NOT Glass but Floor painting! MY RANGOLI!!!
Yesterday the festival for TAMILS (thamizhargal........)It was too good.Morning we gotup early,had our bath then wore the new dress.And then cooked the PONGAL! I remember.. from class 6 or so i had my own Small(Really small,may be size of my palm)earthen pot. In which i had been cooking pongal. Even till last year i used to make CHAKKARAI PONGAL in that kutty pot. And then we did pooja(I) for the sun god and had our pongal.After that we watched some TV programmes (Pongal specials).Then coming back to the culturals event.We had alot of singing , Dancing, Dumbc, Adzap, Creative events etc etc, Some remarkable events were..
  • Classical dance(I couldn't watch it because i was busy in the rangoli session.)
  • The Rangoli..Most of it was the usual ones.But i did do something new.My theme was to SAVE NATURE! Only if you save nature you could see these in real or just in pictures.(Plz,See page top). The judge was comfortable (stuck)with the old fashion rangolis.He refused to change to the new fashion -the modern art:)))GET THE PICTURE?Ok..lets move away from that topic it kind'a bugs me(Especially with my leg crying so badly that it isn't able to climb stairs ).
  • Adzap...for which we had BOSSKEE(jaya tv host) as the judge. It was good.
  • Variety entertainment..The judge was an high court Lawyer and a girl/Lady who comes in that TOP 10 show on Sun-There were 3 teams that performed really well. One was about the recent tragedy in Tamilnadu. VeLLa nivarana nidhi.........Remember the death of about 47 people. Yes, Mind blowing performance.The theme goes like this, the man of the house goes sick and hearing abt the fund given Lady of the house rushes to the center and dies.The man was crying over the death of his loving wife and the state & central govt comes to the scene and pretend in front of the cameras like they are so worried and then starts blaming each other.Then at one point this Man who has lost his loving wife loses his patience and charges both govt's. The centrals tries to convince him saying that they offered a BIG MONEY and its was the full responsibility of the state...and then state govt says that the Maximum they could give was 2000(am not sure if this is the correct figure.) a family and blast the central saying it was their man who was the cause for this big tragedy and BLAH BLAH......Then this Family man asks the govt " if that 2000 could give him back his wife .....You don't have any human value .For you it is all about money money money........Can you get back my loving wife to speak just one loving word for me.Where will i find that loving face,Where can i hear that caring voice,when will i feel that affectionate touch..................." And a lot of other emotional lines that i went too emotional to remember. And another one the musical play , about how ailing people are neglected and ignored by the society. There was this scene that really had tears roll down my cheeks. It was a person having FITS(Epilepsy) lying on the road given a helping hand by the person who had no legs to walk and was BLIND,also holding the hand of a person infected by leprosy. This play too was good one. Then there was this play about Where not to lose your heart (Falling in love).
  • Light music was splendid. Almost all the BANDS were so proffesional but there was this band from MECH dept. that rocked the whole show. There were melodies like NILA KAAYGIRADHEY...the one that Aravindh samy sang ( act ) in Indhra, KAALAIYIL DHINAMUM (Amma song) from NEW, AASAYA KAATHULA THOODHU VITTEN. One of the Judge was Mr. James vasanthan, the other one was the singer from S5 (Lajjavadhiye)who performed for about 20 minutes (KANMUNNEY ETHANAI NILAVU KAALAYILEY)another playback singer who sang this beautiful song "PORA ey PORALEY PORAALEY",another girl was a play back singer.
  • Then we had the western dance, Judges were A dance choreographer NANDHU,SAI rakesh (Host of jaya tv, also in the series Krishna cottage).

And The CHIEF GUEST was actor SHRIKANTH! He was COOL especially when he looked through his coolers at the students screaming to hear the winners.(Not that am Flirting ,Sometimes it is good to speak out the truth. He was cool) He did recollect about his shooting experiences in our college. It was really good. And i have a topic to have for the next blog. It was the experience of sitting behind a bunch of morons who hardly knew to dance (Decently) but kept getting up hiding us all out here at the back and Shaking.........like it was supposed to be dancing. :)) YUKK!!! Ok To see the brightre side of the whole event. We all atleast have a topic to laugh at, while we are having the boring lectures. The very moment we think of it we burst with laughter.Will tell more about it later.....Iam still laughing !! :))


Ghost Particle said...

Oh wow, superb post. Nice and descriptive. And the kolam...rangoli is amazing Very beautiful and creative.

Marutham said...

Thanks alot for the compliment GP, Well.Just in case it is the same drawing that i had earlier posted as a Glass painting.But i did not win!!But, There were lot of complimants from the observers!

senthil natarajan said...

so u had loads of fun is it? n ur kolam is awesome!
came bck from trichy on monday but was really very busy. trichy i din have time to spare at all... i was taking care of my granny there... actually i did the pongal and cooking for 2 days.. poor granny!!!
but then it gave me the sense of satisfaction.
keep posting

Marutham said...

I see a LUCKY PAATi there!!! So you are sure to get a list of the good things you did this year! Atleast the first item for the list!!!!! Keep it going! Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

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