The whole week was great (EXCEPT FOR 1 DAY)!!!!!! Especially today! Today being the last day of the week many of my class mates bunked afternoon session classes. And guess what as usual because of very less attendance every teacher was bound to leave us free for the hour. Our college culturals are coming up. I had a plan to join for the VOCAL. But then I had a second thought, since i am going to be in a culturals after 3 solid years..... it is fun to watch than to be tensed and all....May be the last culturals of my TEEN age!!!!!! Today for a change i took the beck bench. And yes! back bench is FUN.....but very VERY HARD to concentrate. My friends hardly let me rest my pen on the note, while our MOST BORING SIR refused to let us free and went on with his lectures.And then all the girls of our class had a nice long chat for the other 3 hours (We girls in our class are so less in number that we have just 2 benches in the class for us out of a total 20 benches).And then clock struck 4 and all of us waved good bye!

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