A Good Lunch on a BAD day could totally make things different!

My new proverb .
Yes it was this boring day of the week .And damn! after Lunch break we would probably be having this surprise test( Not that we were not informed but that the test was sure to surprise the lecturer.....None of us had prepared for the test and was sure to flunk if we had to write it.). I was so reluctant to open my lunch box....... I opened as though I never cared about what was inside. But then..POTATO AND MOCHAI FRY(varuval) Hm.........Apram ADA pakathula....TOMATO RICE(May sound funny! its my favourite of those many other favourite dishes ). YUMM!!!!!! And i had never felt so tempted!! I like this combination and amma had never given a combination *COMBI of POTATO AND MOCHAI KOTTAI.But there was no need to be tempted but I was! May be because the day was too boring...Boring than the lunch. I started eating as though I had been in some kind of starvation. And thats it...the food was too good and there came our REP'u with this good news " Maim is absent! No test". That did it all....we were all so happy and I enjoyed the Lunch. And after getting back home I told my mom that the COMBI was great. The whole day was great after the lunch break, It was either because of the food or the virus that had caught our LR'r. LOL
Whatever may it be I am trapped, because these days Amma keeps making POTATO & MOCHAI and expects me to eat 3*(my normal intake). And if my lunch box is heavy in the evening, I keep it in kitchen and run away upstairs (out of her sight for atleast an hour) I can't take the look she gives me for skipping food!!!!!!


Me said...

university exam modhu potato and mochai eduthutu poven exam cancel aazhudum nu nenaipula pogadheenga....:p

~I Love Chennai~ said...

//Maim is absent! No test". That did it all....we were all so happy and I enjoyed the Lunch. //

yeah... onga sandhosham puriyudhu :D

have fun!

senthil natarajan said...

skippin mom's lunch a?? i used to do that very rarely in college...
i realized tat, when i was alone for my PG, and now!
so when i visit parents now, i make sure i dont eat outside...
the feeling of having hot cooked food in the morning is awesome... rather than waking up just to find that you have to cook!!
anyways enjoy all the bit of college years

Anbae said...

hey, this s funny.. but it s completely provoking to carry the same dish to univ. tomorrow.. hahah..

" shud consider thse as the chance to analyse, categorise, respond, avoid and finally to feel to pick the moral from the thing, that pleasures u temporarily ", this post makes to remember my teacher's advice during my schol days..lol

Marutham said...

@ME- Welcome to my blogworld. No yaar, wont do that. Exam apo no need for lunch.Sevikku unavu illadha podhu MATTUM dhaan siridhu vayitrukkum Eeyappadum :P..... Apo naanga ellam BEE mari BUZZ panitu padichitruppomLA.Thanx for that Advc
@KRISH- Ammam BADA sandhosam dhaan
@SN- Sorry for doing that SN.Annal enna panradhu naanum kasta pattu saaptadanum'nu dhaan pakren.Adhukkaga kalaila patni potaladhu madhiyam YERANGUM'nu paatha..it works rarely.But kaalaila MEGA ESCAPE!
@ ANBAE- U too! i rembr one of our teacher screwed us all for not eating LUNCH! Her LR went on For 1 SOLID hour!!!!!

Me said...

Sevikku unavu illadha podhu MATTUM dhaan siridhu vayitrukkum Eeyappadum :P adada grass itchings ba...:)

Ghost Particle said...

hemmm...I miss mocha kottai. Never seem to get them here. Cant wait to go home for thaipusam.

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