the students finally write their Exam for just 3 hours & then while seeing the results after 3 months of long wait they face their WORST NIGHTMARE- a brand new arrears account has been opened. Why not the examiners give those students a 50 or 50+ and let the student just get through.....just a PASS not Distinction or first class, not even a second class!! And as though they read every line and give mark to only deserving students. Sometimes some of them get their distinctions for their NEAT handwritings with simply no valid matter in the answer sheet while others who have MATTER in the paper but not a NEAT handwriting get simply an A or B. Take my case, Last semester in one subject where I evaluated only a B, I have got an S(Distinction). This time I expected an S for one particular subject and got B. One of my friend who told me she had no idea what that 10 mark Qn was about and had written some crap. And guess what, that crap has fetched her a S in that subject(When you wrote some crap for 10 mark it is obvious you lose a 10 mark and she did not get a full internal in that subject.So she is definitely to get a 70-85.Which obviously can't be an S-distinction. But take my words ,she does this letter dropping in her paper so brilliantly...(purilaya MUTTAI MUTTAYA AZHAGA EZHUDHUVO! ) that you go mesmerized . And in that subject she has got an S!!!!!!!!!!! What do the examiners do while correcting papers, or putting it an other way How do they correct..??? May be put up the answer sheet on a board that is at a considerable distance from their chair and then eat their sojji, bajji, tea and say "Ogai...S" for the bonda's served in that paper, "Ogai B" for a running handwriting, and if there was fly that was targeting his Bonda.."Ogai F-fail"
Well , leaving all that aside I have a news! NAAN PASS PANNITEN!!!!!!We had no time to celebrate the results and here comes the mini Canons...Nalaikku enakku Cycle test aramBikkudhu (I mean , I have my test series1 beginning tomorrow). So, will go now and catch up later. Although I have my own complains about some of my grades (Not too bad but i expected SOME more S. Sometimes I Pat myself for doing well, (;))Ofcourse there got to be some appreciation from my side, other than just being too edgy. ) , am glad I have made through those TORNADO's with out any Hole in my SHIP. And my inner voice is asking me " Are you ready for tomorrows cyclone?? "And I go saying(Have to) I I CAPTAIN!!!!!! And here I go as my captain wish me to......
Cya people!!!


senthil natarajan said...

congrats! thats an awesome feeling. Regarding the correction, probably examiners are not at fault, i think they randonmly give marks for those long answers. Thats a weird system but thats how it is. Maths i agree that you can give step marks. But for subjective papers....
The best way to evaluate the knowledge is objective ... either u know the right answer or u dont; instead of writing stories.
Cant blame our system too much anyways have fun

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