Its been a lo...ng week.
Especially when we were so IDLE, ofcourse it would be a longer week Isn't it? How long can we Chat,Gossip,Yapp,Play too,... we tried everything to keep ourselves Away from BOREDOM!!!!! But no one can change destiny!! The worst part is We had our cycle test... And having been so bored up and not even 10% strength in class ,we were all so boredout that we had no seriousness about the cycletests. And yes I didnot do so good.Especially after the results on 2nd day if you have test .....who would read! It was as though you have just finished your SEM exams and no1 would dare touch the book for 2 days. In the campus while we have a festive coming up , so many BUNKED to go to SAARANG(Let this officially be a secret ) while the other majority was at SPENCERS,all these ON O.D!!!!!!Cheaters never prosper but never fail to HAVE FUN! Haahaa. And we did tell that they were on O.D.Then ofcourse am taking part in the event coming up. I was offered the O.D too. But I preferred to attend the classes because missing clases is the worst thing I can do! I fully rely on MY NOTES for the examinations and may be thats the reason I dont get as many S, but A's and a few S.
My friends kept teasing me that I was the dumbest to stay in the class without availing the O.D . But honestly, I would feel very guilty as though am bunking and going for a movie (Which I have never done) to be absent on a daty where the class wouldn't be empty. I just feel WRONG! Donno why! Even my Dad have asked me to take off few times when I wasn't feeling so good. I couldn't justify why! I just can't miss class. No matter whether the staff is giving the bast lecture or like the other SIr i have mentioned in my previous blogs. And regarding the re-valuation I was planning to apply........things just didn't work. My dad said it is alright to apply for 1 subject and he convinced me from not apllying for the other 2. He says that Re-valuations would generally be bothered for those who have arrears and the others paper may not be given importance........Blah! Blah!And finally the usual thing happened......."OKAY APPA!" And I have my fingers crossed, hope appa's statement be falsified in this regard . Then appa sure would not stop me if there is any NEXT TIME! I prefer there be no more such disappointments.
But I mustn't go complaining ..... Am glad that my parents are not the kind of pestering one's who ask "What 99????? where did u miss that 1?" They are the other kind" 99! Not bad'da.Next time try not to miss that 1,and think what has made you miss it".But not ALWAYS! Infact that kind'a motivates you or atleast do not supress you! I have been with a girl who has the former kind of parents. She was my schoolmate(class5,6 not sure but not more than that) "Anu! If my memory is not fooling me " To read about it see the next post please. TATA!
THE PIC:The angle and reflection was great so i clicked the Glass cup that i had painted.